Heroic Challenges

There are 32 Heroic Challenges in total, one for each Skylander.

Dark Spyro, Spyro, and Legendary Spyro all share the same challenge. Bash and Legendary Bash also share the same challenge as each other. As do Chop Chop and Legendary Chop Chop. Legendary Trigger Happy and Trigger Happy are the same too. So if you had all nine of those Skylanders you would only have four different Heroic Challenges.

The individual stat increases are as follows:

  • Speed +8 (6 challenges = +48)
  • Armor +3 (10 challenges = +30)
  • Crit +5 (10 challenges = +50)
  • Elemental +9 (6 challenges = +54)

And here is a table listing the challenges with the character that unlocks them and the type of reward.

1Chompy Chomp-DownScrollWarnadoElemental
2This Bomb's for YouScrollGhost RoasterArmor
3Jump For It!ScrollWrecking BallSpeed
4Where Art Thou, PaintingsScrollSpyroCrit
5Lair of the Giant SpidersScrollPrism BreakCrit
6Fight, Teleport, Fight Some More!ScrollLightning RodArmor
7The Three TeleportersScrollHexArmor
8Stop, Sheep Thieves!ScrollDino-RangArmor
9Mining for CharmsScrollBashCrit
10Dungeoness CreepsScrollCynderCrit
11Mining is the KeyScrollIgnitorSpeed
12Mission AchomplishedScrollStump SmashArmor
13Pod GauntletScrollChop ChopElemental
14Time's A-Wastin'ScrollSonic BoomCrit
15Save the Purple Chompies!ScrollDrobotSpeed
16Spawner CaveScrollTerrafinCrit
17Arachnid AntechamberScrollSunburnArmor
18Hobson's ChoiceScrollTrigger HappySpeed
19Isle of the AutomatonsScrollEruptorElemental
20You Break It, You Buy It!ScrollDouble TroubleSpeed
21Minefield MishapScrollStealth ElfSpeed
22Lobs O' FunScrollWhirlwindCrit
23Spell Punked!ScrollVoodoodArmor
24Charm HuntScrollWham-ShellCrit
25Flip the ScriptScrollCamoArmor
26You've Stolen My Hearts!ScrollZookCrit
27Bombs to the WallsScrollFlameslingerElemental
28Operation: Sheep FreedomScrollBoomerCrit
29Jailbreak!ScrollGill GruntArmor
30Environmentally UnfriendlyScrollDrill SergeantElemental
31Chemical CleanupScrollSlam BamElemental
32Break the CatsScrollZapArmor

Please note that the following guides are written for the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/PC versions of the game and so may be inaccurate for the Wii versions of the challenges.

1: Chompy Chomp-Down

Heroic Challenge 1

Race around the mine and kill 100 enemies, the only snag being there are pretty much only two or three spare enemies in the entire level so you can't afford to miss any. Luckily they don't appear to be randomly placed so you can easily plot a consistent path through the level to get them all in time without fruitless searching.

First kill the enemies near the start, then head down the ramp and up the square slope at the other end. Drop off to the left and make your way up to the largest room of the level. Make your way to the far corner and use the teleporter in the little room there. Go north and then left, north past the single square pillar to below the large room. Then go right and attack the enemies near the second teleporter. Go through, drop down and then go up the slope before going left into the final room with three pillars in.

2: This Bomb's for You

Heroic Challenge 2

Roam the dungeon searching for the five Singing Gems, you'll need to use a lot of bombs to blow up the walls. The teleporters in this level are essential as two of the gems are on small circular platforms that are otherwise unreachable. You'll need to double back for bombs in a few spots and cover some of the same ground a few times, but there's plenty of time on the clock so you shouldn't find it too difficult. Unless you get lost.

3: Jump for It!

Heroic Challenge 3

The mines are filled with bounce pads, the tokens you're looking for are floating in the air above them. The game only suggests getting the key but it is actually mandatory as there aren't quite enough of the tokens outside of the locked room to finish otherwise (there are 17 in the room). The teleporters are fairly useful and are perfectly positioned to help you clear the level quickly. If you're having a bit of trouble jumping over the fences remember that you can just smash through them.

