Combat HatCombat Hat15Battlefield
Napoleon HatNapoleon Hat55Leviathan Lagoon
Spy GearSpy Gear25Troll Warehouse
Miner HatMiner Hat77Molekin Mine
General's HatGeneral's Hat77Goo Factory
Pirate HatPirate Hat20Pirate Seas
Propeller CapPropeller Cap3Sky Schooner Docks
Coonskin CapCoonskin Cap10Falling Forest
Straw HatStraw Hat22PS3
Fancy HatFancy Hat12Stormy Stronghold
Top HatTop Hat55Stonetown
Viking HelmetViking Helmet5Shattered Island
Spiked HatSpiked Hat77Goo Factory
Anvil HatAnvil Hat5Shattered Island
BeretBeret15Crawling Catacombs
Birthday HatBirthday Hat12Perilous Pastures
Bone HeadBone Head37Cadaverous Crypt
Bowler HatBowler Hat22PC
Wabbit EarsWabbit Ears512Lair of Kaos
Tropical TurbanTropical Turban25Dark Water Cove
Chef HatChef Hat1010Darklight Crypt
Cowboy HatCowboy Hat22Perilous Pastures
Rocker HairRocker Hair73Creepy Citadel
Royal CrownRoyal Crown10Dragon's Peak
Lil DevilLil Devil9Lava Lakes Railway
Eye HatEye Hat55Crystal Eye Castle
FezFez5Stormy Stronghold
Crown of LightCrown of Light15Cadaverous Crypt
Jester HatJester Hat12Sky Schooner Docks
Winged HatWinged Hat12Dragon's Peak
Moose HatMoose Hat25Treetop Terrace
Plunger HeadPlunger Head22Oilspill Island
Pan HatPan Hat22Shattered Island
Rocket HatRocket Hat6Troll Warehouse
Santa HatSanta Hat20Empire of Ice
Tiki HatTiki Hat10Dark Water Cove
Trojan HelmetTrojan Helmet10Crystal Eye Castle
Unicorn HatUnicorn Hat1212Quicksilver Vault
Wizard HatWizard Hat25Arkeyan Armory
Pumpkin HatPumpkin Hat10Darklight Crypt
Pirate Doo RagPirate Doo Rag4Pirate Seas
Cossack HatCossack Hat10Empire of Ice
Flower HatFlower Hat22Xbox 360
Balloon HatBalloon Hat223DS
Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday!22Wii

#15 PoetSoul 22:17:34 17/01/2012
That is awful... Nice one activision. I bought the pc/mac edition just to get the bowler hat figuring it would unlock once my figure wore the hat into my xbox edition... WRONG! Make this right activision, remove the spots or allow the trade!
#14 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 16:22:03 09/01/2012
Unfortunately you can't get them permanently into your collection. You'll be stuck with those gaps forever. smilie
#13 PoetSoul 19:12:59 07/01/2012
so how do I go about getting the extra console exclusive hats on my Xbox version? I would kind of like 100%
#12 lman200 20:05:29 06/01/2012
my spyro looks awsome with bunny ears :3
#11 Sceptillio133 07:53:34 05/01/2012
I agree with EZ, but some hats make some skylanders look a little goofy in my opinion.
#10 EZ 21:40:17 29/12/2011
Actually, many of the hats can be useful. Just check your STATs.

Any character with really slow speed is going to benefit from Wabbit Ears, Lil
Devil or the Winged Hat.

A character with already good or excellent speed will benefit more from any hat with Armor and/or Critical Hit.

The Elemental hats seem to add more overall bonus' in the character's own elemental zone.
#9 kacper999 15:25:11 11/12/2011
cool hats
#8 StealthSpyro 13:50:46 07/12/2011
I need to go back and find the Wizard Hat.

There are many hats that can be very useful. For example, any hat that increases speed is really good for Prism Break, who moves slowly, but is pretty much useless to Stealth Elf. Of course anything that increases your critical hit and armor by equal amounts is good no matter what character you are using.
#7 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 21:25:34 04/12/2011
I'd rank the Wizard Hat and the Pirate Hat as the top two personally. Wizard for when you're in your own elemental zone and Pirate for everywhere else.
#6 Archae 18:10:13 04/12/2011
Of all the hats, the Crown Of Light is the most useful.
#5 miniquiny999 00:19:41 01/12/2011
i know
#4 Red Spyro 03:47:55 30/11/2011

The 3DS version is differen't yes, be patiant and I'm sure Dark52 will manage to get a guide up for the 3DS V. soon smilie.
#3 miniquiny999 22:51:02 26/11/2011
i'm asuming handheld is much different then console because i have the 3ds version and none of theese worlds are in it. also its an evile mask not a tatooed freak that's obsessed with choking fruit/house flies
#2 Materialist123 19:08:06 25/11/2011
Wabbit Ears and Ballon hat it so cool
#1 StevemacQ 11:57:58 24/11/2011
Skylanders drew influence from Team Fortress 2.
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