The Ultimate Weapon


Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestVillain Stash
Brain HatBrainiac Hat
Smoke Scream (Fire)Kaos (Kaos)
Golden Queen Quest: Bank on This!Smoke Scream Quest: Fight Doom with Boom
Story Scroll
Legendary Weird Robot
Winged Sapphire

Loading Zone

Go up the steps on the left as Dr. Noobry the a Quest for Golden Queen Golden Queen Quest: Bank on This! Bank on This!. Completing the quest will not only evolve your Golden Queen but it will let her open these dispensers for bonus gold throughout the level.

Go up the steps and Super Bounce over to the Ultimate Weapon.

Receiving Dock

Defeat a few enemies up here, over to the left is a Dark Elemental Gate.

Power Re-Router

Simply a case of walking forwards, jumping over the gaps and opening Brain Hat Hat 1/2 - Brain Hat. Watch out for those energy balls of course.

Go right up the bounce pad that appeared after defeating the enemies and head inside.

Relay System

Another simple light puzzle, pull every lever except the back left one once to set it up and wait for the energy ball to reach home. Once it does the door will open.

Matter Refactoring Room

Follow the coins down to the left and then go attack the Smoke Scream along with a bunch of Grinnades. Before using the bounce pad that appears jump off the pipe it's on towards the screen, you'll drop down onto the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire.

The light puzzle you get to after bouncing up is slightly more of a thing but it's only one pull still, you just have to time it so that the energy ball is in the perpendicular position when you pull the lever and it'll get redirected to the receptacle.

Ride the moving platform and jump off at the top. To the left of the Lock Puzzle is Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/3. To solve the first part of the Lock Puzzle you go Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Up, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down. The second part is done with: Up, Right, Down, Right, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Left, Right, Up, Left, Left, Up, Right, Left, Down, Right, Down. And the third by going: Right, Up, Down, Down, Right, Down, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right, Down, Up, Left, Down.

(There's a Trophy/Achievemnet just ahead, after stepping on the button try to hit as many of the coins as you can on the way down, nine is all that are needed - I found it easier to see them with a smaller character) Press the button to fall down.

Repair Platform H

Take a right to get to a Tech Elemental Gate and a Story Scroll Story Scroll just outside it.

The Balloon Return (Tech)

Step onto the balloon platform and let it take you over to some moving platforms, get on one as it circles past but wait on it until it reaches the bottom, step onto another balloon towards the screen to be taken to Legendary Weird Robot Legendary Treasure - Legendary Weird Robot.

Get back onto the balloon and onto the moving platforms again, this time jump off to the right, transfer to a balloon with a bounce pad and then onto some more moving platforms. This time it's just straight to the right all the way to Brainiac Hat Hat 2/2 - Brainiac Hat.

To the left there's a spinning gear blocking your way, lower it by pressing the purple button to the left of it. There's a bunch of flytraps and a couple of rocket launchers over there to defeat before the door will open.

External Power Sorter

Go backwards to the left to find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/3. Carry on forwards past Persephone up the slope minding out for the energy balls. At the top is a light puzzle. Go over to the right and pull the lever there once, then go to the middle lever and pull that once and then at the back pull the lever once. Go up the slope, take out the rocket launcher and then talk to Buzz who has a Quest for Smoke Scream Smoke Scream Quest: Fight Doom with Boom Fight Doom with Boom, a villain you haven't caught just yet. Behind the barrier it opens you'll find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/3.

Cross over and head inside.

Power Exhaust Ports

And hey look, it's the Fire villain Smoke Scream (Fire) Smoke Scream! The range on his fire breath attack is quite far so try to stay a fair distance away from him while he's doing that. In the meantime take out all the flytraps, Hood Sickles and rocket launchers that join in (you can jump up onto the platform on the left). Taking him down will earn you 1600 gold and a Skystone.

Cross the bridge that appears and move up the platforms jumping over the energy ball blasters just after they've blaster their energy balls. Up top to the left you'll find Ka-Boom Soul Gem 1/1 - Ka-Boom. Jump up to the very top to get sucked up.

The Grinder

Glumshanks over to the left has a game of Skystones Smash to play, he's fairly tough and has a 5000 prize for winning, entirely optional though.

Another light puzzle involving the pulling of each lever once. Go up the steps and across the newly formed bridge to an area with loads of rotating electric pylons. Follow them around and jump over any others to make your way to the red button over on the right, once that's hit go to the back left and outside.

The Fly Wheels

There are a few enemies out here, approach the bouncing energy ball and pull the right lever to rotate the crystal and puzzle solved. Jump on the moving platform and ride it to some balloons in the top left. The Super Bounce Pad will take you to another balloon above, use that to get onto another rotating gear platform and ride that to the top right. Just to the right here is the Villain Stash Villain Stash. Going towards the Ultimate Weapon will take you to the final boss fight against Kaos (Kaos) Kaos.

