• 07:59 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Propeller Cap Jester Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 3: Sky Schooner Docks

Elements required for 100% completion: UndeadEarth

Glider Tower

The game will prompt you to look at the Skylander Info page, you can just quit straight back out of it. Use the teleporter and prepare for instant battle, a Drow Spearman will immediately attack you. Take care of him and then walk across the bridge towards a Chompy Pod up on a battlement. Follow the base around to the right and you'll slope up to the top where you can attack it and where there's a key waiting for you.

Unlock the gate below and cross over to a turret next to a blocked path. Your aim here is to shoot down zeppelins. Fifteen of them in total. Along with them there are also a couple of balloons flying around dropping gems, shoot the gems to get extra treasure upon completing the turret mini-game. Once you've shot down the fifteenth zeppelin you'll be able to continue on.

Through the now destroyed blockade you'll meet a Drow Witch. These throw things at you. Kill her an follow the path over a wooden bridge to a longer wooden bridge. There's a couple more Drow Witches at the start of it, once you've killed them follow it straight along to an Undead gate.

Propeller Farm

Named so because of the many rotating blades ahead. Follow the first two around and drop down into a third blade. Down again into another this time with a bounce pad on the other side, use that to get up into another blade with a teleporter. Don't use that teleporter just yet. Instead continue forwards through the blades, the first one afterwards requires you to bounce to the right-hand side and then up to the left on the final one.

Right at the back here you'll find a key. Take it and start making your way back through the blades to that teleporter you passed. You'll end up next to a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest and the gate for that key. We're not quite done yet though, there's another bounce pad on the other side that will take you upwards to a rotating blade with four blades instead of two.

Because of the speed of the blades you may find that you need to use the bounce pads here to bounce backwards over the approaching blades, but once you make it to the other side you'll find the Present that contains your Propeller Cap Propeller Cap.

Drop down to the left and kill the Drow Witch and the Chompy Pod she's standing next to. The turret ahead first will ask you to shoot down eight zeppelins, then once they're down you'll be told to shoot down a Heavy Airship, just keep firing at it, ignore the others and it'll eventually crash.

Fortress Tower

Go through the smashed wall and down to an Air Spell Punk, these protect other enemies so you should try to get rid of them early on in larger fights. So ignore the two Drow Spearmen and go straight for the Spell Punk, once it's dead you can turn on those Spearmen.

Step back and to the left a bit and you'll find a Story Scroll Story Scroll, go to the right and there's a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Try to avoid the exploding plants though.

Back to the track go through the monster gate that you just opened and start up another fight. There's an Air Spell Punk hiding behind the barrels at the back, smash through them and kill him. Then focus on the Witches and the Spearmen. Back to the left of the enemies is a Soul Gem Soul Gem, this one unlocks Sonic Boom's "Resonant Frequency" power. If you continue down the path behind the barrels where the Spell Punk was you'll come across an Earth gate.

Kaw's Islands

Bounce up to the Chompy Pod and then up again to a platform above, timing to not knock your Skylander's head on the rocks orbiting it. Jump to the right over a load of treasure and then again upwards avoiding some more rocks. Keep following the bounce pads along inbetween the flying rocks until you reach the Present; a Jester Hat Jester Hat. Instead of stepping into the teleporter drop off the platform to the left and you'll land on a small platform beneath with a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest on it.

The teleporter here will take you back to the start of the bounce pads and allow you to get back to the level easily.

Walk along the path beyond the monster gate that opened and you'll meet Persephone. After her conversation a large airship will arrive and provide you with a way forward.

Kill the four Drow Spearmen on the bottom floor of the ship to open up the gate to a Goliath Drow. These guys are a lot tougher and require a little bit of caution, keep out of their way if they're charging but otherwise you will generally be able to interrupt their cast and get them dead quite quickly.

Up at the top of the ship is another Goliath and a pair of Witches, take down the Witches whilst avoiding the Goliath's charge. Once all three are dead the drawbridge will drop. Don't go over it yet though, instead go back to the front of the ship where another drawbridge has also gone down.

As you approach the building a door will open and reveal a teleporter, use it to get to another platform with a teleporter on. Kill the Chompy Pod and then teleport over to the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure. Drop down to the left and go to the back of the ship again.

Shoreline Tower

There's a long empty stretch of walkway to a turret to finally shoot down the airship that you're after. Just ignore the others and focus on it, you'll switch perspective and be able to finish it off. Now just collect the propeller and you're done.


It's time to unlock the ability to upgrade your Skylanders and use that cash you've been collecting. Talk to Persephone over to the left to get started. You don't actually have to upgrade if you don't want to but it certainly helps.

Once you're done with Persephone you will need to talk to Flynn again to get moving to the next level Stormy Stronghold.

#18 Valkyrie Cain 13:42:36 12/08/2015
I still can't get the enemy goal on the Wii. Can anyone help?
#17 CraftyBoyzMania 13:36:51 12/07/2015
At the end of this level, my xbox always freezes! smilie
#16 spyrogirl10 18:37:48 28/04/2013
I did not know smilie soul gem was there before I saw this site.
#15 Ignitor320 01:08:16 05/10/2012
:tg: is awesome
#14 Ramses 17:33:57 26/06/2012
By the Compy Pod, flying airships. Use the Tech Skylander Trigger Happy, use his guns or trow a locker to destrory the airship!
#13 Prismbreak56 18:19:22 22/06/2012
:flynn: is funny, he says "Hey, I like crayons"
#12 20sonic02 10:46:19 06/06/2012
Try using smilie's babies; every one killed will count as an enemy killed!
#11 Flameslinger264 21:58:07 28/04/2012
I dont like this level.

sky wb gg fs sb ww se ss dt dr sb

These are only ones that i remember
#10 mrawesome1123 11:55:04 06/04/2012
I know wher the soul gem is its next to prosfinny
#9 spyrothe111 00:55:50 05/04/2012
I Finally Got Enemy Goal In This Level!
3 Chompy Pods In The Earth Challenge. (Fall Off In 2 Differet Spots).
And Another Where The Legendary Treasure Is. smilie
#8 eggbot 17:54:08 04/04/2012
the only thing i missed this time was the stupid chest near the hat
#7 eggbot 17:33:56 04/04/2012
i totaly failed finding smilie's soul gem
#6 uh1valkyrie 13:36:10 04/03/2012
you probably missed this chompy pod: before the final zeppelin battle you must cross a ship with 2 verticle gangplanks, one at the front and rear of the boat. these dont become crossable until u defeat all the enemies onboard. however the majority of enemies are at the rear and we forget about the gangplank up front. anyway exit the boat up front and a door will open at a little tower revealing a teleporter. and there ya go. hope this helpssmilie
#5 Skyburn 17:03:53 24/01/2012
I found out that I was actually skipping one Chompy Pod in the Earth challenge. Yep, there are two of those down there.
#4 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 20:56:32 21/01/2012
See if leaving the Chompy Pods alive longer and killing more Chompies works for you.
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