• 08:51 Time Limit
  • Soul Gem
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Wabbit Ears
  • Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
  • Story Scroll

Chapter 22: Lair of Kaos

Elements required for 100% completion: Magic

Coldfire Crater

Once you've smushed the Flame Imps you'll be able to use the teleporter to go up a short distance. Smack around a few more Flame Imps and head up to the right where there's a Lava King guarding a key. Take that key and use it in the door on the left. A couple of Drow Witches will appear but they should be no problem at this point.

Path of Fangs

It's easy to miss but the mechanic of this path is for you to choose a side and then the path will open, the other side closing. At this first point it is fairly trivial, either Food or Gems. Choose one and walk over the middle of the little circular area, this will trigger the gates to switch and allow you through (but block the other side).

Lining the sides of the path now are some electrical fangs, these slam down and shoot out electricity when you get close, to avoid them simply approach and retreat, wait for them to go back up and then quickly walk through as they have a short pause before they do it again. Characters with a fast movement ability can also just run straight through.

After another pair of fangs is a choice that seems to have been made to cause anyone not concentrating to lose all sense of what was triggering the gates to open. Anyway the right-hand side has a magic gate to go through.

Alternate Ends

Instead of a rotating blade the floor rotates, to get past the blade you need to wait for the bounce pad to get onto the correct side so that you can use it. Bounce to the right and up the steps. Here is a rotating floor and a rotating blade, the bounce pad is just for getting a few gems in the air, walk up the steps.

The blade and floor combo at the top of those steps is trickier, you need to use the bounce pad to get up to the left onto some moving steps. Once you're on them wait for them to line up and walk to the Present with the Wabbit Ears Wabbit Ears inside.

Drop back down and go along the path to the right, bouncing up to a large, empty platform. Drop off the other side and walk through the spike traps to a bounce pad that'll take you up to a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest in the middle of a spike trap. To get back to the level simply go in the opposite direction, you'll need to bounce onto that raised bounce pad of course.

Go through the next set of fangs before taking the left side to pick up Double Trouble's Waterwalker Soul Gem Soul Gem. Bounce up to a couple of Drow Witches and then pick up the Story Scroll Story Scroll on the right-hand side. Your next choice is between food and money, and then, irritatingly, between the Legendary Treasure Legendary Treasure and a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest. So you'll have to come back to get the other for full completion. Remember that you do get money from picking up a Legendary Treasure, I'd pick that one.

That last choice will open up a rotating blade over a rotating floor. Follow the blade clockwise to get around it and down some steps.

Towers of Darkness

You'll next come across a triple locked gate being guarded by a Lava King, some Drow Witches and a couple of Shadow Knights. The keys are further along so go up them steps to find the first just sitting there out in the open. The other two'll be a little trickier.

Now there are two directions to go in, either left or right. For the sake of the walkthrough we'll go left first but it doesn't really matter.

On the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 versions it may look like a dead-end but if you cross over the centre of the circular area the whole thing will begin to move and take you off to the next location. Unfortunately the elevator is lined with those electrical fangs so try to stand in-between them while you're waiting to arrive.

On the Wii instead of an elevator you have a long corridor lined with some more of those electrical fangs. Both versions end up at the same place at the end.

The Farthest Reach

Go down the red slope towards a group of enemies, there's four Shadow Knights and a Tech Spell Punk. You can just run in and grab the key as killing them is unnecessary to get back, simply use the same elevator you came in on. The ride back is just as slow.

Forlorn Islands

This one has a few Drow Witches and a couple of Shadow Knights, there's also a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest off to the right. Once you've got it and the key use the elevator to return to the locked gate.

Towers of Darkness

The rotating blade at the bottom is simple, just follow it around, there's a Tech Spell Punk attacking you though so watch out for that. Kill it and the two enemies next to a closed gate, it'll open once they're dead. This last area locks you in and brings on a few waves of enemies for you to fight.

First up will be some Drow Witches and a Lava King, once they're dead a couple of Shadow Knights will arrive. After them two Tech Spell Punks and finally a Lava King and two Shadow Knights.

If you're ready (your characters will all heal up so don't worry about that), step through the gate and we're off to face Kaos.

Castle Blackthrone

You have two initial directions to go with this fight, either concentrate on wiping out the minions or concentrate on attacking Kaos while he's sat on the floor in his machine. It's a long fight either way.

If you go for the minions then wiping out each trio will advance the stage of the fight, unfortunately this doesn't actually advance any damage done to Kaos. Once you've wiped out all five waves of minions you'll just be left to avoid the magic spells while trying to attack Kaos. The downside being that he will have more health left at this point so you'll have to dodge for longer, the up side being that you can collect or store food from minions, to store it just leave it alone and it'll remain on the floor until you walk into it.

If you go straight for the attack on Kaos you won't have to kill the minions, about every tenth of health you take will advance the stage of the fight and the minions will be replaced by the next set. The up side is that the final stage starts with less health on Kaos, down side is that you won't have any food dotted about the level waiting for you pick it up.

