Brighthold Battlements

Towersight Fields

Propeller Cap Propeller Cap Birthday Hat Birthday Hat Scroll Ignitor
  • Radiance Crystal Collect Radiance Crystal
  • Radiance Crystal Gather Radiance
  • Radiance Crystal Bash Chests - 3
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenges - Magic / Fire
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

After watching the initial cutscene you'll enter the first level, Brighthold Battlements. Wendel will help summon one of your Skylanders right away so get your Portal of Power ready and place any of your Skylanders on it. Any will do at this point but Fire or Magic may be the better choices, once you've summoned it you can turn the Portal off and put it to the side for a short while.

On your first go through the objective of the level is simply to get to the end of it, there's no other tasks you need to complete. Anyway, walk forwards and you immediately get given a choice in path, it's only a minor choice though and you'll quickly end up at the same place whichever way you choose.

To attack the approaching little blue fella do as the game instructs via floating symbol above its head, press the Y button to perform your Skylander's primary attack. What this is varies from Skylander to Skylander but it does damage which is all that really matters, you may need to be right next to it or perhaps not for Skylanders with ranged attacks.

Go up the slope to the left after you've killed it, partway up to the left of this left path is a tiny rotating green circular platform with a bit of radiance on it, the larger radiance in the air is worth 5 compared to the normal 1 value radiance. You'll need to master the jump button, B, to get there as there's a tiny gap. Jump back and then follow the path round to the right and over the lower path, jump over that gap to continue down the other side. On the right on this downward slope is another small circular platform, this time with a Present floating in the air instead of radiance, if you jump into the Present you'll pick it up, to claim it and discover what's inside you have to finish the level. For the sake of people searching for the item they're missing I'll be mentioning exactly what each Present is as soon as you get it, in this case you just picked up the Birthday Hat "Birthday Hat".

Finish going down the slope to rejoin where the straight path was going and meet up with a couple of Chompies sitting waiting for you. Kill them both with your basic attack, it'll still be instructing you via floating button at this point, and then double jump over the gap onto the next section. This means pressing the jump button while still in the air from the first jump, keep holding in the direction you're trying to go in and press B again before you fall into the gap (luckily the game is nice and just respawns you next to the jump).

The game now expects you to know how to fight as there are no more prompts over the Chompies, kill the two along the ground level here and then jump up to the higher, right side of the path. In the middle of the high up bit is a white and gold chest, if you attack it a bit it'll break into pieces and reveal 10 radiance inside, useful for triggering a Radiance Rush.

If you have a Magic Skylander loaded you can jump down to the left off the high side and then onto a circular pad with a Magic icon floating above it. This is an area specifically locked to all but Magic Skylanders, inside you'll find a short platforming section which if you can get to the end of you get a reward of a Scroll for Scroll Ignitor.

Carry on forwards and jump over the two circular platforms to a larger green platform with a fence along the left, there's a 5 radiance in the air that you'll need to double jump if you want to reach. The game advises you to double jump along the next series of platforms but a single jump is all that's really necessary. Another split in the track.

There's a new enemy mixed in with the Chompies here, this guy is a Cyclops Chopper, they run towards you and then start spinning. Try and keep away while they're spinning, once it's done spinning it'll be dizzy and give you a chance to attack safely.

If you are using a Fire Skylander take the left path up along a series of alternating grey circles and green platforms to the top of a small castle looking structure. On here is a pad with a Fire Icon floating above it, stand on it to get whisked away to the Fire Challenge.

It's just a simple jumping task, after the second set of Chompies is a new type of platform, this one rolls slowly which means that if you stay still you'll fall off, so just keep moving forwards and to the opposite direction that it's rolling in to stay on. There's a Present on the floor with a Propeller Cap Propeller Cap inside, grab it and head to the exit pad directly ahead.

If you jump down following the radiance floating in the air you'll find yourself back on the main path, backtrack a short distance and you'll spot a chest with 10 radiance inside. There's no need to go any further back than that, the wooden obstacle can be smashed with your attacks easily.

