Here are some screenshots and images of the game.

#45 A7XSparx 23:41:44 11/07/2011
@miniquiny999: LOL you really think so? Maybe Spyro's voice in A Hero's Tail, but not any of the new ones smilie
#44 miniquiny999 15:29:04 10/07/2011
the guy whos singing thunder struck sorta sounds like spyro from this game i recorded him singing and spyros voice and sound alot alike
#43 A7XSparx 19:12:32 08/07/2011
@Cyndark: Pffft he has lazer vision smilie That's aweosme smilie
#42 Cyndark 08:31:08 08/07/2011
@A7XSparx I looks like its coming from his left eye
#41 A7XSparx 19:30:00 07/07/2011
Image 29 of 41: Zap. Is that lightning coming out of his HEAD? That's kinda what it looks like....
#40 A7XSparx 21:26:49 04/07/2011
The graphics look really cute and colorful!! smilie
#39 Aura24 01:07:18 02/07/2011
No, that's just the camera angle, it makes it look like Prism Break's gems change color.
#38 Spyro Magic 23:05:55 29/06/2011
Hey! i noticed that Prism Break's crystals change colors sometimes.
#37 Firehead010 23:21:45 28/06/2011
It looks fun!
#36 Wolfina 14:29:02 20/06/2011
Screenshot 17 of 41 - TURTLES!!!!!!FROM RYPTO'S RAGE!!!!!!
omg I missed them x3 BTW, Gill Grunt is the cutest thing for me, what'cha think 'bout him?=)
13 of 41 - was the Cyclops in Spyro series before?I associate them with Okami mostly...
Oh, and new Spyro still looks retarded though...
#35 A7XSparx 21:02:02 13/06/2011
OH MY GOSH THAT WAS EPIC. A lot epicer than what I thought smilie I like Spyro (of course), Chop Chop and Zap the best so far, and this game looks pretty good.
#34 Rider01 19:09:47 13/06/2011
Thx very much smilie
#33 Aura24 16:25:31 13/06/2011
It's called 'Thunderstruck' by AC/DC.
#32 Rider01 10:28:30 13/06/2011
I like this game so far.
Btw. do you know the title of the song in the Reveal Trailer?
#31 dragmundis 23:00:46 06/06/2011
Cool! more character Videos! smilie
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