Chapter 1: Soda Springs Chapter 1: Soda Springs
Traptanium Crystal Water Light Life Tech Traptanium Crystal
Treasure Chest Sheep Creep (Life) Winged Sapphire Treasure Chest Turtle Hat Story Scroll SpotlightWeather Vane Hat Blades Melon Hat Bucket Hat Treasure Chest Villain Stash Jawbreaker The Gulper (Water)
Chapter 2: Know-It-All Island Chapter 2: Know-It-All Island
The Gulper (Water) Traptanium Crystal Earth Life Traptanium Crystal Dark Slobber Trap (Water)
The Gulper Quest: Balloon Redemption Villain Stash Tussel Sprout (Earth)Treasure Chest Treasure ChestSleuth Hat Treasure ChestHedgehog Hat Story Scroll Buzzer Beak (Air)Legendary Statue Winged Sapphire BlackoutSkipper Hat Slobber Trap Quest: Gumbus' Fortune Food Fight Slobber Trap (Water)
Chapter 3: Chompy Mountain Chapter 3: Chompy Mountain
Sheep Creep (Life) Magic Traptanium Crystal Bruiser Cruiser (Tech) Traptanium Crystal Chill Bill (Water) Undead Traptanium Crystal
Winged Sapphire Sheep Creep Quest: Mildly Irritated Sheep Treasure ChestHorns Be With You Hat Treasure Chest Villain Stash Gusto Bruiser Cruiser Quest: Need More Than SingingPaperboy Hat Bruiser Cruiser (Tech) Wallop Story Scroll Chill Bill Quest: The Cold Front Bushwhack Hunting Hat Treasure Chest Legendary Chompy Statue Broccoli Guy (Life) Chompy Mage (Life)
Chapter 4: Phoenix Psanctuary Chapter 4: Phoenix Psanctuary
Traptanium Crystal Buzzer Beak (Air) Tussle Sprout (Earth) Water Cuckoo Clocker (Life) Air Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal
Treasure Chest Buzzer Beak Quest: Family ReunionParrot Nest Shrednaught (Tech) Legendary Egg Tussle Sprout Quest: Sproutin' UpVillain Stash Daisy Crown Chill Bill (Water) Story Scroll Funny Bone Snap Shot Treasure Chest Cuckoo Clocker Quest: Song Bird Ceiling Fan Hat Winged Sapphire Treasure Chest Cuckoo Clocker (Life)
Chapter 5: Chef Zeppelin Chapter 5: Chef Zeppelin
Air Light Broccoli Guy (Life) Chompy Mage (Life) Fire
Villain StashScooter Hat Story Scroll Juicer Hat Legendary Pepper Chest Chopper Broccoli Guy Quest: Broccoli Guy En Fuego Chompy Mage Quest: Free the Chompies!Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Bomb Shell (Magic) Treasure ChestColander Hat Winged Sapphire Chef Pepperjack (Fire)
Chapter 6: Rainfish Riviera Chapter 6: Rainfish Riviera
Eye Five (Light) Undead Brawlrus (Tech) Traptanium Crystal Earth Chef Pepperjack (Fire) Traptanium Crystal
Brawlrus (Tech) Lob-Star Story Scroll Masker Mind (Undead) Eye Five Quest: Chongo! Treasure ChestMetal Fin Hat Treasure Chest Brawlrus Quest: Submarine Bros 4 LifeSteampunk Hat Brawl and Chain (Water) Villain Stash Imperial Hat Deja Vu Winged Sapphire Chef Pepperjack Quest: Head of the CheeseTreasure Chest Legendary Bubble Fish
Chapter 7: Monster Marsh Chapter 7: Monster Marsh
Traptanium Crystal Eye Scream (Dark) Undead Dark Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal Fisticuffs (Dark) Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal
Winged Sapphire Eye Scream Quest: Paranormal Captivity Krypt King Treasure Chest Dragon Skull Fist Bump Chomp Chest (Earth) Story Scroll Legendary Golden Frog Shadow Ghost Hat Eye Scream (Dark) Eye Five (Light) Treasure Chest Fisticuffs Quest: Outhouse Back-In HouseClown Classic Hat Villain Stash Treasure Chest
Chapter 8: Telescope Towers Chapter 8: Telescope Towers
Brawl and Chain (Water) Masker Mind (Undead) Tech Magic Traptanium Crystal Water
Brawl and Chain Quest: Fairy Lights Wildfire Story Scroll Masker Mind Quest: Hypnosis Schnipnosis Bat Spin Old-Time Movie Hat Rugby Hat Winged Sapphire Hood Sickle (Undead) Villain Stash Treasure Chest Pain-Yatta (Magic) Synchronized Swimming Cap Legendary Cyclops Bear Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Dreamcatcher (Air)
