Mystic Mill


Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestVillain Stash
Garrison HatVolcano Island HatMountie Hat
Tread HeadTorchFlip Wreck
Shield Shredder (Life)Krankenstein (Air)
Bomb Shell Quest: Mission: DemolitionShrednaught Quest: Sure Beats Keys
Story Scroll
Legendary Saw Blade
Winged Sapphire

Mabu Flagship

We start the level on a Mabu Flagship that we need to regain control of, first up push the large crate so that it falls into the gap by the door. That will let you use it as a step up to the deck above. There's a second crate to do the same ahead.

The third crate is a little less confined so you'll need to jump on it quickly so it doesn't slide out of position. And the fourth and final crate is similar but without sides so the crate can completely fall off the edge even when in the gap. Get to the wheel to get to a turret mini-game section.

Bonus gems are found in this section again, the first is on the tree stump building at the first turret. The second is in the top right corner on the second turret, the third is on a wooden bridge to the right at the first Krankenstein. The fourth is just below the final cannon (I usually accidentally get it well before reaching it). (The best way to get the Trophy/Achievement is to remember that the turrets don't do any damage unless the Evilikin Runners use the lever, which means you can ignore them until you've run out of Runners to hit).

Loading Docks

Immediately on your left is Rizzo on the flagship, he has a Quest for Bomb Shell Bomb Shell Quest: Mission: Demolition Mission: Demolition.

Pick up the first bit of dynamite and make your way forwards up a bounce pad and place it in the first spot. Go to the right and pick up a second bit of dynamite, get past the trolls and there's a second spot just to the left after a small downward slope. Keep on going straight and you'll find a third dynamite just past a tank (and a clock behind some debris at the back). Go up the bounce pad just before it to get to a large open area with a tank and a turret on the right. Place the dynamite in the spot on the other side.

Go inside the building to pick up some dynamite and then go back out and place it to the left. Pick up a throwable bomb and throw it at a bombable wall to the far left (also defeat all the enemies in the area to open the monster gate). Pick up the dynamite and then head into the bottom left corner and drop off down to a spot next to a turret, place the dynamite and then grab another one before bouncing back up and then going through the monster gate.

At the back of the area is another spot, pick up another dynamite for the top of the slope and then one final one from the corner to take through the top monster gate after you've cleared the place of enemies and then down to the final spot (the bomb is to get through a shortcut wall but you're done already so no need).

Your reward is an Evolved Bomb Shell and Garrison Hat Hat 1/3 - Garrison Hat.

Walk straight ahead and go inside the building.

Lumber Mill Office

At the back is a mabu named Loggins with a Quest for Shrednaught Shrednaught Quest: Sure Beats Keys Sure Beats Keys. While there's no item reward here you will be able to use Shrednaught to break down identical looking fences throughout the level.

Go up to the right and take out the first few Evilikin soldiers, then task the Mabu to build a staircase so you can reach a key on a platform. Before going through the gate go further right and into the two buildings.

Wheelhouse A

In here you'll find Tread Head Soul Gem 1/3 - Tread Head.

Packing House

And in here is just a Mabu named Packard who wants to play some Skystones Smash. He's got quite a bit of health but you win 1500 coins for beating him.

And just outside on the right edge is the Story Scroll Story Scroll.

Mudder's Corner

Go through the locked gate and past the three Evilikin soldiers that attack. To the left of where another set run in go into the building.

Wheelhouse B

In here is the Villain Stash Villain Stash. Go outside and into another building at the back.

Western Storage Unit

Inside here you'll find a few Chompies and a couple of Shield Shredders hiding being a barricade. Destroy them and then their boss the Life villain Shield Shredder (Life) Shield Shredder will join the fight. These little guys will run towards you, raise their shield and start spinning it before pushing towards you. Keep your distance to avoid damage. After his first wave of shredders fails he will actually jump down to take part - watch out for the long range attacks from the enemies on the platform. The big Shield Shredder's attack has a longer range than the smaller versions so keep a closer eye on him. The ranged attackers will jump down after a bit so you can take them out and concentrate fully on Shield Shredder. Winning will net you 800 coins and his Skystone.

If you have Shrednaught then use him on the doorway to the right of this building.

Sawdust Processing

This place just has coins but it is important for that all areas found checkmark.

Go under the red bridge.


Attack the Evilikin at the base of the slopes and then go up the left side past a couple of cannon Evilikin and onto a Super Bounce Pad. That'll take you over to a tree stump with Torch Soul Gem 2/3 - Torch on top. Super Bounce back and then go up the other direction on the left slope. Jump over the rolling logs all the way to the top to grab a key, then go back down the water at the curve jump over the edge down to a Fire Elemental Gate.

Fire Falls (Fire)

Just a simple case of jumping up the floating platforms to reach Volcano Island Hat Hat 2/3 - Volcano Island Hat.

