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9:10 PM - Thursday the 18th of February 2021 - by dark52
Following his tease in last week's Episode Dungeon, Flameslinger is now available to own in Skylanders Ring of Heroes.

[User Posted Image]

As usual since he's a Legendary he's only available to get through his special "Pickup Summon" event and for the time being is not available through the regular random summons. But thanks to some unscheduled maintenance today you get 30 free tries to get him.
10:49 PM - Thursday the 21st of January 2021 - by dark52
Today's update for Skylanders: Ring of Heroes added two new Skylanders: Smash Hit from SuperChargers and Scratch from Swap Force.

[User Posted Image]

Smash Hit is presented as a Legendary Skylander who specialises in Area of Effect attacks and Scratch is a Heroic Skylander who attacks multiple times.

As a new Legendary Skylander you will initially only be able to get Smash Hit from his special event summons but Scratch is immediately available through all the different summon types.
10:10 AM - Wednesday the 23rd of December 2020 - by dark52
Just in time for Christmas, Skylanders: Ring of Heroes has released an update today that adds a couple of "new" Skylanders, Mysticat and Chopscotch, and the fourth Portal Master, Ryeo. And there's also a new Christmas themed wheel spinning event running for the new two weeks.

[User Posted Image]

Mysticat and Chopscotch were in the game prior to the revamp and oddly missing at the relaunch but they're back now and ready to join your squad with their newly revamped abilities. Mysticat is only available to summon from the special Magic Sphinx Cat event summoning but you should be able to randomly summon Chopscotch from any of the summons.

Portal Master Ryeo is unlocked at Academy Level 15 and has the ability to increase your Skylanders' attack power. You can read the full notes over on Hive.
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