Brighthold Battlements

0 To Open

LevelHat 1Hat 2Scroll 1Scroll 2Elements
Towersight Fields Propeller Cap Propeller Cap Birthday Hat Birthday Hat Scroll Ignitor MagicFire
The Proving Grounds Trojan Helmet Trojan Helmet Scroll Legendary Trigger Happy Life
Flooded Viaducts Coonskin Cap Coonskin Cap Rocket Hat Rocket Hat Scroll Cynder WaterLife
Radiant Fountain Pan Hat Pan Hat Scroll Legendary Bash Earth
Dreamgardens Combat Hat Combat Hat Scroll Bash Scroll Camo AirMagic

Rivenrock Caverns

5 To Open

LevelHat 1Hat 2Scroll 1Scroll 2Elements
Ashburrow Anvil Hat Anvil Hat Scroll Eruptor Scroll Stealth Elf EarthFire
Magma Bank Island Plunger Head Plunger Head Scroll Dino-Rang Fire
Cinderstream Pass Beret Beret Cowboy Hat Cowboy Hat Scroll Legendary Spyro UndeadTech
Luminous Quarry Crown of Light Crown of Light Scroll Sonic Boom Tech
Lava Flow Grotto Miner Hat Miner Hat Fez Fez Scroll Dark Spyro LifeEarth

Whitefall Summits

15 To Open

LevelHat 1Hat 2Scroll 1Scroll 2Elements
Snowblind Hills Rocker Hair Rocker Hair Eye Hat Eye Hat Scroll Hex WaterAir
Frostsedge Lil Devil Lil Devil Scroll Prism Break Undead
Glacial Slopes Viking Helmet Viking Helmet Scroll Gill Grunt Scroll Flameslinger TechMagic
Icelight Spy Gear Spy Gear Scroll Zap Air
Aurora Peak Tropical Turban Tropical Turban Scroll Wrecking Ball Scroll Zook UndeadFire

Faylair Jungle

25 To Open

LevelHat 1Hat 2Scroll 1Scroll 2Elements
Leaflook Village Wabbit Ears Wabbit Ears Jester Hat Jester Hat Scroll Whirlwind LifeEarth
Breakmarsh Scroll Voodood Scroll Lightning Rod Water
Daystar Temple Bone Head Bone Head Unicorn Hat Unicorn Hat Scroll Drobot UndeadMagic
Treetop Circle Wizard Hat Wizard Hat Scroll Spyro Magic
Waterwalk Way Tiki Hat Tiki Hat Scroll Warnado Scroll Legendary Chop Chop WaterTech

Galecrack Ruins

35 To Open

LevelHat 1Hat 2Scroll 1Scroll 2Elements
Sunblight Wood Napoleon Hat Napoleon Hat Spiked Hat Spiked Hat Scroll Drill Sergeant LifeEarth
Thundersquall Fancy Hat Fancy Hat Scroll Chop Chop Life
Whipwind Mountains Moose Hat Moose Hat Scroll Wham-Shell Scroll Boomer MagicAir
Stormseye Top Hat Top Hat Scroll Stump Smash Undead
Galecrack Castle General's Hat General's Hat Scroll Double Trouble Scroll Trigger Happy FireUndead

Adventure Packs

Pirate Seas
Windjammer Bay Pirate Hat Pirate Hat Scroll Terrafin EarthTech
Pontoon Point Pirate Doo Rag Pirate Doo Rag Earth
Empire of Ice
Winterwatch Keep Santa Hat Santa Hat Scroll Slam Bam WaterAir
Coldburn Cossack Hat Cossack Hat Water
Darklight Crypt
Wighthaunt Pumpkin Hat Pumpkin Hat Scroll Ghost Roaster UndeadMagic
The Spectery Chef Hat Chef Hat Undead
Dragon's Peak
The Wingwarrens Royal Crown Royal Crown Scroll Sunburn
The Pit Winged Hat Winged Hat

#5 centaurion 20:10:35 16/03/2012
Great walkthrough, But no 'Balloon hat, I think someone's sneaked in with a pin so you can have mine.
Posted Image: http://img853.imageshack.us/img853/6775/bubhat.png
#4 Stealth Elf 32 00:06:42 01/03/2012
these # of what (35 what forgalecrack ruins)
#3 TheSpyrofan12 18:31:00 24/02/2012
same here.
#2 zook it up 00:44:00 24/02/2012
yay i finally have a chance of actually beating the 3ds version
#1 TheSpyrofan12 18:10:50 23/02/2012
Wow! not a single level without a scroll! (except the second level in Adventure packs)

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