Lair of the Golden Queen


Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestVillain Stash
Classic Pot HatBeetle HatCrazy Light Bulb Hat
Short Cut
Bad Juju (Air)Golden Queen (Earth)
Bad Juju Quest: Remote LocationGrave Clobber Quest: Where is Flynn?
Story Scroll
Legendary Hippo Head
Winged Sapphire

Tomb of the Forgotten Queen

Just past Cali is a light and block puzzle, you're going to have to move the blocks so that you can redirect the light into the receptacle on the other wall. First push the two left blocks so they're out of the way of the light, then push the left of the right blocks towards the wall and the right one to the right, go pull the lever twice and it will now open the door.

You may fall down a few times ahead but let's get it out of the way right now, once you're through the opened door jump off the side towards the middle of the area.

The Darkest Reach

Down here you'll fight for the first time (unless you've been doing the arenas) an undead bat looking enemy that throws out winged eyeballs. When the eyeballs go up into the air they'll fall down with a marker trying to hit you, after they've all landed they'll fire off little purple blasts at you as they disappear again. Avoid those blasts and attack the main enemy as it won't do any damage to you itself. In the back right corner is the Villain Stash Villain Stash and in the bottom left a Mabu named Mut who wants to play Skystones Smash before letting you out (and giving you 3000 coins). If you fall down here again there'll be new enemies to fight but you won't have to play Skystones Smash again, the door will just be open.

The Halls of Treachery

Go up and over the thin double ramp to an open area where some enemies will attack. First it'll be three shield skeletons and a furnace but you'll then be joined by a Bad Juju. After taking them out go to the Air Elemental Gate in the corner.

Cradle of the Four Winds (Air)

Your task in here is just to get to the other end of the wind tunnel, try to avoid the tornadoes if you can but sometimes they just cover the whole path so just let yourself get taken a short distance backwards and carry on. At the end is Classic Pot Hat Hat 1/3 - Classic Pot Hat.

Now to cross the tiles by Cali, the ones with a giant X in them are the ones that are going to fall away beneath you so don't stand on them too long (the Trophy/Achievement requires that you don't fall, so don't!). Across them is Glumshanks with a Quest for Bad Juju Bad Juju Quest: Remote Location Remote Location who in story progression you don't have just yet. Once you do return to evolve her (him?) and open up Beetle Hat Hat 2/3 - Beetle Hat.

To the left of Glumshanks is a Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal, jump up and push the block off the edge, push it out then right and back in again to be able to use it to jump over to Short Cut Soul Gem 1/1 - Short Cut.

Going right from Glumshanks there's another floor tile "puzzle" to cross, the ones with four holes in them have a spear trap so avoid those altogether if possible. If you cross by stepping on every solid platform a wall at the far end of the area will lower.

The Secret Vault

Back here is Legendary Hippo Head Legendary Treasure - Legendary Hippo Head.

Another light and block puzzle, push the block to the right of the first crystal forwards, then the one blocking the beam towards the crystal and then right to where the first block was. To get the other block out of the way of the beam push the block next to it to the right first and then you can push it. One last step, pull the lever in the corner twice.

Here's where the cracked blocks get a little trickier, you have to pick up the key in the far corner but it's surrounded and sitting on cracked blocks, the ones with orange lines on them are permanently off limits as you get hurt just stepping on them. Get as far across the blocks as you can on the solid platforms by jumping diagonally and then run and jump to the corner to get the key before going down to the left over the green plus squares (that heal) and unlocking the gate. Behind there is a Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire. However it should be noted that there is a second use for this key, if you pick it up and continue through the level without unlocking the Winged Sapphire door (on a second go through there would be no point anyway) you'll later find a locked door with two locks but only one nearby key, this is for that.

There should still be plenty of cracked tiles left to get back over to the solid ones and continue northwards into a doorway.

The Parade of Broken Soldiers

Quick block puzzle, push the right block towards the wall and it'll form a little step to get up. Push the two blocks on the right side of the pit off to form a bridge to another block on a block in the middle, push it off left. Now go back around and push the left two blocks into the pit and over where that block just was, that'll make a step to get on up.

The Spy Guys are like security cameras, if you go into the yellow light underneath them they'll pick you up and dump you back at the beginning of the section. Wait for the first Spy Guy to start moving away and slowly follow it, wait at the middle points for it to come back past you again so you can go on.

Keep on straight ahead to a block puzzle with purple heads along the sides. All you have to do here is push the blocks so they're in line and can jump along them to reach Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/3.

Jump down and go back to the right where the next set of Spy Guys are waiting. The thing to do here is to attack the statues next to them so they fall on the Spy Guys and destroy them.

After that to the left you'll find Cali with a Quest for Grave Clobber Grave Clobber Quest: Where is Flynn? Where is Flynn?.

Defeat a couple of shield skeletons and then step on the big blue button to lower the first of the gates. Teleport to a bunch of Threatpacks, you can ignore them (health wise you may be better off) and go up the ramp but if you want to attack them try waiting for them to fall to the floor first. Up the ramp you'll find a teleporter.

Smash through the brick wall, defeat a few enemies and use the teleporter behind them. Defeat an Eye Scream and a furnace and wind around the walls to the left where you'll find a second button. Use the teleporter it makes appear and when attacking the next lot of enemies try using your secondary attack rather than the primary one as there are a lot of the goo Chompies here. After another teleporter go up the ramp and through another.