From the start go up to the right, along the corridor and then up to the top of a ramp that spirals down. In that room grab the three charms above the extra large bounce pad, head up the ramp and grab the three on the next one as well as in the air between the two. Use the teleporter and then bounce up to the key in the alcove. Turn around and go up the slope, go right at the top and get the charms from the large bounce pad before turning around again and going down to the left into the three pillar room. Take the teleporter in there and then immediately take the teleporter where you appear. Go up the slope into the large room and open the locked door. That should be exactly enough charms to finish.

4: Where Art Thou, Paintings

Heroic Challenge 4

Unlocked by Spyro, Dark Spyro, or Legendary Spyro. This gives you +5 Critical Hit if you manage to complete it in time.

Your task here is to destroy six paintings that are dotted around a slightly modified Cadaverous Crypt. To do that you'll need to work your way through unlocking gates and defeating/avoiding enemies in your way, if you don't have a fire attack the Zombies can get quite overwhelming if you're not careful.

Some of the doors you can open from the wrong side, but the door to the small section with a teleporter and a painting inside can only be opened from the inside. To get in there you have to use the other teleporter.

You can do this several ways but here's a route that will definitely work. At the start go forwards and pick up the key at the junction, continue straight on past a Goliath and smash the first paiting that's on the wall. It's next to a locked gate, do not go through that locked gate. Instead go back to the junction and go up the steps, unlock that gate and go left along the tracks. On the top wall is a second painting, there's a key in the room south of it, continue left then down and at the locked gate (do not open) go left and into a teleporter.

Smash the painting at the northern end of this room and open the gate on the left, move forwards and next to the steps is the fourth painting. Go up the steps and then south to an area with two Gargantulas at either side, smash the paiting behind the one on the left. Go north to a crossroads with two locked gates to the right and up, to the left is the last painting.

5: Lair of the Giant Spiders

Heroic Challenge 5

Unlocked by Prism Break. This gives you +5 Critical Hit if you manage to complete it in time.

The mine is filled with rocks and blocks and crystals that are in your way. An Earth Skylander will be well suited to this level as it will be able to simply smash through the rocks wihtout a pickaxe and Prism Break will as well be able to go through the crystals that are permanent blockages for everybody else. Here's a path for those Skylanders without that ability.

Push the bottom block once to the right, the upper one up twice. At the top push the one on the right to the right twice, then the block below that down once. Push the block to its right right twice and then the block above it up once. Simple. Go right and you'll find the first of the Gargantulas sitting on a wooden section. Walk on top of the blocks to its right and push one down into a gap.

Continue straight along the blocks and drop off to where there's another block you can push to the right, push it twice and then go up around it to the second Gargantula. From there go to the right past some rocks and go north down a slope to some water, there's the third Gargantula on the right. Bounce up to a teleporter and then push the northern block to the right twice. Push the next block down once, then the next one once as well, and finally that fourth block down twice to reach the fourth Gargantula.

Walk around the blocks to a teleporter and then go down the wooden slope to the left, in the top left corner is the fifth Gargantula. In the bottom left is a bounce pad that will take you up onto a wooden section with two rocks, smash through those rocks to reach that sixth and final Gargantula.

6: Fight, Teleport, Fight Some More!

Heroic Challenge 6

There is a glitch with this challenge on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions where the end item does not appear leaving you unable to win. To solve it you will need to start a new game (no need to delete your old one unless you're out of room), advance through the story until you rescue Cali, claim ownership of Lightning Rod on that save and then you should be able to complete it with any character.

The challenge itself is in the dungeon, you need to kill all of the enemies in the room before a teleporter appears, certain rooms have two teleporters so you must choose which to go through. For the first choice take the left teleporter, for the second take the south one. The Tiki should be down some steps after the second choice, you don't need to kill the enemies to make it appear.

Another potential issue is how the game decides whether you've killed all the enemies in the room, sometimes it counts things outside the room, which can obviously be difficult to get. If that happens and you don't have an attack that can damage the enemy through the wall then you'll just have to restart the challenge and hope no Fire Imps annoy you next time.