Chapter 9: Mystic Mill Chapter 9: Mystic Mill
Bomb Shell (Magic) Shrednaught (Tech) Fire Shrednaught (Tech) Life Traptanium Crystal Shrednaught (Tech) Traptanium Crystal
Bomb Shell Quest: Mission: DemolitionGarrison Hat Shrednaught Quest: Sure Beats Keys Tread Head Story Scroll Villain Stash Shield Shredder (Life) Torch Volcano Island Hat Treasure Chest Treasure ChestMountie Hat Treasure ChestFlip Wreck Winged Sapphire Legendary Saw Blade Krankenstein (Air)
Chapter 10: Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink Chapter 10: Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink
Chomp Chest (Earth) Traptanium Crystal Pain-Yatta (Magic) Fire Water
Story Scroll Treasure Chest Chomp Chest Quest: Hot Diggity Dash! Echo Pain-Yatta Quest: I'm With the BandRubber Glove Hat Villain Stash Winged Sapphire Treasure Chest Rage Mage (Magic) Trash Lid Treasure Chest Legendary Eel Plunger High Five Shower Cap Fisticuffs (Dark)
Chapter 11: Wilikin Workshop Chapter 11: Wilikin Workshop
Shield Shredder (Life) Undead Magic Scrap Shooter (Fire) Dreamcatcher (Air) Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal
Shield Shredder Quest: Wood-Be Band Story Scroll Treasure Chest Clown Bowler Hat Scrap Shooter (Fire) Fling Kong Legendary Masterpieces Lil' Elf Hat Scrap Shooter Quest: Pirates of the Broken Table Winged Sapphire Dreamcatcher Quest: Sweet Dreams Villain Stash Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Head Rush Dr. Krankcase (Tech)
Chapter 12: Time Town Chapter 12: Time Town
Traptanium Crystal Dr. Krankcase (Tech) Dr. Krankcase (Tech) Cross Crow (Water) Earth Traptanium Crystal
Rocky Roll Story Scroll Treasure Chest Dr. Krankcase Quest: Diorama DramaBobby Villain Stash Thunderbolt Cross Crow Quest: Skylands' Biggest Fans Winged Sapphire Treasure Chest Alarm Clock Hat Cross Crow (Water) Treasure Chest Legendary Clock
Chapter 13: The Future of Skylands Chapter 13: The Future of Skylands
Light Rage Mage (Magic) Fire Wolfgang (Undead) Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal
KokoshnikTreasure Chest Rage Mage Quest: Ice Cream in the Future? Gearshift Extreme Viking Hat Story Scroll Wolfgang Quest: An Inconvenience of ImpsTin Foil Hat Treasure ChestLegendary Rocket Villain Stash Winged Sapphire Treasure Chest Blaster-Tron (Light)Trail Blazer Wolfgang (Undead)
Chapter 14: Operation: Troll Rocket Steal Chapter 14: Operation: Troll Rocket Steal
Bone Chompy (Undead) Earth Krankenstein (Air) Traptanium Crystal Tech
Bone Chompy Quest: Paging Dr. Bone ChompyNurse Hat Monday Hat Krankenstein Quest: Onward Wilikin SoldiersKepi Hat Winged Sapphire Treasure Chest Treasure Chest Cubano Hat Treasure Chest Cobra Cadabra Legendary Parachuting Mabu Grinnade (Fire) Villain Stash Story Scroll Enigma Threatpack (Water)
Chapter 15: Skyhighlands Chapter 15: Skyhighlands
Threatpack (Water) Grinnade (Fire) Water Life Traptanium Crystal
Story Scroll Threatpack Quest: You Break It, You Fix It Grinnade Quest: Miner Troubles II Villain Stash Legendary Geode Key Treasure ChestRadar Hat Blastermind Treasure Chest William Tell Hat Treasure Chest Winged Sapphire Tae Kwon Crow (Dark)
Chapter 16: The Golden Desert Chapter 16: The Golden Desert
Blaster-Tron (Light) Tae Kwon Crow (Dark) Traptanium Crystal Earth Traptanium Crystal Air
Story Scroll Blaster-Tron Quest: Help Diggs Dig Tae Kwon Crow Quest: Gopher the Gold! Legendary Dragon Head Bone Chompy (Undead) Tuff Luck Winged Sapphire Treasure Chest Desert Crown Treasure Chest Batter Up Hat Villain Stash Treasure Chest Grave Clobber (Earth)
