The Future of Skylands


Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestVillain Stash
KokoshnikExtreme Viking HatTin Foil Hat
GearshiftTrail Blazer
Blaster-Tron (Light)Wolfgang (Undead)
Rage Mage Quest: Ice Cream in the Future?Wolfgang Quest: An Inconvenience of Imps
Story Scroll
Legendary Rocket
Winged Sapphire

Arrival Platform

To the left and towards the screen you can jump down to a platform below, down here is a Light Elemental Gate.

Museum of Important Rockers (Light)

The puzzle in here uses platforms that switch position when you walk on them. From the initial position walk onto the middle platform, then past a switch onto one that moves to the left. From there you can reach a solid platform with a bounce pad on to find Kokoshnik Hat 1/3 - Kokoshnik.

Not done in here just yet, go back down onto the last platform and go diagonally down to the left, the platform there will ride you over to a solid platform with Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/3 on. For a quick way back to the start just jump off the edge.

Bounce up and go over to the left where there's a switch to pull, it'll turn off the lasers blocking your path. Go down the slope.

Ice Cream Planet

At the bottom you'll see a robot with an electrical shield, to damage this Blast-Tron you need to get behind it and hit it there. The blaster gun has a fairly wide spread but it can be jumped over (jump when you see the white beams) and is not particularly long ranged, bumping into the yellow shield will also do a bit of damage to you. He will sometimes jetpack a short distance to get away from you but it shouldn't be too much trouble to get behind him again.

Directly in front of you now, in between the two taxi platforms, is a mabu called Noobman in a giant ice cream with a Quest for Rage Mage Rage Mage Quest: Ice Cream in the Future? Ice Cream in the Future?. You should now also start to find extra Ice Creams dotted around in levels.

Now take the left taxi platform, it takes you up to Gearshift Soul Gem 1/2 - Gearshift. Jump back down and take the right taxi.

Electro Bridge Controls

Pull the switch on the left to bring up a bridge, as you start walking over it a few rockets will be fired from the Big Bad Woofer across the bridge, hang back and wait for three bursts before rushing along. On the yellow on the other side drop off where the rocket is flying past.

Astro Bug Zapper

Smash a few boxes and then pull the switch on the right to turn off a laser gate. Bounce back up and wait for the three bursts before running through the gate safely.

Sub-Orbital Combat Plaza

A few Chompies will attack and be followed by a group of spinning Cyclopses and some of those blue electric enemies on the far side. After them a few Brawlruses will appear along with a few more electric enemies. Then finally a Blast-Tron, once you've taken it out go into the Fire Elemental Gate at the back.

Mini Sun (Fire)

Simply walk around the sun anti-clockwise outrunning the solar flare, at the back you'll find Extreme Viking Hat Hat 2/3 - Extreme Viking Hat.

On the right side of the plaza is a Super Bounce Pad that will take you up to the Story Scroll Story Scroll. Take the taxi.

Containment Corner

Q.U.I.G.L.E.Y. has a Quest for Wolfgang Wolfgang Quest: An Inconvenience of Imps An Inconvenience of Imps.

The vacuum droid will move about a bit generally following you so the place you need to take them will change. Anyway, to pick up your first lot go down the ramp past some anemones and smash a sack of grain, the tribbles will start following you so try to lead them towards the vacuum droid that's hanging about here, jump up to the left and smash some more grain to get the imps to follow you back down again.

Go through the gate when it opens (at about 20+ imps) and smash some more grain sacks, the vacuum droid should have followed you through so not far to take them. Cross a bridge to the right to smash a few more and gather up the imps to take back to the vacuum. At the end of this section is another gate that'll lower at a certain number of imps and there's a switch behind it to lower a red gate a little further back. There should be plenty of imps in the last section to finish off the quest, just take out the anemones and the grain sacks and it's done.

The reward for completing the quest is Tin Foil Hat Hat 3/3 - Tin Foil Hat. On the right is a Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal to smash through to reach a bridge puzzle area of sorts. Smash another crystal to cross a the bridge it forms, pick up the metal bridge and take it back across the crystal bridge to place it in the metal bridge slot and allow you to reach Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/3.

Cross back over and pick up the metal bridge again, take it back across the original crystal bridge and place it in a slot opposite where Q.U.I.G.L.E.Y. is standing. That leads to a platform with a Super Bounce Pad on it which will take you all the way over to a platform with Legendary Rocket Legendary Treasure - Legendary Rocket on. Super Bounce back and use the taxi platform to get out of here.

Go across to the left side of the plaza and talk to the mabu in the platform. Snuckles X9 will then lower the platform to let you on.

Anti-Grav Truck

Time for a block puzzle! Push the right block to the right, then the one next to the cannon forwards twice to push it off, push the cannon left once and fire it. Push the other two blocks off the edge as well and then push the cannon left three more times before firing it and freeing the truck.

Space Dog Field

This area is supiciously large and empty, wait a while and a bunch of spinning cyclopses will appear, after them a Brawlrus or two. After that a Chompy that creates other Chompies will run in, take them all out to open up the blue gate on the slope. Pull the switch on the right down here to lower a barrier in front of Persephone if you want to go get some upgrades though.

Go up the slope by Zeta Blobbers now that it's open, at the top of the second bi of the slope jump off the edge and pull a switch to open the red gate where Blobbers has paused. There's also the Villain Stash Villain Stash at the back of this platform to open up. Go back up and through the gate you opened.

Sub Atomic Particle Smasher

Keep attacking the giant atoms as they appear until the door opens, they don't do too much damage so even getting hit by a lot of them shouldn't be too much trouble unless you're already quite low on health.

