Soda Springs


Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestVillain Stash
Turtle HatWeather Vane HatMelon HatBucket Hat
Sheep Creep (Life)The Gulper (Water)
Story Scroll
Winged Sapphire

Sugar Plateau

Place a Skylander on your portal and then talk to Buzz a little ahead, he'll ask you to smash a few barrels with your basic attacks.

Jump up the little ledge just past Buzz and then up again around some small, smashable brick walls towards a large barrel with an arrow over it. Before you fire it go to the right up a little ledge and you'll find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/3, the objectives screen actually lists 4 treasure chests but one of them can only be opened by captured Villains.

Fire the barrel cannon at the door and then push the turtle off the side and into the orange river. Before you move on jump to the right into that orange river.

Cola Stream

There's not much in this aside from coins but it is necessary to go to if you want to complete the "All Areas Found" objective. Keep following the stream down and over the waterfall.

Backwash Spillway

Again there's not much down here but a few coins, it's just another area to check off. If you carry on to the right you'll find a bounce pad that will take you back up to the start of the level. Make your way back to the turtle and cross over it now.

There's a radio towards the back, this will play music, give quick soundbites about the level and sometimes spit coins out at you. Once you're done fiddling with that push the tower of two turtles to the right and then the one on top further right to form a bridge.

Soda Flats

Time to meet your first villain, Sheep Creep (Life) Sheep Creep. He's a Life villain so make sure to have a Life Trap handy (if you don't have one it doesn't matter for story progress, you just won't be able to play as Sheep Creep until you do).

Sheep Creep's attacks consist entirely of stopping and firing his cork guns at you, he won't change direction once he's pulled the guns out so just move to either side to avoid them. While Trap Masters have a small damage advantage when attacking villains you can use any Skylander you like to defeat them, Sheep Creep is an especially weak villain so won't take much damage either way.

Once his health has been depleted he'll go into the capture animation, place your Life Trap in the trap slot on the Traptanium Portal and he'll get stored in there to play as (if for some reason you've already got a villain in your Life Trap you can swap it out for Sheep Creep, if you choose not to then you will have to wait until you reach the hub world before you can swap him in again). As an extra reward you get a 100 Coin bounty and a brand new Sheep Creep Skystone (which you can't do anything with just yet).

Once he's captured (trapped or not) a monster gate icon to the left will turn into a bounce pad, use it to get up onto the ledge above. Go to the right and jump over the gap to another bounce pad and a turtle. Ignore them both for the moment and instead walk through the gap in the path to go around and into a cave on the other side.

Hidden Flavor Grotto

In this cave you'll find Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire and a few coins, Winged Sapphires will give you a 2% discount when you're buying upgrades from Persephone. With that picked up turn around and head back outside again.

Go to the turtle and push it three times so that it is in position beneath some coins, use the bounce pad to get up onto the ledge and then jump over the gap next to the turtle following the coins. To the left is a bounce pad that'll take you higher.

Natural Ingredients Tree

In the middle of the large tree stump that you've landed on you'll see an outcropping of blue crystals, this is Traptanium Crystal Traptanium and can only be destroyed by a Trap Master (such as Snap Shot in the Starter Pack). Before you do that though you may want to take care of the Chompies that are attacking, there's also another slightly larger fly trapper looking enemy with them, a few basic attacks should take care of most of them. Smashing the crystal will automatically kill them all if you're in a hurry.

Seltzer Pit

After smashing the Traptanium you'll fall a short distance down, there's a few coins and Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/3. Jump up the grassy steps and use the bounce pad to get back out. Then bounce up again to reach a Water Elemental Gate. In a change of behaviour from the previous games all Elemental Gates can only be opened by a Trap Master of the matching element (in this case it'd be Snap Shot or Lob-Star), you cannot use any other type of Skylanders to open them but once open you can use any Skylander you like (any element even).

Carbonated Plant (Water)

There's a few coins up the bounce pad but what you're looking to do here is push the turtles a bit past it. Push the middle one away and then the one on the left off the edge (the third one doesn't have a role). Jump onto the turtle you just pushed off the edge as when it floats near and ride it around the swirling cloud until you can jump off to the floating present. Inside you'll find Turtle Hat Hat 1/4 - Turtle Hat, you can put it on right away to gain 7 armor (which by the way has reverted to the old random chance to completely block an attack rather than to be an always on reduction in damage taken). Bounce on back towards the start of the zone to leave it.

