Here are some screenshots and images of the game.

#141 whirlwind fan 10:19:07 16/04/2017
Original Spyro fans were obsessed with hating on TLoS when it released. Then they got to hating onto SSA's design. People like that fustrate me... -__- Can't people accept that the design is ought to change from 18 years ago. People like Alydol don't deserve to be called a "true" Spyro fan if they're going to hate on everything new. You've proven time again that you CAN'T accept that Spyro has moved on. SSA was the first time they hired writers, and obviously it succeeded in their favor..
#140 Kevin16 15:36:19 31/08/2015
V Oh look, a TLOS fan who completely forgets about classic Spyro, i think TLOS Spyro is more ugly than Skylanders but k.
#139 Alydol 05:10:44 19/06/2015
I was looking at image 56 and spyro looks like a monster compared to spyro in a new beggining it was from this smilie to smilie sad huh?

Image 56 and image 42 spyro looks like a monster

Compared to image 25 on The Legend of Spyro a new beggining gallery

On the artwork, image 19 smilie looks selfish and kind of... EVIL, when he's smilie he doesn't have the cockiness or selfishness like he does in skylanders.

And ya know how when you heard this was coming out you thought " this is to good to be true!" And that the lesson if its to good to be true... It is.

AND look on the 3ds version image nine spyro looks completely evil and image 6 of 3ds spyro looks as if he was evil laughing
#138 SkylandersGamer 01:33:44 02/04/2014
V yup.
#137 skylandersbros 04:29:21 15/12/2013
Image 56 is a good picture of smilie.
#136 SkylandersGamer 21:21:42 26/09/2013
Check image 61 it's so COOL
#135 SuperSpyro700 20:31:36 03/08/2013
You know, Stump Smash's name reminds me of Hulk Smash.
#134 legendaryfabo 21:40:37 09/07/2013
image 28: the drow lance masters are playing hockey w/ trigger happy!
#133 NINJAsk11 10:19:54 25/05/2013
image 67 : smilie is scraming at the drow, image 75 whare did smilie get this HUGE DAGGERS? , image 99 : the cyclops is playing honkball with smilie
image 11 : is the chompy eating smilie ;s flame?
the images from spyros adv are cooler then that of giants
#132 skylandersbros 20:40:53 27/01/2013
image 72 smilie is tring to look like a puppy
#131 mega spyro 23:58:47 14/11/2012
image 126 of 131 smilie's boomerang is being sucked into the tornado image. 118 of 131: the enemies are making a path for smilie image. 111 of 131: the one enemy is blocking smilie's dinamite. image 107 of 131: a under ground explosion sent smilie flying into the enimeies line of fire image. 74 of 131: the chompie is screaming with smilie image. 69 of 131: if smilie doesn't turn around it will get one heck of a spanking! image 50 of 131: is the squid faced brute holding up its hand to stop trigger happy? image 34 of 131: smilie (the best archer in skylands) says: darn it missed it! image 25 of 131: the chompie is in a energy bubble
#130 mega spyro 23:17:51 14/11/2012
Image 11 of 131: it looks like the chompie is eating smilie's fire.
#129 warnado745 13:08:13 05/07/2012
smilie is always seeming to be in the same position
#128 A7XSparx 00:32:31 02/07/2012
@Sonic Boom1

I saw that! smilie

That's what gets me--that trailer for Skylanders was AWESOME, and yet they put in a little unknown dragon character instead of ANY Air Skylanders. How does that even make sense? smilie
#127 sonic boom1 16:14:25 03/06/2012
strange CHinese dragon?

it isnt on Here but if you searCH on youtube 'skylanders tHe beggining' you will see tHe sHadow of tHe Hadra and a strange CHinese dragon tHat looks like Camo (pause at 1:14)
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