• 05:53 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Crown of Light Bone Head
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 16: Cadaverous Crypt

Elements required for 100% completion: TechEarth

The Catacombs

Over the other side of the room is a tiny red monster called a Rhu-Baby, these little guys run up to you and prepare to attack with their pincers, if you get hit, aside from getting injured slightly, you're knocked backwards a fair distance.

Fire the cannon so that it hits the wall on the right, through there you'll find a Soul Gem Soul Gem for Hex, her "Skull Shield" ability. Go back and use the lever to rotate the cannon so that it's pointing to the left, then fire the cannon. Aside from a load of Spider Spitters you'll also find the Story Scroll Story Scroll inside this small room.

Rotate the cannon again so that it now faces north, this will open the path to the rest of the level and introduce you to the Rotting Robbie enemy, if you have a Fire Skylander you will be able to attack these directly, otherwise you can either lure them in front of a cannon or push one of those candles into them. The candles are quite formidable and can also be used to kill many other enemies.

You'll also shortly meet Bone 'n' Arrow, skeleton archers. These simply stand in place and fire arrows at you. They'll fire three arrows at the same place before retargeting you and firing again. Simply let them focus on you and then move out of the way, they'll be incredibly easy to attack while they're busy firing at that empty space. As you get near to the three out in the open a load more will pop out of the coffins lining the sides of the corridor.

At the end of the corridor you'll see an empty circle with a lever, ignore for now. Go right to a block puzzle. Simple as always, push the bottom one to the right twice. Push the top one to the right once, the middle right up, then the left to the right twice. Now cross over the gap and push the top of the two new blocks to the left, the other one down. Push that one back to the right and then down three times.

The Evershifting Hall

The Undead Spell Punk will make its first appearance. These things increase the tiny little Rhu-Babies into Rhu-Barbs, massive versions that are a lot tougher to kill. Of course you can just kill the Undead Spell Punk first and make them return to normal size. If you follow it down the path to the right a whole new load of Rhu-Babies will rush out of the coffins, so it's in your interests to kill that Punk.

Go down the steps and into another area with Rhu-Barbs, to get to the Undead Spell Punk you just need to smash through the brick wall on the left. There also happens to be a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest in the room with the Spell Punk, and if you go to the south section where there's a load of Bone 'n' Arrows you can find Trigger Happy's Soul Gem Soul Gem "Infinite Hellfire".

Once you've killed all of the enemies here the monster gate will open allowing you down to a cannon. Push it to the bottom of the track where there's a turntable, meanwhile a couple of those zombies will approach, either fire at them with the cannon or get them near to the candle in the wall at the top. Once the cannon's in position rotate it so that it's facing the opposite direction, then push it all the way back up. Fire it at the wall and you'll find a Tech gate.

Maze of Skulls

An unusual challenge now, it seems more like a Heroic Challenge than anything done previously. You have 1:20 to find ten elemental skulls, luckily that's fairly easy. Standing in your way are a few of those skeleton archers and a couple of spike traps. All together not much of a maze. And despite needing only ten there actually are twelve of the skulls lying around so you don't even need to scour the area.

If somehow you fail to get the 10 in the 1:20 given you just get thrown out and can simply walk back in to try again, and this time the enemies you've killed are still dead.

Once you do manage it you'll automatically teleport out and be given a Present with a Crown of Light Crown of Light inside.

Just south of the Tech gate is a stone button you need to stand on. Walk back up the steps to the doors that just opened, going right at the top you'll be attacked by a new wave of archers coming out of their coffins. Once they're all dead the door will open. Smash through a brick wall to get to an Earth gate.

The Dark Retreat

Escape the Maze! Your challenge here is to find the exit of the dark maze. Go forwards and you'll be attacked by a little Rhu-Baby, continue straight and then left as you reach the end. There's more red enemies here, if you go north past a spike trap you'll be able to kill one of the many Undead Spell Punks helping them.

