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Welcome to my complete Walkthrough to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. This walkthrough is based off the PlayStation 3 version primarily so some parts may be slightly different if you're on the Wii - the other versions should be pretty much identical.

The walkthrough itself tries not assume you have any specific Skylanders and will mention when you need a certain element or ability to complete a task.


Info PageSelectBack-<
MoveLeft Analog/DpadLeft Stick/DpadAnalog StickWASD
Primary AttackXAAK
Secondary AttackSquare/R1/R2X/Right Trigger/Right BumperBJ
Special AttackO/L1/L2B/Left Trigger/Left BumperZL
Interact with NPCsTriangleYCI
Use ObjectsRight AnalogRight StickSwing RemoteArrows
Skip CutsceneOBZK
Fastforward TextHold XHold AHold AHold K


Every time you kill an enemy they will drop a load of small glowing dots, collect them by walking close. These will fill up the yellow bar at the bottom of your Skylander's portrait, once it reaches the edge your Skylander will level up. Levelling up has a few side effects, one is that some enemies around you may be killed by the powerful burst of energy released, your Skylander will also regain full health as well as their maximum health increasing.

Your attacks and powers do not get stronger with a higher level character, only your health. To increase your other stats you will need to complete Heroic Challenges or wear a Hat.

The game itself does not give you exact numbers but each level requires more and more experience to progress. So, for example, to go from level 9 to level 10 you need about the same amount of experience as is needed to go from level 2 to level 6. Here is a table of the exact numbers to give you an idea of the difference between the levels:

LevelExp neededExp to next level


Also see: Upgrades List

Throughout the levels you will find many coins in various shapes, sizes, and values to pick up, these are stored on your Skylander and can only be used by the Skylander that picked them up. Coins can be found in various smashable items such as barrels, bones, carts, and vases.

You can also find coins in larger quantities in special Treasure Chests that are limited to three per level, these are usually hidden off the main path and require you to explore or solve an optional puzzle to reach. You may need a specific element Skylander to reach some of these.

Once you have completed the third chapter, Sky Schooner Docks, you can upgrade your Skylanders' abilities while in the Ruins hub world. Speak to Persephone to spend your coins on the more powerful moves. You can reduce the cost of these upgrades by finding Winged Sapphires in the Ruins hub world, these are not all available right away and more will appear as you progress through the story.

Each Skylander has four basic upgrades before you have to choose a path to go down, these paths usually mean focusing on one of the Skylander's core abilities and making it even stronger. This choice is permanent and you can only go down one of the paths, the other three abilities are then locked out.

You can of course take drastic action and reset your Skylander to choose their upgrade path again if you're not happy with your selection. This process deletes all experience, levels, coins and nicknames that they have gained.

There is also a special upgrade that requires you to find that Skylander's "Soul Gem". A Soul Gem is a token that you will find hidden somewhere in a specific level - selecting the ability on Persephone's upgrade screen will tell you which. Unfortunately you will still need to spend some coins with Persephone to use the upgrade, it's not free. You can collect Soul Gems for Skylanders that you don't own (yet) and preview them in a short video.


Each Skylander has a base set of stats.

Max Health

This is the maximum amount of health that your Skylander has. To improve this simply level up your character. It will mean you can take more hits before dying.


How fast your Skylander walks around. Improve this with a Hat and by doing certain Heroic Challenges. Two Skylanders with the same amount of speed will move at about the same speed as each other, there may be a tiny advantage but nothing significant. Abilities that make you move faster (such as flying or charging) are also affected by the Skylander's speed stat.


This does not reduce the amount of damage taken, you just have a higher chance to block an attack. You'll see a yellow shield icon appear instead of the damage when it works. Improved by Hats and certain Heroic Challenges.

Critical Hit

The higher this is the more often your attacks will hit with a larger number than usual. When it does take effect your attack will be 1.5 times its normal number. So something that would usually hit for 26 damage would on a crit hit for 39 damage. Improved by Hats and certain Heroic Challenges.

Elemental Power

Increases how much extra damage your Skylander does in their elemental area as well as against their equivalent element in PvP battles. The number appears to simply apply as a percentage of your attack. So for example if you do 80 damage normally and have 50 Elemental Power you will do 40 damage extra in your elemental zone. Improved by Hats and certain Heroic Challenges.


The number of Heroic Challenges your Skylander has completed.

Hero Level

The level on Skylanders: Spyro's Universe - has no effect on the console game.


Also see: Hats List

In each level you can find at least one hat, these are special items that boost your Skylander's stats slightly when worn. Most hats are found behind elemental gates so you will need a Skylander of specific elements to get a lot of the hats.

Each system has a different exclusive hat that is not on the others.

  • PlayStation 3 has a Straw Hat
  • Xbox 360 has a Flower Hat
  • Wii has a Happy Birthday Hat
  • PC has a Bowler Hat
  • 3DS has a Balloon Hat

It does not appear to be possible to permanently unlock these hats cross-platform but they will remain on your Skylanders if you go to a different console with them equipped.

Heroic Challenges

Each Skylander will unlock a Heroic Challenge that when completed by a Skylander will permanently boost their stats slightly. To unlock a Heroic Challenge simply place your Skylander on the portal, however it will not unlock if the Skylander is "owned" by another person or save file. You can simply claim ownership though and unlock the challenge.

To take part in a Heroic Challenge you need to first complete the second chapter, Perilous Pastures, you will then be able to talk to Cali in the Ruins hub world who will start the challenges.

Each Skylander can complete every single challenge themselves, it's just that some may find it certain tasks difficult than others.

Please note that the characters that have multiple toys, like Spyro, Dark Spyro and Legendary Spyro, will unlock only one Heroic Challenge between them.

