• 05:07 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Plunger Head
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 5: Oilspill Island

Elements required for 100% completion: Fire

Tadpole Island

Almost as soon as you begin you can find the Story Scroll Story Scroll, it's behind the building on your left.

Access Platform Alpha

Walk along the pier towards the first enemy of the level; a Troll Greasemonkey. This guy will raise his ratchet above his head and smash it down to the ground, stunning himself for a second if he misses. Just walk around him attacking.

Now for a new type of puzzle, a block puzzle but with beams of light attached. This one's simple enough, just push the prism forward into the beam of purple light, it'll redirect the light into the receptacle on the wall and open the gate.

Sludge Marsh

If you've got a Skylander that can go over water you can backtrack a little, go down a ramp to the right and onto Sludge Marsh, here you'll find Wham-Shell's "Carapace Plating" Soul Gem Soul Gem. Go forwards and up the ramp to the next area. If you didn't have one you'll just smash through a fence to get to the same area.

Access Platform Beta

The Tech Spell Punk has a long range attack, it'll beep to warn you that it's locking on and give you a visual on the floor of the location of the attack, how nice of it to do so. A pair of Greasemonkey's will approach as well, once you've killed all three head up the ramp to the right. On your left now is a bounce pad that'll jump you to a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Jump back down once you've got it.

Around the next corner is another new enemy type, this one's got a gun and is called a Blaster Troll. They stand still and charge up their weapon, you can easily move out of the way as it fires. The blast is medium range spread out in front of the troll so don't be too concerned with them if they're on the other side of a an area while you're fighting.

Drill Platform Delta

This next light puzzle has added the second element; a switch. Pulling the lever will rotate the beam of light 45 degrees, do this just once (if you accidentally go too far, just keep rotating it until it points north-east again). To finish it off push the moveable prism forwards twice into the light beam and redirect to the receptacle on the left next to the exit ramp.

Pick up the key floating about here and free the first of the Gillmen who's further left next to a light switch. Ignore the light beam for now and smash through the fence to the left of it. If you walk up onto the wooden path you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest at the far end of it.

Sludge Marsh

Drop down off it and enter the swamp again, if you hang left you should find the level's second Soul Gem Soul Gem, this one's for Boomer and his "Troll Bomb Boot" power. Now back to that light beam.

Pull the switch three times to make the beam face south-east, the push the prism south once and west once. As you approach the opened gate you'll be shown a Troll Grenadier high up out of reach, he can still attack you though as he's got a long range with his grenades. They don't explode on impact but they do explode quite quickly, you should be able to walk out of range of the explosion (provided you don't push the grenade along with you).

Kill the three Greasemonkeys that walk towards you and enter the area to your right. On the far side is a trio of Grenadiers who'll throw their grenades at you, they won't even move other than to rotate to throw at you. Just kill them and pick up the key to free the Gillman in the cage here. That's two out of five. The light puzzle here just requires you to pull the switch four times while avoiding the high up Grenadier's grenades.

Go through the newly opened gate and up the ramp on the left towards a key on the ground. There's three more Greasemonkeys that will saunter down the ramp towards you, kill them and get that key. While you're here rotate the light beam so that it points north-west and hits another prism in the distance.

If you've got a Fire Skylander go left at the ramp, otherwise wander back down and free the Gillman at the edge of the water.

The Refinery

Drop down into the flames and you'll be transported across the level to an empty looking platform. There are three pipes at the edge, only two are open though. Walk into the left pipe. Next the left pipe again. Here you'll find the Plunger Head "Plunger Head" Hat. After that step into the middle of the three pipes, and again a left pipe.

This paragraph is for the PS3/360/PC version, if you are playing on the Wii skip to the next one. At the area with a bounce pad head into the right pipe of the two next to each other. This next spot has only one exit, it also has a switch in the corner, pull it and then go down that single exit back to the bounce platform. Go into the left pipe and then from there the right which should take you back to the start and the three pipes.

And this paragraph is for those of you playing the Wii version, skip it for the other versions. At the bounce pad take the left pipe and then the middle of the three pipes from where you end up. This will take you to a switch that opens up the central pipe back near the start of the area. Go through the middle pipe and then the right pipe to get back to the start three pipes.

Enter the middle pipe that you just opened to exit this madness and grab the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure. Just that last pipe now.

Walk back down the slope and open up the cage at the edge of the water. If you like you can use the light beam here to destroy the entire platform of Trolls, just rotate it a few times. Get up onto the platform and step into the teleporter. There's a key on the left, blow up the explosive barrels to get to it, watch out for the Tech Spell Punk above you. Free the fourth Gillman and teleport out.

