Whitefall Summits

Snowblind Hills

Rocker Hair Rocker Hair Eye Hat Eye Hat Scroll Hex
  • Radiance Crystal Destroy Snowmen - 4
  • Radiance Crystal Defeat Yeti - 4
  • Radiance Crystal Bash Chests - 3
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenges - Water/Air
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

The first of the Snowmen is just ahead on the left, attack it a few times to destroy it. The next platform is a cool icy blue colour, mostly because it's frozen water that is very slippery. You can bypass it via platforms in the air to the left if you like. Jump towards the section with the rolling large snowballs, you'll want to go up their path, just jump over them as they get near. At the top is a Chompie and then you get to a large ice field, this one has cracks in it though so be a bit more careful - you should be able to see the circular sections that collapse after standing on them.

On the far end on the right side of the ice field are some icicles to smash through behind which you'll find the first of the three Chests. Once you've done that head left and jump up onto a platform in the air. Keep on going up until you reach the second Snowman. Walk up the large blue ice pillar and jump through an odd rotating circle of ice to the other end of the broken pillar. On this platform there's another smaller pillar going off to the right, walk up it and jump to find the Present with your Eye Hat Eye Hat inside.

You can ignore the slippery bit and just jump straight down from there towards another large ice field with cracks in it. There's not much here so just make your way to the opposite end past some more icicles, jump up onto a platform and then up again onto a larger one with a blue path going down the middle of it. On the right side you'll find the third Snowman. Kill the enemies and then smash through the icicles, jump over to the next platform and smash the second Chest (trying to avoid the snowballs of course). Go up the slope, kill the enemies throwing the snowballs and then enter the Water Challenge on the right.

This challenge has loads of ice platforms that crumble shortly after setting foot on them, just keep going. There's a couple of large slippery platforms partway through, they'll tilt too so try not to get it off balance - jumping tends to help. Take the Rocker Hair Rocker Hair and leave.

Smash the rocks covering the jump pad and then jump onto the next platform where you'll see the first of the "Yeti" enemies that you are going to want to kill. His attacks consist of forming a block of ice above your head to smash down on you, then he'll walk up to you and pummel the ground. Right next to him is the final Snowman. Smash through the large icicles and clear the jump pad.

The blue water here is not ice, don't venture into it. Instead use those crumbling platforms above it to cross over, there's a pair of Yetis to kill over there (and another Snowman if you're still missing one). Smash through the icicles and jump up a crumbling platform to an ice pillar, inbetween it and the other end is a large tilting ice platform. There's also a sixth Snowman down here, perhaps you're still looking, otherwise just go into the Air Challenge.

This is a lot like the Water Challenge, just tilting ice sheets and crumbling platforms. Reward is Scroll Hex's Scroll.

The fourth Yeti is next up, jump over to it and then smash through the icicles behind. Cross over the first bit of water, behind some icicles next to the enemy is the third and final Chest. Keep on going across the next lake to finish the level.


Lil Devil Lil Devil Scroll Prism Break
  • Radiance Crystal Radiance Challenge
  • Radiance Crystal Avoid the Cacti
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Eat Food
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Match - Undead
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Frostsedge is a partly slippery field of ice with cacti dotted around, the crackable circles won't start cracking until round 2. The blue bits are slippy while the white bits are normal ground, if you're flailing around all over the place try and aim for those white sections.

The Lil Devil Lil Devil hat is found during Round 2 on the right side. Scroll Prism Break's Scroll meanwhile is in Round 3 on the north side.

For the Avoid the Cacti challenge you'll want to be very careful when gathering up radiance, try to watch where the white sections are and to just ignore anything too close to a cactus.

Glacial Slopes

Viking Helmet Viking Helmet Scroll Gill Grunt Scroll Flameslinger
  • Radiance Crystal Tilt Topplers - 4
  • Radiance Crystal Find Snowglobes - 4
  • Radiance Crystal Gather Radiance - 100
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenges - Tech/Magic
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

You start out on a large slippery slope that'll speed you down onto a field of ice, cross over it and smash through the icicles at the far end. Jump onto the slanted platform and straight across to a curved platform. Jump up to the left onto a small platform before jumping up again to find the first Snowglobe next to the green and yellow crystal outcrops. Jump down and into the Tech Challenge.

That large slippery platform ahead that tilts is indeed the Toppler from the challenge list, to get it to register a "tilt" you must make it tilt all the way to an extreme - you'll be able to survive by jumping up it a few times. After the second Toppler you just need to jump up some crumbling platforms to reach the Present of a Viking Helmet Viking Helmet and the exit.