Go down to the left and then up through a brick wall, go up through another brick wall and then right. You'll reach the teleporter. You'll find a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest and a Present with a Bone Head Bone Head inside.

Go up the steps to the north and you'll find along corridor with a cannon on tracks. Push it along forwards until it's inline with the first wall on the left. Inside that room you'll find a few Spider Spitters, and once you've cleared them out a lever. Pull it to rotate the turntable to allow you to continue pushing the cannon. There's no need to rotate the cannon itself, just push it forwards again and fire at the next wall.

Just a lever in this room, pull it and then push the cannon right to the end where you'll want to destroy the last wall. This will cause a whole load of doors to open up. Go on through the wall you smashed and north to a teleporter next to a couple of stone coffins. This will teleport you up onto the wall where you can find the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure.

Drop back off it and continue left down the steps, then north at the crossroads. A few enemies will pop out of the coffins here again, kill them to open the door ahead. Beyond that door will be a trio of archers, and beyond them a small room with three more archers and a key. After killing them the door will open.

We're back near the start of the level again, you might not quite recognise it thanks to the rotated camera. Anyway, straight ahead is the locked door for that key. Go through to find a room with a crossed set of tracks with a turntable in the middle. Kill off all the enemies in here and then push the cannon from the left to the turntable. Fire it at the wall to the north for a few gems and then rotate it so it's facing south. Push it back to where it was originally and fire it at the wall south of there to find the last of the Treasure Chest Treasure Chests.

Push the cannon back onto the turntable and rotate it so that it's facing the wall to the right, destroy that wall. The cannon in the next room simply needs firing and then pushing along onto the turntable you'll have passed by much earlier in the level. You'll need to rotate it first to get in on there, then rotate it again so that the cannon faces the wooden bridge to the north. Fire!

The Shrine of the Unliving

Cross over that bridge and get rid of the zombies, either by going back to the cannon or using the candle that's just past them. In the next room you'll suddenly be trapped. Enemies will spawn in and start attacking, after a few are dead the north door will open and allow you to kill the Undead Spell Punk behind there. Return to the central area once you've killed it.

More enemies will spawn in, stronger ones. After them the gate to the left will open and allow you access to the Skeleton Key.


That's right, nothing. Creepy Citadel it is.

#13 GillGrunt4Ever 20:28:19 11/07/2015
Sorry I forgot about the Scavenger Hunt.
A few more locations will be here today.

Location 10
Next location:
#12 night bomb guy 14:20:40 08/07/2015
when exactly is "soon" \/\/
#11 InsomDog 10:47:22 26/06/2015
V Still waiting on more locations...
#10 GillGrunt4Ever 15:42:55 02/04/2015
Location 10
More locations coming soon!
#9 Skylander Man 13:37:30 14/10/2012
This is easy. But I could hardly see in it.
#8 SunburnCamo 20:19:00 24/09/2012
This adventure is so easy
#7 Ramses 17:30:31 26/06/2012
If you are in the room with the Story Scroll, you find a Dragon Skeleton. It looks Spyro, maby?
#6 epiccamoshell 20:17:27 06/06/2012
i finally found smilie s soulgem
#5 MaleforSxC 17:50:12 23/04/2012
Whatever the name this walkthrough really helped me! I only found smilie s soul gem because of this! It really helped me get through Kaos the first time because I just fired the machine gun straight past the minions and dealt epic damage to smilie . Thank you Dark52!
#4 Stealth Elf 32 11:53:44 10/04/2012
Trigger Happy's Soul Gem "Infinite Hellfire". It is actually Infinate Ammo
#3 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 00:41:45 30/03/2012
How odd, the game calls it Infinite Hellfire when you pick it up.
#2 GigaCamo 23:06:11 29/03/2012
actully trigger happys soul gem is infinite amo not hellfire
#1 flame44836 00:34:23 07/02/2012
i killed the zombies with spyro and my neighbour aced this level with eruptor and flameslinger and spyro

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