You'll be shown a Mark 31 Troll Tank, this is a strong enemy that has a weak spot. Simply run around it and hit the explosive barrel on its back a few times. Kill the two Blaster Trolls first and then approach the Tank. Once defeated a Greasemonkey will drop out of it, kill him and free the last of the trapped Gillmen.

Exhaust Vent Zeta

One final challenge now, walk along the path towards the bomb and instead of going towards the exhaust vent that you were shown, go right down a slope, kill the Tech Spell Punk and open up the last of the Treasure Chest Treasure Chests. Go back up the ramp and grab a bomb, run as fast as your Skylander can move along the path to the Exhaust Vent and throw the bomb as indicated. You just need to get it near it, you don't actually need to get it right into the vent itself.


Pick up the Oil Can from in front of the Oil Donkey and head up the steps to the Far Viewer. Oil it using the usual method of opening locks. Once that's done you can go back to the beach to talk to Gurglefin and head to Dark Water Cove.

#19 LilJJ1021 06:03:42 08/08/2012
oh and sorry for not commenting back was away from computer let younger sibling on mine to look around but it was a wii and i do feel bad for not answering right away.
#18 LilJJ1021 06:00:15 08/08/2012
hmmm would have thought them to be the same because everything else was but thank you for updating it this site is a big help smilie
#17 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 15:31:41 04/08/2012
Seems like the Fire Gate area is slightly different on the Wii version, I've added a path through for that.
#16 LilJJ1021 04:06:00 19/07/2012
@Master Skylanders the skylander i know that can go on water is smilie the smilie 's smilie smilie smilie smilie i think smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie and smilie these are either water attributes can float or go across smilie smilie or hav the fly ability like smilie gained even though no wings
#15 LilJJ1021 03:02:49 19/07/2012
@dark52 this guide is very very helpfull without it i wouldn't hav all the items in each world but the element gate instructions were off cause i did follow them exactly but it was slightly off it lead me the wrong way at one point after the bounce pad to find the switch i may hav messed up but it was right
#14 GigaCamo 11:46:35 23/06/2012
I first when i played it I got smilie soul gem but i didn't but months later I got it
#13 GigaCamo 23:27:04 22/06/2012
Equator, your epic because gurglefin is and so is smilie
#12 rockpile27 19:15:06 12/04/2012
I was able to get the * All Enemies check without an adventure piece. It turns out that Gill Grunt can shoot the enemies on that one platform in the Fire elemental area.

I used both the (upgraded) triple gun and the (upgraded) anchor gun and was able to shoot those enemies.

You cannot be up against the rail and you cannot be two steps away, but if you inch your way toward the rail you'll find the sweet spot. At that point you can successfully fire your weapon so that the hooks/anchors get through and across the water to the other platform.
#11 eggbot 19:24:47 04/04/2012
wait i did not kill all the enimis infact i hardly killed any of them and i got 3 stars
#10 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 15:25:46 20/03/2012
It's not quite a simple as just a Water Skylander, there are plenty of others that can cross water, but you're right that I should probably flag up which levels require a water crossing ability.
#9 Master Skylands 19:04:18 17/03/2012
Dark you forgot you need a water skylanders to go in water to find the soul gems
#8 Dragon15010 03:28:39 09/03/2012
For some reason, I can't find wham-shells.
#7 uttster13 17:45:11 04/02/2012
Just beat the game today and the darklight crypt
#6 Mildor 20:41:04 03/02/2012
SPOLIER ALERT - When trying to get the "All Enemies" check, there are two things I did to successfully complete it, besides killing all of the enemies I came across during the normal course of gameplay.

The first one happened past the Fire elemental gate in all the pipes and platforms. There is a platform that shows three enemies that I could not figure out how to get to. There is a second platform that is close to the mystery platform that shows the three enemies on the right of the screen. On that screen, place an Adventure Pack peice on the portal (I used the Ice Mountain from "Empre of Ice.") Be sure to use the item itself, not the character or the two smaller magic items. Doing so will result in icicles falling from the sky on top of the three enemies on the mystery platform, destroying them.

Second, after you have rescued all five Gurlgefins, be sure to destroy all of the enemies in the center pit before throwing the bomb in the hole. They come in 3-4 waves. You can either throw the bomb in the pit, or use Eruptor to bounce his fireballs over the rail.

After doing these two additional tasks, I finally got the "Enemy Goal" check, and the last gold star!
#5 Equator 23:10:59 13/01/2012
'fraid i can't say much to that apart from "kill all the enemies!". but if you're having trouble then go back when you've nearly finished and look for any other enemies you've missed. check every nook and cranny until you get that 3rd star!
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