• 05:59 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Eye Hat Trojan Helmet
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 8: Crystal Eye Castle

Elements required for 100% completion: UndeadEarth

The Gauntlet

To open up the gate here you need to hit the floating metal eye, it'll give you eight seconds to go through or it'll close again. Once you're through it'll permanently stay open even if you go back the other side again. You'll see this door opening mechanic several times throughout the level, just generally a little more complex.

Approach Diggs to get introduced to the first of the newest batch of enemies, the Timidclops. These guys roll barrels down slopes, either weave your way through the barrels or just smash them as they approach. The enemies themselves will run off and cower in fear once you reach them.

Straight up the next barrel filled slope on your left and you'll meet a Cruncher. These little fellas will leap at you and hold on tight, you'll need to shake them off or they'll continue to do a small amount of damage. Of course you can easily kill them before they jump on you and they have the usual telegraphed preparation time for the leaping. Even if you have more than one on you it still only takes the one shake to get rid of them all.

The next slope has three Timidclops at the top of it, but nothing worse than previously really. At the top is a Cyclops Chopper, these attack by spinning really fast and become invulnerable whilst doing so, so move out of their way if they're spinning and attack when they're dizzy/celebrating.

The gate here requires you to hit the two floating eyes on either side of the door. You need to hit both of them in a short time, four seconds, otherwise the one you hit will reset and you'll need to hit it again. Once both are hit you'll still have a time limit to get through the door or they'll both reset again.

Outer Courtyard

Step into the centre of the next area and the Cyclops Chucker will debut, these are again like the Troll Grenadiers and Squiddlers in that they stand still and throw things at you. This guy throws rocks, rocks damage upon impact but do not explode. Go up the steps next to it and attack. To the left of the Chucker is the Story Scroll Story Scroll, and if you go up the steps to the right of the exit you can smash a cart and find the level's Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure too.

Hit the switch next to where the Cyclops Chucker was standing and run down through the gate. Out of the barrels will jump a whole load of Crunchers, kill them and then push the two turtles down into the gap, it doesn't matter which order you do it in. Push the far turtle away and then back in again once you've gone through, in fact push it back one place further so that you can use it as a stepping stone above. Push the next turtle off the side and the last remaining one all the back to the wall behind it.

Go up the steps on the left and cross over that last turtle. There's a gate closed, this one requires two eye switches to be thrown, the second up the slope to your right. First kill off the parade of Crunchers and the lone Cyclops Chucker and then, if you have an Undead Skylander, venture off into the elemental zone that's right next to that second switch.

Secret Tower

Teleport through, hit the two switches and run through the gate before teleporting into a tower. In here you'll be fighting a whole load of enemies starting with three Chompy Pods (and their Chompies) and a couple of Cyclops Chuckers. Note that if you lure an enemy onto the spikes they too will get damaged (preferably you're not on the spikes with them though). Then next up will be some Cyclops Choppers and a Cyclops Mammoth. Once you've killed all of them a Present will appear in the centre of the room and reward you with an Eye Hat Eye Hat.

Teleport back out.

If you follow the path further to the right you can find an Earth gate too, right before it is Prism Break's "Shard Soul Prison" Soul Gem Soul Gem.

Puzzle Pit

This section consists of a puzzle involving switches and moving blocks. The switch to the bottom-right changes the middle vertical line of blocks. Bottom-left does so too but also adds two horizontal blocks in the middle. Top-left rises a cross over the whole field, so does top-right.

The order to go in is: bottom-right, top right, top-left, bottom-left, middle. Right, hit eye switch, run through center careful to avoid switches, go through door on left side to get Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Now stand on the left switch to make the block between you and the middle switch rise up. Now: middle, top-right, middle and you can go grab the Present which is a Trojan Helmet Trojan Helmet. And so teleport out.

Hit the two switches and go into the tower.

East Tower

Inside it's a big round fighting area. You'll be formally introduced to the Cyclops Mammoth, he's a bit tied up in here right now. When not tied up they simply leap about trying to land on you and since they're big enemies they have a lot of health, dodge their jump and then attack. You can kill this one without setting if free but if you smash the pole it's attached to it'll start leaping about like normal.

The aim in here is to smash the four eyes on the north side of the room, they're the things currently channeling a yellow energy. To smash them simply walk over to them and attack them. When all four are down you just need to hit the central yellow glowy thing. There's not many enemies in the cycle here, just a few Crunchers to start with and then a few Choppers afterwards, so once all the enemies are dead and the eyes smashed you'll automatically leave the tower as it collapses.

Inner Courtyard

The gate to the left of the entrance will now lower to let you through, there's a Cyclops Mammoth in the way though and a couple of Cyclops Choppers in the more open part. If you go to the south corner of the courtyard you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Follow the path down to the left and drop into an area with a few Choppers on the floor. Kill them all and go to the right-hand side where there's a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Approach the slope on the far left next to a dormant eye switch and you'll be shown the door above. The switch will activate so attack it and run up the first bit of the slope where there's a second switch. Still more to go, up the slope again to a third, and the fourth is inbetween a pair of Cyclops Chuckers. Remember you can run through the door and then go back for the enemies.

Down the path is the second of the towers.

West Tower

Much like the East Tower except with different setup of enemies inside. First destroy the eyes and central beacon to turn off the tower, then focus on the three Chuckers standing on stone pedestals, if you smash the pedestals down you can reach the Chuckers to kill them. Then just kill the two Cyclops Mammoths that are tied up to finish the tower.

Again a previously closed barrier will lower allowing you to get back up the the Inner Courtyard where the door you switched off has now opened.

The Tower of Eyes

There's a line of four Timidclops at the top of the slope, smash your way up there whilst watching out for the Cyclops Chuckers to either side and then a few Cyclops Choppers that'll spin towards you as you reach the top. Once all are dead head inside the building to start the fight for the Crystal Eye itself.

Your first enemy is a Cruncher Pod, just like Chompy Pods except they spawn Crunchers. Kill them both and then focus on the three Chuckers standing up on their pedestals. A few Choppers will appear from the left during this, kill them and some more will then appear again bringing with them a Cyclops Mammoth and a few Chompies.

After that it's a pair of Cyclops Mammoths with a few companion Choppers. That's it, the barrier will lower and you'll be able to take the Crystal Eye to finish the level.


There's nothing new in the Ruins, well except for the Molekin Survivors on the beach. Just accept Diggs' offer and head to Stonetown.

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Meant 2 say smilie
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I know a kind of something I dont know what to call it. Lol smilie.

When you are in the Undead Place using either smilie smilie smilie or cynder go in the battle area and use :double trouble: press the button to bring a minion out (after the bad guys are defeated) and the minion should run up to the back and explode do this until you see a clip showing that you've destroyed the 2 seeing towers!! LOL smilie
#8 Ignitor320 00:07:53 04/10/2012
I love this level you get so many gold coins the first time and you fight a lot
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awesome walkthrough

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Diggs: Owch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#5 Skyhunter 18:22:35 27/06/2012
I know a really good money trick in this part of the game! This will require two controllers. Have a fire Skylander stand on the campfire on the beach and have Gill Grunt spray it with water. An endless fountain of money will come out!
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Did you defeat all the guys who come out of the side doors as well?
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please help
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when iv defeted all the cyclops people and have to retreave the eye the baracades dont come down
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i LOVE these walkthroughs they r AWESOME!!!!! thxs darkspyro!!!!!!!!!

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