Here are some screenshots and images of the game.

#135 SuperSpyro700 20:31:36 03/08/2013
You know, Stump Smash's name reminds me of Hulk Smash.
#134 legendaryfabo 21:40:37 09/07/2013
image 28: the drow lance masters are playing hockey w/ trigger happy!
#133 NINJAsk11 10:19:54 25/05/2013
image 67 : smilie is scraming at the drow, image 75 whare did smilie get this HUGE DAGGERS? , image 99 : the cyclops is playing honkball with smilie
image 11 : is the chompy eating smilie ;s flame?
the images from spyros adv are cooler then that of giants
#132 skylandersbros 20:40:53 27/01/2013
image 72 smilie is tring to look like a puppy
#131 mega spyro 23:58:47 14/11/2012
image 126 of 131 smilie's boomerang is being sucked into the tornado image. 118 of 131: the enemies are making a path for smilie image. 111 of 131: the one enemy is blocking smilie's dinamite. image 107 of 131: a under ground explosion sent smilie flying into the enimeies line of fire image. 74 of 131: the chompie is screaming with smilie image. 69 of 131: if smilie doesn't turn around it will get one heck of a spanking! image 50 of 131: is the squid faced brute holding up its hand to stop trigger happy? image 34 of 131: smilie (the best archer in skylands) says: darn it missed it! image 25 of 131: the chompie is in a energy bubble
#130 mega spyro 23:17:51 14/11/2012
Image 11 of 131: it looks like the chompie is eating smilie's fire.
#129 warnado745 13:08:13 05/07/2012
smilie is always seeming to be in the same position
#128 A7XSparx 00:32:31 02/07/2012
@Sonic Boom1

I saw that! smilie

That's what gets me--that trailer for Skylanders was AWESOME, and yet they put in a little unknown dragon character instead of ANY Air Skylanders. How does that even make sense? smilie
#127 sonic boom1 16:14:25 03/06/2012
strange CHinese dragon?

it isnt on Here but if you searCH on youtube 'skylanders tHe beggining' you will see tHe sHadow of tHe Hadra and a strange CHinese dragon tHat looks like Camo (pause at 1:14)
#126 Disasterpiece 00:24:09 02/06/2012
love image 64..
#125 Failinhearts 23:07:13 23/05/2012
Am i the only one who thinks stealth elfs eyebrows in the 3ds version is too bushy?!
#124 spyroisthebest8 16:17:28 19/05/2012
Wrecking ball is so cute!
#123 warnado745 22:29:44 22/04/2012
smilie is a monster
#122 Sky Princess 13:59:47 21/04/2012
I like the wreacking ball ones
#121 Dunkin 20:04:27 19/04/2012
awww image 59 is adorable C: I love Sonic Boom smilie
Faves of mine are : Zook, Sunburn, Slam bam, Sonic boom and Dark Spyro. Bash is cool too smilie
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