Rivenrock Caverns

The Rivenrock Caverns require 5 Radiant Crystals to be collected and is located to the left of the central area.


Anvil Hat Anvil Hat Scroll Eruptor Scroll Stealth Elf
  • Radiance Crystal Smash Orange Crystals - 8
  • Radiance Crystal Mash Troll Diggers - 4
  • Radiance Crystal Bash Chests - 3
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenge - Earth / Fire
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challange

Pass through the small mining village and you'll meet the first enemies of the level. There's a Troll Greasemonkey, a Blaster Troll and a couple of Troll Dogs. The Troll Dogs are just like the Chompies from the first set of levels, they die in one hit. The Greasemonkey runs up next to you and swings his wrench down over his head, this is the type of enemy that counts towards the Mash Troll Diggers challenge. The Blaster Troll is the one that stands still firing his gun wildly at you - he'll back away if you get close.

Moving forwards, as you approach the edge you'll see a couple of large crystal rocks slam down from above to form handy platforms for you to use. Jump over them and on the other side you'll see the first of the Orange Crystals, hit it a few times to smash it. The second of the Diggers will run up to you here too. Up next to the Earth Challenge is another of them Blaster Trolls.

This challenge is made up of crumbly platforms that don't appear until you are one jump away from them and a solid platform with mine carts whizzing across. After the first mine cart platform you'll jump onto some wooden swings that smash into the wall very shortly, so quickly jump off onto another of those crumbly falling platforms. At the end of it all you'll find Scroll Stealth Elf's Scroll.

Continue down the path past a couple of Troll Dogs to where there is a procession of wooden swings going by, if you jump on the nearest set and wait for it to take you far to the right before jumping onto the next line, you'll be able to jump to a platform off to the right where you'll find the first of the Chests you need to Bash. A couple of large crystals will give you a path off it, go up them and you'll see the second Orange Crystal to smash. At the top of the drop you'll see the third Greasemonkey to kill - there's nothing further to backtrack to.

Drop down and try to smash into the Orange Crystals on the sides, there are three in there but it doesn't really matter too much if you miss them. There's also a Present Anvil Hat Anvil Hat partway down on the south-west edge, if you want that then I'd suggest hanging about there the entire drop - it should be just after the second blade.

At the bottom is the third Orange Crystal (I'll ignore the ones in the drop), jump off to the right ahead where a few crystals drop into place. You'll find a couple of Greasemonkeys here that should finish off your challenge and trigger Hektore's countdown.

Jump up onto the ledge on the right of those Greasemonkeys and use the crystals that fall down to reach the Fire Challenge. This one is similar to the Earth Challenge before, platforms that tilt over and carts that smash into you. The Present in here has Scroll Eruptor's Scroll inside.

Once you're out of there head forwards onto some moving wooden swings that'll take you to the left, you don't really skip anything useful so just jump off and move forwards when you reach the static land. There's another Orange Crystal on the right, once you've got that go left and smash a large blue crystal inbetween the tracks, hiding there is the second Chest. Follow this all along until you get to another Blaster Troll, behind him is a set of platforms to jump up - there's an Orange Crystal on these.

After the wooden swings (these have no secret destination) you'll encounter a new enemy, the Trollverine. These are big enemies like the Cyclops Mammoths but attack a bit more often. Down the drop ahead you'll be able to try to smash another four Orange Crystals if you need them. After the drop there's another pair of Greasemonkeys and on the right you'll find the third and final Chest hiding behind another large blue crystal. Another Orange Crystal sits ahead for you if you still don't have the task complete.

Jump onto the wooden swings and let them take you towards the mine cart platform, jumping off before it smashes to pieces against it of course. Avoiding the carts jump onto another swing on the other side and let that one take you up to the final platform with the exit portal.

Magma Bank Island

Plunger Head Plunger Head Scroll Dino-Rang
  • Radiance Crystal Radiance Challenge
  • Radiance Crystal Avoid the Lava
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Eat Food
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Match - Fire
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

This arena's unique selling point is the lava that rises up at various points during the fight (starting in Round 2), you can stay out of it by standing on any of the three slightly raised sections - they just happen to be where the three spawning points are too. Also watch out for the white circles that signify an incoming ball of molten rock.

You'll find the Plunger Head Plunger Head Present during Round 2, right towards the end of it. And Scroll Dino-Rang's Scroll appears in Round 3, right near the start.

To complete the Avoid the Lava challenge you obviously have to stay out of the lava, this really just requires you to pay attention to when it appears. It'll appear for sure at the start of Round 2 and 3 and will rise and fall during, often it'll mean you can't avoid being hit by an enemy but don't be too worried about that.

Cinderstream Pass

Beret Beret Cowboy Hat Cowboy Hat Scroll Legendary Spyro
  • Radiance Crystal Blast Dynamite - 12
  • Radiance Crystal Declaw Claw Trolls - 3
  • Radiance Crystal Gather Radiance - 120
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenges - Undead / Tech
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Walk forwards and jump up to the troll on the ledge above the blue crystal. Once you've killed it step towards the barrel behind the blue crystal up there, quickly walk away again and it should explode safely. That's the first of the 12 for the challenge. If you have a long range attack you can just attack them from a distance instead.

