Telescope Towers


Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestVillain Stash
Old-Time Movie HatRugby HatSynchronized Swimming Cap
WildfireBat Spin
Hood Sickle (Undead)Pain-Yatta (Magic)Dreamcatcher (Air)
Brawl and Chain Quest: Fairy LightsMasker Mind Quest: Hypnosis Schnipnosis
Story Scroll
Legendary Cyclops Bear
Winged Sapphire

Galactic Bubble Center

Just to the right of Cali is a sleeping mabu named Hawk, he has a Quest for Brawl and Chain Brawl and Chain Quest: Fairy Lights Fairy Night Lights.

Go down the slope to the left and approach the "Fairy Lights" on the tree, you'll pick one up automatically. Go to the right and smash through a brick wall by the slope to find the first house. A few enemies will attack but you should be able to deal with them. Go back to the tree and get another lantern, head back past the first house and up the slope next to it. Go up some grassy steps at the top and get around until you see a Super Bounce Pad, don't use it instead drop off the edge next to it to get to house number two. After delivering the lantern bounce up and then use the Super Bounce Pad to get back to the tree. Return up the slope next to the first house and this time take right at the grassy steps to go through a brick wall and find the third house.

Now head left through a brick wall, don't go through the second wall instead go further left and you'll spot the fourth house in the corner. Go and grab another lantern then smash through another wall next to the other one, drop off the edge and carry on past a house to get to another at the back. Super Bounce back and return here again for the house you just passed. Super Bounce and return to this house and go to the right to the last house.

Go to the left of Cali now and next to a sleepy looking scientist sitting down called Newt there are some floating red platforms, and on the top one is Wildfire Soul Gem 1/2 - Wildfire.

Go up the stepped platforms past a mabu named Hubb.

Pulseblock Plains

Headwick has some advice on how to advance, simply jump on the button a few times to raise up the nearby blocks. The only block that needs pushing is on the left, push it left and then back to complete it. To the right of the first button is a second one on a platform, pump it up to the top. Press the button here to open up the bridge.

Embroidered Bridge

Watch out for the jack-in-the-boxes along the bridge, be patient to avoid getting hit by them.

Chamber Entrance

Go down the steps at the far left end.

Back-to-Back Stack-n-Jack

Get past the jack-in-the-boxes (part of the way you'll find some red platforms with Persephone at the top).

Watering Hole Encounter

Dreamcatcher's attack consists entirely of one Eye Scream, take it out to open up the monster gates. To the right are some red platforms, use the button to get up to Story Scroll Story Scroll. In the middle is a multicoloured doorway to go through.

Hypnosis Pocus

The two scientists in the middle of the area have a Quest for Masker Mind Masker Mind Quest: Hypnosis Schnipnosis Hypnosis Schnipnosis. Behind the scientists are some platforms with some coins on but there's nothing else in here.

Back out on the left side is another button to press. Go to the left and press another button to get up to yet another button, this final one will raise up the blocks for the puzzle.

Push the first block to the right once and then back twice, then push the block on the right to the left once, down once and then finally to the left once. You can now use a button to get up to the floating key and then use it to enter the locked door.

Cosmic Chamber

The platforms may appear when you get near but they also disappear shortly after stepping on them so make sure to move quickly. After the first set take the set to the right to get over to a sleeping scientist. Wake him up to activate the button on the right.

Pulseblock Pillow Pit

Go down to the pulseblock puzzle and then fight off the eyeballs and flying ball enemies to unlock a button on the right, press it to raise up the blocks. Push the right one diagonally to the right and then again to the left. Then push the left block once left and then once back towards the screen. The remaining block moves towards the screen and then diagonally right twice.

Use the newly unlocked button to reach Bat Spin Soul Gem 2/2 - Bat Spin along with another button that will open up a bridge to cross. Let the Super Bounce Pads take you away.

Observation Terrace

At the back you'll spot a Pain-Yatta, just a regular enemy here so avoid the few whack attacks as it rushes towards you and you'll be okay. Once defeated some scientists will have a game of Skystones Smash for you.

To the right of the scientists is a Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal you can smash through.

Observatory Loggia

In the left corner you'll see a Tech Elemental Gate.

Grinding Gears (Tech)

Go to the right and jump up the rotating gears, watching out for the giant drills smashing down of course. At the top head down the slope to reach a button. Once that's pressed jump down and take the left path where you'll find a second button at the end of the slowly rotating and moving gears.

Jump back down to the middle and go up the slope to jump aboard the now moving gear. Ride it up to the top and climb a few more gears to reach Old-Time Movie Hat Hat 1/3 - Old-Time Movie Hat. Use the moving gear to get back out again.

And on the right is a Magic Elemental Gate.

The Magic Frame Game

Talk to the mabu called Hipp to get started here, attack the paintings floating around behind him to flip them around, do it quick enough to all of them and the set in the middle will turn into a platform that lets you get up to Rugby Hat Hat 2/3 - Rugby Hat.

Before you leave use the button in the middle to get down below.

Meditation Pool

Down here you'll find a Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire in the corner (and a Trophy/Achievement by pushing 12 of the golden balls off the waterfall at the end closest to the screen, be careful of jumping on them or otherwise destroying them as you have to do all twelve in one visit).

Go back across the Traptanium bridge and use the key to unlock the door.

