• 08:53 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Spy Gear Rocket Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 12: Troll Warehouse

Elements required for 100% completion: LifeFire

Research Base Omega

To get moving you're going to have to solve a lock puzzle.

Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left

The Foundry

A brand new Trollverine enemy is up ahead, these guys carry a shield in one hand and a claw in the other. They'll run towards you and perform a swipe attack that will make them a bit dizzy for a second. This is your time to strike. Once you've killed him and the Greasemonkey assistants there's another lock puzzle directly ahead.

Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Left

Through this door is a Rocket Imp. He'll fire three rockets at you in succession and then laugh, attack while he's laughing. Follow the path along and you'll find the Story Scroll Story Scroll at the top of a ramp. There's a bunch of Greasemonkeys around the corner, they've got a Rocket Imp in with them so watch out for that. The gate behind them will open once they're all dead.

You'll now approach a minefield, you can't cross it right now thanks to all the mines (not even if you've seen the path). So ignore it and continue left up the small ramp to a Life gate.

Isolation Cells

The challenge here is to get through with enough keys, unfortunately you can't get everything in one go.

Grab the first key, go through the right-hand door and pick up two keys. Do not open the door in here. Go back to the start and use one of the keys on the left door. Pick up the key in here and then go into the lock puzzle room, open the lock puzzle:

Left, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Left, Left

And grab the two keys behind there. You should be able to open the locked door in there from this side even though the lock is on the other, grab the two keys in the tiny room before walking back to the lock puzzle room and going through the right door. There are now just two doors between you and the Present, your brand new Spy Gear Spy Gear. You should still have one key left so you'll have to choose between the Legendary Treasure and a Treasure Chest.

Here's where they are for your next go through:

Pick up the first key and go through the right-hand door. Here you'll find two keys. Use one on the only door in here to find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Go back to the start and go through the left door. Through the right door in here and now go through the middle door to get the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure.

Walk down the ramp to the left of the Life gate into an open area with a few Trolls in it, on the right side is a small piece of paper floating in the air, which is naturally the first piece of the map. Kill any remaining trolls to open up the door to the left.

The next room has a large Gun Snout it in, this is a large turret that, despite its legs, does not move. Instead it fires a series of shots at you (about 10) and then pauses, it'll then jump up and start firing again. Once you manage to kill it a Greasemonkey will emerge from the wreckage and attack you.

Another lock puzzle is blocking your way.

Right, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right

Behind the puzzle is the second piece of map and a button on the wall. This will open up a couple of large doors that will let you walk past the beginning of the level through to a large light puzzle.

First use the lever on the right once to point the prism next to it south-west. Push the prism north of that three spaces to the left. Push the block north of that prism one space to the left out of the way of the light beam. Now push the northern most block once to the left so that you can stroll all the way around and push the prism just south of it two spaces north.

In the middle of the red walkway is the third piece of map.

The next open area has a large green section in the middle, a Gun Snout at the far end and Zook's "MIRV Mortar" Soul Gem Soul Gem. Another lock puzzle awaits.

Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left

Access Catwalks

Walk up the steps and then drop down off the end, there's a load of Trolls down here as well as another Gun Snout. In the bottom right corner is a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Up the steps on the left follow the catwalk all the way around and pick up the final piece of the map. Kill the Rocket Imps and then go through the Fire gate if you can.

Lava Refuge

This is one elemental area where you actually need to stay as the element, the majority of this requires you to walk over lava. Kill the two Lava Kings and the Flame Imps they spawn. The Imps run around and hurt you as soon as they get next to you, the Lava Kings run around firing Imps out. Once you've killed them all go solve the lock puzzle on the left.

Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right

Once you've picked up the Present with the Rocket Hat Rocket Hat inside, teleport back out using the teleport back where you dropped in.

Take the teleporter at the end of the walkway and then walk past the Life gate back to the minefield.

The Minefield

Now that you have the complete map there will be a path through the mines, follow it until you reach the curve on the right side closest to the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. You can walk straight down to that chest, there's a gap in the mines there. Now just get back to the dotted line and follow it.


Nothing new to do here, upgrade if you like and then advance to the Goo Factory.

#12 MrPeach 15:50:29 02/02/2017
Sunburn is awesome. Running around with a non-stop blowtorch mows down enemies amazingly quickly. Very much enjoy playing with this toon.
#11 eyebrawler 16:23:46 26/02/2013
a scal to 1 to 10 i say about 4.3 sunburn cant fly but he has a fire dash so ya i think he flys but cant fly very long and his soul gem says flight of the pheniox but its just extra damage 4 fire dash
#10 Spyronet 09:02:22 12/08/2012
Sunburn is a skylander's very good because he can fly and teletransported to other zones
#9 prism dude 19:43:39 22/07/2012
I got suburn and opened the gatesmilie also how rare is sunburn on a scale from one to ten?
#8 MaleforSxC 08:48:24 31/05/2012
On Console there is!
#7 voodood90 15:02:35 06/05/2012
there are no lava kings in fire gate on wii
#6 Flameslinger264 21:44:57 28/04/2012
I usually use this level for leveling up my skylanders.
#5 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 22:11:55 31/03/2012
I just checked a Youtube video it looks like the Wii version has that puzzle and the previous one switched round.
#4 miniquiny999 15:53:10 31/03/2012
Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left
I tried this after smilie's soul gem on the lock puzzle and it doesn't even hit one of the lock thingies. smilie smilie
#3 darcslinger 15:31:41 20/03/2012
I was able to get the treasure chest the legendary treasure and the hat in one go, on the life section
#2 Stealth Elf 32 21:41:44 14/03/2012
i thought you met lava king on molekin mine
#1 flameslinger 14:58:59 02/01/2012

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