• 06:43 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Unicorn Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 20: Quicksilver Vault

Elements required for 100% completion: Life

Skeleton Gate

Walk down the curving path and you'll see your first Arkeyan Blasters, these are stationary machines that fire little electrical balls at you. They will are attracted to you if you get close but can be easily destroyed. Smash the two Blasters to open the monster gate behind them.

A load of Gnashers are next, they're just like the Fire Imps you've seen before except blue. There's a lock puzzle on the left behind which you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Left x 4, Right x 3, Left, Right x 6, Left x 5, Right x 2, Left x 2

Smash through the brick wall to your right, behind it is an Arkeyan Defender. It has a shield that protects it from attacks, only lowering it to swing the large hammer that it's carrying. If you step back as it does so it'll smash into the ground and get stuck for a few seconds. That's your chance to attack while it recovers. Or rather right when it lowers the shield if your attacks knock back.

Follow onwards to another Defender and a trio of Blasters behind it, around the corner is another set of three Blasters and a key that you will need to collect. Along your trip back towards the crossroad you'll be attacked by a new pair of Defenders, kill them and make your way forwards down the remaining path.

There are a few Gnashers and a couple of Blasters before yet another two Defenders that will smash through a brick wall right before the locked door that you should have the key for.

To the left there's another lock puzzle with a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest behind it.

Right x 3, Left, Right x 3, Left, Right x 2, Left, Right x 3, Left, Right x 3

Go up the steps on the right to a group of Defenders, then you'll see an Arkeyan Ultron that's incredibly similar to the sleeping machines you'll have seen in the mines before. A completely different style of attack though, these fire a set of rockets up into the air and begin targeting with their laser eyes, when it stops and a red beam appears from above the rockets will start to smash down, first onto the immediate target then in larger circles around it. So keep moving once you dodge the first set. The time to attack is during that focus phase as that's when it lowers its shields.

Grab the Soul Gem Soul Gem behind it and you'll have Wrecking Ball's "Enemy Slurp", then use the teleporter as directed.

Main Gate

The Magic Spell Punk has an odd attack, it creates a metal ball that hovers around and zaps you if you stay close to it. You can sever the link between Punk and Orb by attacking the Orb but the Orb itself is indestructible and will start floating again after another cast by the Punk. So go kill the Spell Punk, ignore the orb.

If you walk over the chain at the top end of the platform you'll find a pair of Arkeyan Defenders who are guarding the key that you're after. There's also a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest here. Once they're dead a teleporter will appear back on the first platform that'll take you to another platform.

Kill the Gnashers and the two Magic Spell Punks and a teleporter will appear at the top edge. This next platform is home to a few more Gnashers, a couple of Defenders as well as an Arkeyan Ultron. There's a Life gate here to go through.

Dimensional Rifts

Falling off the blocks here just will send you back to a bit of solid land, you can't swim or fly over it. First step onto the moving platform and wait for it to move to the left, step forward and wait for the next platform to arrive. This will speed to the right past a central block, wait on there for it to stop there on the journey back to the left. Walk forwards as the two blocks form a direct bridge, go left and step from one moving platform to another. Step on the circular button at the end.

Turn around and go back towards the start, at the platform that stops at three places get off on the right-hand end. The platforms to the right raise and lower into the goop so try to time your run so that you step off the left one as the right one comes up rather than down. Step onto the first of a set of three platforms moving to the right, wait on that one and step off to the south onto the lone platform. Wait there for a platform to arrive from the south, this will take you down to another platform moving to the right, and this will take you to the Present with a Unicorn Hat Unicorn Hat inside.

Step back onto the left and back to the three moving platforms from before, move to the top of them when they line up at the left side and then step off them when they move back to the right to get the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure.

Use the teleporter here and you'll finally be returned to the locked gate.

The Scion of Earth

Go down the chain and then left down the slope towards an Ultron smashing through a small wall. The Story Scroll Story Scroll is right behind it but watch out for the swathe of Gnashers and the Defender wandering about. Continue down the slope and onto anther chain, this will take you to a teleporter.

The Grand Ballroom

This first puzzle requires you to push the top block left once, the bottom block up once and then the bottom prism left twice. Next push the top prism to the left once, the right block back to the south and the left block back to the right where it started.

Go down the chain to the next puzzle, only very slightly more complex. Walk around the left side and push the block to the left of the top prism upwards, also push the block to your right to the right twice. Push that top prism to the right just once. Push the southern block up one and then the south prism right twice.

The next puzzle has more to it. Pull the lever in the bottom left corner once, the lever in the middle twice. Push the left prism up two and right one. The block to the right of the central lever needs pushing right twice, then push the prism south of where it was down once, and finally the prism up in the top right corner up one.

The Scion of Earth

A teleporter will take you back towards the Scion, grab the key and slide along the chain. A new set of enemies will have appeared, kill them! There's a monster gate at the top of the slope which requires them all to be dead of course. Next bit has a few Gnashers and another pair of Magic Spell Punks to kill, three Defenders will be on the slope up into a larger section with an Ultron and some more Punks.

To finish the level simply unlock the gate and walk to the centre.


And off to the Arkeyan Armory.

#24 Sonic-Boom 21:36:38 09/10/2018
It took me five goes to get the time achievement in this level
#23 Willthebloody 06:58:51 13/01/2018
This a fun level. I wish the Weapon Masters could return as an enemy at some stage, they are well designed.
#22 Embers 00:02:03 02/07/2013
Skylandersbros, I have the same problem. I have 3 stars on all the other levels, but I cannot get the enemy goal for this level. I have it for Xbox 360. Anyone know how to fix it?
#21 skylandersbros 13:39:15 01/07/2013
This level is keeping me stuck at 99% completion of the whole game.
#20 skylandersbros 13:37:45 01/07/2013
No I looked and couldn't find any enemy spawners at all.
#19 spyrogirl10 15:59:40 29/04/2013
Skylandersbros if there is any compypods let them live for a while
#18 skylandersbros 00:08:21 25/04/2013
I can never seem to get the enemy goal on this level. Has anyone else had this problem.
#17 whamtheshell 00:26:48 12/02/2013
I love this level
#16 bash fan 13:05:52 29/08/2012
I 100% completed this level a few months ago!smilie
#15 Limman 15:16:52 06/08/2012
smilie entered as lvl 5 came out as lvl 10
#14 Limman 13:20:15 02/08/2012
Yesh this is my training level for level 9s to get them to level 10 smilie
#13 voodood90 12:53:15 22/07/2012
this level is so hard
#12 SkylandersEG 14:38:46 11/07/2012
To get the Enemy Goal accomplishment on this stage, have the character Sonic Boom use his attack where he has babies, then have the enemies kill them. Or have the character Double Trouble use his attack where he creates mini versions of himself which explode against the enemy. Those deaths count towards the Enemy Goal.
#11 Skyhunter 18:35:45 27/06/2012
For those playing the Wii version, be warned. If you say no when the Weapon Master asks you to go to the Arkeyan Armory, he might go back to sleep and you won't be able to go on. Fortunately for me, I have the 360 version. smilie
#10 Spygiltrig4356 06:39:03 14/06/2012
Weapon master 1st encounter I freaked but I got used to him
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