Crit +5 Speed +8 Armor +3 Elemental +9

Elemental Gates

In each level you will find a few elemental gates, these are entirely optional and by skipping them you do not hinder progress through the story. To open an elemental gate simply stand near to it with a Skylander of the corresponding element.

If you are playing co-op and one player goes through a portal with a whirlpool, whirlwind, or exhaust vent the other player will be dragged in too. You do not need both characters to be the matching element, one will do.

Behind elemental gates you will usually find a small puzzle or set of obstacles to get past to reach a Present with a Hat inside or a Treasure Chest.

Star Rating

Also see: Walkthrough

When you finish a chapter you will be shown a summary screen of your completion of the level's objectives. Each checkmark only needs to be gotten once and then it stays checked permanently, there's no need to get every single thing in one playthrough.

The first star is pretty much a given that you'll earn upon completing a level, although in rare cases you can skip a crucial part.

The second star is how well you've done in the level itself.

  • Enemy Goal is how many enemies you've killed, if you have managed to kill a certain number you will be awarded with this.
  • No Lives Lost is given to you if you complete the level without having any of your Skylanders die. You can switch all you like but if a single Skylander runs out of health you will not gain this checkmark.
  • All Areas Found means that you've been to every area that has its name pop up on the screen, there are named areas behind elemental gates so if you don't have the correct element you won't be able to get this (sometimes standing really close to the gate will count as finding it though, sometimes).
  • Cleared in under, you have to race through the level as fast as you can trying to finish it in the time given. There's no onscreen counter so unless you time yourself you won't know if you've managed it until you get to the summary screen.

The third star is collections. Each level has one or two Soul Gems to find, a Legendary Treasure, one two or three Hats, three Treasure Chests, and a Story Scroll. Many of these will be hidden behind elemental gates so don't get too stressed looking for them if you do not have the element required for the gates in the level. And sometimes they are hidden in plain sight but still need a specific element to reach.

Adventure Packs

The Adventure Packs come with a Skylander, a Location Piece and two Magic Items. The Skylander is just the same as any of the other Skylanders except that their Soul Gem is found in the level that you get with the Location Piece.

The Location Piece when placed on the Portal of Power will unlock a brand new level as well as a battle arena for your PvP fights. It can then also be used as a weapon, place it on the Portal during a fight and you will get some kind of special attack that is usually quite deadly. This ability will work once in a level, resetting when you go into another one.

The Magic Items do not unlock anything but instead temporarily provide your Skylanders with something special.

The main thing is to remember to actually use them.

Pirate Seas

Also see: Pirate Seas Walkthrough

The Pirate Ship, along with unlocking the Pirate Seas level and the Pirate Grotto PvP arena, will cause a blast of cannonfire to cover the area near your Skylanders. To gain access to the level you simply have to walk down to the docks where you'll find the Pirate Ship.

The Hidden Treasure will bring up a radar that will lead you to an extra Treasure Chest buried somewhere in the level. The circles around the treasure icon indicate how close you are, the more that are green the closer you are. If you're standing right on the spot where it indicates a Winged Treasure Chest will appear which you can shake open. This can only be used a certain number of times for each level before it "runs out of power" permanently and you can no longer use it there. If you're struggling to find a Treasure Chest for the Objectives checkmark then you'll be happy to know that this bonus chest actually counts in that total.

The Ghost Swords cause a couple of giant swords to fly around the screen attacking nearby enemies, this only lasts for a few minutes per level so take it off the Portal while you're not attacking anybody. You can see how long there is left by watching the green circle around the icon at the bottom of the screen.

Darklight Crypt

Also see: Darklight Crypt Walkthrough

The Necropolis Battle Arena The Darklight Crypt also doubles up as a weapon of mass destruction. To find the level simply go to the northern end of the Ruins near to Flynn's Balloon.

Time Twister slows down nearby enemies for a while. Duration indicated by green circle around icon.

Healing Elixier heals your Skylanders, it can only heal so much per level so use wisely - it will still count down even if your Skylanders are at full health.

#26 PortalMaster717 17:01:45 28/05/2019
My favorites are

Air: smilie
Life: smilie
Undead: smilie
Earth: smilie
Fire: smilie
Water: smilie
Magic: smilie
Tech: smilie
#25 The_Reaper 18:27:16 02/09/2016
My favourite S1:
Air: smilie
Earth: smilie
Fire: smilie or smilie, idk
Water: smilie
Magic: smilie
Undead: smilie
Life: smilie
#24 skylandersbros 03:50:04 02/11/2013
my favorite series 1
air smilie
water smilie
earth smilie
fire smilie
tech smilie
magic smilie
life smilie
undead smilie
#23 Squid7201 22:02:03 12/02/2013
smilie for the win!!!
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#21 Squid7201 21:43:50 12/02/2013
My favorites
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I love chop-chop
#19 cynder fan47 00:02:31 24/01/2013

↓not me!
#18 skylandersbros 19:43:04 22/01/2013
V not me
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does ANYONE like smilie at all?!!!
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I mean I don't HAVE smilie either
#15 Prismbreak56 18:32:11 22/06/2012
I actually like smilie and also I don't her either
#14 Prismbreak56 18:29:56 22/06/2012
my favorites are
air:wardado: even though I don't have him he's still cool
I don't have a life skylander but I want smilie
#13 20sonic02 17:51:12 05/06/2012
When you do skip cutscenes the Portal of Power(TM) will[spoiler]Flash multicolored in a very short time[/spoiler]
#12 epiccamoshell 23:39:53 29/05/2012
My favorites
magic smilie
earth smilie
water smilie
fire smilie and smilie
tech smilie
undead smilie and smilie
air smilie
life smilie
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