Here are some screenshots and images of the game.

#60 spyroexpert 14:45:47 14/08/2011
say goodbye to cynder, ignitus, terrador, cyril... everyone that are in the legend of spyro thrilogy, i think its very sad that cynder wont be in this new game, not even sparx, hmmm sad, but what can we do,

im sure this new game will be awesome!!!>D
#59 SteelClaw 11:14:06 10/08/2011
After the games been out for a while,You might find some on Ebay
#58 SpyroSparxfan1 05:21:50 10/08/2011
But we still have to pay 60 bucks just to get Dark Spyro. You can't buy him separate, and that really sucks.
#57 Aura24 01:08:40 08/08/2011
Actually, it's been confirmed that Dark Spyro is playable on other platforms as well. <.<
#56 A7XSparx 00:59:19 08/08/2011
3DS, image 1 of 3: Dark Spyro actually looks cooler than normal Spyro. smilie
I just don't like it that you can ONLY get him with the 3DS. Do they really expect people to be able to buy this stuff? LOL
Dark Spyro is the only thing in this game that reminds me of the TLoS trilogy, and we can't have it unless we have the 3DS.
Total scam right thar.
#55 CleoTheGood 22:39:43 03/08/2011
I mean, they have shown all the characters as far as I know, but I mean closer-up pictures of them such as the pictures here, in the gallery. They don't have Drobot or Sonic Boom.
#54 CleoTheGood 22:38:54 03/08/2011
I wish they'd show all the characters. They'll have them up some time, I assume. It's just a matter of being patient for well as the game itself! I have to wait for Christmas or my birthday to get it smilie
#53 halloween122100 15:40:39 03/08/2011
Spyro looks fantasict in the 11 pic.:ycynder:
#52 Summers94 17:00:52 01/08/2011
graphics are amazing but spyro is still ugly
#51 zoethedragon 23:37:43 31/07/2011
ooh! dark spyro smilie hey dose spyro talk in this game and if he dosse he is his voice?????????
#50 Salizaar 19:45:42 29/07/2011
*more or less patiently awaits moar character trailers*
#49 SteelClaw 08:30:23 27/07/2011
I love the levels that have those Glowing Lanterns smilie
#48 Spyro Magic 16:40:44 26/07/2011
@ Cyndark Drobot does have laser vision!! smilie
#47 Spyro Magic 01:29:29 20/07/2011
I love the new pics!! smilie
#46 Cyndark 09:30:33 14/07/2011
Im sure Drobot has laser vision smilie
@miniquiny999 He kind of does (:
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