• 03:51 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Cowboy Hat Birthday Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 2: Perilous Pastures

Elements required for 100% completion: TechLifeWater

Sunflower Ridge

Eon will introduce you to the concept of specialised areas. These will be clearly indicated in the top left corner throughout and Eon will mention it every single time you change area. What this all means is that the Skylanders of the matching element will do extra damage, the exact number of extra damage is a match to their Elemental Power stat. You don't have to pay any attention to this though, you'll do just fine with any Skylander you like.

Up ahead you'll find a key floating about in the middle of the path, there's also a tech gate on the right.

Bleating Highlands

Step into the bounce pad at the end of the bridge and then again up to the main event. You'll be introduced to a few Chompy Pods and some Drow Spearmen. The Chompy Pods will spawn Chompy after Chompy until you destroy them and the Drow Spearmen will attempt to hit you with their spears. Kill them all and then move down to the left where you should see a couple of bounce pads, drop down to them and move towards the screen.

You should see a line of coins going down, follow them down to another large area with a Chompy Pod in it. Kill that pod and use the bounce pad to jump up to the right where there's another Chompy Pod and another bounce pad. Go up again and then once more and you'll reach a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. From here you just use the pad to get back to the spot with two bounce pads. Use the left one to jump up to the location of the Present and its Cowboy Hat Cowboy Hat contents.

Follow the coins down on the left and you'll bump straight into Stump Smash's "Waterlogged" Soul Gem Soul Gem.

Now pick up the key if you didn't before and unlock that gate. There's an incredibly simple turtle puzzle here, just push them both back two spaces and then use them as a bridge. Follow the path along and take the key, you'll spot another Drow Spearman at the gate all by himself. Once he's dead open that gate.

Fairy Ring

Destroy the Chompy Pod in the middle of the area to stop the Chompy spawning and then grab the Story Scroll Story Scroll over to the right. Go to the left side of the location and you'll see a turtle sitting in a wall. Push it through so that you can go around it, but then push it back into place so that you can use it as a bridge. This will cause a pair of Drow Spearmen to appear.

Once you've gotten rid of them simply walk up the steps on the right and cross over the turtle to get the key. Drop back down into the main area and open up the gate at the top end.

Now comes a choice, do you skip half the level and get the Legendary Treasure or do you complete the rest of the level and come back later for that Legendary Treasure? The choice is made simple if you don't actually have a Life Skylander.

Landing Deck

If however you do and you want to get it now then switch to that Life Skylander and approach the edge of the land to the left of the thatched house. This will cause a bridge to form which will let you walk over to an island ahead. From there just drop down off the side and collect the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure. Step on the round button to open the gate and you'll now be right at the end of the level. Just use the turret to smash the locks and you're away.

For those taking the normal path simply follow it around to the right, smash through a couple of barriers and, next to a turtle on the side of a cliff, you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Shake it open and then push the turtle off the side. Follow it down and head towards that water gate you can see.

Ancient Stones

Here we find a more challenging block puzzle. Push the middle one onto the teleporter and then push both sides out once. Next push both the blocks to the sides of the teleporter down and finally push the block off the teleporter to the left.

You'll now be in the middle of the next part of the puzzle. Push the block to the right and then the block above that to the right too. Walk through the gap to collect a bit of money and then push the one ahead up. Push the one on your left down and then the one to the left of it now down too. Move into the gap and push the end one to the left and then the one at the end of the new gap forwards. Now finally push the one next to the teleporter up and out of the way.

Not done just yet though. Push the previous two blocks back into position and then use the teleporter. Up here you'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest (as well as a Scarecrow with lots of crows). Now, drop down to the left onto the blocks next to the teleporter you just used. Walk along the diagonal blocks all the way to the teleporter nearer the start up on the blocks. This one will take you to the Birthday Hat "Birthday Hat" Present.

The teleporter at the Present will take you back to the scarecrow, just drop down anywhere and go back through the whirlpool to the level.

Push the turtle along its path and down into the gap, now just wander along and drop off the little ledge into the final area.

Landing Dock

There's a trio of Drow Spearmen up ahead, kill them and two two Chompy Pods before jumping into the turret. Simply shoot each of the four padlocks to finish this up.


Before we can get going to the next level we've got to take care of some brambles in the south. Use your attacks to clear every last piece so that the others can work out where we're off to next.

This also marks the point where you are able to take part in the Heroic Challenges to boost your Skylander's stats. Each Skylander you add to your collection adds a new Heroic Challenge. Note that if you have two different versions of a character (like Spyro and Dark Spyro) you only get given one challenge for them - so that makes 32 Heroic Challenges in total.

Talk to Flynn to get going to Sky Schooner Docks.

#15 mark879 17:55:29 19/12/2013
The first two chapters are short, I hope they get longer as you progress or the game will get boringly easy (though I don't really have Spyro's Adventure, so I don't actually know if the chapter's this short or not)
#14 eyebrawler 13:03:03 08/07/2013
check out youtube and write how to get the legendary treasure on chapter 2
#13 campka 22:35:26 27/03/2013
Me and my sister can not figure out how to get the legendary treasure could someone please tell me how you get it??? Thank smilie
#12 J03y oI2 23:48:58 10/01/2013
On this lvl at the end where you have to jump into the cannon and shoot the locks if you dont kill any enemies and go straight into the cannon all the enemies die and if you're on single player you get ALLOT of EXP!! smilie
#11 sp69t 07:35:48 01/01/2013
How do i open/build the bridge to get the to the legendary treasure in this levl
#10 voodood90 12:43:17 24/06/2012
I had no idea how to get the legendary treasure. Thanks Dark52!
#9 20sonic02 11:00:20 06/06/2012
This + Stonetown is what I imagined all of skylands to look like!
#8 ITSOVER9000 15:45:04 03/06/2012
there isn't a life gate. It's just a bridge that forms.
#7 wanderist 03:20:31 03/06/2012
I didn't even know there was a life gate in this level. No wonder I could never find a way to get to the legendary treasure.
#6 Stealth Elf 32 13:35:55 28/04/2012
I was showing my brother how to get the treasure cuz we already did, and he didnt see it, but I used Zook, and I acidentalliy made a bridge smilie
#5 imwatchingyou 22:13:25 13/04/2012
You should do the lair of kaos level if you want loot. There is an easy 800 coins within the first 30 secs. Also this level levels you up faster than you can say lollipop-double-rainbow-times-2 70 times smilie
#4 Cookie1414 13:11:46 12/02/2012
#3 Sup 15:53:14 04/02/2012
I was trying to go through the level with my Stump Smash (for some reason this level gives me the most loot) and I went down the path leading to the legendary treasure.
#2 cynder227 19:55:21 25/01/2012
i used one of my friends stump smash to open the bridge
#1 bionicle2809 19:13:55 28/10/2011
Thanks for the guide on the legendary treasure, never really considered that there would be a way to get it by skipping half of the level.

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