Throughout Skylanders Trap Team there are many hats to find, some hidden away in Elemental Gates, others as rewards for challenges. Each one will raise one or more of your stats while it is being worn, the table below details those stat increases and gives you a general location for them (at least the locations that are known so far).

Unfortunately almost all of the old hats need to be manually brought over to Trap Team by equipping them in Spyro's Adventure/Giants/Swap Force and placing the character wearing them on the Traptanium Portal in Trap Team. It's a rather lengthy process but if you're just after them for their stats then look no further than the table below before you begin.

Click the headings to sort the table.

Storm Hat Storm Hat5Critical Hit8SpeedAuric (Ch02)
Turtle Hat Turtle Hat7ArmorCh01 - Water
Melon Hat Melon Hat5Elemental PowerCh01 - Life
Bucket Hat Bucket Hat5ArmorCh01 - Tech
Weather Vane Hat Weather Vane Hat25ArmorAuric (Ch13)
Sleuth Hat Sleuth Hat7Critical HitCh02 - Earth
Hedgehog Hat Hedgehog Hat2Speed2Elemental PowerCh02 - Life
Skipper Hat Skipper Hat5ArmorCh02 - Dark
Paperboy Hat Paperboy Hat4SpeedCh03 - Bruiser Cruiser
Horns Be With You Hat Horns Be With You Hat7Elemental PowerCh03 - Magic
Hunting Hat Hunting Hat2Critical Hit2ArmorCh03 - Undead
Eggshell Hat Eggshell Hat25ArmorArena - Phoenix Nest
Parrot Nest Parrot Nest7SpeedCh04 - Buzzer Beak
Ceiling Fan Hat Ceiling Fan Hat5Critical Hit5ArmorCh04 - Air
Daisy Crown Daisy Crown5Critical Hit2SpeedCh04 - Water
Juicer Hat Juicer Hat13Armor5SpeedCh05 - Light
Colander Hat Colander Hat10ArmorCh05 - Fire
Scooter Hat Scooter Hat10Elemental PowerCh05 - Air
Steampunk Hat Steampunk Hat17ArmorCh06 - Brawlrus
Imperial Hat Imperial Hat2ArmorCh06 - Earth
Metal Fin Hat Metal Fin Hat12Critical HitCh06 - Undead
Shadow Ghost Hat Shadow Ghost Hat20Critical Hit7ArmorCh07 - Dark
Night Cap Night Cap25Critical HitArena - Dreamquake
Clown Classic Hat Clown Classic Hat20Elemental PowerCh07 - Fisticuffs
Dragon Skull Dragon Skull5Critical Hit10ArmorCh07 - Undead
Synchronized Swimming Cap Synchronized Swimming Cap10Critical Hit10ArmorCh08 - Water
Old-Time Movie Hat Old-Time Movie Hat15Elemental PowerCh08 - Tech
Rugby Hat Rugby Hat7Critical Hit3SpeedCh08 - Magic
Garrison Hat Garrison Hat20ArmorCh09 - Bomb Shell
Mountie Hat Mountie Hat15ArmorCh09 - Life
Volcano Island Hat Volcano Island Hat15Critical HitCh09 - Fire
Rubber Glove Hat Rubber Glove Hat12Critical Hit12ArmorCh10 - Pain-Yatta
Candle Hat Candle Hat25Elemental PowerArena - Drain of Sorrows
Trash Lid Trash Lid10Armor10Elemental PowerCh10 - Fire
Shower Cap Shower Cap6SpeedCh10 - Water
Clown Bowler Hat Clown Bowler Hat20Critical HitCh11 - Undead
Lil' Elf Hat Lil' Elf Hat8SpeedCh11 - Magic
Bobby Bobby20Armor7Elemental PowerCh12 - Dr. Krankcase
Alarm Clock Hat Alarm Clock Hat10Armor4SpeedCh12 - Earth
Kokoshnik Kokoshnik30Elemental PowerCh13 - Light
Extreme Viking Hat Extreme Viking Hat15Critical Hit10Elemental PowerCh13 - Fire
Tin Foil Hat Tin Foil Hat10Armor15Elemental PowerCh13 - Wolfgang
Kepi Hat Kepi Hat25Critical HitCh14 - Krankenstein