Continue along the path and onto a pair of Topplers, tilt them and you'll have finished the challenge already. From the first one if you jump to the sloped platform on the left instead you can pick up a Present with Scroll Flameslinger's Scroll inside. After that second Toppler kill the enemies and smash through the icicles behind them. There's nothing much of note until the Magic Challenge further on. This one's entirely crumbling platforms so just keep jumping forwards onto the next one until you get to Scroll Gill Grunt's Scroll.

To carry on you must first smash the snow from the base of the large rock blocking your way, once that's done it'll turn into a bridge for you. A bridge to a slippery slope filled with cacti. At the end jump over the last wall of cacti and then onto a slope winding upwards. Just before the enemies and the Chest there is a small icy platform on the left that has the second Snowglobe on it. After that jump back onto the path and up to another pair of Topplers (just in case you couldn't do the Tech Challenge).

Kill the enemies and then jump up the series of crumbling platforms, there you'll find a Yeti to kill and a rock to dislodge from some snow. Cross that bridge onto an ice field - over on the right is an enemy on a ledge with the third Snowglobe next to him. And over to the far left is the fourth and final Snowglobe just sitting on the ice at the edge. Proceed forwards and jump down the slope down to a large solid ice field. Kill or avoid the enemies before smashing the rubble blocking the jump pad on the far side. Take that jump pad right the way to the exit.


Spy Gear Spy Gear Scroll Zap
  • Radiance Crystal Radiance Challenge
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Collect Clocks
  • Radiance Crystal Don't Eat Food
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Match - Air
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Another radiance fountain arena, make sure to keep it switched on.

At about the end of Round 1 the Present with Scroll Zap's Scroll inside will appear towards the northern edge. The Spy Gear Spy Gear is found in Round 2, it's at the start towards the northern edge just like the other Present was.

Aurora Peak

Tropical Turban Tropical Turban Scroll Wrecking Ball Scroll Zook
  • Radiance Crystal Rescue Esmerelle!
  • Radiance Crystal Frost Chompies - 10
  • Radiance Crystal Collect Teddies - 4
  • Radiance Crystal Elemental Challenges - Undead/Fire
  • Radiance Crystal Hektore's Challenge

Jump onto the sloped platform and then down onto the ice below, the first three of your tasked 10 Chompies are there waiting to be killed. To the right is a wall of icicles behind which you can find a Present with Scroll Zook's Scroll inside. Continue across the vast ice field past a Yeti to another wall of icicles on the far left, behind those is the first of the four Teddies. Kill the two enemies standing next to a blocked up jump pad then unblock the pad and jump.

Kill the enemies (including some Chompies) and step into the Undead Challenge. Just a simple set of crumbling platforms. Present is Scroll Wrecking Ball's Scroll. Take the left path and cross over the topplers to a Yeti and a Chest. Beyond them is a rock held up by snow at its base, attack that to knock it over. Kill the Chompy that's throwing the snowballs and then jump up onto a small sloped platform before jumping to a solid one behind it with the Key on. Grab that key before jumping onto the second sloped platform and down to solid ground.

Go up the slope trying to avoid the incoming rocks, smash through the icicles to get to your second Teddy Bear, jump up the crumbling platforms and kill a few more enemies - including another Chompy. There are two paths ahead, one deviates to a Chest, the other to a Yeti, before joining back up. Either way follow the sloped platforms up to another couple of Chompies and the Fire Challenge. The topplers in here are just normal, run straight and you shouldn't have much trouble. The Present is the Tropical Turban Tropical Turban.

The third Teddy is found out on the ice, go left and you'll find it on a cracking circle near the water's edge. Cross that water using the floating circles and make your way down a slope with snowballs, kill the Chompy at the end. Jump along to the next part and kill the enemies there, smash through the icicles on the right to get to Esmerelle's cage in order to free her. After that go left and knock over the rock. Go left on the toppler to reach a large ice field. This has loads of Yetis, some more Chompies in case you haven't reached 10 yet, a chest and a jump pad. Don't use the jump pad though, instead jump onto the sloped platforms behind it and manually make your way to the exit - you'll find two more Teddies on the way (if you do use it, just back-track a short distance).

Now that you've rescued another Seeker you'll be off to the Faylair Jungle found in the far left side of the Sanctuary.

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