First off you'll get a small array of different minions one at a time, each one getting removed after a while only to be replaced by another whether or not you've killed it. They'll retain their health status when they reappear so attacking them does actually mean something.

Hopefully you remember how you fought them previously, the same thing applies here.

If you kill all of the minions or damage Kaos enough you'll be attacked by the Hydra. This is essentially just the magic spells you'll have encountered before, the game will select one of four at random to attack you. This does mean you can get the same one multiple times in a row.

The blue one does the shark attack. The green one does the green ball attack. The skeleton looking head does the laser attack. The black firey one does the fireball attack.

The spells for now are the most basic form but this will keep going and going until you get Kaos's life bar down about a tenth, he lands at the start of each attack for a few seconds - that is your cue to attack.

The next set of Evil Minions are his brawlers, and he'll send out two at a time. The minions that make up the rotating selection are Stump Smash, Eruptor, and Slam Bam again. After a short time they'll be removed and then the shark magic spell will be cast. You have a chance to attack Kaos at the beginning of each of these parts, take it!

Eruptor is the one most likely to suddenly lower your health, his initial fireball attacks are powerful and if you get caught up in them not only will you be hit by them but the other two minions' attacks will likely hit you too. So stay wary of Eruptor and watch out for Stump Smash's rolling seeds.

If you kill all of those three or you get Kaos down by another tenth, another set of three will take their place. The next lot are Stealth Elf, Zap, and Ghost Roaster, much more annoying enemies. The magic spell cast during these is the one with the green balls.

Ghost Roaster and Zap are the annoying ones this time, just watch Ghost Roaster's preparations to attack and go for Zap first as he has some long range attacks that'll get dangerous.

If you decide to kill those off too the next three will arrive; Zook, Chop Chop, and Sunburn. Even more annoying enemies and you'll now get all three at once. The magic spell for them is the laser beams.

This is the hard part, Chop Chop is just as devastating as the last fight. Keep a close eye on his approach and if possible kill him first.

We're onto Hex, Flameslinger, and Gill Grunt now. You guessed it, it's the fireball spell. These ranged attackers are all fairly pathetic, they all stand still in about the same spot so if you've got an attack that does a wide area of damage it'll be great here.

Once those three are dead, or you've gotten Kaos down to about half health, you're out of minions. On the Wii version at this point Kaos will regenerate, what fun. Now you've instead got to suffer through constant waves of magic spells, you'll get each of them in turn first with Kaos on the floor ready to be attacked and then several more just avoiding them. He'll come down only after you see the Hydra's head swap so just focus on avoiding the spells until then.

That's the last part of the fight, if you're still near the top of Kaos's health bar you've got a long way to go though. Just keep at it and you'll eventually manage to get it to zero and win the battle.


And that's that. What is there to do now? Aside from going back to fully complete any levels you've not done so for yet, you can finish levelling and upgrading your Skylanders, as well as completing any skipped over Heroic Challenges.

#162 7Spyro7 09:41:57 23/09/2014
I play on the Wii version and I got KAO's so close to defeat then suddenly he regenerates back to full health. But :StealfElf: survived the fight and didn't use another Skylander.mshe is awesome
#161 StormDragon21 16:20:34 17/09/2014
Finally defeated Kaos after 10 minutes of fighting and 29 Skylanders.
#160 skyguy247 22:34:23 18/08/2014
Boss fight was a lot easier when I used smilie if that helps anyone at all. Overall great level but still trying to get the "One for All" achievement/trophy because he died at the very end.
#159 Epic popthorn 03:56:50 27/01/2014
This is the only level I ever had restart because my skylanders were all defeated. This was also the most fun level.
#158 SkylandersGamer 12:17:52 02/11/2013
V I know right it's so hard
#157 spyrogirl10 18:42:03 03/10/2013
#156 SunburnCamo 03:12:02 01/09/2013
my wii keeps glitching so i'm going to sell skylanders and keep skylanders giants!!!!!
#155 SkylandersGamer 13:58:31 16/07/2013
i had 12 i forgot that my friend gave me 3 smilie smilie smilie
#154 SkylandersGamer 13:51:37 16/07/2013
V me to it took me 7 days and only had 9
#153 eyebrawler 23:12:34 09/07/2013
it took 4 days to get to chapter 22 and 3 days to beat smilie that's 7 days a whole week but now its easy i beat him 89 times
#152 spyrogirl10 18:26:07 25/06/2013
#151 roneers 10:12:34 18/06/2013
I beat the game with only :terrafin in the underground swim path on the wii
#150 spyrogirl10 15:51:23 29/04/2013
I did that with my friend #149. We thought it was a glitch
#149 lolwhut 01:11:28 20/04/2013
I remember, if you have 2 players, you can go down both paths, if you time your moves right.
#148 skylandersbros 16:36:22 13/04/2013
V definetly this level was harder and more fun.
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