Nurse Hat Nurse Hat30ArmorCh14 - Bone Chompy
Cubano Hat Cubano Hat7Speed7Elemental PowerCh14 - Tech
Planet Hat Planet Hat10SpeedArena - Exhaust Junction
Monday Hat Monday Hat10Critical Hit10Elemental PowerCh14 - Earth
William Tell Hat William Tell Hat25Critical HitCh15 - Life
Radar Hat Radar Hat5Critical Hit15ArmorCh15 - Water
Pyramid Hat Pyramid Hat20Critical Hit10ArmorArena - Quicksand Coliseum
Desert Crown Desert Crown27Elemental PowerCh16 - Earth
Batter Up Hat Batter Up Hat15Critical Hit12ArmorCh16 - Air
Beetle Hat Beetle Hat30ArmorCh17 - Bad Juju
Classic Pot Hat Classic Pot Hat30ArmorCh17 - Air
Crazy Light Bulb Hat Crazy Light Bulb Hat12SpeedCh17 - Magic
Brain Hat Brain Hat37Elemental PowerCh18 - Dark
Brainiac Hat Brainiac Hat15Critical Hit6SpeedCh18 - Tech
Wizard Hat Wizard Hat10Critical Hit10SpeedArena - Brock's Rumble Clubhouse
Candy Cane Hat Candy Cane Hat20Critical Hit20Armor10SpeedComplete Kaos Doom Challenge
Bronze Arkeyan Helm Bronze Arkeyan Helm20Critical Hit15Armor4SpeedBeat Final Boss on Easy
Silver Arkeyan Helm Silver Arkeyan Helm30Critical Hit17Armor6SpeedBeat Final Boss on Medium
Gold Arkeyan Helm Gold Arkeyan Helm37Critical Hit20Armor8SpeedBeat Final Boss on Hard
Rainbow Hat Rainbow Hat42Critical Hit25Armor10SpeedBeat Final Boss on Nightmare
Bellhop Hat Bellhop Hat5Elemental PowerAuric (Ch02)
Flight Attendant Hat Flight Attendant Hat5Critical HitAuric (Ch02)
Miniature Skylands Hat Miniature Skylands Hat4SpeedAuric (Ch07)
Pork Pie Hat Pork Pie Hat10Critical HitAuric (Ch07)
Rude Boy Hat Rude Boy Hat10ArmorAuric (Ch07)
Palm Hat Palm Hat10Elemental PowerAuric (Ch07)
Croissant Hat Croissant Hat15ArmorAuric (Ch13)
Tribal Hat Tribal Hat15Critical HitAuric (Ch13)
Sherpa Hat Sherpa Hat15Elemental PowerAuric (Ch13)
Toucan Hat Toucan Hat10Armor4SpeedAuric (Ch13)
Molekin Mountain Hat Molekin Mountain Hat25Elemental PowerAuric (Ch15)
Wooden Hat Wooden Hat17Critical Hit5ArmorRank 05
Raver Hat Raver Hat5Armor8SpeedRank 10
Shire Hat Shire Hat5Armor9SpeedRank 14
Core of Light Hat Core of Light Hat12Critical Hit8SpeedRank 18
Medieval Bard Hat Medieval Bard Hat32ArmorRank 22
Mongol Hat Mongol Hat32Critical HitRank 25
Model Home Hat Model Home Hat20Critical Hit8SpeedRank 30
Octavius Cloptimus Hat Octavius Cloptimus Hat15SpeedRank 34
Sheepwrecked Hat Sheepwrecked Hat37Critical HitRank 37
Ice Cream Hat Ice Cream Hat20SpeedRank 40
Cornucopia Hat Cornucopia Hat2Speed15Elemental PowerCh22 - Life
Carnival Hat Carnival Hat10Critical Hit4SpeedCh22
Gondolier Hat Gondolier Hat5Armor10Elemental PowerCh22 - Water
Cycling Hat Cycling Hat8Speed7Elemental PowerCh21 - Trolling Thunder
Coconut Hat Coconut Hat21Armor3SpeedCh21 - Lob Goblin
Medic Hat Medic Hat23ArmorCh21 - Magic
Outback Hat Outback Hat6SpeedCh21 - Tech
Dark Helm Dark Helm35Critical HitCh20 - Dark
Lighthouse Beacon Hat Lighthouse Beacon Hat23Armor4SpeedCh20 - Luminous
Light Bulb Hat Light Bulb Hat17Critical Hit4SpeedCh20 - Earth
Firefly Jar Firefly Jar30ArmorCh19 - Light
Bat Hat Bat Hat22Critical Hit4SpeedCh19 - Nightshade
Eye of Kaos Hat Eye of Kaos Hat22Elemental PowerCh19 - Magic