If not then walk down the path straight ahead and smash your way through a blockade to find a chest.

Jump over the platforms, including a rolling platform that you'll need to watch out for, and pick up the Radiance Crystal that's sitting in the middle of the path. This will trigger Hektore to start chasing you and the drawbridge to lower (it'll already be lowered on subsequent playthroughs), since you have 4 minutes on this first chase you can take your time (but obviously not too much). If you manage to run out of time you'll have to start the whole level over and pick up any presents you hadn't yet fully claimed.

Walk over the drawbridge and kill the Chompies before approaching a pair of new enemies, Cyclops Chuckers. These stand still and throw rocks and bombs at you, the rocks are fairly inaccurate but the bombs you'll want to dodge. Jump down the large hole following the path of radiance down through some boards that you'll smash through, you can direct your fall but on this one it's not all that necessary.

At the bottom are a couple more Chompies and another Chucker, jump up along the platforms ahead and fight another Cyclops Chopper followed by a Chucker. There is a path down to the left here but I'm fairly sure that's just meant for those who fall off the next thing (although there is a fair bit of radiance down there). Keep going straight and jump up onto a large column lying down, at the end you'll get to a series of jumps along rolling platforms, jump down to the left off the first and then to the right off that one.

Kill the Chopper and the Chucker standing around on the next proper bit of land before jumping along another series of platforms and going inside a castle section. On the floor is a chest to smash, it's surrounded by a few enemies. Run along the ground ahead or jump up and kill a Chucker on some high platforms to the left. Jump along the rotating stone platforms at the end and you'll see a large tower collapse in order to give you a path to walk down.

The game will now instruct you on the basics of running, simply hold A to run for a short time. Easy. Kill or ignore the Chuckers to the sides and then jump to the large blue swirly thing that is in actual fact the exit to the level.

And when you finish the first level Wendel will insist on summoning a second Skylander, there's no way around it. If you're aiming to immediately go back into that first level then summon a Fire or Magic Skylander (assuming you summoned a Fire or Magic Skylander for the first one, if you didn't then replace your non-Fire/Magic Skylander with a Fire or Magic Skylander to have both a Fire and a Magic Skylander in your team). If you don't want to go back in and instead want to advance straight to the second level then I would suggest a Life Skylander to summon.

If you do manage to get all five Crystals you'll unlock the second level hub, Rivenrock Caverns, you can go do those if you want to but you may find them easier with your Skylanders levelled up a bit. For the purposes of the walkthrough making sense I'll be going through the levels chronologically but as you gather more Crystals you'll open up more hubs and get more choice in what to do next.

The Proving Grounds

Trojan Helmet Trojan Helmet Scroll Legendary Trigger Happy
  • Radiance Crystal Radiance Challenge
  • Radiance Crystal Avoid the Flames
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Eat Food
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Match - Life
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

A completely different type of level is up next, instead of following a path and getting to the other end, you're instead placed in a small arena to fight waves of enemies until you have gathered enough radiance to leave. For these types of levels I'll leave it up to you to work your way through but I will describe the points at which you can find the Presents, they'll appear at a specific point in the fight, float about for a short time and then disappear - if you miss it you have to start the level over again to try and grab it the next time. I'll also give some tips to help with the secondary tasks that unlock on your second go through.

The Elemental Match task is available right on the first go, all you need to do is have one of your Skylanders as the element stated. You don't even need to use them in the level, just having them loaded into the game is enough. For this first arena level the game wants you to have a Life Skylander.

Round One of the level is simple, just collect the radiance as it appears and jump over the firey obstacle as it swings round. Round Two adds in some enemies for you to fight, but still watch out for that fire beam. Partway through this round a chest will appear (location seems random but timing seems specific), shortly after at the right-hand side of the level a Present will float by containing a Trojan Helmet Trojan Helmet. In the third round a timer will start for Hektore to appear, just like in normal levels. After two more chests materialise the second and final present with a Scroll for Scroll Legendary Trigger Happy will appear floating to the left from the fire thing in the middle. And once you have the required radiance a portal will open up and all the enemies left will die, jump into the portal to finish up (you can still run out of time and lose).