After bouncing out go to a block puzzle on the right. Push the back block right, the left block down and the right block to the wall. Push the tower of blocks to the left now (not the right!) five times and then go up and use it to get onto the high up floating platform with the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire on top.

Now you can push the two blocks all the way to the right and off the edge to form a bridge. Once that's formed you'll want to push the left block over the bridge so you can use it to get up onto the platform at the end.

Planet Ham

And up on here you'll find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/3.

Jump back down and go talk to Blobbers again. Cross the bridge and head inside.

Harmonic Hold

Inside you'll get into a fight, first a Blaster-Tron with a few spinners, then some Chompies and Brawlruses, all finished off by a pair of Blaster-Trons. To the right of the monster gate is a Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal. Before we get started with the bridges go to the right through an open gate to meet the Light "Unknown" villain Blaster-Tron (Light) Blaster-Tron. He's not much different to the regular ones you've seen before, same attack and everything. Defeat the Brawlruses and then just keep trying to get behind him to attack. In fact for me he flew off the edge and killed himself trying to get away, an easy 1300 + Skystone.

If you go across the first bridge here without picking it up you can play some Skystones Smash with Gumbus the 10000th, you'll get 2000 coins for victory. Cross back over the bridge, pick it up and place it to the left. Pick it up again to get over to Trail Blazer Soul Gem 2/2 - Trail Blazer.

Get back go through the monster gate, there's another very basic bridge puzzle ahead before you reach the blueprints. Time for a flight section.

(Those looking for the Trophy/Achievement will want to focus first on the blue shielding, keep going around hitting the shield, I'd recommend doing one layer at a time, holding up or down and going in a complete circle shooting, be careful not to hit the conduits on the ship itself otherwise you'll trigger the next section where the shields will start regenerating, the shields don't regenerate in this first section so just keep going in it until they're all gone - you'll get the Trophy/Achievement as soon as you destroy the last shield) Shoot through the blue shields, one hit will permanently destroy that section, go all the way around the ship destroying the conduits on the side to complete the first bit of the flight section. The second bit has a robot flying around regenerating the shields so go to the left and take it out before it puts up too many. Once you've destroyed this second set it's all done.

The first section of the fight with the Undead villain Wolfgang (Undead) Wolfgang has him sliding around firing off musical notes, those notes hurt so try to avoid them. If you're directly in front of him the notes will go off to the side and you'll have a bit of a chance to hit him before he jumps off. He'll then jump around for a while occasionally staying down on the platform long enough to hit him so try to get around the notes floating around (or use a villain to soak them up) and do so (or shoot from afar, whatever).

After a while the second stage of the fight will begin, it'll turn into pretty much a 2D environment. Avoid his sliding by jumping over him and try to land so that the notes don't hit you. Quickly turn and attack him and then move back to avoid a lunging attack. He'll jump away and then back in before getting stuck for a moment, attack and he'll then do another lunging attack. The sequence will then all repeat until you get enough health off him.

The third stage adds lasers, these get really difficult to avoid, jump over the horizontal ones just after they appear and move to avoid the vertical and diagonal ones as best you can. Remember that villains can take the hits with less consequence than the Skylanders. This part of the fight is going to be where it gets difficult in Hard/Nightmare mode, you're just going to have to make good use of ranged attacks and villains to survive this. The reward for that is 3000 coins and a Skystone.

Skylanders Academy

Auric has a few new items for sale:

Brock's Rumble Clubhouse1200
Medal of ValianceMedal of Valiance600
Sherpa HatSherpa Hat500
Tribal HatTribal Hat500
Croissant HatCroissant Hat500
Weather Vane HatWeather Vane Hat500
Toucan HatToucan Hat500

That first item is a key to open up a new arena from Brock "Brock's Rumble Clubhouse".

Down in the Kitchen Blobbers has arrived and has a Quest for Kaos Kaos Quest: Who Wants Kaos Kake? Who Wants Kaos Kake?. A bit of a strange time to appear but there we go. For such a big villain it's a disappointing lack of anything to do though.

You can place the Legendary Rocket in the Game Room, using it will take you to a new area of the Academy where you can find Spyro's Shield Trinket - Spyro's Shield. You can get out either by the steps or the teleporter.

Once you're done go talk to Flynn to go to Chapter 14.

#9 SkylandrPurists 21:52:30 24/09/2015
Blastertron-Captain Smek (HOME)
smilie-Scar (The Lion King...kinda obvious)
#8 Dragonfly79 02:24:43 06/04/2015
This level is a son of a gun to beat under the time. Any suggestions on how to knock nearly 2 minutes off of my time? I'm already using Elite Whirlwind and Wolfgang in the level. Also, I am going through the level without taking any unnecessary paths. Thanks in advance!
#7 StormDragon21 22:56:03 24/01/2015
I don't know exactly why, but this level reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy.
#6 Kinghotdog059 21:19:57 08/01/2015
Ooh Gearshift soul gem!
#5 ExcitonKnight 01:04:19 21/12/2014
I love this place, and the Wolfgang fight is by far my favorite fight in the series. And do I have to mention how AMAZING the music this place has?!
#4 lamoracke 18:30:38 03/12/2014
Yep, I got through with Hoodsickle as well. Not sure if the character matters you use with him matters, got in with PS3.
#3 Robert2007 00:36:22 20/11/2014
You can Use hoodsickel to get through the light gate

smilie is on topic

I don't know why smilie
#2 spyrothe111 03:11:22 15/11/2014
Favorite level right here. smilie
#1 TheShadowDragon 16:12:13 27/10/2014
This is one of my most favorite levels, especially since this is where Wolfgang must be defeated and captured.

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