Monday (Fancy Hat) Monday (Fancy Hat)2Armor1SpeedLegacy / Hatterson
Cowboy Hat Cowboy Hat2Critical Hit2ArmorLegacy / Hatterson
Plunger Head Plunger Head2Armor2Elemental PowerLegacy / Hatterson
Purple Fedora Purple Fedora2Critical Hit1SpeedLegacy / Hatterson
Turban Turban5ArmorLegacy / Hatterson
Biter Hat Biter Hat5Critical HitLegacy / Hatterson
Propeller Cap Propeller Cap3SpeedLegacy / Hatterson
Coonskin Cap Coonskin Cap10Critical HitLegacy / Hatterson
Royal Crown Royal Crown10Critical HitLegacy / Hatterson
Mariachi Hat Mariachi Hat10ArmorLegacy / Hatterson
Archer Hat Archer Hat10Critical HitLegacy / Hatterson
Toy Solider Hat Toy Solider Hat5Critical Hit2ArmorLegacy / Hatterson
Pirate Hat Pirate Hat20Critical HitLegacy / Hatterson
Rocket Hat Rocket Hat6SpeedLegacy / Hatterson
Traffic Cone Hat Traffic Cone Hat15Critical HitLegacy / Hatterson
Princess Hat Princess Hat3Speed7Elemental PowerLegacy / Hatterson
Future Hat Future Hat10SpeedLegacy / Hatterson
Wabbit Ears Wabbit Ears12Armor5SpeedLegacy / Hatterson
Unicorn Hat Unicorn Hat12Critical Hit12ArmorLegacy / Hatterson
Firefighter Helmet Firefighter Helmet20Critical HitLegacy / Hatterson
Combat Hat Combat Hat15Elemental PowerLegacy
Napoleon Hat Napoleon Hat5Armor5Elemental PowerLegacy
Spy Gear Spy Gear5Critical Hit2SpeedLegacy
Miner Hat Miner Hat7Armor7Elemental PowerLegacy
General's Hat General's Hat7Critical Hit7Elemental PowerLegacy
Straw Hat Straw Hat2Critical Hit2ArmorLegacy
Top Hat Top Hat5Critical Hit5ArmorLegacy
Viking Helmet Viking Helmet5Critical HitLegacy
Spiked Hat Spiked Hat7Critical Hit7ArmorLegacy
Anvil Hat Anvil Hat5ArmorLegacy
Beret Beret15Critical HitLegacy
Birthday Hat Birthday Hat2Critical Hit1SpeedLegacy
Bone Head Bone Head3Speed7Elemental PowerLegacy
Bowler Hat Bowler Hat2Critical Hit2ArmorLegacy
Tropical Turban Tropical Turban2Speed5Elemental PowerLegacy
Chef Hat Chef Hat10Critical Hit10Elemental PowerLegacy
Rocker Hair Rocker Hair7Critical Hit3SpeedLegacy
Lil Devil Lil Devil9SpeedLegacy
Eye Hat Eye Hat5Critical Hit5Elemental PowerLegacy
Fez Fez5Elemental PowerLegacy
Crown of Light Crown of Light15ArmorLegacy
Jester Hat Jester Hat1Speed2Elemental PowerLegacy
Winged Hat Winged Hat12SpeedLegacy
Moose Hat Moose Hat5Armor2SpeedLegacy
Pan Hat Pan Hat2Armor2Elemental PowerLegacy
Santa Hat Santa Hat20ArmorLegacy
Tiki Hat Tiki Hat10Elemental PowerLegacy
Trojan Helmet Trojan Helmet10ArmorLegacy
Wizard Hat Wizard Hat25Elemental PowerLegacy
Pumpkin Hat Pumpkin Hat10ArmorLegacy
Pirate Doo Rag Pirate Doo Rag4SpeedLegacy
Cossack Hat Cossack Hat10Elemental PowerLegacy
Flower Hat Flower Hat2Critical Hit2ArmorLegacy
Balloon Hat Balloon Hat2Critical Hit2ArmorLegacy
Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!2Critical Hit2ArmorLegacy
Vintage Baseball Cap Vintage Baseball Cap8SpeedLegacy
Bowling Pin Hat Bowling Pin Hat10Critical Hit10ArmorLegacy
Officer Cap Officer Cap7Armor3SpeedLegacy
Graduation Hat Graduation Hat15Elemental PowerLegacy
Lampshade Hat Lampshade Hat5Elemental PowerLegacy
Paper Fast Food Hat Paper Fast Food Hat2Critical Hit2ArmorLegacy