Chapter 17: Lair of the Golden Queen Chapter 17: Lair of the Golden Queen
Air Bad Juju (Air) Traptanium Crystal Grave Clobber (Earth) Traptanium Crystal Magic
Villain Stash Classic Pot Hat Bad Juju Quest: Remote LocationBeetle Hat Short Cut Legendary Hippo Head Winged Sapphire Treasure Chest Grave Clobber Quest: Where is Flynn? Treasure Chest Bad Juju (Air) Treasure ChestCrazy Light Bulb Hat Story Scroll Golden Queen (Earth)
Chapter 18: The Ultimate Weapon Chapter 18: The Ultimate Weapon
Golden Queen (Earth) Dark Tech Smoke Scream (Fire)
Golden Queen Quest: Bank on This! Brain Hat Winged Sapphire Treasure Chest Story Scroll Legendary Weird RobotBrainiac Hat Treasure Chest Smoke Scream Quest: Fight Doom with BoomTreasure Chest Smoke Scream (Fire) Ka-Boom Villain Stash Kaos (Kaos)
Chapter 19: Midnight Museum Chapter 19: Midnight Museum
Traptanium Crystal Nightshade (Dark) Magic Traptanium Crystal Light
Treasure Chest Winged Sapphire Nightshade Quest: Crown Without a KingBat Hat Treasure Chest Knight Mare Legendary Gargoyle Eye of Kaos Hat Story Scroll Villain Stash Firefly Jar Treasure Chest Nightshade (Dark)
Chapter 20: Sunscraper Spire Chapter 20: Sunscraper Spire
Traptanium Crystal Luminous (Light) Earth Traptanium Crystal Dark
Treasure Chest Luminous Quest: Buzz Has a Hat?Lighthouse Beacon Hat Story Scroll Light Bulb Hat Knight Light Villain Stash Winged Sapphire Treasure Chest Dark Helm Treasure Chest Legendary Knight Statue Luminous (Light)
Chapter 21: Nightmare Express Chapter 21: Nightmare Express
Trolling Thunder (Tech) Tech Traptanium Crystal Lob Goblin (Light) Magic Traptanium Crystal
Trolling Thunder Quest: Statue of LimitationsCycling HatTreasure Chest Outback Hat Treasure Chest Story Scroll Legendary Statue of AwesomeVillain Stash Lob Goblin Quest: Grand Theft PlanCoconut Hat Trolling Thunder (Tech) Medic Hat Winged Sapphire Treasure Chest Lob Goblin (Light)
Chapter 22: Mirror of Mystery Chapter 22: Mirror of Mystery
Mab Lobs (Tech) Chompy (Life) Life Traptanium Crystal Water
Mab Lobs Quest: Fishness Protection Program Chompy (Life) Carnival Hat Winged Sapphire Chompy Quest: Worker's Chompensation Legendary Windmill Cornucopia Hat Story Scroll Treasure Chest Mab Lobs (Tech) Treasure Chest Treasure ChestGondolier Hat Villain Stash

#10 PopFizzMagic 19:01:48 10/07/2015
wait will ssc walktrogh be?
#9 Lightspyro10 12:47:50 04/07/2015
Thanks dark for this wallkthrough because of you i found my first winged sapphire and ;snapshot soul gem that I was killing my self to find it
#8 GillGrunt4Ever 14:50:33 02/04/2015
Location 6
More Locations coming soon!

Location 6
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#7 drobot007 08:37:06 17/01/2015
What are luminous' attacks.
Sorry for the off topic question.
#6 GoHeels999 00:29:48 04/01/2015
My compliments on the Walkthru and all the hard work it must have taken to create this, setup the links, etc. Awesome work!
#5 KaosGaming235 23:54:38 08/12/2014
Yes they are

Fifth comment!
#4 Zim999 23:57:26 05/12/2014
Two Soul Gems are missing for now, they must belong to Knight Light and Knight Mare.
#3 GigaCamo 20:47:40 28/10/2014
I like a lot of the levels in this game.
#2 Gamefreak 15:28:21 26/10/2014
i'm a number one woohooo

except for the maker of course
#1 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 21:39:15 20/10/2014
Here are the first two chapters of Trap Team, I'll be posting two chapters a day until this is complete.

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