The secondary tasks will open up now that you've gone through it once, the Avoid the Flames one requires you to simply not get hit by the fire beam at all during the three rounds. If you do get hit the game will cross it out and you'll have to start over to try again (Pause and select Retry). Don't Eat Food is pretty straightforward, just avoid smashing the barrels and you shouldn't accidentally eat anything. Note that for some reason dying counts as eating food (but the Healing Elixir from Darklight Crypt does not count against this task).

And as with the first level once you manage to gather the first four Crystals you unlock "Hektore's Challenge", in the fight arenas you won't find many clocks to boost your time but they give you plenty of it in the first place.

Flooded Viaducts

Coonskin Cap Coonskin Cap Rocket Hat Rocket Hat Scroll Cynder
  • Radiance Crystal Pop Balloons - 8
  • Radiance Crystal Squash Chompies - 15
  • Radiance Crystal Gather Radiance - 100
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenges - Water / Life
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challange

Jump forwards onto the round battlement and then forwards again onto a bit of path, here you'll find a couple of blue Chompies to kill. These will count towards your Squash Chompies target, you don't need to do anything special it's just a fancy way of telling you to kill them. However it should be noted that if they fall off the edge by themselves they do not count towards the total.

The next jump takes you onto a short viaduct with water running down it, if you stand still it'll push you backwards off the edge, you can just walk up it normally but the game advises you to run. Once you've jumped through the wall of water at the far end you'll come across a pair of spinning platforms, these don't wait around for you to jump on them or anything they just spin. You can land on the thin edges as well as the more obvious flat sides so there's really no need to wait around for them to align perfectly.

Over to the right side is the first of the Balloons you will be wanting to pop, just jump into it to pop it. Kill the Cyclops Chopper and the Chucker beyond before leaping onto a green platform. After that is another viaduct to run up where you'll meet another Chucker and your third Chompy. Heading forwards you'll spot a chest off to the left, useful for getting the radiance target but unless it's specified in the challenge list they are entirely optional. There's the second balloon just over the next gap, with a Cyclops Mammoth right next to it.

Smash through the barricade and then run along a waterway, this one's going to try to push you off to the side instead of backwards so make sure to aim your run towards the waterfall in order to stay on. After that there's another Cyclops Chucker and a pair of Chompies to bring your total to five. As you go through the archway there's a Chopper and a Chucker in the way, after them you should be able to see the third balloon. The chest off to the left is a dead end so double back and attack the two Choppers on the path, the water up ahead will try to push you forwards but aim to the left side in order to pop the fourth balloon - there's also another pair of Chompies. When you've got them all follow the path of radiance off the side and down a fair distance.

Jump up the three spinning platforms all the way up to the fifth red balloon. Kill the Chopper and jump to a pair of Chuckers, follow the path behind them and to the left of the water you'll see a Water Challenge.

As you jump along the rotating platforms you can make a choice, either jump off to the right for some radiance and a couple of Chuckers or just keep on going. If you jump off just jump back on when you're done. At the top is another Chucker and a pair of Chompies which will bring you to 9. All that remains is to jump over the spinning platforms and claim your Coonskin Cap Coonskin Cap.

Jump back and then along the watery path, moving to the right to avoid being pushed off. Kill the Chucker and jump down to a couple of Chompies (11). Number tweleve is just up the teeny tiny waterfall next to a Chopper. Go through the arch and kill the final three Chompies for your Radiance Crystal. There's a couple more of them ahead if you didn't go in the Water Challenge. Smash through the barricade and jump over the rotating platform, on a battlement to the right is balloon number 6.

Ahead now there's a split in the path. One way is useful, the other not so much. Kill the Mammoth and then take the path to the right only a short distance, you should spot the Present with the Rocket Hat Rocket Hat inside on the floor immediately. Track back that tiny distance and go instead left along a viaduct - at the end of it you'll get balloon seven. Careful though as it is pointed away so you'll speed off the end if you're not paying attention. Jump to the Life Challenge.