Pilgrim Hat Pilgrim Hat2Armor1SpeedLegacy
Police Siren Hat Police Siren Hat4SpeedLegacy
Safari Hat Safari Hat5Armor2SpeedLegacy
Sailor Hat Sailor Hat10Armor4SpeedLegacy
Dancer Hat Dancer Hat6SpeedLegacy
Battle Helmet Battle Helmet7Critical Hit7ArmorLegacy
Bottle Cap Hat Bottle Cap Hat15ArmorLegacy
Carrot Hat Carrot Hat10Elemental PowerLegacy
Christmas Elf (Elf Hat) Christmas Elf (Elf Hat)2Speed5Elemental PowerLegacy
Fishing Hat Fishing Hat5Armor5Elemental PowerLegacy
Nefertiti Hat Nefertiti Hat10Critical Hit10Elemental PowerLegacy
Pants Hat Pants Hat15Critical Hit6SpeedLegacy
Trucker Hat Trucker Hat25ArmorLegacy
Umbrella Hat Umbrella Hat20ArmorLegacy
Showtime Hat Showtime Hat25Elemental PowerLegacy
Caesar Hat Caesar Hat20Elemental PowerLegacy
Flower Fairy Hat Flower Fairy Hat2SpeedLegacy
Funnel Hat Funnel Hat7Armor7Elemental PowerLegacy
Scrumshanks Hat Scrumshanks Hat10Critical Hit4SpeedLegacy
Atom Hat Atom Hat25Critical HitLegacy
Sombrero Sombrero5Critical Hit5ArmorLegacy
Rasta Hat Rasta Hat7Critical Hit7Elemental PowerLegacy
Kufi Hat Kufi Hat2Critical Hit2Elemental PowerLegacy
Knight Helm Knight Helm20Critical Hit20Armor8SpeedLegacy
Dangling Carrot Hat Dangling Carrot Hat4Speed10Elemental PowerLegacy
Bronze Top Hat Bronze Top Hat5Critical Hit5Armor2SpeedLegacy
Silver Top Hat Silver Top Hat7Critical Hit7Armor3SpeedLegacy
Gold Top Hat Gold Top Hat10Critical Hit10Armor4SpeedLegacy
Rain Hat Rain Hat2Critical Hit7ArmorLegacy
The Outsider The Outsider2Armor7Elemental PowerLegacy
Greeble Hat Greeble Hat5ArmorLegacy
Volcano Hat Volcano Hat5Critical Hit5ArmorLegacy
Boater Hat Boater Hat5Armor2SpeedLegacy
Stone Hat Stone Hat7Critical Hit5ArmorLegacy
Stovepipe Hat Stovepipe Hat2Critical Hit5Armor5Elemental PowerLegacy
Boonie Hat Boonie Hat2Armor10Elemental PowerLegacy
Sawblade Hat Sawblade Hat7Critical Hit5Elemental PowerLegacy
Zombeanie Zombeanie7ArmorLegacy
Gaucho Hat Gaucho Hat12Armor10Elemental PowerLegacy
Roundlet Roundlet10Armor5Elemental PowerLegacy
Capuchon Capuchon22ArmorLegacy
Tricorn Hat Tricorn Hat2Critical Hit15ArmorLegacy
Peacock Hat Peacock Hat5Critical Hit5ArmorLegacy
Bearskin Cap Bearskin Cap5Critical Hit2Armor10Elemental PowerLegacy
Fishbone Hat Fishbone Hat7Critical Hit6SpeedLegacy
Ski Cap Ski Cap5Armor4SpeedLegacy
Crown of Frost Crown of Frost30ArmorLegacy
Four Winds Hat Four Winds Hat10SpeedLegacy
Beacon Hat Beacon Hat5Armor15Elemental PowerLegacy
Flower Garland Flower Garland10Critical HitLegacy
Tree Branch Tree Branch7Critical Hit5ArmorLegacy
Aviator's Cap Aviator's Cap30Elemental PowerLegacy
Asteroid Hat Asteroid Hat12ArmorLegacy
Crystal Hat Crystal Hat4Speed25Elemental PowerLegacy
Creepy Helm Creepy Helm10Critical Hit15ArmorLegacy
Fancy Ribbon Fancy Ribbon5ArmorLegacy
Deely Boppers Deely Boppers2Critical Hit2ArmorLegacy
Beanie Beanie3Speed20Elemental PowerLegacy
Leprechaun Hat Leprechaun Hat2Critical Hit7ArmorLegacy
Sharkfin Hat (Shark Hat) Sharkfin Hat (Shark Hat)2Critical Hit5ArmorLegacy
Life Preserver Hat Life Preserver Hat7ArmorLegacy
Glittering Tiara Glittering Tiara2Critical Hit2Armor4SpeedLegacy
