• 06:36 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • General's Hat Spiked Hat
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 13: Goo Factory

Elements required for 100% completion: AirFire

Western Trenches

Go to the right and make your way up to the Story Scroll Story Scroll next to a Troll Grenadier. Walk up the other slope to the left and pick up a bomb, step off the side to the right and throw it towards the barbed wire behind the purple icon. There's a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Get another bomb and throw it off to the left into another bit of barbed wire blocking the path below, you can either walk down to it or throw it from here. Either way continue past it and a load of trolls until you reach Rizzo.

Sandbag Hill

Start your ascent up the hill by going right. You'll begin to be targeted by cannon-fire so keep moving. At the first bend in the path you'll find an Air gate.

Potato Farm

It's a minefield! Keep along the near side as you approach the first bounce pad, use it to bounce to the right into the corner. Bounce north then west, north at the end, east and then north again. Still not there yet, go west and into the teleporter at the front of the building.

In here you'll find a Present containing the General's Hat General's Hat. Teleport out and you'll be next to that same building. Use the bounce pad on the right to get up over the wall going north. There's a Monster gate and a couple of enemies, a Spell Punk and a Rocket Imp, to kill. After they're dead pick up the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure and teleport away.

There's a tiny bit of a shortcut here for Fire Skylanders, you can skip blowing up a few bits of barbed wire and go straight for the top with a bomb. If you don't have a Fire Skylander to cross the lava with then pick up the bomb and blow up the barbed wire up the slope to the left.

From there grab another bomb and walk up to the top (exactly where the Fire would get you) and blow up that fence. Smash the cannons behind it and go meet Nort.

The Ammo Dump

Follow Nort to the left and drop down where he stops. There's a tank rumbling around here, go take out its fuel tank. If you go to the right at the top of the slope you'll find a Soul Gem Soul Gem, Camo's "Orbiting Sun Shield". Also to the left near the MEGA BOMBs is a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Take one of the MEGA BOMBs by walking into it, roll it down the slope and into the blockade. Then go back and grab another MEGA BOMB. Take this one all the way back down the hill and push it into the blockade that Rizzo wanted you to destroy. Try to nudge it over the slight bump in the path and it should slowly roll right into it, no need to get all dangerously close to those turrets.

Goo Factory

Walk left and you'll encounter a Fire gate.

Twenty Stone Defense

Cross over the lava to get to the puzzle area. It's time to start pushing. First push the top and third from top blocks to the right. Push the one in-between them north. Go right and push the block underneath the Grenadier to the right two spaces. Walk into the aisle and go south. The second from bottom and fourth from bottom can be pushed left, then push the one between south. The teleport goes right to a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest.

Stay on the ground and go north, push the second from top block one (or two, doesn't matter) to the left. Then go up the slope at the bottom and push the block there off left. Walk along the blocks to the Present on the far side. Inside, a Spiked Hat Spiked Hat.

Go north past the gate and drop down onto a bomb which you'll want to throw at the barbed wire and the turret shooting at you. Follow the path along and it'll curve around back towards the start, next to there you should see the first flag. Walk up the slope north of it and then twirl it up.

Carry on north, drop down into a trench underneath a Rocket Imp and go left around up to it. Following the path will get you past a few more Grenadiers to the second flag. There's a tank blocking your way now, get around it and hit the tank on the other side. As you approach the final flag another tank will appear, destroy it and raise that final flag.


Straight on with Battlefield.

#18 matto195 03:45:59 07/08/2013
I left like 8 enemies and still got the enemy goal...
#17 J03y oI2 21:03:20 13/01/2013
It's weird some of you are having problems getting enemy goal but with me I am just killing any enemy i see ( excluding in the air / fire gate ) and I am getting enemy goal but I am using Xbox 360 and all I have to do is get everything else and then I get the enemy goal.

I know this isn't advice but Oh well. smilie
#16 terrifinchamp55 15:22:03 29/06/2012
my skylanders are beast
#15 Spygiltrig4356 06:27:13 14/06/2012
Battlefieldbattllefield.. What never heard of that song?
#14 YaggleberryFinn 17:37:54 04/05/2012
For those having trouble with the Enemy Goal: I was having a lot of trouble and finally figured it out today. Before raising the final red flag, I went back to the Potato Farm. After bouncing over all of the mines, I teleported back into that enclosed room to find three new trolls that weren't there when I came through before. After beating them I ended the level and got the Enemy Goal.
#13 voodood90 20:52:07 28/04/2012
im getting smilie so i can get spike hat itll look great on smilie
#12 Stealth Elf 32 22:04:49 24/04/2012
Hate myself so badly smilie smilie
Am I banned?
#11 Stealth Elf 32 23:05:16 13/04/2012
I have each element. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sorry. Sorry. smilie Please Forgive me. smilie
#10 Lunarz 21:59:35 09/04/2012
@ghost rabbit

dude, I thought that was the problem as well...so i killed it...but it dint work, i think i have the time goal, so ill do one go on the level and look everywhere
#9 GhostRabbit 21:24:27 08/04/2012
Hey Lunarz I'm not sure if you solved your problem yet but on the last flag you need to raise there will be a slow moving tank making it's way over from the north. If you raise the flag too quickly you may miss him. hope this helps.
#8 Lunarz 20:06:53 07/04/2012
Hey, I don't understand something...ive killed all the enemies im 99.9% sure that i have, but i cant get the enemy goal....why is this??
#7 Stealth Elf 32 23:44:52 26/02/2012
I have each element. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
#6 Cookie1414 12:08:49 12/02/2012
i am getting a air skylander since i have flameslinger and i cannot wait any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!
#5 azz01 17:57:30 05/02/2012
i need an air skylander so badly smilie
#4 chopchopper 20:11:24 29/01/2012
I am getting sonic boom and stump smash. i stinks that i cant get the good hats
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