Tradewind Isles

Sunny Harbor

Level MissionsLevel ChallengesBonus Missions
  • Check Mark Find your way through Sunny Harbor
  • Check Mark Open Elemental Gate (Water)
  • Check Mark Win Skystone Battle
  • Check Mark Do not get hit by Shockwaves
  • Check Mark Complete Time Challenge
  • Check Mark Chests Unlocked - 5
  • Check Mark Gems Collected - 200
  • Check Mark Nightmare Pages Found - 3
  • Check Mark Hats Found - 3

Ahead you'll see a machine between two trolls, it is banging the floor and causing a shockwave to pulse out, that's the thing you're going to want to avoid if you want to complete the challenge. Kill the two trolls and go right over a short wooden section to find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/5. Double back and now go left past the stomping machine to meet Grunkin Gobsprout and be ambushed by some enemies. There's a few Chompies, some of those Mace Majors and a troll with a gun. He has two different attacks, one fires once but the other is a rapid fire attack that you'll really want to get out of the way of.

Go forwards past a locked gate and you'll be shown where the key is, carefully bypass the shockwave machines to reach a pair of Troll Cannonheads who are guarding the key. Making your way back will be a little trickier as you can't see the machines but do it slowly and you should be able to jump the shockwaves safely.

Wipe out the enemies inside the locked room and at the back on the ground floor you'll find Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 1/3 (for Marf Gargaroots whoever that is), go up the steps and out the door. Go to the left onto a moving yellow platform to reach the Traptanium Crystal you might have spotted earlier and open the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/5 underneath it. Now go right over a wooden bridge while avoiding fireballs from the sky, go towards the screen once you reach the locked gate and you'll see Hat Hat 1/3. Just to the right of the locked gate is a yellow moving platform to jump aboard.

As you move along on the yellow platform make sure to jump over the shockwaves, same when you transfer to the second platform. At your destination kill a few enemies and then jump onto a yellow platform at the back (not the teleporter), that'll whisk you up to the Water Elemental Gate.


This area is filled to the brim with slippery platforms, at the fork in the path going left requires you to jump gaps but going right requires you to meander down a thin path, do whichever you feel most comfortable with as they join back up right after. At the ambush you can see some barriers to the left and right, if you go left you can find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/5. Once you've got that go back to the ambush and continue forwards. Avoid the falling bombs and clear out another ambush before moving on, the spikes will bounce you about a bit so try to avoid walking into them, when you get to the thinner parts very carefully and slowly slide along past them - trying to do it quickly is just asking to be bounced off into the water. At the end is Hat Hat 2/3.

Now back down the elevator and into the teleporter with your key to open the locked gate. After the line of Chompies you'll be ambushed again this time ending with a new enemy a Troll Illusionist. He has two attacks as well, one is just a straight fireball at you and the other is fireballs from the sky when he raises his staff up, you can briefly see the targets to avoid but they don't appear for very long. After beating them use the bounce pad to the right to get up onto the roof and smash a Traptanium Crystal with Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 4/5 inside. Drop down and head inside.

This top-down section requires you to choose a teleporter to use. Go into the left one first, then use the teleporter in the room you appear in to get over to the key room, the teleporter in here takes you back to the start, now go into the right teleporter and out the door (the teleporter here takes you back to the start in case you missed the key). Outside there's a couple of the shockwave machines to avoid as you go forwards up some steps, smash through some jars on the right to find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 5/5 before using the teleporter.

After defeating four Troll Cannonheads go to the left into the building at the far end after picking up Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 2/3. Kill the troll and open up the gem safe for Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 6/5 for I guess if you missed on. Back out go up the steps by where you fought the four trolls to get to an ambush, this one ends with a pair of the Troll Illusionists before it lets you move on. Step onto the moving platform at the back and ride it across, jump the shockwaves if you've timed it unfortunately.

On the other side go to the back and talk to the sleeping Mabu to play some Skystones (Raven Summoner, Raven Bruiser 3, Elf Archer 2), this is an optional game of course. Unless you've got a Giant to smash the gate with go left into a building and defeat a few enemies to grab the bomb from behind them, run out and throw it at the gate by the Skystones mabu. After defeating a few enemies smash down a barrier and jump along a series of hanging platforms while avoiding bombs, at the corner ahead jump off the edge to a teleporter just below, it'll take you over to Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 3/3. Teleport back, cross the bridge and defeat a few enemies guarding a Lock Puzzle.

After talking to the Mabu inside go through the left door, be careful when you use the teleporter as it'll take you directly into the path of two shockwave machines below so watch for them to burst before teleporting down. Once they have jump to the left and right sides to get the two keys, then go to the back of the room and use the two keys to open the back gate and grab one key. Take that key out and to the right gate, the machine in this room is quite slow so you can fight the enemies without too much of a hassle from getting hit by it. Take the keys on either side and after defeating all the enemies go to the back of the room to open up Hat Hat 3/3.