Great Helm Great Helm2Critical Hit20Armor10SpeedLegacy
Space Helmet Space Helmet20ArmorLegacy
UFO Hat UFO Hat7Armor6Speed15Elemental PowerLegacy
Whirlwind Diadem Whirlwind Diadem15Armor6SpeedLegacy
Obsidian Helm Obsidian Helm7Critical Hit10Armor6SpeedLegacy
Lilypad Hat Lilypad Hat7Critical Hit6Speed10Elemental PowerLegacy
Crown of Flames Crown of Flames5Armor6Speed10Elemental PowerLegacy
Runic Headband Runic Headband10Armor6SpeedLegacy
Clockwork Hat Clockwork Hat6Speed25Elemental PowerLegacy
Cactus Hat Cactus Hat25Armor6SpeedLegacy
Skullhelm Skullhelm10Critical Hit6SpeedLegacy
Gloop Hat Gloop Hat5Armor6SpeedLegacy
Puma Hat Puma Hat2Critical Hit10Armor10Elemental PowerLegacy
Elephant Hat Elephant Hat10Armor25Elemental PowerLegacy
Tiger Skin Cap Tiger Skin Cap10Armor4Speed15Elemental PowerLegacy
Teeth Top Hat Teeth Top Hat10Critical Hit15Armor20Elemental PowerLegacy
Turkey Hat Turkey Hat10ArmorLegacy
Eyefro Eyefro25ArmorLegacy
Bacon Bandana Bacon Bandana2Armor6SpeedLegacy
Awesome Hat Awesome Hat2Critical Hit10Armor8SpeedLegacy
Card Shark Hat Card Shark Hat5Critical Hit25ArmorLegacy
Jolly Hat Jolly HatLegacy
Kickoff Hat Kickoff HatLegacy
Springtime Hat Springtime HatLegacy
Generalissimo Generalissimo12Critical Hit7Elemental Power3DS (aka Fidel)

#13 LegendaryDan 14:15:02 13/09/2018
Skyland Dad the ufo hat is from a card you got when preordering swap force.
#11 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 13:06:26 17/02/2015
Yes, the random selection in the 3DS version includes all hats.
#10 spyrocrash 01:59:59 17/02/2015
Just wonder, are legacy hats any of the random ones found in the 3DS version?
#9 skyland dad 01:41:46 16/02/2015
What do we have to do to get the UFO hat?

What about the hat that looks like reindeer antlers? It's in shadow, so I don't know exactly what it is?
#8 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 12:19:08 05/01/2015
Only possible to unlock on the 3DS version (found at random) but you can still use it in the console version if you update a character while wearing it.
#7 Skylander3112 10:15:34 05/01/2015
How do you get the Generalissimo hat?
#6 TheShadowDragon 00:46:13 20/11/2014
Am I the only one who noticed that there are two Wizard Hats, but with differ stats-boosting powers and appearances?
#5 Deja Vu 22:05:47 11/11/2014
My Hex wears a hat that couldn't fit her better... the Crown of Light smilie
#4 skymaster284 02:38:57 08/11/2014
we should get old hats automatically
#3 TheShadowDragon 20:34:17 01/11/2014
V The Gloop Hat is the Tarclops Hat now. I actually liked it better when it was translucent and light green.
#2 skylandsfan 14:26:52 01/11/2014
Where is the gloop hat? I want a tarclops hat ASAP
#1 TheShadowDragon 00:32:36 01/11/2014
It's so sad that the Jolly, Kickoff and Springtime Hats have lost their stats-boosting powers. Even though it took me hours to get all the Hats I found, bought and earned back in Swap Force, it was totally worth it adding them all to Trap Team. I like some of the changes in the Hats' appearance except for the Gloop Hat though.

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