• 05:54 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Moose Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 10: Treetop Terrace

Elements required for 100% completion: Magic

The Canopy

Stepping forwards will introduce you to the Corn Hornet, a yellow and black flying insect that fires stingers that stun, to get out of the stun either shake it off or just wait a few seconds. They have a fairly obvious shaking phase that signals that they're about to fire.

Squish it and then use the pulley that the game focused you on. This will raise a log blocking your path a little further on but also start a timer, if you don't cross the bridge in time it'll reset and you'll have to go back and use the pulley again. To make it more of a challenge there are several of those bouncy plants in-between.

There you'll see the first of a new type of enemy called the Blade Witch, they look similar to the Drow Witches you've fought before except that now they have a protective shield. She'll lower the shield to throw her boomerang out but otherwise it's kept up. Kill her and the two Spearmen with her. Use the bounce pad to get up to a platform with a Hornet and two more Spearmen on it, you'll have to kill them all to get past the Monster gate.

For a few extra games use the teleporter that's underneath the pile of barrels, otherwise continue down the path that just opened up to meet the Life Spell Punk. These heal other enemies so you'll want to try and kill the Life Spell Punk first otherwise if you're not fast enough at dealing damage you'll just keep pummelling away forever. Obviously it can't heal a dead enemy so if it's protecting weak ones you should easily be able to get rid of them.

Bounce up on the bounce pad hiding under the barrels behind them and you'll reach the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure. Either fall or teleport down.

The Sluice Gate

Hidden behind the barrels and weapons to the south-east of the pulley is a small bridge to a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Once you've got that use the pulley, which will open a gate at the top of the ramp, and run up the slope. Dodge the barrels if you don't have long range attacks, otherwise they'll explode. On the other side is a Blade Witch and a couple of Drow Spearmen, on their left is the Story Scroll Story Scroll.

If you follow the small bridge down to the right you'll find another pair of Spearmen and a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. Killing those two will open up the Monster gate on the tree and allow you inside.

The Hollow

The game will show you an overview of the area and introduce the Blitzer Bully. These guys are much like the earlier Goliath Drow enemies except that they have a Life Spell Punk on their backs. Wait for them to charge, move out of the way and blast them in the back to knock it off. Kill the Spell Punk first and the Bully will be straightforward.

The timer on this next pulley is a little bit of a lie. The idea is to run through the gate and onto the four wood squares, at about the five second mark they'll rise up to let you reach the exit, but at zero they'll drop back down again. Teleport out of course.

Kill the mass of Spearmen and the Life Spell Punk in the middle of them, then go through the Magic gate.

Ancient Trunk

Straight away you'll find Gill Grunt's "Anchor Cannon" Soul Gem Soul Gem. Then take a couple of teleports into the tree itself.

In here you'll be bouncing upwards a lot. After the second pad you'll be attacked by a single Hornet, the pad after that is a much higher jump, go to the left at the top of it. Jump up left past the Witch and then again a high jump to another Witch back to the right. Kill the Hornet and walk towards the screen where there's a Present with a brand new Moose Hat Moose Hat inside.

Bounce up to another couple of Hornets before bouncing up again to a pair of Witches. Cross the bridge and you'll find two more Witches and Hornet before reaching the teleport out of here. Note that enemies that fall off the platforms in here stay alive, they're just further down.

You'll end up just above the path near to the Magic gate, you've barely skipped anything and can easily track the short distance back. Kill the Hornet and the two Witches here and bounce up onto the slightly raised segment. Bounce up around the tree and drop down next to a large ball made of twigs. Nudge that ball down the slope and you'll kill a whole line of enemies.

Use the pulley at the bottom to make the orange tree platform move into position, you've got ten seconds to get to it and a long set of spikes in-between. If you fail to get there in time the game will provide you with a handy teleport back to the pulley to try again. Time the pull so that the first one or two of the spikes have just gone down.

There's another thing blocking your path on the other side, walk to the left across another set of spikes, stand off to the side as they come up near you. Then use the pulley again as the nearest go down and pass through that wooden gear with ease.

Kill the two Hornets and the two Witches to open up the monster gate on the far side of the tree, walk up the slope and kill a few more enemies before going to the right and finding the last Treasure Chest Treasure Chest of the level. Now go left over the bridge to follow that Bully (unless he accidentally killed himself falling off the side), beyond him is a light puzzle.

First push the only moveable prism (the one on the left) down once and then right once. This will direct the lightbeam into the central prism. Use the lever to rotate it twice into the receptacle which will lift the log blocking the path.

The Seed Tree

The final section of the level gives you a big fight for the Life Seeds. First off we have a pair of Spearmen, a pair of Hornets, and a pair of Witches. Take down the Spearmen first as they're the most dangerous, the Hornets' stun can be annoying when attacking the Witches so take those Corn Hornets down next. After killing the Witches it's time to focus on the two Blitzer Bullies. They'll each jump down individually so it's no real threat. Once they're all dead go up the slope and grab the Life Seeds.


You'll be asked to gather fifteen apples from the bushes, simply attack the sheep to keep them away and walk into each apple as it grows to full size. Once you've done that it's off to Falling Forest.

#18 J03y oI2 23:11:14 09/01/2013
If you struggle with the corn hornets as long as you have upgraded your smilie's power hose even once it is a 1 shot kill. Hope I helped smilie
#17 DI Jack Frost 18:10:38 28/07/2012
yes i agree with camo 22 camo is the best life i did this level 1st time with a brand new double trouble
#15 Spygiltrig4356 06:22:15 14/06/2012
Bet whoever dies on that corn hornet really sucks at them
#14 skylandsmaster 22:37:10 30/05/2012
#13 skylandsmaster 22:34:31 30/05/2012
dont you mean born Joemama
#12 Camo22 05:48:26 23/05/2012
Treetop Terrance is easy as any life skylander (Camo is my favorite).
#11 voodood90 14:59:35 06/05/2012
not shadow knights
#10 Spygiltrig4356 20:55:30 05/05/2012
All these enemies are PATHETIC
#9 voodood90 19:06:32 29/04/2012
corn hornets are actually pretty pathetic
#8 chopchopzportal 17:05:42 15/04/2012
just got 3 stars on it
#7 SuperSpyro700 23:20:36 10/04/2012
Me too. Those corn hornets are a real pain.
#6 trentd78 23:32:10 03/03/2012
the corn hornets
#5 Mr-McChicken22 03:46:57 07/02/2012
#4 flame44836 00:25:50 07/02/2012
i did the sheep with sonic boom the babies attack sheep and i sat under 1 tree
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