• 06:03 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Tiki Hat Tropical Turban
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 6: Dark Water Cove

Elements required for 100% completion: MagicWater

The North Star

You might have spotted it as the level began but if you walk to the left up onto the ship you can find Dino-Rang's Soul Gem "Sticky Boomerangs" Soul Gem.

Battery Island

Walk along the pier towards land and Gurglefin will flag up an enemy using a cannon high above, this will result in you needing to avoid the yellow cross that it's aiming at you. But not for long. Smash through the brick wall on the left to get introduced to a Nauteloid. This little insects have a fairly slow build up to their charge so should be easy to avoid.

Smash through another brick wall and a band of six more Nauteloids will appear, same as before they're as weak as the Chompies. Walk up the slope on the right and you'll be shown a couple of Blastaneers. These purple squids shoot small cannonballs in straight lines towards you, they're long range and don't drop off. Much like other enemies they point and pause before shooting giving you plenty of time to get out of the way.

Also here you'll find a few more Nauteloids as well as the squid that was firing the cannon earlier. He won't do much to you now but you might as well get the experience anyway.

Whale's Belly

Cross onto the ship and step onto the bounce pad to get up onto the top of the mast. Jump down off it to the left, following the path of jewels of course, and approach the lifted up gangplank at the back end of the boat. It'll automatically lower allowing you across.

East Gate

There's a couple of Blastaneers waiting for you here next to a locked gate. To get the key continue up to the left and smash through a bit of fence. The game will show you some far off place for some reason. Grab the key here and go back down through the previous gate.

There's a few Nauteloids on the slope down to the left, and a couple of Blastaneers too. And right behind them is a lock puzzle.

Here's a solution: Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left

To the right of the other side is a Magic Gate, but before we go through there you will want to jump down onto the beach below it, aim for the bounce pad, if you can cross water make your way forwards and you'll find the level's Story Scroll Story Scroll. Use the bounce pad to get back up and head through the Magic gate.

Lost Rigger's Cove

Move left along the wooden jetty and smash through a wooden fence blocking the path and a wooden fence blocking a teleporter. This will take you a fair distance to the left and deposit you on a small stream of water. Step right off it and attack the blue squid dude, a Squidface Brute. This big guy wields a large anchor and will attempt to smash it down on you, he's a lot like the Troll Greasemonkey enemy from the previous level except with more health. There's also a Blastaneer just past him before a bounce pad.

Bounce up to another Blastaneer and another bounce pad on the left. Up again and follow the pads to the right where you'll find another lock puzzle. This one's a little different in that it has some conveyor belts that will move the imp along if it crosses them. It also has two green holes that, if the imp falls into, will transport the imp across the board through the other hole and will fall as gravity applies.

And here's a solution if you're stuck: Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left

And there's your present, a Tiki Hat Tiki Hat. Drop down to the left and you'll be back at the start of the magic section all ready to rejoin the level normal.

Across the bridge and you'll find a Squidface Brute as well as a few Nauteloids running about. Ignore the fence for the moment and drop down onto the beach at the far left end of the area, there you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Bounce back up and go through that fence.

Over the bridge is a Water Spell Punk. These guys are harmless but cast a spell that creates a puddle on the ground, if you step onto the puddle you get frozen. You can either wait for it to thaw or you can shake it off. Either way it does no damage and will only serve to prevent you from attacking other enemies for a short time. So along he's harmless, in a group he can be annoying.

The path continues left, kill the Nauteloids and the Blastaneer before advancing through a fence and up over a stone bridge.

Torta's Town

You'll first be met by a small group of Nauteloids, then a Brute and a yellow crosshair. If you drop onto the beach on your right you can gather Ignitor's "Fire Forged Armor" Soul Gem Soul Gem. Use the pad to jump back up. Go up the slope towards the key. Kill the two Blastaneers here and then, having grabbed the key, smash through the wooden barrels on the left that're blocking a teleporter in the front door of the larger building.

This will teleport you over to the two cannon firing squids as well as the level's Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure at the far end. Drop off the platform to the left and make your way down the slope and to the locked gate far to the right. Kill the Brute and the little Blastaneers.

Bridge of Hands

On the other side of the gate is a Water Spell Punk, follow him along the bridge and you'll meet a Squiddler, another squid enemy. This guy fires two exploding blowfish at you, they don't damage on impact but will shortly explode with a fair blast radius. Move out of the way once they land and you'll be okay. These are the level's equivalent to the Troll Grenadiers of Oilspill Island.

The Ancient Temple

Step forward and you'll get locked into the Ancient Temple. Kill the Brute and the Nauteloids that are harassing you at the front, cross the bridge into an area filled with Squiddlers and a single Water Spell Punk. That Punk's spells might just be a little more irritating here as the blowfish will still damage you if you're frozen. Once you've killed them all step and grab the Twin Spouts from the pedestal at the top.

The Elvenship

You'll suddenly be transported a long way across the level, just follow the wooden platform along and kill the Blastaneer and his Nauteloid pals. Right at the end just before the ship is a pairing of Brute and Squiddler to get past.

Step onto the bounce pad at the front of the ship and cross over to the second mast. Follow the jewels down onto another bounce pad and use it to jump over to the teleporter further ahead.

West Gate

This teleporter will take you directly to the level's second Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Teleport right back and bounce down to a Water gate.

Watery Graves

Go through the whirlpool and ignore the wooden platforms for the moment. Instead cross the way to the right and step onto the bounce pad. This will take you up to the last Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Jump back down and make your way onto the wooden platform up the slope. Watch the moving platforms and step onto it as it approaches. If you stand still you should be fine, trying to stay on by moving around is just going to cause you to fall off. You've got to watch out for the red blasts from the statues at the side.

Step onto the next platform and then onto another moving one, one last transfer and you'll reach a moving platform with a bounce pad on it. Run on and bounce over to the other bounce pad on the right. This'll take you up where you have to wait for another platform. Stand on it and you'll be taken to the Present with a Tropical Turban Tropical Turban hat inside.

Go back through the whirlpool at the south end to get back to the level.

Move left through a fence and a couple of Brutes, killing them should open up the monster gate behind them. Up the ramp all the way to the end of the level.


There's nothing new to do here this time, just talk to Gurglefin to get going to Leviathan Lagoon.

#9 GillGrunt4Ever 23:27:58 16/07/2016
Location 17
More locations coming soon! smilie

Edit: Location 17
Next location: //www.darkspyro.net/imaginators/arcade/
#8 skylandsmaster 17:49:21 30/05/2012
there is a much shorter way to do the lock
#7 voodood90 01:40:24 30/04/2012
i killed blastaneer with smilie right when cutscene starts where they sink ship and it was frozen in a picture of a cannon
#6 jackbos 14:48:58 13/04/2012
Can you post smiles of skylanders on phones
#5 BashTheMash77 16:33:25 10/04/2012
just go to help fourm then copy the code that says like (example, and is true, if i want to say sunburn, i type sn but also put the 2 dots from top to bottom like : in the beginning to end)
#4 eggbot 12:03:06 05/04/2012
it's easy smilie's spyro's smilie smilie skyspyro: smilie smilie
#3 Mr-McChicken22 16:53:07 11/02/2012
.You go to Help Files
Well you first have to go to message board
then at the top u will see Help files and then it will sjow you
#2 EruptorDude 19:59:46 27/12/2011
how do i post smilies of skylanders
#1 BerryShaker 06:43:27 07/11/2011
thank you thank you! these walkthroughs are amazing. I was missing one of the treasure chests and it was driving me batty after the 4th time through the level!

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