Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestVillain Stash
Radar HatWilliam Tell Hat
Tae Kwon Crow (Dark)
Threatpack Quest: You Break It, You Fix ItGrinnade Quest: Miner Troubles II
Story Scroll
Legendary Geode Key
Winged Sapphire

The opening flying sequence is pretty self explanatory, destroy all the enemies that appear and you're done (you can pick them up okay but just don't fire a single rocket for the Trophy/Achievement, easy).

Landing Platforms

Down to the left is a Story Scroll Story Scroll and a broken looking turret, if you approach it Tessa will turn up with a Quest for Threatpack Threatpack Quest: You Break It, You Fix It You Break It, You Fix It. After evolving jump into the fixed turret to get firing! The one and only bonus gem is in the second group of enemies.

Follow the path around to the right to a locked gate, there are a few enemies outside but you'll want to go inside.

Stolen Property Room

Defeat a few purple crows on the floor before jumping up the crates at the back to get the key and beat up the rocket launcher.

Unlock the gate and go through, at the next open area a few more purple crows will drop in and be heleped by a Bad Juju. Bad Juju's attacks consist of whipping up a tornado and firing it out, avoid that of course. After a few more enemies they'll cease. Take note of that odd looking purple outcrop and go up the steps at the back to meet Hawkmongous, he wants to play some Skystones! He'll give you 1000 coins and let you past for winning.

Lower Defenses

Jump into the turret to start shooting down some more pirates. The two bonus gems are both from when you see Tessa going past, they'll be right behind her. (Don't forget that using Threatpack will give you homing missiles) Once it's all cleared out the door will open.

Lower Elevator

Get onto the large cog that you walk around to spin up, only go about halfway to the top and jump off to a building.

Digger's Dungeon

At the back of the room is Diggs, he has a Quest for Grinnade Grinnade Quest: Miner Troubles II Miner Troubles II. That'll evolve your Grinnade and give it the ability to smash those purple rocks (although all they have in them are a few coins). On the right side of the room is a Villain Stash Villain Stash.

Head outside and use the elevator again to get to the top.

Middle Defenses

Before we get to the turret here you'll have to fight off a few waves of Cuckoo Clockers, Buzzer Beaks and some more purple crows. In the turret again the bonus gems are again following behind Tessa, this time a total of three.

Go up through the opened gate to play Hawkmongous at a game of Skystones Smash again. He's a little tougher this time but your hefty collection should defeat him for the 1500 prize. Up on the platform next to you is the Legendary Geode Key Legendary Treasure - Legendary Geode Key.

Upper Elevators

Use the next elevator and jump off to the right to get to the Water Elemental Gate.

The Waterworks (Water)

Next to the door is Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/3 but while you can see the present straight away you can't quite reach it. Go around the edge of the room up the steps to a button, that raises the water level which allows you to keep going up. At the moving platform start going left and you'll reach a second button. Go up the three moving platforms (right to left to middle) to a third button and then partway around the room a platform will extend towards Radar Hat Hat 1/2 - Radar Hat. Carry on across for a button that drains the room then jump down and exit.

Jump down to the bottom elevator and walk it up to the second one, don't spin that up instead jump off the far side down to Blastermind Soul Gem 1/1 - Blastermind. There's also a building here.


On the floor you'll find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/3, Persephone, and a Life Elemental Gate on the right.

Push the top block left then jump down and push it out, then left again several times before pushing it backwards into a dip that you can now use to get William Tell Hat Hat 2/2 - William Tell Hat.

Go outside, drop down and ride the two elevators up to the top.

Upper Defenses

There's a bunch of crows and a rocket launcher outside here, destroy them then jump into the turret to take on the pirates again. This time there are four bonus gems and once again they all follow Tessa.

Lost and Found

Inside the building you'll find a Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal which is hiding a hole down to Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/3. Bounce back up and at the back of the room you'll see the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire.

Cutting Platform

Back outside we head up to the final area where you'll have to fight off a few Buzzer Beaks. The crystals at the back will power up and fire a beam around the place while you take on few waves of Cuckoo Clockers, some Bad Jujus, some purple crows and a rocket launcher.

We then get to actually fight Hawkmongous who, it turns out, is the Dark villain Tae Kwon Crow (Dark) Tae Kwon Crow. He's really fast and will run up to you and swipe with his sword, you'll have to jump over it to avoid the damage. If you damage him without him hitting you he'll vanish and then slam down an attack nearby, dodge the bolt of energy that moves directly away from his sword and attack him while he's stuck. Keep doing that until his health bar is empty and you get your 1500 coins and Skystone to finish the level.

Skylanders Academy

Auric has one new hat in his store.

Molekin Mountain HatMolekin Mountain Hat1000

The only other new thing of interest is where you place the Legendary Geode Key in the water in the Kitchen. That opens up a new sidescrolling bounce pad area called Crystal Caverns. You can find the trinket by bouncing up the first bounce pad, going onto the one to the left then jumping down to the left where you see the waterfall. Jump straight down either side of the platform you land on to reach Wilikin Windmill Trinket - Wilikin Windmill.

Onwards to The Golden Dessert. Yummy! Oh, Desert.

#8 Halvmorke 11:53:11 15/06/2020
The Life Elemental Gate in this level is just insulting...
#7 SkylandrPurists 21:43:38 10/05/2016
Golden Dessert, good one Dark52! smilie
#6 SodaPopHD 02:00:46 06/03/2016
VV Ikr?
#5 SkylandrPurists 21:53:51 24/09/2015
Tae Kwon Crow-Lord Shen (Kung-Fu Panda 2)
#4 ExcitonKnight 01:04:59 21/12/2014
I wish this place had more than 1 villain to capture
#3 spyrothe111 03:11:48 15/11/2014
This reminds me of Star Fox so much... smilie
#2 mega spyro 14:19:28 28/10/2014
In the green house area with the life gate, it has an image of a treasure chest in stead of a hat.
#1 TheShadowDragon 03:24:08 28/10/2014
Skyhighlands, eh? I know this sounds dumb, but wouldn't it be funny if there were Skyhighlanders, super powerful versions of Skylanders?

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