Midnight Museum


Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestVillain Stash
Bat HatEye of Kaos HatFirefly Jar
Knight Mare
Nightshade (Dark)
Nightshade Quest: Crown Without a King
Story Scroll
Legendary Gargoyle
Winged Sapphire

The Night Tower

Jump down to the left and then down and down again to the left right to the bottom where you'll find a Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal with Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/3 underneath. Bounce back up one layer and go inside the door.

Night Side Storeroom

After taking out the Enfuego Chompies at the back of the room you can play a completely optional game of Skystones Smash with T-Bone here (note that you need to have progressed past Chapter 5 in the game to play Skystones Smash), for beating him you earn 2000 coins.

Go back outside and go to the right to get up close to the Spyclopters that Buzz was talking about, you need to stay out of the circle of light they're projecting otherwise you'll be taken back up to the "cell" where you started, it won't hurt you at all but it will slow your progress. Sneak past the two Spyclopters and around the base of the next tower.

The Prime Tower

Don't go inside straight away instead carry on past the door down off the edge to an area where you can find the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire and a bounce pad to bring you back up so you can now go inside.

Bumper Range

Time for some giant pinball. Go to the right side and make your way up the stepped platforms, watch out for the spikes in the grates, follow the coins up and over to the left side where there's a large glowing ball. Push the ball down the slope and then into the groove by Buzz, push it forwards just so that it falls into the curved section then pull the nearby lever to activate the plunger and fire the ball around the curve. All that remains is to nudge the ball into the hole if it hasn't already rolled in.

Once it settles the door at the back will open, go on through.

Joyia's Athenaeum

A few enemies will attack as you enter here, watch out for the energy lines coming from those blue creatures, jump over them or walk around them. After defeating them you can talk to Tessa here, she has a quest for Nightshade Nightshade Quest: Crown Without a King Crown Without a King which obviously you'll only be able to do once you've beaten the level and captured the villain. Once you have and are back here you can immediately get Bat Hat Hat 1/3 - Bat Hat. Not the most royal of crowns...

The Night Sky Walk

Walk forwards and at the split in the path go left, avoid the Spyclopter by stepping into the alcove section halfway along and waiting for it to pass by (or you can just run along the top of the edge if you're in a hurry but like taking risks), at the end there is Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/3.

Take the right path past a couple more Spyclopters and you'll reach another split in the path. This time take the right path first and in the right alcove section of the Spyclopter patrolling there follow it up to Knight Mare Soul Gem 1/1 - Knight Mare. Go back and take the left path.

The Garden Tower

Take out the flytraps, the Enfuego Chompies, the rocket crows (avoid the red targets from the missiles) and one of those blue line creatures to open up a bounce pad. Before going into the door that it takes you to go around the back to where Legendary Gargoyle Legendary Treasure - Legendary Gargoyle is sitting.

Flipper Reach

Another pinball area, first pull the lever on the left to lower the platform that the ball is sitting on. Push the ball to the right to position it by the pink arrows next to the plunger. Jump up to the lever on the right and pull it as the ramp is about halfway going up so that it hits the ramp when it's highest (if you get it exactly right it'll hit the beams at the back and let you grab the coins).

Nudge the ball onto the circle and jump over to the last lever, wait for the large angular block above it to move down and start flashing before you pull the lever, that'll quickly fire it upwards and bounce off the block over to where the hole is, push it into the hole to open the door and leave.

The Hall of Trials

A large room of a single block puzzle. First push the left block forwards and then to the right to get it out of the way of the light beam and then one more push back towards the screen, pull the lever by the crystal it hits to direct it down to the right past the block you just moved.

The next block in the way should be pushed forwards and to the left, that's all for that one. Follow the light along and push the next blocking block towards the screen to move it out of the way, the next block is a few crystals away. Push it to the right once. Another block in the top left is now blocking, push it right once then pull the lever by the top left crystal twice to turn it directly to the right. Push the final block towards the screen once to finish the puzzle.

The Firefly Gardens

Just on the right is Persephone so you can upgrade your Skylander. Going left you'll see a Spyclopter and a Magic Elemental Gate to go in.

Aylis' Arcane Archive (Magic)

Walk forwards and pick up the eye so that you can see hidden things, performing an attack will cause you to drop the eye but there's no enemies around so there's no cause to do that anyway. With the eye go forwards to a second eye and go left, if you have the eye then you'll be able to see the rotating blades here, avoid them as you jump up to grab the key.