Run back out and open up the middle gate to collect the Temple Key, except that Grunkin Gobsprout has taken it, follow him through the door. Take out a few enemies before advancing forwards along the path, jump over the shockwaves along the edges, over some hanging platforms (again avoid the shockwaves) to a boss fight, only it's not with Grunkin Gobsprout and is instead with the villain you've been reading about in the Nightmare Pages, Marf Gargaroots. He is a larger version of the Troll Illusionists you've been fighting. Jump over the single blast attacks and run away from the air attacks while you get rid of that pesky health of his. Go through the portal to finish the level.

Villain Bootcamp - Marf Gargaroots

Level MissionsTime ChallengeBonus Challenge
  • Check Mark Activate the Switches
  • Check Mark Complete challenge in under 3:00
  • Check Mark Complete the challenge without being detected

Walk forwards onto the platform with a gear icon on it then turn invisible, walk into the Mabu's cone of vision and turn left to shoot the switch on the left, the door will open and you can go through to the first room.

For this first room immediately turn invisible and walk forwards to the third Mabu, turn left and shoot the switch before exiting. In the second room invisible yourself around the mabu, hit the switch on the left at the back and then invisible yourself to the exit just to be safe. In the third room go invisible and walk until you reach a square with a gear icon on it, wait and then follow behind the Mabu (no need to be invisible but be aware that being invisible and getting too close will get you caught as well), shoot the switch on the right then go invisible to the exit past the mabu in the corner.

In room four follow the mabu to the right then go invisible past the stationary one, in the corner shoot the switch then go invisible to the left corner to exit. For room five stand on the platform ahead and it'll start moving, shoot the switch before you reach the barrier and then turn invisible as you go past the mabu, shoot a second switch to open up the exit. In number six immediately go invisible once you step on the moving platform, shoot the switch to the left and keep invisible until you pass the first mabu, reappear and then turn invisible again to go past a second one and shoot a second switch.

Room seven requires you to go invisible as you stand on the moving platform and stay that way through the two mabu, reappear and then go invisible again as you approach the next mabu, shoot the switch on the right of him. Go left and turn invisible to get onto a moving platform directly in front of the last mabu, ride it a short distance so you can shoot the switch on the left, go invisible again as it takes you back and go through the exit. In the final room turn invisible to get onto the platform, shoot the switch at the bottom and then reappear before immediately vanishing again, as you go past the second mabu shoot to the right and reappear again. Shoot the switch as you start moving northwards and as you start moving left turn invisible again. Walk off the platform and go left, wait for another platform to get near and go invisible to go past the two mabus to shoot the switch in the bottom left, invisible one last time to get past the two mabu and to the exit.

Royal Rooftops

Level MissionsLevel ChallengesBonus Missions
  • Check Mark Enter the Palace of Waking
  • Check Mark Open Elemental Gate (Earth)
  • Check Mark Win Skystone Battle
  • Check Mark Take no damage during the Magic Leaf ride
  • Check Mark Complete Time Challenge
  • Check Mark Chests Unlocked - 5
  • Check Mark Gems Collected - 550
  • Check Mark Nightmare Pages Found - 3
  • Check Mark Hats Found - 3

Try to pick up every gem you see in this level, the requirement for the challenge is unusually high. Anyway, follow the path a short distance and you'll meet up with Grunkin Gobsprout again who will immediately fly off. Get the Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 1/3 on the left before using the large green leaf for the Magic Leaf ride. To control yourself in this section you have to tilt the 3DS left and right to move up and down, if you're trying to avoid taking damage for the challenge then try not to take too many chances with collecting gems when they're close to the mines that Grunkin is dropping behind him. Being so close to the start of the level you can quickly just retry the level if you took some damage and try again - there are two more parts later in the level so be aware that getting hurt on any one will trigger the failure.

After landing go right across the bridge and onwards across some rushing water, at the corner go up and then to the left instead of towards the back, keep going up and then go to the back at the left so you can drop down behind where the bridge you just crossed over is. There are a couple of those feet buttons that make some gems appear but also there's a gem safe Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/5. Bounce back up and continue towards the building with the troll in front of it at the back. Inside there are a few more trolls and a Troll Illusionist along with Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/5.

Go back outside and go back down to the larger waterfall and run against it to the back at the right. Time for a quick ambush before you move on, before you follow the curve jump up the waterfalls on the left side to find a few enemies, Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/5 and the Earth Elemental Gate.


