Faylair Jungle

Leaflook Village

Wabbit Ears Wabbit Ears Jester Hat Jester Hat Scroll Whirlwind
  • Radiance Crystal Repel Raiders - 40
  • Radiance Crystal Bash Chests - 3
  • Radiance Crystal Find Idols - 15
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenge - Life/Earth
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

The Repel Raiders challenge just wants you to kill enemies, any enemies will do. Like these scarabs ahead. You need to kill a fairly hefty 40 enemies in total, but there are plenty in the level so there's not much worry there. Before the jump to the Blade Witch you can grab the first of fifteen Idols, it's on the right side at the end behind the junk.

Jump over and kill that Witch then jump onto the pink plant that acts like a trampoline. There's a few more scarabs up top as well as an exploding plant - don't stand too close. Jump up the wooden platforms (they collapse) to a Drow Spearman (watch out for his landing) and the Life Challenge portal. Beyond the first swinging log you don't need to pay any attention to them as the bounce plants will send you well above them. Simple bounce forwards, kill a couple of Blade Witches and then bounce to the Present at the end, Scroll Whirlwind's Scroll inside.

Jump to the Witch and then run past the swinging log to another Witch and her Spearman. The Witch is standing right next to the next Idol. Advance past another log, some more enemies and then round the corner to a blockade. Kill the enemies there and grab the Idol before smashing through the fence to get to a bounce plant. To the right of where you bounce to is another Idol for your collection.

Go left up the wooden platforms and then left onto another solid platform in the side of a tree. Slightly left is another Idol that you will want to grab before heading in the more obvious forwards direction up a bounce plant. Up there is a new enemy the Goliath Drow - this set of levels' big enemy. Behind some junk to the right of the Goliath is an Idol, once you've got that move forwards to the Blade Witch and through a fence. Smash the rocks clear of the jump pad.

Walk forwards past the swinging log to another Goliath, an Idol and a choice between three different paths. The one to the right is a short dead-end with an Idol. Straight on past a couple of Blade Witches will take you to the level's free roaming Present - Wabbit Ears Wabbit Ears. Instead of using the bounce plant turn around and go back to the path choice, go left now.

At the Drow Spearman you should see the Earth Challenge portal off to the side, jump over to it - you should be able to make the jump. Inside is a path of bounce plants, depending on how fast your Skylander is you'll probably end up bouncing short if you just go with one bounce per plant, so make yourself bounce a second time closer to the far edge than before. Reward for doing this is the Jester Hat Jester Hat.

After that bounce up the bounce plant outside and run along the platforms to the first Chest. Once you have that jump up onto the jump pad to get taken over to a platform above the second Chest. Jump down and smash it as well as a couple of Witches - there's another Idol behind some barrels at the bottom. Smash through the fence to get to a couple of logs swinging before another Goliath and a couple of Spearmen. Behind the stuff to the left is yet another Idol, and next to the bounce plant on the next platform is another Idol too.

Kill the Spearmen up to before jumping down the line of radiance pretty much onto an Idol. Kill the Spearman and then jump towards the Witch on the tree-side. To your left is an Idol behind the weapons, to the right is the path onwards. After the wooden platforms jump to the right onto another platform sticking out of a tree - again step slightly back towards the camera to find an Idol. The next platform is home to the third and final Chest (and a couple of Spearmen). Jump to the Witch and collect the very last Idol. Now all that remains is to jump along the collapsing wooden platforms to the exit portal.


Scroll Voodood Scroll Lightning Rod
  • Radiance Crystal Radiance Challenge
  • Radiance Crystal Avoid the Water
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Eat Food
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Match - Water
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Breakmarsh is a set of nine platforms that collapse shortly after stepping onto them, this means that you need to move to a new section every few seconds and remember not to jump back onto one you recently got off. From Round 2 onwards the entire arena will begin to rotate as well - just to confuse you. And in Round 3 the sections will separate so you'll need to jump more carefully.

Early on in Round 2 you'll see Scroll Voodood's Scroll. Scroll Lightning Rod's Scroll appears in Round 3 also early on.

Avoid the Water simply means that you should not fall into the water - which means being careful to not jump onto a platform that's about to vanish.

Daystar Temple

Bone Head Bone Head Unicorn Hat Unicorn Hat Scroll Drobot
  • Radiance Crystal Sheepified - 5
  • Radiance Crystal Gather Radiance - 130
  • Radiance Crystal Conquer Conquerors - 3
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenges - Undead/Magic
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Proceed forwards and kill a couple of Drow Spearmen that are along the path, after the fallen over tree is a pair of circular platforms held up by rope. These act like scales so standing on one will make it go down and the other go up - it's a slow change so you'll probably not even notice (although it may be useful to you later on).

Over the other side is a Blade Witch, a Chest, and the Undead Challenge portal. There are bounce pads, a couple of enemies, some scale platforms and a swinging log inside. Your reward is the Unicorn Hat Unicorn Hat.

