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Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

Developed by previously unknown (and since) companies Equinoxe/Check Six, this game, it's safe to say, was rubbish. Easily the worst Spyro game ever created. Though I might as well have this section despite that.

Spyro: Enter the DragonflySpyro: Enter the Dragonfly Spyro: Enter the DragonflySpyro: Enter the Dragonfly
North America Nov 5th 2002 European Union Nov 29th 2002
System Developer Age Rating
PlayStation 2
Nintendo GameCube
Equinoxe / Check Six 3+ E - Everyone

There's very little to the story of this game. Basically they're still celebrating the Year of the Dragon festival, but now it's time to give the baby dragons their dragonflies. However Ripto shows up, mucks up a spell and loses all of the dragonflies all over the realm. Even Sparx. It's up to Spyro to save the day again.

#1981 NSane Bandicoot 23:28:57 11/05/2024
My Personal GOAT. Love you king.
#1980 ArisaArtisan 09:27:21 02/11/2023
Attempted to replay this. ... It does. Not hold up. Still "sucks like eggs" as an older comment I made said, lmao.
#1979 MLG Skylander 17:43:39 23/03/2021
This game is hilariously unplayable
#1978 Jaggedstar 00:07:10 11/02/2021
ily spyro xx
#1977 G Hypernova 22:52:54 29/01/2021
Spyro '02
#1976 JeremyIsTheBoss 03:49:13 12/07/2020
Not gonna lie, I actually liked the game for what it was. Would I have wished for a more complete game with more polish, better framerate and smoother controls? Hell yes, but it was alright for what it was. Best Spyro game ever? No.
#1975 ThunderEgg 21:32:08 26/11/2018
I'd be curious to see if TFB ends up doing their own version of ETD... Doesn't seem likely due to the baggage related to the title, but I've always wanted to see a more completed version of the game.
#1974 LegendaryDan 08:53:13 26/08/2018
Next thing after reignited trilogy is a couple mpletex enter the dragonfly/hero’s tail remaster so we can have spyro in all hd
#1973 iWander 00:16:36 30/04/2018
What are you guys talking about???? Dis iz da best game evarrr
#1972 Clank 21:21:00 17/04/2018
I think that the most iconic moment from this game is the final boss. Copeland knew the full magnitude of how awful this game was going to be, so he memed it up by mashing random keys on his piano, then called it a day when he could just barely pass it off as music. Ten out of ten, the perfect ending.
#1971 darknessdawn 16:45:05 11/11/2017
I somehow managed to JUMP into the boss portal before getting halfway done.
Not even I, a self-proclaimed hardcore Spyro fan, whose goal is to play EVERY game in every series featuring Spyro, like this game.
What a shame, this game had such potential! But the developers were forced to finish the game by that holiday season. Why do people keep rushing development? It never goes well, ever.
#1970 Gengar Guy 03:27:53 24/06/2017
Here's a more accurate name for this hot, steaming pile of trash:

Spyro: Enter the Disappointment.

Fun fact: I plan to play through every console Spyro game, including Legend of Spyro, but I'm skipping this one. In fact, I'd rather forget this one even existed and call A Hero's Tail the 4th one.
#1969 Spyrofan37 02:18:53 31/05/2017
Ugh where do I even start with this one? It could have been SO GOOD. But they had to rush it. I've played it before tried to finish it but the lags were so bad I couldn't. Some levels are worse than others. It really is a shame. The levels were so pretty and the music wasn't half bad. Had fun minigames and seemed great. I would even dare to say if they hadn't rushed it so much it could have been better than the first one. It really was a huge disappointment. I'm not sorry to say. They need to do a remake and fix the glitches and the lag and finish the whole game. It would be fantastic and I would buy it in a heartbeat. I really do think that people are unfortunately too harsh when they add their judgement to this game. Sadly, they are right. It's terrible, but not because of the game itself. Just the glitches and the lag.
#1968 SuperSpyroFan55 11:54:48 20/03/2017
Possibly the best game in the entire franchise.
#1967 ghostfury 16:14:38 08/07/2016
This game had potential, it looked gorgeous.
It unfortunately was very rushed and the end product is really bad
If the lag

Was fixed and it had some more developed areas it would be a brilliant game
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