7: The Three Teleporters

Heroic Challenge 7

The key to this is simply to work out which order to use the three teleporters in. And that order is the top one, then the bottom one, then the middle one (or right, left, middle depending on your viewpoint).

8: Stop, Sheep Thieves!

Heroic Challenge 8

To gather the sheep all you need do is kill the Rocket Imp carrying it. This can be achieved either through long-range attacks or simply bumping into it. For the slower short-range characters you may need to make use of the blocks that you find, even if it doesn't look like it'll block the entire path the Imps don't much like variation in their path and will run straight into a block that has been moved in its usual way.

The first sheep is down the slope in the watery section, if you're slow he'll get a fair distance away and have to be taken care of a little later on. Go up the next slope and then down the wooden bits to the second sheep. He'll run off to the right but not really get very far. Go up the slope to the large room with loads of blocks in, the third sheep is over the far side, you can trap him down by the rocks. After getting that jump off near the bounce pad and you'll find the fourth sheep next to a block, push that block once in the direction you can push it and then chase the sheep carrying imp around the pillar nearby.

The other block nearby is for catching the first sheep thief if you missed him earlier, push it down once and then walk around the wall that it's now touching to get the thief to bang into it.

After that use teleporter to the right which will take you down to a room with the fifth sheep in. Push the lone block twice to block off the path. The bomb in here lets you destroy the rocks, take the path down towards the water and you should find the final imp near the bounce pad.

9: Mining for Charms

Heroic Challenge 9

Unlocked by Bash or Legendary Bash. This gives you +5 Critical Hit if you manage to complete it in time.

It's that Molekin Mine again, the place is filled with smashable rocks that you'll need to smash. Obviously Earth Skylanders will have the advantage here being able to smash through them much quicker. The ore that you're looking for is randomly placed within five of the 25 rocks in the level, they change place each time so the only tricks to the level are smashing faster, noticing when there's not an ore in there before you waste time finishing the smash, and going on an efficient route around the level.

10: Dungeoness Creeps

Heroic Challenge 10

Another trek through the dungeon, there's very little to this one, just kill all of the enemies in the current room to move to the next and pick up the next bit of amber. The decision with the key at the start is meaningless, go whichever way you like. At the end of whichever section you choose will be a teleporter that takes you back to the start and causes the key to reappear allowing you to open the other door. And at the end of that path is a teleporter that will take you to the final piece of amber.

11: Mining is the Key

Heroic Challenge 11

Unlocked by Ignitor. This gives you +8 Speed if you manage to complete it in time.

In each closed off section of the mines you'll find a load of rocks to break, in one of those rocks (random on each go) is a key that will open the door to the next section. The next key will be in the next section so there's no need to scour rocks once you've found the key for the nearest door. The final door requires two keys, these can be anywhere in the final room. There's plenty of time in this one.

12: Mission Achomplished

Heroic Challenge 12

Unlocked by Stump Smash. This gives you +3 Armor if you manage to complete it in time.

Pretty straight forward, kill 100 of the Chompies in the time given. Made slightly tougher by the need to find a key in a barrel to move on past each spot. You can go either way really but once you get to the place where you have a choice in doors go through the left one, through the gate in there and then up to that massive open room that had a couple of cannons in it in the real level. There's about 68 Chompies in there which should easily finish the challenge if you've cleared the previous rooms.

The other direction also has just about enough to complete the challenge without using the teleporter that gives you the key to the other path, so it's really up to you.

13: Pod Gauntlet

Heroic Challenge 13

Unlocked by Chop Chop. This gives you +9 Elemental Power if you manage to complete it in time.

Slow and steady wins the day here, walk carefully between the pods and try to pace yourself, there's no rush. The exploding pods can be passed by either attacking it once or twice or waiting for a couple of explosions until it pauses leaving the spot clear for a few seconds. You have plenty of time, just stand back a bit so as to not get hit when it explodes each time.