The stomping machines in here will of course hurt you but there's no challenge to avoid them this time. Go to the right around the first machine to grab a key, then go back around and head left. There's a quick ambush behind the locked gate, once they're gone go along the left path over platforms, machines and a few chompies before you reach the key at the other end and bounce pad back to the locked gate. Beyond that there's a wooden platform that'll start moving once you stand on it, ride it past a load of the machines to reach Hat Hat 1/3.

Down along the waterfalls and follow the yellow curved road over a bridge to Grunkin Gobsprout and the second Magic Leaf ride. After landing go right across the cracked bridge to a few trolls. Ignore the Lock Puzzle for the moment and instead go to the right over some cracked platforms and into a building. Inside you'll find a sleeping Mabu who wants to play some Skystones (Troll Illusionist 3, Drow Goliath 2, Raven Summoner 2), after beating him three times use the bounce pad at the back to be shot out onto the roof of the building. Smash through a barrier to the left and run along some water to some trolls and Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 4/5 under some Traptanium Crystal. Jump off the bottom right corner to where you fought some trolls earlier.

Behind where they were is a Lock Puzzle to solve, solving it opens the gate and lets you through to run along a series of cracked platforms. Do not jump into the hole ahead, instead go left along some more cracked platforms and waterfalls to a curve, some trolls and a different hole that you will want to jump down. On the right side of the room you land in is Hat Hat 2/3 and when you exit on the left is Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 5/5. Bounce back up and go right into the first hole in the roof to enter a building and find Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 2/3, bounce out to meet up with Grunkin again for the third and final Magic Leaf ride, getting through the banners is probably going to be the trickiest part of the leaf rides, just try to line yourself up before going through and make sure not to tilt too strongly when doing so. It may also be worth using a short Skylander so that you can get through the gaps easier.

Follow Grunkin along the curved path and you'll be boosted forwards a short distance, behind the three trolls on the ledge is Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 3/3. Before you carry on go towards the screen and drop down gap to a waterfall to find Hat Hat 3/3 below, go into the building at the back and defeat a few enemies before bouncing back up to the path. Carry on right until you get to a locked gate and some enemies. In the bottom left corner is some trash to smash so you can reach a yellow platform that starts moving down when you stand on it. Ride it down below, jump over a cracked platform and then down into another hole. This room has some enemies you need to kill in it, once they're gone the monster gate will open and you can get the key and bounce out.

Unlock the gate and head up the curved slope, the boost pads will help you speed up it but you'll have to jump over a load of gaps on the way too. The bounce pad at the end will take you up to fight Grunkin Gobsprout for real. He is, unsuprisingly, just like the Troll Cannonheads you've been fighting although instead of a single bullet attack he has a triple bullet spread attack, the rest is the same though. He'll stand in one spot and try to shoot you, jump over or move out of the way as you attack. The Temple Key is right through the gate and the Temple Gate is right behind it, go inside to finish the level.

Villain Bootcamp - Grunkin Gobsprout

Level MissionsTime ChallengeBonus Challenge
  • Check Mark Destroy the Dummies and the Cannons
  • Check Mark Complete challenge in under 4:00
  • Check Mark Don't get hit by the Cannons

This one's a shooting gallery type of deal, first you get a single Mabu target to shoot. Then it's an armored Mabu target to hold the attack down on, these require four hits to destroy (important to note if you don't want to accidentally hit something behind one of them). After that a tank, what you want to do is throw the bomb directly at the tank although having it land next to it will usually mean the tank rolls into it and gets destroyed but only if it does it quickly as the bomb will explode by itself after a short time. And after that there's a line of four mabu targets behind a single moving troll target that you will want to try to avoid hitting. Once those are all done go through to the first room. Each room gets a little more complex but nothing really changes drastically. I would recommend throwing bombs at the tanks first as they're the only things that attack you back and there's no risk of hitting the troll targets with the bomb - you can throw way over to the back of the range perfectly safely.

Palace of Waking

Level MissionsLevel ChallengesBonus Missions
  • Check Mark Ring the final Bell of Waking
  • Check Mark Open Elemental Gate (Undead)
  • Check Mark Win Skystone Battle
  • Check Mark Do not get hit by the Dragon's attacks
  • Check Mark Complete Time Challenge
  • Check Mark Chests Unlocked - 5
  • Check Mark Gems Collected - 300
  • Check Mark Nightmare Pages Found - 3
  • Check Mark Hats Found - 3

Immediately in the corner to your right is Hat Hat 1/3, once you've got it go up the steps and into the palace. Go up the curved segemented path to the top where you'll encounter Big Bertha Bubblethorn for the first time defeat the Chompies she drops off along with a few Trolls to open up the exit.