Carefully do the same thing on the right side, a few more blades over there, and then open up the double locked gate to claim your Eye of Kaos Hat Hat 2/3 - Eye of Kaos Hat.

Careful as you exit the Magic Gate as the Spyclopter is going to be right there. Go on past and over to the far left corner where you'll find a block puzzle.

The Eventide Walk

Push the block in four times then the block to the right twice and then on the left twice to reach the Story Scroll Story Scroll.

Go right past another Spyclopter and smash a Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal that's sitting in some water, it's hiding a bounce pad underneath.

The North Star Tower

Up here you'll find a trio of rocket crows and the Villain Stash Villain Stash. Drop back down and go into the Light Elemental Gate.

The Lantern Bower

Push the block on the floor forwards then jump up onto it and push the tower of two blocks to the right three times. Push the back block off then the one to the left to the left (and reach some coins) before pushing the final block towards the Firefly Jar Hat 3/3 - Firefly Jat.

Back out go to the left and into a doorway.

Multi-Ball Expanse

Here you need to get three balls into their holes. Wait for all three to settle at the bottom before firing both of the flippers as fast after each other as you can. Hopefully the balls will each roll towards one of the three holes and all go in. Obviously that's unlikely to happen perfectly so just keep trying until you get them in, try to wait for them to stop moving before flipping them and to remember that you can go and nudge them yourself.

Once all three are in the door will open to let you through.

The Dark Vault

After the cutscene walk towards the window and a set of enemies will appear. After taking out the chompies and flytraps a second wave will turn up including a Hood Sickle enemy, this guy will teleport around a few times before swinging his scythe at you, jump over it and attack while he's recoving from the swing.

After beating him the crows will jump down and a few more enemies will appear. After them one last wave that includes two more Hood Sickles will turn up who you'll have to defeat before you can jump out of the window.

The Lower Gardens

As you walk forwards look out for the pink lines on the ground, these are laser beams and will hurt if you walk into them. So jump over them and continue straight forwards up the steps at the split in the path.

At the top you'll find loads more lasers including moving ones, keep along the near wall as the moving ones won't quite reach it and then jump over the moving ones as they bunch together. Go around the tower over a few more lasers and at the end is Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/3. Carefully go back across the lasers to the split in the path at the bottom of the steps.

Jump over the moving lasers to reach the fight with the Dark villain Nightshade (Dark) Nightshade. Quickly move out of the way of the "shadow" of the tower (you can jump over it) and start hitting the base of the towers that Nightshade is standing on. Once you take down his last tower a whole load of copies will run around the place but you can tell which one is the real one by the spotlight following him and the fact that he has more details. Ignore the real him and instead take out all the shadow copies, once they're gone you'll move to the next part.

The next phase he adds two more towers so now there are five and the gaps between them are smaller. You'll have to keep an eye on all the shadowy clones of him that appear when you smash the towers and to keep watching out for his own ranged attacks. Keep attacking the towers until they all fall and you get to attack him directly again.

The final stage of the fight he has six towers and now you have him ranged attacking along the gaps and the floating eye thing is firing an attack along the gaps too, gotta avoid that. Despite that it may actually be easier than the previous stage as the attacks are much more predictable. Take down the towers to remove the shadows and bring in the slow moving clones before wiping out the shadow clones one more time. Once they're gone he'll stop moving and you can quickly destroy what's left of his health to finish the fight. The bounty is 2500 coins and of course you get yourself a brand new Skystone.

Skylanders Academy

To place your new Legendary Gargoyle you must visit the Library area, the area opens up after Chapter 9. Outside the Library on the left you'll find the marker.

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smilie-Pitch Black (Rise of the Guardians)
#7 Paintbox 12:00:33 04/09/2015
Where can you buy the Midnight Musesm expansion pack without it being over $50
#6 TheEndermaster 22:28:08 13/06/2015
Dude, Don't You Know? Nightshade Is The Hardest Boss

He Keeps You From Winning For Awhile
#5 lazerblue42 19:42:40 05/03/2015
Anyone have any tips for the beat the level in under 10 minutes 15 seconds?
#4 Glumshanks 23:44:27 07/02/2015
Very bare for a museum, could have done with some artefacts scattered around .. (*_*)
#3 Snap Shot 05:51:14 18/01/2015
I love the level. I just wish there were more enemies to fight.
#2 spyrothe111 08:09:58 25/12/2014
Nightshade is so awesome. smilie

These puzzles kill me...
#1 TheShadowDragon 17:00:26 23/12/2014
I love the Midnight Museum the most! So darkly awesome!

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