The teleporter at the end of the first section will take you down to a much easier section with just spikes to not walk over when they're coming up. When you reach some steps you'll be shown a triple locked gate, the first key is dead ahead next to one of those skeleton archers. The others are up near the gate but to the sides, behind small mazes of pods. Same procedure as earlier except even more simple as there are no exploding pods this time.

Once you've got all three keys go through the gate, the first of the next set of keys is to the left (or north when the camera rotates) next to a few enemies. Follow the track down on the right and go into each alcove on the left through another series of bouncy pods to pick up the keys there.

The last gate is at the bottom of the track, go through, past the spikes and the enemies and, once you've killed all of the enemies in the room, approach the wooden door to step into a whirlwind and finish.

14: Time's A-Wastin'

Heroic Challenge 14

Unlocked by Sonic Boom. This gives you +5 Critical Hit if you manage to complete it in time.

In Cadaverous Crypt once again, this time you've got to find a single key in one of the many barrels strewn around the entire place. You're not given much time to start with but each enemy you kill will add a bit on. The only struggle here would be if you got lost somehow and couldn't find the end gate, which is down where the Tech Gate would be in the normal level.

15: Save the Purple Chompies!

Heroic Challenge 15

Unlocked by Drobot. This gives you +8 Speed if you manage to complete it in time.

A fairly difficult challenge, you'll be going through Molekin Mine killing green chompies while avoiding killing purple chompies.

Unfortunately some Skylanders' upgraded attacks will make this even more difficult thanks to certain side effects, like leaving behind lava. You'll just have to be really really careful.

Don't shake off any purple chompies that bite you, this kills them. You can however use this to your advantage since the green ones don't clamp on, if there's a load of greens and or two purples surrounding you let them all attack and you'll be able to kill the rest with ease once the purples are stuck on you. You've just then got to watch your health and pick up all the food that drops as they'll continue to do damage.

The target of 100 is just about every single green chompy in there so don't leave more than one or two behind if you can help it.

First cross the large room through the middle, you'll probably wake up the three Purple Chompies in the corners as you go, try not to hit them as you kill the green ones up here. Don't leave any green ones as you cannot get back up here once you drop down (although you can lure ones near the edge). Once off the ledge try to lure the green chompies off to the left without getting close enough to annoy the purple ones a bit further left, continue straight - there's a single green down the gap to the right but three purples behind it.

Round the corner you'll now want to go down to the water and kill the chompies at the bottom, there's some purple chompies on the ledge that will probably get attracted to you as you go past so watch out in the spot where the wall blocks your vision. Back at the top of the ramp you should be able to lure the four green chompies to the right - do not go any further as the entire three pillar room is full of purple chompies and nothing else. Go left and go through the the big ramp room, there's just two more purple chompies in there before you head up the ramp and clear out the remaining passageways.

16: Spawner Cave

Heroic Challenge 16

Unlocked by Terrafin. This gives you +5 Critical Hit if you manage to complete it in time.

There are a few spots that you can use, one is where you found Diggs standing next to a locked door. There are six Chompy Pods there, just make sure not to smash the Pods themselves and you should easily make it to 100.

Another is up where you moved two cannons along smashing crystals, there's a eight Pods there so it'll be even quicker than the other spot.

The teleporter in the level is completely useless, it just takes you back to the room where you start.

17: Arachnid Antechamber

Heroic Challenge 17

If you know the layout of the dungeon then this should be pretty straightforward, there's no barriers or locks just enemies and the eight spiders. The teleporters are not essential, all the spiders are reachable just by running around. They might be useful for speed runs though.

18: Hobson's Choice

Heroic Challenge 18

Unlocked by Trigger Happy. This gives you +8 Speed if you manage to complete it in time.

Here you'll be made to choose between two teleporters, choose wrong and you'll end up at a dead end with just a teleporter back to the last choice. Choose correctly and you get to choose between another two. You have to kill all the enemies in each spot before the teleporters appear, naturally. Here's the correct order to get through as quickly as possible:

Left, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Bottom.

The last area is much bigger than the rest and has a tank driving about, once you destroy the tank the mirror you're looking for will appear on the ground north of where you teleport in.