Smash through the fence and run past the first swinging log - there you'll see a blackened sheep statue - if you attack it you'll be turned into a sheep for a short while - that's the first of the five Sheepified. You can't attack as a sheep so wait here for a moment until you return to normal, once you have done you'll want to attack the enemies ahead. The Goliath Drow is the one for the Conquer Conquerors challenge so try not to skip him.

Jump along the platforms and then onto the bounce plants to take you up to a spot running along a wall with saws coming out of the ground. Jump over the first one and smash the Sheep statue. Jump the gap between the next two and round the corner, up the steps (they don't fully retract so there's no real danger here), past a column that pushes out into the path, and down.

Make sure to go backwards to the sheep statue underneath where you just came from. As you go past the column here watch out for the dart being shot from the wall. The second Conqueror is here. Smash through the fence to reveal three platforms that'll lead you to the Magic Challenge, in here you may need to rely on jumping from the falling platforms later than usual. The Present contains Scroll Drobot's Scroll.

Outside you'll see the fourth Sheep Statue - smash it and quickly make your way past the moving columns to a Sheep Portal - you can only access this while you're a sheep so be fast. Inside is a Chest and a Present with the Bone Head Bone Head hat inside. Go out and continue forwards to a split in the path. Smash the fence and go to the right first - you'll find the third and final Conqueror next to a Chest and a jump pad. Don't use the jump pad, instead turn around and go back to the split, then go left.

Up the bounce plant and past a few enemies you'll find the final Sheep Statue. That should finish off all the challenges for the level, go forwards past the columns, past some more enemies and along the series of platforms all the way to the end.

Treetop Circle

Wizard Hat Wizard Hat Scroll Spyro
  • Radiance Crystal Radiance Challenge
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Collect Clocks
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Eat Food
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Match - Magic
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Another Radiance Fountain.

Scroll Spyro's Scroll turns up in Round 2, it starts on the right section and moves diagonally to the top section over the gap. It's very early in the round. The Wizard Hat Wizard Hat does much the same at the start of Round 3 except that it starts on the left side.

Waterwalk Way

Tiki Hat Tiki Hat Scroll Warnado Scroll Legendary Chop Chop
  • Radiance Crystal Rescue Humfry!
  • Radiance Crystal Capture Flamingos - 5
  • Radiance Crystal Gather Radiance - 120
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenge - Water/Tech
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Cross the water by using the three lilypads - these things just rotate when you stand on them, they don't fall into the water or anything dangerous. Head up the steps to kill a Drow Spearman before traversing the sliding platforms, jump from one to the next just as it starts to go in. On the right of the next platform is the Water Challenge. The water challenge is a series of lilypads and moving platforms, get to the end for Scroll Warnado's Scroll.

Go up the steps past the swinging logs and a couple more enemies until you get to a swinging wooden platform. Jump on as it approaches and off as it reaches the other end. You'll be wanting to land on that retracting platform as well as to grab the Flamingo floating on it. Beyond the swinging log there is another swinging platform, this will take you to a pair of Spearmen. Beyond them are some scale platforms that'll bring you to another swinging platform and finally solid land again.

Kill the Goliath and the Witch before smashing the fence and stepping onto the first of the scale platforms, wait for the second to rise up a short distance before jumping onto it in order to grab the Flamingo above. From there jump onto a swinging platform and then onto a second, from this one jump as it reaches the right side of the swing to grab the Key on a platform there.

Jump down to the left and then continue forwards past a Chest and a Witch to some retracting platforms and then lilypads. Off them you must jump onto some rising platforms. Take the right one first and then go to another to the right of it, high above it is the third Flamingo. Before it sinks back into the water fully jump back to the left and then go towards the bounce plant ahead.

There's a couple of enemies up on the next platform, kill them and then bounce upwards again onto some retracing platforms. On one of these is the fourth Flamingo, grab it and continue around the pillar up to the top where you'll find a Chest and the Tech Challenge. A lot like that last challenge, just try to jump onto the swinging platforms as they approach. The Present inside is the Tiki Hat Tiki Hat.

Smash through the fence and jump onto the swinging platform, watching out for the logs as you go. At the end of the path past some scarabs you'll jump down onto a retracting platform from which you'll jump to a swinging platform. Jump onto the platform swinging towards you and then up to the left onto a platform with a Chest on it. Go further left following the radiance and you'll find some scale platforms, hold the first one down and then use the higher second one to reach the fifth Flamingo. You should be able to see Humfry's cage.

Return to the swinging platforms and jump down to the right onto a retracting platform where there is a Present: Scroll Legendary Chop Chop's Scroll. From there jump up to another swinging platform and again from there to another. Continue along to the end of the level.

Galecrack Ruins is your next destination, it's found on the right side of the Sanctuary.

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