Here all you need to do is follow the platforms along to the other end, don't hang about too long on each one though as they spin onto their sides after a few seconds. The last jump is the trickiest but you should be able to make it if you run and jump. Your reward is a Scroll for Scroll Cynder.

Continue forwards and up some steps with a few Chompies on and then cross a set of spinning platforms to the eighth and final balloon as well as the end portal.

Radiant Fountain

Pan Hat Pan Hat Scroll Legendary Bash
  • Radiance Crystal Radiance Challenge
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Collect Clocks
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Eat Food
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Match - Earth
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

This arena level has a feature where if you stand on the central glowing circle it will start throwing out radiance, this will continue until an enemy gets close to it. You don't need to stand on it the entire time but once an enemy gets near you'll need to start it up again if you want to get done within the various time limits.

Towards the end of Round 1 a Present with the Pan Hat Pan Hat inside will float about on the northern edge of the grey circle. And early on in Round 2 the second Present, containing a Scroll for Scroll Legendary Bash, will appear on the left side.

Don't Collect Clocks is simple as long as you keep the fountain active. And Don't Eat Food is exactly the same as before - just don't die (or eat food).


Combat Hat Combat Hat Scroll Bash Scroll Camo
  • Radiance Crystal Rescue Beaufort!
  • Radiance Crystal Bash Chests - 3
  • Radiance Crystal Defeat Heavy Beasts - 3
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenge - Air / Magic
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

The fifth level in a hub has a special task requiring you to rescue a Seeker, they'll be trapped in a cage somewhere in the level but to open that cage you must first find the key.

Jump over the gap and follow the path as it curves down to the left, ignore the line of platforms straight ahead from the start. At the bottom of the slope are some platforms to cross, these will take you to an island with some Chompies and a Cyclops Chucker on it, as well as the first Chest out of the three you're looking for. Smash the rocks on the jump pad and use it, this will take you a little further than is ideal so backtrack a short distance over a few solid platforms to an Air Challenge platform.

The challenge is pretty easy, just make sure to pick up the Present with the Scroll for Scroll Camo inside.

There's no need to backtrack any further so make your way back to where the pad landed you and continue forwards over the stone bridge, you should see the first of the Heavy Beasts (aka Cyclops Mammoth), stand back when it rears up and you should be fine. Use the platforms at the end to get to another piece of land with a few more enemies on, then off again onto some more small platforms. The next set of them has a Present in the middle of a trio of spinning platforms, the Present contains a Scroll for Scroll Bash.

The key in this level is not particularly hidden or out of the way, you should see it ahead at a place where there's a split. This will trigger Hektore to arrive and start chasing you even though you don't have a Crystal. If you go up the platforms on the right side of the split you'll reach the second Chest. It would probably be easier to ignore the jump pad and instead just drop off down to the area below, you'll find the second Beast right there. If you did use the pad then backtrack to the Beast before going forwards.

Switch to your Magic Skylander to enter the Magic Challenge on the left side of the path. As usual it's a short platforming section with a load of rotating and spinning platforms between you and the Present Combat Hat Combat Hat.

Carry on forwards over the hump and down to another stone bridge platform, at the end of that it's up some more tiny platforms all the way to a sheep filled platform with a jump pad on it. You'll be flung forwards and should now see the final steps in several of your tasks. Backwards on a small platform is the third and final Chest, right ahead is the third and final Beast and ahead to the right is Beaufort's cage which you should be able to open with the key you picked up earlier. He'll teleport out of there as you get close.

Smash through the barricade and make your way to the end of the level to claim your Crystals.

Freeing a Seeker will activate a section of the Shattering Sigil, your overall target in the story is to activate all of the sections of the Shattering Sigil so that you can defeat Hektore. The next set of Crystals is to be found in the Rivenrock Caverns to the west.

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