19: Isle of the Automatons

Heroic Challenge 19

Unlocked by Eruptor. This gives you +9 Elemental Power if you manage to complete it in time.

The Automatons are worth 15 points each, the other types of enemies are only worth 1. In total there are three Automatons, each one has a nearby bomb that you will need to use to defeat it. The Automaton down to your left at the start requires you to push the nearby turtles so that you can reach the bomb on the block. The Automaton up on a high platform is defeated by a bomb hidden behind some trees just before the ramp up. And the third Automaton is blown up with a bomb on an island that you may need to teleport to (unless you can cross water).

You will need to kill at least one Automaton as the level only provides enough small enemies to reach a score of 63.

20: You Break It, You Buy It!

Heroic Challenge 20

Only tough for Skylanders that have imprecise wide area of effect attacks and those with upgrades that attack things automatically. Everybody else shouldn't have too much of a problem here unless you're being a bit reckless.

There are exactly 40 enemies in the level so you are unable to skip the more dangerously situated ones. There are no teleporters, the path is simply to start at the beginning and work your way through to the end, parts of the path has been blocked off to make it so there's no loops and the main minefield is closed off completely.

21: Minefield Mishap

Heroic Challenge 21

There's a reason you might get all confused in here, it changes around when you make certain decisions. You first have a choice to exit the main minefield by the north exit or the south exit (or the crazy east exit), whichever you choose decides where the two teleporters go to. Go north and the northern teleporter will send you down to where you'd have been if you'd gone south, the middle teleporter will then take you to teh section with the final teleporter.

Go south and the middle teleporter will take you up to the northern exit, then the northern teleporter will take you to the section with the final teleporter.

Using the third teleporter will take you back to the main minefield except now it's changed around and the Sceptre is there.

Of course there is a third more dangerous way, head east out of the main minefield over some mines and you'll find that the first two teleporters don't work. You'll have to go straight to the final teleporter over some more mines if you want to finish.

22: Lobs O' Fun

Heroic Challenge 22

Another trip to the lagoon, this one is a lot easier for Skylanders that can attack things on a ledge above them, everyone else will need to use the bombs provided.

First off go a little down the bridge to the left, you'll see a couple of the enemy locations. Turn around and go along the bridge to the north, grab the bomb behind the tree on the next island and then return to the start and head left again. If you didn't already activate the scene your bomb will continue to count down during it (although the challenge timer pauses) and explode, go back and pick up another one. Throw the bomb at the pirate at the end and go grab another of that same bomb again.

This time from the bomb go north to another island with the second pirate, go back and grab the bomb and continue to the left of the second pirate to the third on the next island. If your Skylander isn't fast enough to make that trip don't worry, there's another bomb a bit closer on the larger island to the north. Head south to the large island where there's usually a block/turtle puzzle and go down the ramp (or just off the ledge) to the left. There you'll find a bomb and a fourth pirate. Take the bomb again and head back up the ramp and then up the ramp on the northern edge to blow up your fifth pirate.

Now head north twice to another large island, there's a bomb to the right to blow up the pirate standing on the platform directly in front of the bridge you just crossed. Go right over the bridge, pick up the bomb to the north behind the large palm tree and blow up the pirate to your right. Grab the bomb again and head further right where there's the eighth pirate at the end. There's also a bomb on the small island over the water behind him, not all that essential. Anyway this opens up the last pirate up on the final island, go left all the way to the end where you'll be able to grab a bomb behind the palm trees at the bottom of the bridge to the last pirate.

23: Spell Punked!

Heroic Challenge 23

There isn't much choice here, you get directed to each one. For the first Spell Punk the bomb is right at the bottom of the bridge. Once you've killed all the nearby enemies the Monster Gate will open up allowing you to the right. The bomb for the Water Spell Punk is at the very end of the island. Once you've killed that return to the location of the first punk to find the third. Bomb is in the same place. Although it may not look like a Monster Gate from this angle, you do need to kill all of the enemies.