Along the right side of the area past the two slopes is another building for Shrednaught to help you go inside.

Eastern Storage Unit

In the middle of the room is Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/3.

To the right of the building is a Life Elemental Gate.

Flying Flora (Life)

Bounce up the first bounce pad then grab a Boingo Nut before bouncing up the second. The vines will take you over to some moving platforms, first jump on one to the right that leads directly to Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/3 as well as a Boingo Nut. Go back and onto the one that moves up and down (the one that moves to and from it just leads to a few coins) and plant the Boingo Nut on the top platform. Jump into the chimney the vine leads to.

Plant Processing... Plant

Inside here you'll find Mountie Hat Hat 3/3 - Mountie Hat.

Carry on towards the mabu near the double locked gate, you've got one key already and to get the second you need to get them to build you some steps on the right.

Power House

Pull each of the levers once and you'll solve it. Jump up the steps that form to get out to the key.

Drop down and go through the locked gate.

Saw Mill Main Gate

Ahead of you are some Chompies to kill who are then followed by three Shield Shredders and a mage who shields one of them. Kill them all to open the monster gate but before going through smash the Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal to the right.

Nature Bridges - North

Little bit of a bridge puzzle here. First smash the other Traptanium Crystal and cross the bridge it forms. Cross the bamboo bridge then pick it up and place it in the next bridge slot, pick it up again and put it in the slot to the right. Cross the wooden bridge to reach Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/3.

Go back over and pick up the wooden brige and take it back around over the bamboo bridge and over the traptanium bridge to place it in the wooden bridge slot so you can cross over to Flip Wreck Soul Gem 3/3 - Flip Wreck.

Leave the area now and go through the monster gate you opened earlier. Approach the mabu door and some mabu will eventually turn up to smash it down for you. Jump up the crates beyond. On the right here you can see a fence for Shrednaught to break through and pick up the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire behind.

Smash through the barricades and defeat the cannon Evilikin and the shield shredders as you go up the slope and through a monster gate. Do not go up the ramp here, you'll just fight the final villain of the level and then automatically finish. Instead carry on past the ramp towards Persephone.

She's standing next to a Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal, smash through.

Nature Bridges - West

Grab the bamboo bridge and place it to the left, cross over it and pick it up. Cross the metal bridge and then bamboo the one to the left. Grab the metal bridge and place it over past the bamboo one, take the bamboo bridge and place it to the left before picking up the metal bridge again (without using it). Cross the bamboo one, place the metal one to the south and then go across the wooden bridge to get Legendary Saw Blade Legendary Treasure - Legendary Saw Blade. Cross back over the wooden bridge and pick it up, cross the metal bridge and then finally place the wooden bridge in the bottom position to get back to Persephone.

Now go up the ramp to the right at the top to fight the Air villain Krankenstein (Air) Krankenstein.

Pulp Shredder

Take out the Shield Shredders that attack first, then Krankenstein will jump down along with some cannons and a couple more Shield Shredders. Krankenstein is a slow moving melee attacker, you need to stay away from his large sweeping attack to avoid damage. 800 coins and a Skystone.

Skylanders Academy

The Legendary Saw Blade is found above the fireplace in the Main Hall. You'll also have seen the formation of the Library section of the Academy, head up there through the now oddly closed door next to the Skaletones (just outside the Library, by the way, is where you'd place that other Legendary Treasure you still have but for some reason you still can't - carry on waiting until the end of the next chapter).

On the left side of the Library you'll find Quigley, he's standing next to an area that only a Mini Skylander can get into (eg Barkley from the 3DS Starter Pack). Talk to him as a Mini Skylander to get transported up there.

Follow the coins around and then climb a ladder to get to the top, use the bookcase and go on through to a sidescrolling section. Jump right over the gap and then use the first bounce pad, drop off to the right and bounce further right. Then bounce all the way up to the top of a stack of books with Stealth Elf's Gift Trinket - Stealth Elf's Gift on top. The exit is one more bounce to the right.

After completing that go up the stairs at the back of the library, past a book that opens your Collection screen, past a teleporter to a bookshelf that you can interact with and go behind.

Jump the first gap and then follow the line of coins down the second one, go down the slope and bounce up high to another bounce pad which will take you to Billy Bison Trinket - Billy Bison. The way out should be fairly simple, just keep going right until you get there or fall off.

Auric also has a few new items to sell:

Ullysses UniclopsUllysses Uniclops350
Medal of MettleMedal of Mettle350
Winged Medal of BraveryWinged Medal of Bravery350
Elemental OpalElemental Opal350

All done go talk to Flynn to get to the Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink.

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Shield Shredder-Carlos (HOP)
Krankenstein-Aloysius O'Hare (The Lorax)
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Holy 2 X 4's Skylander
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2nd! Hate this level
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I can't believe I kept missing Bomb Shell's quest, and it was RIGHT THERE! smilie
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