• 05:22 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Fez Fancy Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 4: Stormy Stronghold

Elements required for 100% completion: LifeAir

Lower Reach

Go down the steps and smash through the grey brick wall on the right to find the level's Story Scroll Story Scroll. Continue down the main path towards a Chompy Pod, a key on the left and a locked gate to the right.

Walk through the bouncy plants that appear, they're not really much of an obstacle for now but later on in the game they'll be rebounding you into dangerous things. At the bottom of the slope you'll find an Air Spell Punk with a couple of Drow Spearmen, kill the Spell Punk first as it'll be protecting those Drow.

The Approach

Over to the right is a Life gate, walk over the bridge and you'll see a block puzzle. Push the two near ones into the gaps and the far one off the edge to reveal a teleporter. Push the one to the left off the side to the left and then follow it down. Push it to fill in the final gap in the bridge to cross and get the Present containing your new Fez Fez hat.

Upper Reach

Teleport back up to the Upper Reach and push the right block to the right three times (the top block here has a rather pointless teleporter underneath it). There's a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest on the other side. There's a trio of enemies beyond a wooden fence south of the previous platform but not much more. Teleport down and rejoin the level.

The Battlement

Smash through the wall and head right. You'll encounter the first of the spike traps, these move up and down and will, naturally, hurt if you're standing on them at the time. You can sometimes walk through them while they're up but often not, plus when they go down the spears will hurt you as well. Cross over three of these traps and you'll reach a Lightning Pylon. Just follow the onscreen instructions on how to lower it.

The gate to the right will lower once you've done that, head up the teeny tiny ramp and smash through a fence. There's a whole host of enemies on the other side. A Drow Witch, a Chompy Pod and its Chompies, three Drow Spearmen, some of those exploding plants and some of those bouncy plants. You can just ignore them and blast through the fence but where would the fun be in that?

After them is the second Lightning Pylon. As you approach the lone Drow Witch five Drow Spearmen will leap in and start attacking! Some more spike traps are up now, made slightly trickier by having two right next to each other moving at different times. All you need to do is step onto the first one as it goes down and wait for the second to go down too, moving immediately as it does. In-between the two pairs of spike traps is a split in the path which leads to an Air gate being guarded by a few Spearmen.

Sky Ramparts

Step into the tiny vortex to get transported over to the Air Area. Straight away you'll find the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest, go over the spikes and use either of the two bounce pads to jump up onto the spike filled ledge. Drop down the other side and weave around the squares of spikes to get to another bounce pad over some more spikes.

This next bit requires you to watch where you're bouncing. Bounce up onto the top section of an L shaped stone wall, use the bounce pad on there to bounce towards the screen, bounce right and then up to a platform with a space on it. Bounce to the right from this one and then diagonally down to the right before finally reaching the end where there's a bomb floating.

If you want a few extra gems pick up the bomb and rush back along the ground (or using the bounce pads if you like) and back over the previous spike wall to throw the bomb at the wall with the wooden beams strapped to it. Then go back up to the bomb place again. Move northwards and manoeuvre around the stone platforms until you reach the far end with a bounce pad on the floor.

Bounce up to the right and use the bounce pads to reach a button back at the far right end. Now for the real use of the bomb, jump down and grab the bomb, now run along the straight path that has opened up and use the bounce pad at the end to get up to a wall on the left that you can destroy with the bomb. Stay up on the platforms as you bounce leftwards, if you fall down you can get back up back to the right. At the end drop off to the Present, a Fancy Hat Fancy Hat.

To return to the level simply step into the vortex where you began.

Kill the Witch and her guards to get to the third Lightning Pylon over the spike trap. Past the next gate is a wooden ramp with a Drow Witch and a Drow Goliath on it. Move out of the way when he charges at you and then take care of him. Follow along this wooden path and kill another Witch at the end of it. The next spike trap is a little devious in placing bouncy plants such that you can't just run straight over it, you have to go diagonal. It's also a little larger than the single traps from before.

Four new Spearmen will pop up to protect the final Lightning Pylon. Before going over to the bridge you reconstructed there's a couple of things to do here. Behind a small wall of barrels is a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest and a teleporter. The teleporter will whisk you away to a tiny island with the level's Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure on-board. Claim it and teleport back.

It was quick and the camera angle didn't really help show it but turning that final Lightning Pylon built a bridge back along the path a short distance.

Inner Keep

As you approach the centre of the level you'll a Windbag Djinni appear. Watch out for its electrical attack as if you're not careful it can quickly wipe out your health if you let it hit you too many times. The gate to the right will lower once you get rid of him, follow the sloping path upwards but watch out for those barrels, inside are hiding not coins but Chompies.

Depending on your Skylander's attacks you may or may not be able to harm the Drow Witches standing slightly elevated in front of the Soul Gem (we'll be back for that a little later). If not just ignore them and continue upwards. Weave through the gauntlet of exploding and bouncy plants until you reach a more open spot where a large door opens to let out a small wave of Spearmen. Kill them, the Goliath and the Witch.

Before carrying on along the path upwards you should smash through the wall of jars beneath it and stand on the circle behind them. This will open up the Soul Gem's cage allowing you to run back and get it. So long as you're quick enough, the gauntlet of plants may be more annoying when moving in a rush. The Soul Gem Soul Gem belongs to Warnado and unlocks his "Thick Shelled" power.

Now that you've got that you can go up the slope again. Here you'll find a long series of spikes. Simply walk onto each following one as it goes down and you'll safely make it to the other end, they've kindly left some food halfway along if you're having trouble.

It's free all the way to the top now, get ready for a fight. First up is an Air Spell Punk and three Drow Witches. Once you get started they're joined quickly by a pair of Drow Goliaths and a Drow Spearman. Once all of those are gone a pair of Spearmen will appear to the right and a pair of Windbag Djinnis will appear to the north. Again watch out for the electric attack. Once those are all dead you can grab the Eternal Air Source by walking into the middle of the area and finish the level.


You will now start to find Winged Sapphires around the Ruins, these look like blue butterflies and will provide a discount on your upgrades from Persephone. A small discount. You also won't be able to find all ten of them right now as they will each appear at points as you progress further through the story. The first is right next to Persephone.

Walk down to the beach and you'll meet Gurglefin. To open the lock walk up to it and press the Action button. From there it's a rotating mini-game where you will try to get the Imp to fall through each of the glowing dots on the board. There's no time limit or limited number of turns and you can never get into a position where you can't finish somehow. This first one is pretty straightforward; rotate Right, Left, Left, Right, Right.

Once Gurglefin is rescued you can make your way to Oilspill Island.

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cool level!
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i have beat the game just trying to get 3 stars on them. tip if you want to beat the level in the certain amount of time use smilie he is the fastest it will help alot
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i dont gotta worry about element i have at least 2 from each element smilie
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i was like that and then i got whirlwind
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i hate not having a life and air skylander smilie
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