Jump down off the ledge to the right and as you get to the next enemy you'll find a second dynamite barrel on the right, with a third a bit further along at the end. Jump over the crystal that fell down ahead and you'll reach the Undead Challenge. Here you'll want to jump on the wooden swings at the point where they first appear to give you a chance of reaching the next platform. There are four dynamite barrels on one of the platforms. The Present is a Beret Beret.

Moving on along the right path past the challenge portal you'll come to a set of swings, the first one'll smash quite quickly but the second lasts a while - you'll probably want to jump off it right away but it can take you a bit further. On the next bit of solid land are some more enemies and a couple more dynamite barrels - plus a chest. Jump onto the mine cart track and detonate another dynamite. Go to the left and up the crystals to another bit of land. Up on the ledge to the right is yet another dynamite barrel as well as another chest.

Jumping down to the left you'll encounted a Trollverine, this is the Claw Troll of the challenge. "Declawing" it really just means killing it. Smash through the blue crystals to reach a jump pad. Jump onto the mine cart track and go left where you'll find potentially the twelth and final dynamite barrel. Go back to the middle and move on forwards, down to a large platform with twin mine cart tracks and the second Trollverine to kill. Beyond a few Blaster Trolls to the left you'll find a Present hiding behind a dynamite barrel, grab it to gain your Scroll Legendary Spyro Scroll. Follow the radiance off to some swings, from the platform they take you to you have two directions to go in, take the swings on the right (try not to fall off) to get to the Tech Challenge. Again you're going to need to predict where the platforms will appear to get enough time to reach them. Reward is a Cowboy Hat Cowboy Hat.

From the Tech portal jump left onto the swings and then from the platform they drop you off on carry on along the appearing crystals until you reach solid land and the third Trollverine to declaw. Beyond him is the level's third chest and a series of falling crystals that'll take you to a wooden platform from which you can jump to the exit portal.

Luminous Quarry

Crown of Light Crown of Light Scroll Sonic Boom
  • Radiance Crystal Radiance Challenge
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Collect Clocks
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Eat Food
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Match - Tech
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Luminous Quarry has a Radiance Fountain so don't forget to keep turning it back on.

Scroll Sonic Boom Scroll is found in Round 2, near the start on the left side. The Crown of Light Crown of Light is in Round 3, also near the start at the bottom edge.

For Don't Collect Clocks just remember to keep the fountain active.

Lava Flow Grotto

Miner Hat Miner Hat Fez Fez Scroll Dark Spyro
  • Radiance Crystal Rescue Tizwig!
  • Radiance Crystal Gather Radiance - 130
  • Radiance Crystal Collect Duckies - 5
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenges - Life / Earth
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Go up the slope past a few enemies and step onto the wooden bridge, it'll collapse as you do so but let it make you fall (or first smash the chest on the other side and then jump down). Below the bridge is the first of the Duckies you need to collect, jump towards the platform out in the lava with an enemy on it. From there use the two rising and sinking platforms to get back up to the path.

From there you'll reach the Life Challenge portal. This one's filled with a load of those platforms that rise and fall, just try to make sure you're not jumping on them as they're going back down. Reward is a Fez Fez.

Continue down the wooden path to a small lava pool with a couple of platforms in it, these will sink down if you stay too long so quickly jump to the procession of similar platforms ahead, it doesn't matter which one. From there jump to solid land. Rubber Duckie number 2 is found across a crumbling bridge to the right, make sure to cross it quickly as this one just has lava underneath. There's a chest and a portal to take you back.

Go forwards up the rising and falling platforms to get onto a set of swings. If you smash through the crystals on the other side you'll be able to reach the Earth Challenge portal. Slightly different from the Life task here you will need to cross platforms that quickly sink back into the lava, if you find yourself on a procession too far from the target then try jumping backwards and then forwards again when the previous one reappears. The Present is a Miner Hat Miner Hat.

Step back and take the left path at the crystals, at the end behind some more crystals is a Present with Scroll Dark Spyro's Scroll inside. Go back to the Earth Challenge portal and from there jump onto a tilting platform, then a solid one. To your right now you should be able to see the Key, jump to it to collect before jumping back and then down to the wooden section ahead. Past a few more enemies and you'll get to a large open lava lake, the third Duckie is situated midway through but the sinking platforms may make it tricky to reach without falling into the lava to get it.

Kill the Trollverine and cross the rickety bridge to reach another wide open lava lake. Wait for the three platforms to rise up in sync before jumping up them and crossing the lake, making sure to jump into the fourth Duckie floating in the air. The path now splits, go right. Jump up and then down to some tracks, follow them along and you'll find Tizwig's cage. Smash the chest and then turn around and go back to the split in the path. Down that path you'll find a load more enemies but crucially the fifth and final Duckie on a pair of rising and falling platforms. From there it's a simple set of platform jumps to the end.

That's another piece of the Shattering Sigil activated so it's off to Whitefall Summits to the right of the central area.

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