Here are some screenshots and images of the game.

#60 Sonicblast109 19:15:18 24/10/2014
in my opinion in picture 31 grinnade just looks pretty badass am i right? smilie


or never mind about the kaos post
#59 kyleportal 09:06:45 09/10/2014
V i agreee
#58 xXBeavcoonXx 23:24:46 04/10/2014
V You can post the URL's here
#57 Kaosdark12 22:52:56 20/09/2014
I see is there a way we can ask him to add more pictures on here?
#56 skylandsfan 20:20:02 20/09/2014
V you cant. Only dark52 can
#55 Kaosdark12 20:12:53 20/09/2014
how do I add more pictures to this gallery?
#54 TheShadowDragon 14:28:54 18/09/2014
Which appearances of the Chompies do you like better, original or alternate? I personally like their second ones better than the first.
#53 chunkeymonkey 01:08:26 17/09/2014
Where is the artwork for newer characters? Where are the gamplay photos?
#52 GadtheGreat 22:45:59 01/09/2014
V Nice man! I pre-ordered the Dark Starter pack already! I really wanted Wild Fire and some dark Skylanders! (my first ones!) But the Dark guys in this gam are so much better, 30 more strength, 30 defense, 40 more agility and the same luck! Such improvements could not be skipped! And there is the ultimate Kaos trap... I wonder why it's ultimate!? It was the only way to trap Kaos on release! And the only way to get the dark pack/Kaos trap, was to pre-order the Dark Pack!

Well yay, I am excited for the game! It is going to be awesome! Talk on the normal Trap Team page, that's where I talk! And I'll tell you all how awesome Trap Team is, because I live in Australia! 2 of Oct is our release date! One month on the dot to go! smilie

Wow that was a long message! I hope you (DarkTrapper) actually read this!
#51 DarkTrapper612 15:47:37 21/08/2014
V Yeah that's true, I'm not sure if I'll get the regular Wildfire if I get the Dark Edition. Maybe I'll pick him up later. But one main reason I'm buying the Dark Edition is for the Ultimate Kaos Trap. Plus I'll get 2 Tablet Starter Packs for Christmas. One For Me, One For My Sister.
#50 Graywolfe 01:19:57 16/08/2014
Dark Wildfire would be the only reason i would get the dark starter set but i still havn't decided if i will or not.
#49 TheShadowDragon 14:19:31 13/08/2014
The only Dark figure I definitely want to own and play as is Dark Snap Shot. As for the other two, I just don't quite feel them.
#48 Greeble 16:05:37 07/08/2014
I'm not really feeling the Dark Starter pack, it just looks wrong to me, especially Wildfire.
#47 Trap master 13:11:18 28/07/2014
That's luigi in mario kart 8 not in trap team don't get confused.
#46 sikks 20:00:30 24/07/2014
giant gulper on image 43
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