Galecrack Ruins

Sunblight Wood

Napoleon Hat Napoleon Hat Spiked Hat Spiked Hat Scroll Drill Sergeant
  • Radiance Crystal Smash Lanterns - 12
  • Radiance Crystal Deforestation - 5
  • Radiance Crystal Gather Radiance - 250
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenge - Life / Earth
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

The orange thing in the air nearby is the first of the Lanterns that you're after. To smash it you will need to actually attack it, so rather than simply jumping at it jump at it and attack at the same time. The small green platforms with a crack in them do as you might expect, they collapse after standing on them. After that you'll encounter the first of the Bone 'n' Arrow enemies, they're skeleton archers who can attack from a fair distance.

Once you've killed it jump onto and then walk along the broken tree, at the end you'll find another archer and the Life Challenge portal. This challenge is more combat oriented than most of your other challenges have been so far, the new enemy is the Shadow Knight. The Present is the Spiked Hat Spiked Hat.

Outside jump onto the side of the path to reach the orange Lantern high above the ground. There's a third one if you walk up the dead tree here too. Up ahead next to a Chest is your first encounter with a Stump Demon, the real large enemy of the gang. They're the target of the Deforestation challenge (for some reason the game also calls them "Tree Rex" (GIANTS!)) and must be killed. Smash through the gate behind and then jump over to meet your second Stump Demon.

A new variety of platform awaits, this one vanishes and reappears constantly so jump on as it just appears and jump off again as fast as you can. There's a pair of them after that, make sure to wait for the second of them to appear before jumping off the first. Clear the rocks off the jump pad to jump away.

There's a lantern hovering over the path ahead, if you go right up the vanishing platforms you'll find a fifth lantern next to a Chest and two archers. Backtrack from where you end up after the next few platforms, there's three more lanterns and a Stump Demon to kill. Right after those is another Stump Demon and a gate you need to smash down. Jump up the vanishing platforms behind it.

Cross the knocked over tree to reach a large open area with a couple of archers, on the right side is a tree with some small platforms attached to the sides, oddly there's nothing up there besides radiance. Jump up the three vanishing platforms ahead and kill the archers as well as the final Stump Demon. Jump up onto the side and smash the lantern right above you now. At the end next to another fallen tree is the tenth Lantern.

If you go up the vanishing platforms to the right instead of just jumping straight forwards you'll find a chest and the eleventh lantern. Jump down to get the final lantern. There's another Stump Demon hanging about here too, just in case you skipped one earlier. Anyway, jump up the platforms at the end and step onto the jump platform.

The platform after that is home to the Earth Challenge, this one's got vanishing platforms in it so it may be a bit more tricky. The Present is the Napoleon Hat Napoleon Hat.

Outside again you can find a couple more lanterns if you accidentally skipped some, kill the archers and move swiftly forwards, to the left at the end is a small stone tower with a Present Scroll Drill Sergeant's Scroll right on top of it. The rest of the level is just a few more vanishing platforms, enemies and jumps.


Fancy Hat Fancy Hat Scroll Chop Chop
  • Radiance Crystal Radiance Challenge
  • Radiance Crystal Avoid the Tornado
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Eat Food
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Match - Life
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Round 2 adds a twister that circles the arena. Round 3 it gets a bit more erratic.

The second round has the Fancy Hat Fancy Hat in it, it'll appear on the stone half of the arena about halfway through. Scroll Chop Chop's Scroll turns up in Round 3 on the grass half quite early on.

Avoid the Tornado refers to both the tornado that wanders around and the central one.

Whipwind Mountains

Moose Hat Moose Hat Scroll Wham-Shell Scroll Boomer
  • Radiance Crystal Free Little Pigs - 7
  • Radiance Crystal Catch Cupcakes - 5
  • Radiance Crystal Break Boneheads - 15
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenge - Magic / Air
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Jump onto the moving stone platform ahead, jump off to the next one right before you hit that black cloud, then off that one to the third one as right as it's about to move back out again. The Bone 'n' Arrow skeleton archers are your target for the Break Boneheads challenge, your first of fifteen is situated on the edge of the next large bit of land with a second on the path. On the left side of this platform is a twister, it just so happens to have a pig stuck in it. To free the pig all you need to do is attack the twister.