Watch out for the Fire Pythons in the next room, walk forwards through a gap in them and then jump to the right to find Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 1/3, jump to the left side now and go through the door. If you go to the left at the first Fire Python in this room you'll see Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 2/3, as you go to the right past the Fire Python jump over the gap at the end and you'll reach Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/5, jump back and go up the stepped platforms and over to a key. Jump down and go back through to the previous room to unlock the gate at the back, there will be a short delay with an ambush but nothing you can't handle I'm sure. It does introduce the type of enemy that Big Bertha Bubblethorn is based on, the Mutant Uber Chompy who can summon several smaller Chompies to help attack you, it'll also run up to you and try to hit you with its belly. It's kind of slow and the belly attack is easy to avoid so just try not to stand still attacking it face on and you should be fine.

Carry on forwards up the steps past some trolls to meet Big Bertha again, she'll run off dropping some more Chompies to defeat along with some more Mutant Uber Chompies and trolls before the monster gate will drop. Out on the bridge go over the cracked sections avoiding the red target circles and reach an ambush, the Sleep Dragon will still be attacking you while you fight off these Trolls and a couple of Mutant Uber Chompies so be more watchful of those attacks than the enemies wandering around if you're going for the challenge. Once you've defeated the enemies run inside to get out of the Sleep Dragon's range.

There's instantly another ambush in here, defeat the Chompies and Trolls until the game lets you move on out. As you enter the next area go to the left and smash a Traptanium Crystal with Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/5 inside. Go to the right past the moving blocks, the first two you want to avoid but the set of three afterwards you'll want to use as a staircase up to some trolls. After them is a giant block, wait for it to retract back into the wall before running all the way past it to some more Trolls.

Use the bounce pad here and you'll find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/5 up top, go to the right along some thin blocks moving in and out of the wall and you'll reach Hat Hat 2/3. Follow the line of gems down to the right and you'll land down below. To the right in the middle of two moving blocks is a Traptanium Crystal with Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 4/5 and at the far end is the Undead Elemental Gate.


Walk to the edge of the platform and wait a moment for the moving platforms to appear underneath, step on and begin your journer over and around many obstacles. It'll get a little trickier towards the end with larger distances to run to get around stuff and some spikes to try not to stand on, as usual at the end you'll find Hat Hat 3/3.

On your way back to the left ignore the bounce pad and instead go around it further left to find the gem safe Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 5/5 and a Mabu sleeping on a stack of Skystones (Mutant Uber Chompy 2, Pirate Crew Master, Troll Cannonhead 2). Once you've done that you can use the bounce pad here and the one above. Up here again this time go to the left past the giant block to where a few Trolls are standing next to an open doorway.

Avoid the two snake Fire Pythons as you get the keys on the left and the right for the gate at the back, make sure to grab Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 3/3 before you go through the exit. You'll get to fight Big Bertha Bubblethorn on the other side, she's much like the Mutant Uber Chompies you've been fighting, don't stand still next to her and you should be safe.

One last thing to do in the level before we get to ringing that final bell, another bridge section to get over. This time however the fireballs will be coming straight at you along the bridge, go as far forwards as you can and then start winding your way through the fireballs, it's not too complex and not very long to get to the door at the other end through which we'll get to fight the Sleep Dragon and Dream Sheep combo once again.

Same fight strategy as the last two times, move left to avoid the inital tail slam, jumping over the dragon squash shockwave and then moving to the side to avoid the super slam. Hit his tail and then the Dream Sheep when he drops in. Once you've taken a third off his health (if he jumps away before then he'll do much of the same stuff again along with a firebreath attack you just need to keep walking to the side to avoid (make sure to start walking before he starts attacking)) defeat the minions that appear and you'll start the second part. This is much the same except doubled up and two sections of the floor will be missing. After that the third part triples the attacks up and has even more floor missing to jump over rather than just casually walk. Ring the bell on your touchscreen to finish the level.

Villain Bootcamp - Big Bertha Bubblethorn

Level MissionsTime ChallengeBonus Challenge
  • Check Mark Defeat the Chompies
  • Check Mark Complete challenge in under 4:00
  • Check Mark Don't get hit more than 10 times

Some Chompy Wrestling this time, press Y to knock the Chompy into the electric fence behind it to activate the elevator and reach the first arena. For the little Chompies you want to use the shockwave X attack as the Y attack does nothing to them, it's also useful for stunning the larger Chompies so that you can knock them into the electricity without getting hit yourself - they stay stunned for a fair time but as soon as you hit them with Y they'll wake up so if you're quick enough you can stun multiple Chompies in one go and bounce them all out individually without restunning any of them. Keep repeating this for every room, they just have different combinations of small, medium and large Chompies (the medium are really just the same as the large) to knock out. The fourth and final arena has one single large Chompy that you will want to keep stunning every time you push it towards the sides.

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