Go up the bridge and you'll be ambushed, kill them to move on to the right where the Air Spell Punk is sitting, the bomb is right next to it. As the Fire and Earth Spell Punks are on the ground you don't need to take the bomb with you when you go up the rest of the bridges. Once you've killed the Punks and the enemies on the Earth Punk's island, the monster gate will open and allow you onto the final large island. Drop down and go further down to the beach where you'll find a bomb and a bounce pad back up. Kill all of the enemies and the final Spell Punk will appear, grab the bomb and throw it at it. And then, for some reason, pick up the book yourself.

24: Charm Hunt

Heroic Challenge 24

There are loads of tokens here, there's around about 40 extra for those that can swim so plenty off leeway in how tidy you are. Or, if you can't swim/fly, there's still 10 more tokens than you need that you can reach. If you are next to a cannon, fire it. Swimmers can still just about make it without using any of the cannons though.

For those who can't swim here's a path. Grab the one on the island, teleport off. Bounce up onto the blocks and grab the tokens on them, jump down, cross the bridge, push the block and use the bounce pad beneath. Continue along to the end and up the bridge, fire the cannon, double back and up the bridge you just opened. Cross directly over the island and then up the ramp to the left to another cannon. Turn around and go off the other exit on the last island, follow that all the way around to the large island with the cannon on you just fired and mop up the few remaining tokens.

If you can swim then head left off the initial island, following the path of tokens obviously, and head to the right as you reach land. Fly off to an island with seven bounce pads on before turning back around and using the bounce pad on that previous island to get up and then up to a cannon at the top of a ramp. Follow the bridges around to go through where you exploded and gather your remaining tokens.

25: Flip the Script

Heroic Challenge 25

The order that you should go through the teleporters is random each time. The only way to know which is first is to just jump right in, once you've found the correct one to start it off you should be able to work out which one to go through next. The left teleporter takes you left, the top teleporter goes south, and the right teleporter goes to the right. Don't waste too much time killing enemies, at least not on the first button, as they respawn each time you teleport.

You can just about see the barrier to one of the buttons if you go to the top corner, you'll either see a gate going up to the right off the screen or just the ground. If there's no gate then that's the first button. If there is then it's a 50/50 choice between the other two teleporters. So if you then take the left teleporter you should be able to tell immediately if you've chosen correctly as the button to the south should be blocked off to its left.

26: You've Stolen My Hearts

Heroic Challenge 26

Now to catch some thieves. If you're slow you'll get trapped on the first island, once you kill the residents the gate should open to let you through. Push the turtle so that it blocks the bridge and then go futher left to chase the thief. He'll double back and run into the turtle. The gate at the far left will open upon grabbing the heart. Up the slope, warning you can get stuck up here if you mess up getting the thief first time. Go around the left edge to bump into it while it's still on the island (it should get stuck), the gate doesn't reopen once it closes and there's no other way off.

After grabbing the second heart the middle path opens, go up it and you'll see the thief. It'll head off to the right, follow along the bridges and you'll get it. It may double back if you miss it on the last platform but it'll then double back again along a bridge you're walking on. I think the idea is to push the turtle into place and go all the way around but that's kind of unnecessary. Go onto the final large island and kill all of the enemies there. This will open up the ramp to the fourth Heart, a thief will take it. Chase him around and down onto the bounce pads where you should easily catch him.

27: Bombs to the Walls

Heroic Challenge 27

There are a few extra tokens about the place, but only a few. To get started head up to the left and grab a bomb, throw it at the wall nearest and use the teleporter in there. Use the bomb you pick up to blow up the wall to the south, then bounce off the platform and stand on the button to open up the gate to the right. Grab the tokens in there and then head back out and go left all the way to a teleporter.

Go up the steps and grab the bomb, throw it at the wall directly beneath you and go through to collect the tokens in there. Go back out and use the teleporter next to the bomb. Grab the tokens and take the teleporter, then immediately take the teleporter you end up next to again. Bounce off and then head down to the right to pick up your final few tokens.