Jump onto the next section of land, kill the archers and the Stump Demon before grabbing the floating Cupcake on the left side. Clear off the jump pad and step on. There's a second Pig in the twister here, free it and kill the enemies nearby including another Bonehead. Smash through the metal gates, avoid the black cloud as you cross over to the next platform.

There's a few more enemies on here as well as the third Piggie in the twister in the centre of the path. Enter the Magic Challenge. There's a couple of archers in here to boost your Bonehead count, otherwise it's just simple platforming to Scroll Wham-Shell's Scroll.

At the end of the path on the island is a platform that rises and falls, jump onto it to be taken up to an archer, to the right of him is a set of moving platforms. Jump on one as it lowers and then sit on it until it reaches right above where you jumped on, jump off to the left and walk up the water-filled slope past a Shadow Knight to find a Cupcake. If you want to smash a Chest then jump left onto a movin platform and then right at its peak, otherwise just go back onto that last moving platform and jump off it to the right when you reach the upper right corner of its path.

Cross the moving platforms through the clouds down to a piece of solid land with a couple of archers and a Shadow Knight on it. Also a jump pad to get off it. Kill the next Shadow Knight that approaches you and then free the Pig from the orange twister meandering about north of you. Avoid the large rolling spike thing and kill the archer standing next to a gate, go through the gate and up to another large section. There's another archer on the right side, a twister carrying the fifth Pig a little further on and then a pair of archers to the left of it up on a stone platform. That should probably finish off the Bonehead Challenge, and right behind them is the third Cupcake.

Jump down the large hole to reach the next bit. Kill the two Stump Demons that you drop down next to and then jump onto the moving platform to the right, jump from there to another as you reach the top of the current platform's movement. At the top of the second one jump to the left and proceed forwards past some spike rollers. The fourth Cupcake is found on a stationary platform in amongst the set of moving platforms and clouds ahead, it's on the right side. The next large section has a twister with the sixth pig, the fifth and final Cupcake on the far side, and the Air Challenge portal to the left.

The Air Challenge is a bit of a side-scroller, you'll need to jump over rotating spike rollers onto moving platforms, kill archers, jump on more moving platforms all arranged so that you're jumping up the side of a cliff. The Moose Hat Moose Hat is your Present for completing it.

Kill the archers standing by the gate and then smash through that gate, cross over the moving platforms past a skeleton archer on a platform with a few of those small spiders, around a cloud to a second archer then onto some circular platforms circling around. Jump off at the top right corner onto a platform with a skeleton on it, then jump onto the next set of round platforms before jumping off the top right corner to pick up the Present of Scroll Boomer's Scroll.

On the next proper platform is a Shadow Knight and two archers, kill them and use the jump pad. Go past the rollers to a couple more archers and a twister. Right at the top of the twister is your final Pig, you will need to jump and attack from the high end of the platform. Or jump down to the next platform where there's an extra pig in an easier twister. Go to the right of that second twister and jump onto the round platforms. The rest of the level is a series of jumps along platforms all the way to the end. There's another extra pig in a whirlwind just in case.


Top Hat Top Hat Scroll Stump Smash
  • Radiance Crystal Radiance Challenge
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Collect Clocks
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Eat Food
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Match - Undead
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Another radiance fountain

Scroll Stump Smash's Scroll is found during the first round, to the northern edge quite late on. The Top Hat Top Hat is in Round 2 on west side early on.

Galecrack Castle

General's Hat General's Hat Scroll Double Trouble Scroll Trigger Happy
  • Radiance Crystal Rescue the Final Seeker!
  • Radiance Crystal Bash Chests - 3
  • Radiance Crystal Gather Radiance - 150
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenge - Fire / Undead
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Jump down to the Stump Demon and the archer and then jump onto the right rotating horizontal castle tower. Run up towards the higher end and jump off to the right onto the platform there. You'll find a few enemies as well as the first Chest and the Present: Scroll Trigger Happy's Scroll. Leap back onto the rotating tower and then jump down onto the left one, from the end of that it's a jump onto some circling round platforms, wait for it to bring you up to a pair of archers.

Follow the curve around the sheep tower and jump onto the moving platforms, from there onto a small green platform, onto some more moving platforms and then a rotating tower. Run along to the far end and jump off to the left. Kill all of the enemies and pass by the zeppelins on the left, jump up the small towers to grab the Key from the top of the second one. Below you are a few enemies and the Fire Challenge. There's nothing all that impressive in here, get to the end to earn your Scroll Double Trouble Scroll.

