• 05:08 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Beret
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 15: Crawling Catacombs

Elements required for 100% completion: Undead

Pit of Webs

Smash through the brick wall and you'll encounter the first of many spider enemies, a Spider Swarmer. These guys simply run up to you, glow red for a second and then explode. Just step away once they turn red and you'll be fine. That's not to say you can't attack them, they squish easily.

Smash through another brick wall, this time to the left, and then straight through a wooden fence.

Alchemy Lab

And behind that fence you'll find the Story Scroll Story Scroll.

Step back out and go down the steps to the left, you'll be attacked by a large swarm of those spiders. Once they've all exploded go south and pick up a bomb, take it a short distance north to a wall on the left with a bomb icon under it. Behind that wall is a Spider Spitter. These are just like the Chompy Pods and will continue to eternally spawn Spider Swarmers until it is destroyed.

Destroy them all and then bounce up a couple of times to a key. Drop off and continue north and then east to a door with three locks on it. You've got one key already, just two more to go. You'll also be shown the Fat Belly Spider. These attack by running up to you and emptying their sack of goo into a puddle around them. Then then suck it all back in again, run towards you and goo all over the floor again. Obviously the damage comes from standing in the goo, just avoid doing that and you'll be fine.

To the south of the door you'll find a bounce pad, this will take you up to a bomb. Throw it at the destroyable wall on the right and then pick up another bomb. Jump down and throw it over the edge to the blockage next to the second key. Continue down the steps and you'll be right next to another one of those thieves with the third key. If you're having trouble catching him go back and get a bomb to throw across the rectangle he runs around.

Once he's dead (and all the Fat Belly Spiders) the monster gate will open and allow you to pick up Spyro's Soul Gem Soul Gem, "Earth Pound". You can't get through either of the other two gates from here so go back up and open the triple locked door.

As you go down the steps the screen will darken and suddenly a trio of Spider Spitters will appear, destroy them all!

Chamber of Eyes

First things first, stand in the middle and grab a bomb. Stay there and throw it at the north wall, then throw a bomb north-east at a second switch, then directly south, and finally to the west past some spikes. If you do this quickly enough the gate north-west will open and allow you to pick up the Present and claim your new Beret Beret.

Smash through the wooden fence and go north through a large pile of bones, yet more Spider Spitters will appear for you to kill. At the top of the steps the darkness will recede, walk past the spikes and down the other side to greet a Moon Widow. These enemies run around leaving a white trail behind them, step in that trail and you'll be stuck in their web. Shake out of it to get free. They're fairly resilient but don't themselves do any damage.

Pick up the bomb in the middle and throw it over the barriers to each eye switch to the left and right of the gate. Take another bomb and head up the steps, throw it at the wall just after the spikes, behind there is a block puzzle.

Move the nearest one on the left forward once. Then run to the far end and push the left one there down once. Return to the start and pick up the bomb, walk along the blocks to the other end and throw it at the breakable wall back there. Behind it is a teleporter, this will whisk you away to the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure you may have noticed back near the triple locked door. Teleport and then bounce back out to the main path.

Continuing right past another set of spikes you'll descend into a room with a series of moving spiked implements, these are easy to avoid if you're paying attention. In the north corner you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Go south through the spikes, destroy a couple of Spider Spitters to either side, and you'll meet a Gargantula. This massive spider's attack is by firing out some webbing at you and pulling you in, if you don't shake out of it before she pulls you in close you'll have significant damage done to your Skylander. Being close when she does that means the time given to escape is tiny. In this particular case you can use the nearby bomb for help.

Grab the key that the Gargantula drops and open up the door, then go back and pick up a bomb to destroy the wall just beyond it. You'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest there, again the other thing you may have spotted near the triple locked door.

Continue on the main path northwards, down into the dark again.

The Skittering Dark

Smash through the wooden fence and you'll find yourself in a small area with a bunch of Spider Spitters along with one of those Moon Widows to annoy you. Once you've destroyed them all go right, you'll approach a gate with a light behind it, you can't get there right at this moment.

Continue north to a fork in the track, head down the right path and clear the area of enemies, including a large Gargantula by a bombable wall. Go left and down and you should end up in a small room with some more Spider Spitters and a bomb. Pick up the bomb and throw it at that wall you just cleared out. There's a key behind it. Grab another bomb and then go back to the fork in the track, take the right path and go through the skulls to a wall you can blow up, there's a second key in the room that doesn't need the bomb but there's a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest behind that wall.

Take those keys back through to the door directly north of the little room where you just picked up those bombs.

Widow's Court

You'll be back in the light again but in a large room that is just about to fill with enemies. First take care of the Fat Belly Spiders that attack you, then push through the exploding Spider Swarmers to destroy more Spitters, careful not to get trapped in the Moon Widows' webs too often. As you advance towards the north end of the room you'll attract the attention of the two Gargantulas sitting there, just avoid the webs they fire out and you should be fine.

Once all are dead the monster gate will open and allow you access to the Skull Mask.


Once again there's nothing new to do here, upgrade if you want or head straight into the Cadaverous Crypt.

#16 StormDragon21 19:10:31 13/09/2014
Why does everyone hate Gargantuas?
#15 lolwhut 15:23:31 11/05/2013
@mega spyro One thing about Gargantulas, mega spyro, is that THEY ARE LIKE TWICE YOUR SIZE ALREADY

Second thing: their faces are UGLY AS BUTTS

Then they catch you in their webs, slowly dragging you closer and closer as you frantically shake about until you are close enough to smack. AND IT HURTS A LOT

First time I tried playing this level, it was dark at night. I already thought that the Ruins looked scary enough, and throughout the entire level I was scared, then I came across the Gargantula and I was like ASDFGHJKL and then I stopped playing for the night.

I had to go and invite over a friend just to get through this level (although I must say, he did much worse than I did).
#14 mega spyro 03:25:40 19/11/2012
why is every one so scared of the Garganchulas? When I do ANYTHING with a garganchula my brother runs up stairs!
#13 klocrazy 20:25:34 29/08/2012
i hate spiders... best way to beat gargantuan is get in behind them then they cant get you with the web
#12 prism dude 22:41:49 07/08/2012
I hate this level!!!!!! smilie
#11 Skyhunter 03:42:17 04/07/2012
Sometimes I will get trapped in the room where the Beret is located. I've had this happen twice already!
#10 azz01 12:37:05 07/05/2012
I hate this level so much because of the fat belly spiders and the big ones
#9 shinybenny7 07:59:38 05/05/2012
Is there a cheat code to skip this level cuz I have arachnophobia? ):
#8 chopchop3 01:50:38 05/05/2012
gargantula is hard and funto beat
#7 Stealth Elf 32 00:24:05 28/04/2012
@ Mr-McChicken_22

Fire will light up the room
#6 MaleforSxC 17:54:04 23/04/2012
I hate the Gargantulas. Especially when the webs come out of nowhere and start pulling me in and the other creatures start attacking me. It was especially annoying when I didn't know how to get out of the web!
#5 Darkspyro12 01:53:28 12/02/2012
Yeah that Gargantula was pretty nasty and kinda scary.
#4 Mr-McChicken22 19:28:19 05/02/2012
I hate how it turns Dark.
#3 azz01 20:39:46 04/02/2012
i taught it was so scary when i first played the leval
#2 CYNDERROXS 02:33:18 17/01/2012
Ya i thought gargantula was pretty nasty looking to me! YUCK!
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