Kaos has a purple circle around him that damages you if you're in it (which is why melee characters are going to have a lot of trouble here, he's only out of it for short periods) so stay back from that as you jump over the many energy circles he blasts out (flying will work for a few circles but it'll then cause them to have an extra bit of height which can only be jumped over so I'd recommend jumping over the first few and only flying for the last few of a set).

After you've taken enough health off him he'll fly off and start the next segment. After bringing in loads of debris he'll be vulnerable to attack for a bit before he starts firing elements across the floor, they will match your Skylander and villain and if a matching element hits you you get healed (a non matching one will hurt). You can either rapidly keep switching between villain and Skylander but you can also just jump and avoid the nonmatching icons and keep attacking with that one character.

AFter a while he'll get back to energy circling and the elements will begin to occasionally change to less suitable ones. It's going to get crazy with all the energy and elements to avoid and jump over. Time for some doom sharks, if you run really close they'll heal you a little but if you get hit they'll damage you a lot. You can jump over them so if it's looking like they're closing a gap on you just jump over to safety.

After loads of that and more circles he'll pull out some giant Traptanium claws and start slashing across the arena, dodge out of the way and attack him as he passes by. And back to circle jumping alternating between that and the claws.

Plenty of time later he'll even have the nerve to heal himself back up to half health as he prepares some Traptanium swords which manifest as loads of straight laser beams to jump over. If you're looking for a pause between the circles and the swords and then back to the circles you're going to be out of luck, the only time you get to hit Kaos is while jumping over the circles and lasers. He'll add some Doom Sharks and keep on repeating until you finally manage to get his health down to zero. Trap him if you can (he is a very powerful villain and quite useful for fighting Kaos), collect your 10000 coin bounty, Skystone and complete the story mode of the game.

Skylanders Academy

That will unlock the fourth star of level completion, you now have a time to beat, a "don't switch" checkbox (which just wants you to stick with one Skylander, switching to the villain or switching which villain is being used is fine) and a complete all quests. These are retroactive so if you've managed to achieve the time or didn't switch Skylander then you'll already have them ticked off and perhaps even have the star already.

Returning to the Skylanders Academy you'll earn a new hat or two depending on which level of difficulty you defeated Kaos at. Bronze Arkeyan Helm Bronze Arkeyan Helm for Easy, Silver Arkeyan Helm Silver Arkeyan Helm for Medium, Gold Arkeyan Helm Gold Arkeyan Helm for Hard, and Rainbow Hat Rainbow Hat for Nightmare. You'll get the hats for the difficulties below the one you completed it at as well.

And finally you can place the Legendary Weird Robot in the Kitchen. Now go out and finish off anything you've missed!

The walkthrough will now continue with the Adventure Packs, these are unlocked through special toys bought separately and have their own self contained stories.

#12 Dadbot 21:16:37 20/10/2018
My Daughter and I just discovered this game! It is insane! Having a lot of fun going through it all. We purchased an old WIi and the first four Skylanders Games.
Without a doubt this was the hardest Boss to defeat!
#11 Mrmustacheman64 09:03:00 19/01/2018
I feel that this is probably the hardest boss in all Skylanders games
#10 SkylandrPurists 21:56:43 24/09/2015
Smoke Scream-Warren T. Rat (An American Tail)
smilie-DOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!! (not his ACTUAL nickname; keeping his identity secret)
#9 Bifrost 23:16:20 29/07/2015
Strangely, I switched to my Hard mode save right after beating Nightmare mode,and the Rainbow Hat unlocked on both(the active skylander wasn't using it at all,strangely enough they showed up without any hats whatsoever at first). So maybe the difficulty rewards also carries over across saves?
#8 Eternal Sunfury 19:30:20 13/01/2015
Doomshark, this reminds me of my Spyro's Adventure days smilie Thanks for the walkthroough, I have the Golden Hat and now I'm just working on the rainbow.
#7 TheShadowDragon 05:51:47 28/12/2014
When I played as Chopper while battling Kaos, I actually can avoid getting hit by his ground lasers while flying. Chopper might have a good chance of helping me win that awesome Rainbow Hat on Nightmare difficulty.
#6 lamoracke 04:24:51 15/12/2014
However, the don't switch does not always work if you have PS3 and just use your villain. Have had it not work at least 5 times where I have only switched to my one and only villain but kept the same skylander.
#5 CraftyBoyzMania 18:21:25 25/11/2014
Nightmare runs are hard without the help of this website. Thanks dark52! smilie
#4 Robert2007 21:33:19 19/11/2014
Woah wait minute rainbow hat is messed up!
#3 spyrothe111 02:16:20 18/11/2014
That final boss though... e.e
#2 Sonicblast109 21:31:43 11/11/2014
first! also thx for the guide for chapter.18 smilie
#1 mega spyro 02:12:55 30/10/2014
The rainbow hat image is messed up with a tresure chest image dark

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