Combat HatCombat Hat15Battlefield
Napoleon HatNapoleon Hat55Leviathan Lagoon
Spy GearSpy Gear25Troll Warehouse
Miner HatMiner Hat77Molekin Mine
General's HatGeneral's Hat77Goo Factory
Pirate HatPirate Hat20Pirate Seas
Propeller CapPropeller Cap3Sky Schooner Docks
Coonskin CapCoonskin Cap10Falling Forest
Straw HatStraw Hat22PS3
Fancy HatFancy Hat12Stormy Stronghold
Top HatTop Hat55Stonetown
Viking HelmetViking Helmet5Shattered Island
Spiked HatSpiked Hat77Goo Factory
Anvil HatAnvil Hat5Shattered Island
BeretBeret15Crawling Catacombs
Birthday HatBirthday Hat12Perilous Pastures
Bone HeadBone Head37Cadaverous Crypt
Bowler HatBowler Hat22PC
Wabbit EarsWabbit Ears512Lair of Kaos
Tropical TurbanTropical Turban25Dark Water Cove
Chef HatChef Hat1010Darklight Crypt
Cowboy HatCowboy Hat22Perilous Pastures
Rocker HairRocker Hair73Creepy Citadel
Royal CrownRoyal Crown10Dragon's Peak
Lil DevilLil Devil9Lava Lakes Railway
Eye HatEye Hat55Crystal Eye Castle
FezFez5Stormy Stronghold
Crown of LightCrown of Light15Cadaverous Crypt
Jester HatJester Hat12Sky Schooner Docks
Winged HatWinged Hat12Dragon's Peak
Moose HatMoose Hat25Treetop Terrace
Plunger HeadPlunger Head22Oilspill Island
Pan HatPan Hat22Shattered Island
Rocket HatRocket Hat6Troll Warehouse
Santa HatSanta Hat20Empire of Ice
Tiki HatTiki Hat10Dark Water Cove
Trojan HelmetTrojan Helmet10Crystal Eye Castle
Unicorn HatUnicorn Hat1212Quicksilver Vault
Wizard HatWizard Hat25Arkeyan Armory
Pumpkin HatPumpkin Hat10Darklight Crypt
Pirate Doo RagPirate Doo Rag4Pirate Seas
Cossack HatCossack Hat10Empire of Ice
Flower HatFlower Hat22Xbox 360
Balloon HatBalloon Hat223DS
Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday!22Wii

#75 Thumpback12 19:35:05 14/04/2013
flower hat for smilie
#74 Thumpback12 19:34:06 14/04/2013
trigger happy is awesome with the cowboy hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#73 Squid7201 15:50:41 13/02/2013
Eruptor looks awesome in the top hat
#72 censor2112 04:16:53 08/02/2013
anyone know a good looking hat for eruptor I can't seem to find a hat that fits on his head
#71 PabloDaniel 19:03:39 02/01/2013
What hat for smilie, or smilie or smilie
#70 mega spyro 00:19:33 21/11/2012
hey I figured out something cool about the hats. Lets say that you have 47 armor and that is the max armor and you put on the santa hat. Even though you can have 47 your armor is 67 and I know this works becauase when we did the santa hat on some one with like 34 armor (by the way it was smilie) and it said he had 54 and the bar was bigger than before!
#69 cyndertiko 11:34:46 02/11/2012
#68 weebbby 18:40:07 30/09/2012
smilie looks great in the chef hat.
#67 Limman 15:38:44 06/08/2012
Musthave hairdos
smilie miner hat, jester hat
smilie top hat, crown of light
And that is all
#66 desertindy24 02:24:34 26/07/2012
After my brother and I have upgraded all of our Skylanders to Level 10, we'll be changing the hats for whoever looks best in them, but for now, we give hats based on stats.

smilie = Pan Hat smilie = Propeller Cap smilie = Viking Helmet smilie = Tiki Hat

smilie = Birthday Hat smilie = Bone Head smilie = Winged Helmet smilie = Rocket Hat

smilie = Spy Gear smilie = Cossack Hat smilie = General's Hat smilie = Pirate Doo Rag (This hat was made for him!)

smilie = Lil Devil smilie = Combat Hat smilie = Santa Hat smilie = Beret

smilie = Wabbit Ears smilie = Pirate Hat smilie = Eye Hat smilie = Pumpkin Hat

smilie = Spiked Hat smilie =Chef Hat smilie = Royal Crown smilie = Coonskin Cap

smilie = Anvil Hat smilie = Plunger Hat smilie = Tropical Turban smilie = Top Hat

smilie = Fancy Hat smilie = Rocker Hair smilie = Moose Hat smilie = Trojan Helmet

smilie = Happy Birthday! smilie = Jester Hat smilie = Unicorn Hat smilie = Fez

Also, we have two doubles, and a Walmart exclusive ruby-colored Drill Sergeant, like pearl Hex. Their hats are as follows:

smilie = Cowboy Hat
smilie = Miner Hat
smilie = Napoleon Hat (It makes him look so cute!)
#65 banjonator1 18:31:20 25/07/2012
Wrecking Ball is absolutely adorable in the top hat.

No argument.

And Prism Break is irrefutably awesome looking in the jester hat.
#64 Ace Archdragon 06:46:58 21/07/2012
My Skylanders are as follows:
smilie-currently in an unplayable state- smilie Crown of Light smilie Pirate Hat smilie Santa Hat
smilie Rocker Hair smilie Combat Hat smilie Chef Hat
smilie Beret smilie None smilie Napoleon Hat
smilie Top Hat smilie General's Hat
smilie Cowboy Hat smilie Rocker Hair
smilie Crown of Light smilie Fancy Hat smilie Wizard Hat smilie Top Hat
smilie Cowboy Hat smilie Top Hat
smilie Winged Hat smilie None smilie Beret
smilie Crown of Light smilie Rocker Hair smilie Top Hat smilie Wizard Hat
#63 spyroxbox 17:46:05 23/06/2012
bash+unicorn hat=?
#62 Flameslinger9 00:44:12 20/06/2012
smilie looks funny in a jester hat.
#61 warnado745 01:02:22 09/06/2012
smilie looks priceless with the fancy hat
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