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2:54 PM - Wednesday the 9th of June 2021 - by dark52
Season 3, "Battle of the Dragons", of the Crash Bandicoot mobile game Crash On the Run! is about to begin with some new bosses from the Spyro universe: Dark Spyro and Gnasty Gnorc. You'll apparently also be able to get your hands on new Spyro themed costumes for Crash and Coco.

[User Posted Image]

Spyro is trapped in our realm and it's up to us to help him return to his dimension. Unlock special rewards, new skins and gain access to exclusive challenges and runs.

And in other mobile game news, Skylanders Ring of Heroes will update later on today to bring back Shadow King Pen, welcome a new Portal Master called Adriana, and add a new "Relations System".
8:45 PM - Thursday the 29th of April 2021 - by dark52
Today's update to the mobile game Skylanders Ring of Heroes brought with it the Swap Force character Free Ranger as a legendary rarity, attack type Skylander and a new Guild Battle feature to give guilds something to do together.

[User Posted Image]

Guild Battles see you placing teams of Skylanders to defend your guild's base from another guild's attacks while you also attack their teams in an attempt to destroy their base. For the full complicated details check out the guide that was posted.

Guild Battles are in beta at the moment so the results won't actually affect the rewards your guild gets until June.

Free Ranger is at the moment available exclusively through his Pickup Summon event "Great Storm Tracker". Each summon attempt costs either 1 Pickup Summon Ticket or 120 Gems. If you manage to make 120 unsuccessful summon attempts you get a guaranteed summon ticket for him. He is not available through any of the other summon types.

Other changes to the game include various buffs for existing Skylanders, a new elemental ore power up system for level 80 Skylanders, changes to the AI for auto battling, a way to downgrade and extract skill stones from upgraded skills, and various other improvements and fixes. See them all in the patch notes.
9:10 PM - Thursday the 18th of February 2021 - by dark52
Following his tease in last week's Episode Dungeon, Flameslinger is now available to own in Skylanders Ring of Heroes.

[User Posted Image]

As usual since he's a Legendary he's only available to get through his special "Pickup Summon" event and for the time being is not available through the regular random summons. But thanks to some unscheduled maintenance today you get 30 free tries to get him.
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