This room has nothing but coins and the last button. Teleport out, grab a bomb and go forwards to throw it at the final wall blocking your way to Flynn.

Just the evolution as a reward this time. Over in the corner is a Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal with a key underneath, this is where you'd need the other key from earlier in the level that is otherwise used to open the Winged Sapphire door. If you've brought that all this way then you can open up the double locked door next to you and open Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/3.

Go to the right and knock over a statue to get along the sides of the patrolling Spy Guy and then another to reach an open area where you'll fight some enemies including a Rage Mage and then at the end you'll fight the actual Air villain Bad Juju (Air) Bad Juju. Her attacks consist of twirling her stick above her head for a while (which will suck you in a bit) and then blasting out a tornado, if you're close by you'll probably get hit but if you've stood back you should be able to step out of the way and let it go past you. At that point attack her further. More enemies will appear throughout the fight so take them down when they appear as they'll be more dangerous than Bad Juju really, just keep an eye out for the tornado while you do. Defeating her will earn you 1600 coins and a Skystone.

After defeating a few more enemies go talk to the Mabu, Nut, by the exit to play some Skystones Smash to get out (and win 1500 coins).

The Seat of Flowing Gold

Go to the left at the turning to a large tile section, make your way across to the bottom left corner (the tiles with a circle and a diamond shape on them are coin squares that give you some coins when you step onto them, they're also safe from falling). In that corner you'll find a Magic Elemental Gate.

The Evershifting Abyss (Magic)

To cross the constantly flipping tiles you simply need to wait for each one to flip to the best side and then stand on it, while you're standing on it it will stop flipping. The tiles with the three blue dots on will give you a small amount of experience. Cross over to the left side of the area to find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/3 and make your way to the back of the area to find Crazy Light Bulb Hat Hat 3/3 - Crazy Light Bulb Hat, you'll have to go back across the tiles to get out.

Cross the tiles back out here to the far edge (where the Trophy/Achievement popped for me) and go right up the steps. Don't go up the other steps though carry on to the right but be careful of the Spy Guy patrolling, you can avoid it by walking on the edge. At the far right you'll find Story Scroll Story Scroll. If you fell off the edge or went right at the start of the area there is a Lock Puzzle.

The solution to the Lock Puzzle is Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right,Up, Left, Up, Right, Up, Right, Up.

Heart of Gold

Head up the stairs at the back.

The Temple of Divine Treasure

Carry on up to fight the Earth villain Golden Queen (Earth) Golden Queen. To start off just jump over the energy circles she sends out which pulse back in again. This will go on for a while so keep hitting her until she explodes and a bunch of coins fall all over the place, try to grab as many as you can before she sucks them back in and heals a little.

The next stage begins with an object firing spinning discs around the place, try to destroy the object as otherwise those discs are going to be nonstop. At each small pause jump in the opposite direction over the line, just keep moving back and forth until you eventually destroy it. If that wasn't annoying enough as soon as she gets back up the Golden Queen will start doing her first stage circle attack and the flying discs will start up again. You'll have to keep dodging them all as you whittle down the flying object again. That'll briefly stun the Golden Queen again, keep doing that until the next stage of the fight starts.

The third stage has a bit of the floor taken away and the Golden Queen starts slamming down three circles at once, actually seems a bit easier than the one at a time crazy overlaps of before. After a bit of damage she'll summon up the flying object again for you to destroyas the floor disappears. Once that's destroyed the fourth stage begins.

This opens with the floor being reduced to nine squares and then a boulder falling onto it, jump away as soon as you see the next platform appear so you can avoid the damage. After surviving that the last square will be surrounded by four of those flying disc dispensers all of which you have to destroy, hit each of them whenever you can and concentrate more on jumping over the discs. Once they're all gone get ready as the Golden Queen will return the floor but then immediately start smashing down in a giant ball destroying it again, stand back from her and jump in her direction each time the collapse approaches.

The last stage of the fight requires you to jump over discs and energy circles until the Golden Queen collapses, I found it easier to stick to the middle column of squares and jumping over all the circles in one go while watching out for the discs at the same time. The fight will advance to six circling flying disc dispensers that you need to destroy, I'd go anti-clockwise through each one smacking them as you watch out for the discs and occasionally jump over them. Eventually she'll fall over once more, damage her and then when she gets back up start running towards the camera down the steps. There's a few obstacles to destroy along the way and at the bottom you need to smash one of the pillars to finally finish the fight. A bounty of 4000 coins and a Skystone.

Skylanders Academy

The Legendary Hippo Head is placed at the entrance to the Game Room and creates some new waterfall dispensers.

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Bad Juju-Charles F. Muntz (Up!)
smilie-Tai Lung (Kung-Fu Panda)
#4 spyrothe111 00:10:41 25/01/2015
This was such an awesome battle. smilie
But the last part where you run from her feels a bit unfinished... :I
#3 Cheryl 15:20:56 19/01/2015
The secret area opens up when you step on every square on the bridge before the room
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:golden queen: i have had difficultes in her battle it freezes
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I like the battle against the Golden Queen.

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