28: Operation: Sheep Freedom

Heroic Challenge 28

Time to rescue a few sheep. Go up to the left from the start and you'll see the first of the sheep behind a fence. Although there are several sheep they only count as one of your seven. Go back down the to the right and then head up to the right from where you started. Take the first left and make your way up the stone steps to the second sheep pen. Go down to the right, the third lot are on the left side before the end. Continue right and then up where the fourth set is stuck. Go left and then take the first left where the fifth lot of sheep are.

Continue on up to the left, the first right will be where the sixth sheep are. And then go a fair distance left to reach the last herd. To finish off all you need to do is enter the minefield section of the level, from where you are that's just to your right.

29: Jailbreak

Heroic Challenge 29

The first key is found inside a barrel at the top of the bridge, head down it and you'll find the first cage to the right next to another bridge. If you push the nearby turtle up one space you will reveal a bounce pad, use it to get up onto the platform and open up a barrel with another key inside. The corresponding cage (although they do all fit any cage) is down to the right.

Head right over the bridge and push the turtles to get the key hidden at the back. Go through them to get to the cage on the other side. After freeing the third Mabu jump into the teleporter to the right. That'll whisk you back to the central bridge. Go up it and straight across to the larger island. Drop down the left side and push the bottom turtle to the left once, this will reveal a bounce pad that you can use to get up onto the other turtles to walk along to a key at the end. Open the cage next to you.

Go back up the slope and head to the right. Push the right turtle once down, then the left turtle to the left. Beneath it is a bounce pad that will let you get up to the Chucker on the block. Kill it for a key. Push the remaining turtle to the right to reveal another bounce pad. Bounce up to the fifth cage. Walk along the bridge and onto a smaller island, head north pushing the turtles out of the way. In one of the barrels to the right of the next bridge is your last key. Take it down to the final island where the last cage is.

Flyers/swimmers can also find a seventh cage and key on the two islands you never went to. From the third head south over the water instead of taking the teleporter. There you'll find the cage and a teleporter. Push the end turtle out of the way to find a bounce pad that'll let you reach the key on the middle turtle. If you then push the left turtle you'll find a teleporter back to the cage. From there head north over the water and into the teleporter you passed earlier. It might save you a little bit of time getting that sixth cage.

30: Environmentally Unfriendly

Heroic Challenge 30

Smash the pipes next to you as you start. Then head up to the left where there's a key on the floor. Continue going left and attack a Gun Snout, behind it is the second pipe. Turn and go down to the left, unlock the gate to head onto the minefield. Go around the mines and smash the pipes to the left of the door you just used. Down from there is a key and a teleporter to use. From the teleporter destination smash the pipes to the right before going down to smash the fifth one at the bottom of the map. Use your key on the locked door up to the right and then head up the first left all the way to a Tech Spell Punk and a Gun Snout guarding the final two pipes (one of which may have been accidentally shot by the Gun Snout earlier).

31: Chemical Cleanup

Heroic Challenge 31

There are many many more barrels than you will need in this level and there are plenty of ways through. Here's the basics; you can only smash the small barrels or travel through a teleporter if you are the same colour as them, and to get doused in a colour you smash a large barrel. Large barrels also each count as 5 of your target 150, the smaller ones (indestrucible if you're not the matching colour) count for one.

There are many ways to do this but here's one that I like. Go through the blue teleporter after smashing the nearby barrel and then smash the large green barrel to let you smash the small green barrels surrounding the green teleporter. This will take you back to the first island but with a different layout. Now there are four teleporters, a green, a yellow and two blues (the two blues both go to the same spot for some reason but that's not important for this path). Go through the yellow teleporter and then up the bridge to an island. Smash all the yellow barrels, then hit the large blue one and continue south to another small island filled with blue barrels. Use the blue teleporter and go left along the bridge and then down off the ledge.

Make sure to hit the large blue barrel at the top edge (despite already being blue) before smashing the large green barrel on the beach to the left behind the blue barrels. Go back up and wipe out all the greens up here, head over the bridge to the north where the blue barrel was previously and go to the right ignoring the yellow barrels. Go through the teleporter and smash up the green barrels before going back into the teleporter and cleaning that previous island of yellow barrels by hitting the large one at the top of it. That should bring you to 150.

