Underhalls Air

Stoneshrine Islands

Sacred Town Tech
Villain Bootcamp - Spike McPokerton
Rocky Gate Water
Villain Bootcamp - Birdo Chesterfield
Temple of Waking Earth
Villain Bootcamp - Baron Von Smashbeak

Cloudburst Keys

Windy Pass Air
Villain Bootcamp - Bobbin Rood
Hot Springs Village Life
Villain Bootcamp - Runys Pointyboots
Monastery of Waking Fire
Villain Bootcamp - Olaf Crushersson

Tradewind Isles

Sunny Harbor Water
Villain Bootcamp - Marf Gargaroots
Royal Rooftops Earth
Villain Bootcamp - Grunkin Gobsprout
Palace of Waking Undead
Villain Bootcamp - Big Bertha Bubblethorn

Nightmare Realm

Hugo's Nightmare Magic
Villain Bootcamp - Bucktooth the Tiny
Sleep Dragon's Lair Light
Villain Bootcamp - Sheldon Shellshock
Dream Sheep's Dominion Dark
Villain Bootcamp - Russel Purplestache
Dream Sheep's Lair


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