Impossible Gravity Collider

Wake the mabu to get some platforms to start appearing, cross them to get to an air jet that'll blast you upwards and then as you fall back down more platforms will appear along with a short chat with Dreamcatcher. A few waves of eyeballs and those blue enemies will appear, keep beating them until it's time to fight the Undead villain Hood Sickle (Undead) Hood Sickle.

This guy teleports all over the place trying to get close to you and will then do a wide sweeping attack with his sickle. A short range melee attacker is going to have to be very quick at getting back in to hit him so really your best bet is a long ranged attacker. Keep trying to hit him as he disappears and reappears while running directly away from him when he starts his swing - going sideways will only mean you get hit. It seems to be about three teleports before he swings. The reward for capturing him is 700 and a quite powerful Skystone.

After beating Hood Sickle you'll be attacked by a couple of Pain-Yattas, defeat them and the blocks in the area will start to glow red and green, stand on the green ones to stay safe as the red ones will fall away (and the blue ones will turn red shortly). Jump along the appearing platforms until you get to solid ground.

Before you wake up the two scientists go further to the right across some more appearing platforms and you'll reach the Villain Stash Villain Stash. Go back and wake up those scientists now, use the button to go up to another pair of scientists you have to wake up (the platform off to the side here has nothing but coins on it).

Roof Observation Deck

You'll immediately be attacked by some of the blue electric enemies and some of those flying ones, you'll need to take them out to open up the monster gates. At the right end you'll see a new floating platform that lets you reach a scientist who wants to play Skystones. Just coins for winning though. Go to the right through the multicoloured doorway.

Framing an Art Attack

Talk to Pern and then attack each of the paintings so that they turn around. That'll cause some platforms to appear, jump along them and up an air vent to reach Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/3.

Go back out and down the steps to a Super Bounce Pad.

The Great Spiral Observatory

Time to fight the Magic villain Pain-Yatta (Magic) Pain-Yatta, go up past the jack-in-the-boxes to get to him (you can tell where they'll hit by their distance from the edge). Treat him like the regular versions that you've already fought in the level and just run and jump away when he runs up to you to avoid his smash attack. Keep on hitting him till he is defeated for 750 coins and the skystone.

Press the button next to Pain-Yatta.

Stairway to the Stars

Use the air vents and buttons to get up to the top.

Spiral Balcony

Immediately on the right is a Water Elemental Gate.

Waterfall Fall (Water)

Follow the little purple arrow off the edge, make sure when you're falling to go through all of the coins as they mark where the rings are. At the bottom jump up the steps to get Synchronized Swimming Cap Hat 3/3 - Synchronized Swimming Cap.

Before you go left take a look next to the Water Gate, you should spot a coin just off the edge, jump and follow it down to a Lock Puzzle. Right, Down, Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up. (Or the short way: Down, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right. Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up).

Library Lock Out

Smash all the piles of books in here to cause a platform to appear at the back. That'll let you get up and over to Legendary Cyclops Bear Legendary Treasure - Legendary Cyclops Bear. Leave and drop off the edge, you're back down to just before you fought Pain-Yatta.

Now that you've beaten him there's a Lock Puzzle that has appeared on a door just before the line of jack-in-the-boxes. This has a new feature, crystal blocks. These are switch activated and can either help or hinder your progress. There are also some vases but as far as I'm aware there's no bonus associated with getting them all or not.

Solve with: Left, Down, Right, Down, Up, Left, Down, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down.

Dream a Little Dream Beds

Shake awake the two scientists and use the button to reach Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/3.

Step on a button out here to go below and into a doorway.

Feng Shui Shove

Hit each piece of furniture as quickly as you can to get them all to start moving, that'll cause a platform to appear at the back. Use the vent to get up to Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/3.

Now go back up the slope, press the button by where you fought Pain-Yatta and get up to talk to Headwick to the left of the Water Gate.

Time to finally fight the Air villain Dreamcatcher (Air) Dreamcatcher. First hit the sleeping scientist's bed and then once the fight starts for real the two behind her while avoiding the sheep she's firing out as she passes along the edge. The next stage involves the platforms you're standing on turning red and falling, make sure to take down the scientist beds first of course. The next part is pretty much the same except more beds. She'll run out of dream energy and try to put you to sleep, you'll want to try to attack those little floating bows before they get you. And this final pass has yet more beds as well as floating bows trying to get you. Keep hitting Dreamcatcher until it's over and you get your 2000 coins.

Skylanders Academy

You'll find the location for the Legendary Cyclops Bear down next to Persephone's Treehouse. Aside from that the only thing new is a new Skaletones challenger.

#6 WolfyBuilder 06:40:15 11/02/2021
OMG Dreamcatcher is like, the funniest Doom Raider. Also love Pain-Yatta and Hood Sickle! This level has some great villains
#5 SkylandrPurists 21:47:20 24/09/2015
Hood Sickle-Oogie Boogie (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
Painyatta-Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog)
smilie-Nigel (Rio)
#4 Glumshanks 00:26:47 04/03/2015
Dream a little dream with me ... (*_*)
#3 midnightmagic34 12:22:32 16/12/2014
V How is that pointless. He's saying that this level is one of his favorite levels.
#2 Squid7201 17:54:42 24/10/2014
Dude, do you say pointless things just for the sake of being the first to comment?
#1 TheShadowDragon 01:05:03 24/10/2014
The Telescope Towers is one of my most favorite levels.

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