32: Break the Cats

Heroic Challenge 32

Breaking a vase simply takes 10 seconds away from your time, you won't get a failure unless you really go nuts smashing them. The first cat statue is directly ahead right in front of a teleporter. The teleporter just takes you across the water, go along to the left and you'll find cat number two next to the bridge off the island behind a Goliath. Cross the bridge and the third is just at the end of it. Past that is a bomb that you can use to throw at the fourth cat up on the platform. Smash through a Chompy Pod to go up the bridge at the far end, the other one is filled with vases. At the top you'll find a teleporter.

On the left side of the island is the cat right behind a pair of vases, once you've got that use the teleporter to the south-east. Use the bounce pad to pick up a bomb behind a wall of vases and drop back down, go up the slope and throw (or just stand next to) a cat up on a ledge to the right. Once that's blown up go up the ramp through a load of vases to another cat at the top. Jump back off and cross the bridge headed north, another cat waits next to the tree. Go through the vases to the right following the bridge to another island, then again to one last one with the final cat hiding behind the tree on the right.

#25 MrsSpyro01 20:50:34 06/10/2021
Whenever I get new Skylanders who are compatible with Spyro’s Adventure and Giants, I always tackle Drobot, Double Trouble, and Zap’s heroic challenges before I upgrade any of them. Anvil Rain is surprisingly helpful when taking on Double Trouble’s heroic challenge because it actually doesn’t hit any of the paintings or Cali’s vases.
#24 Wishblade 13:44:18 26/06/2020
Stuck on Double Trouble's You Break it You But It? Use Anvil Rain.
#23 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 09:55:20 03/07/2014
There is a fairly common glitch that seems to stop you from being able to complete it. Perhaps try it on another save slot.

See this topic for other experiences with the glitch.
#22 MIKEOFWAR3 03:48:51 03/07/2014
I need help, on 6: Fight, Teleport, Fight Some More! I can't seem to win, i followed yalls instructions... But it didn't work. What am i doing wrong.....
#21 Joemckinsey456 14:14:43 26/11/2013
when I do these challenges in this game and giants do the stats convert over to swapforce?
#20 Joemckinsey456 20:42:54 30/08/2013
Do these really do anything and are they worth it??
#19 Iganagor 04:51:06 21/07/2013
Slam bams herioc challenge is really fun smilie thank you slam bam smilie
#18 MugoUrth 20:28:54 18/05/2013
Actually, it's the Battlefield, not the Goo Factory.
#17 lolwhut 15:29:25 11/05/2013
I've learned that the majority of the Heroic Challenges are in either Molekin Mine, Cadaverous Crypt, the Goo Factory and Leviathan Lagoon. Not so sure about Goo Factory, though.
#16 skylandersbros 22:59:58 30/01/2013
I only do heroic challenges with elemental power. to bad I don't have smilie smilie or smilie
#15 spyro1691 13:36:17 21/01/2013
VV I completed that one even with zaps upgrades, that my friends, is SKILL!
#14 TK-949 07:14:04 19/01/2013
I'm currently trying to do all heroic challenges with all 37 characters. As of now, I have to reset Eruptor (he can't do "Save the Purple Chompies!", because the suicidal purple ones always run into the fire he leaves) and Lightning Rod (because of the clouds surrounding him he breaks almost every vase in "Break the Cats". Stupid Cali, why is she using the islands as a warehouse for her vases anyway?).

But this is an awesome guide, thanks Dark.
#13 mega spyro 16:45:53 15/11/2012
WANING: if you do smilie's challange before you pick a path you can make it but after you do the bouncing lightning upgrade you will always brake a vase!!!
#12 Dragonaut 12:05:34 05/11/2012
I think with Lighting Rod's challenge complete with all the characters before completing the Quicksliver Vault chapter and with the tough challenges Drobot's complete them before getting any upgrades than it shouldn't be a problem.
#11 Spygiltrig4356 20:15:33 14/10/2012
Uhhhhh.... I think when I do a certain challenge I don't kow which, my wii starts to glitch its like zzzzzzttttttttttt. Maybe I've been playing paper mario to much.
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