Jump onto the moving platforms and make your way to another large rotating tower, run along it and jump off the left side of the end. Onto some more moving platforms just go straight to the stationary platform on the other side of the first set, don't bother going right as there's nothing there. Continue forwards into a load of enemies including a Stump Demon. Well before going through the gate jump down to the left where you can just about see a Chest. Jump back up and smash through that gate.

Aside from a bit of radiance the platforms on the right in the middle of the rotating tower are pointless, instead continue straight on and off the end. After the rather useless spear traps is a platform lined with skeleton archers, kill them and step onto the jump pad. It'll jump you to another pad which will jump you to a curved path with loads of spear traps along it. Go left along it and off the end onto some moving platforms, keep going and you'll get to a rotating tower, go left up it and then forwards run off towards the next platform. Kill the enemies and smash through the gate, jump down onto a wooden bridge type thing and make your way along towards the castle.

At the front of the castle you'll find the Undead Challenge. Despite being the last in the story levels this is pretty straight forward, jump up the platforms and kill the enemies when you get to them. Easy General's Hat General's Hat to finish it all off.

Go through the archway and onto a straight bit of stone platform, jump off the end onto a large circular platform with an archer on. Up to the right a couple of times before going left to a larger area with several Stump Demons on it. Kill them and then smash the Chest at the back there. Starting at the left end jump up the small towers to a jump pad.

This jump pad will take you onboard a zeppelin, kill the enemies on there and head towards the front end where you'll find the Final Seeker. Provided you picked up the Key earlier you'll be able to free him from his cage. Smash the rocks off the jump pad and step on.

Now that you've freed all of the Seekers you can now face Hektore in the final battle.

Dark Mirror

There's nothing to collect here. No challenges to complete. Just the final goal of defeating Hektore. First you need to kill the large dark shadowy Trollverine and his Troll Greasemonkey pal, while you're doing this Hektore will strafe the arena with an attack, move out of the way when he does that. Once the big one is dead a red rocket will appear on the floor, hit it to launch it at Hektore and knock him unconscious onto the centre of the arena. Attack him until he gets up.

The next stage of the fight causes the arena to split apart and start rotating. I don't know why but it does. It'll then go back together after a while and a huge shadowy Ice Ogre will appear with two little Troll Greasemonkeys. Avoid Hektore's purple cyclone while you're killing them. Again hit the rocket that appears and go to town on Hektore's head.

Once again the arena will break apart and give you some time to rest I suppose you could want to collect radiance to help revive a dead Skylander. Anyway, the next giant shadow monster is a Stump Demon. He's flanked by a Greasemonkey and a Bone 'n' Arrow. Again focus on the large enemy and hit the rocket - the Stump Demon can be quite vicious thanks to its increased size which makes it harder to avoid its powerful attacks.

Once you've hit Hektore with this last rocket the staff will appear in the centre ready for you to pick up. What follows on from there is a chase sequence through a platforming section. No timer but Hektore will be close behind firing at you with his purple laser. There's a lot of food but your best bet is to move quickly, standing too long on the platforms where you see a purple circle appear isn't advised. Keep on going and you'll eventually reach the end to destroy the Dark Mirror and save the Radiant Isles from Hektore.

Well, that's it. All over. Your reward for defeating Hektore is the Radiance Burst Magic Item, a magic item that causes a Radiance Burst destroying all nearby enemies. Pick it up near to the Shattering Sigil.

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some one stole my 3ds 250$.... smilie
#10 Ramses 17:36:30 26/06/2012
By the gates of the castle, on the bridge, you find floating blocks! You can jump on this blocks. And, go to the right-side of the bridge, by the points, you can jump into that point! smilie
#9 ghostfury 18:10:40 20/06/2012
its strange though it does not mention hectore in the wii xbox ps3 pc games
#8 spyromaster45 22:54:48 18/06/2012
because its :hectore:
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Uhhhhhh... Why do u not fight kaos in the 3ds version?
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Uhh... it's the last bit on this very page.
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Thx but i mean the walkthrough
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Up the slope behind the Brighthold Battlements portal.
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Just to let you know, it's actually "Galecrack Ruins", not "Galerock Ruins".

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