To the left of Buzz is a larger, purple coloured bounce pad with moving chevrons, this is a Super Bounce Pad that will take you a much larger distance (one that you usually cannot turn around and come back from) so make sure you're done here before you step on it.

Twisting Top

You should be able to see the Soul Gem on the platform above, to get it first you need to follow the line of coins off the edge towards the screen, to the right you'll find a bounce pad, a Story Scroll Story Scroll (which are less story this time) and a Light Elemental Gate that will appear as an Unknown Element until you have at least once placed a Light or Dark character or item on the portal.

Secret Ingredients

First use a Trap Master to smash the Traptanium Crystals on the floor. Fire the barrel cannon that's to the left of the entrance and it'll smash open the gate at the far end behind which you can find Spotlight Soul Gem 1/3 - Spotlight.

There is supposed to be a hat in here but oddly you can buy it from Auric later in the game so if you're coming back to the level you may find that the hat has already been collected, do not worry you still have the credit for it and the hat too. To get the hat if it is still there push the block to the right and then towards the door you smashed open, bounce up on the pad and then jump over the gap to reach Weather Vane Hat Hat 2/4 - Weather Vane Hat.

After that use the bounce pad and it'll take you all the way up and onto the platform with Blades Soul Gem 2/3 - Blades. Watch out for the Chompies as you drop off to the right where Buzz is standing next to a Life Elemental Gate.

Melon Flavor Farm (Life)

Step down into the pumpkin filled area and push one of them onto the wooden section, that'll trigger some Chompies and a flytrap to attack. Once they're gone push the second pumpkin to join the first and then use the wooden platform that they've raised up to get to the top where Melon Hat Hat 3/4 - Melon Hat.

Step on the Super Bounce Pad to be thrown across to the next area.

Sugar Free Landing

As you land a monster gate will block your way and a series of Chompies and those flytrap guys will start rushing in from the right, once you've taken out the last of them the gate will drop. Before you go through it go down the slope to the right where you'll find a Tech Elemental Gate.

Zero Calorie Cavern (Tech)

Jump up the grassy platforms on the left side of the cave and then across the gaps to the right and again to the left to reach Bucket Hat Hat 4/4 - Bucket Hat.

Halfway up the slope to the monster gate jump off the side.

Really Secret Spot

There's a few coins down here and a Super Bounce Pad that really isn't all that super, bounce back up and continue up the slope past the monster gate, watch out for the large flying barrel as it will hurt if it hits you.

Grape Flavored Vista

After the introduction to The Gulper go to the left and you'll find some Traptanium Crystal Traptanium to smash, and beneath that you'll find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/3. Now go to the right and ignore Buzz for another moment, if you go towards the screen you'll find a Mabu named Pibb, he wants to play Skystones Smash with you. Unfortunately you haven't learned to play yet so make sure to note it down and come back later once you've picked it up. Now step on the Super Bounce Pad.

Bottleneck Balcony

Once you've landed jump on the bounce pad and cross the roof and smash the barrel of soda so you can get past. On the right, if you go a little towards the screen, is a large safe with a picture of Kaos' head on the front, this is a Villain Stash Villain Stash which can only be opened by a villain. You should have Sheep Creep so switch to him (or any other villain you have) and shake open that safe. Remember that coins picked up by a villain are given to the Skylander.

Move a little towards The Gulper and jump up to the right before going down the side of the fallen building towards a series of giant corks. Jump along them as they move up and down and cross over to where Buzz is waiting.

Fizzleworts Rooftop

Fire the cannon barrel at the Gulper's hand to get him to move it out of the way, beyond that smash a vat of soda so you can get up the platforms behind it. Before you jump on the bounce pad jump off the edge towards the screen, you'll find Jawbreaker Soul Gem 3/3 - Jawbreaker under here. Bounce up to a pair of vats.

Push the orange one straight off the edge and then the green one into as far as you can to start trapping The Gulper (Water) The Gulper, you'll need a Water Trap if you want to play as him. You'll get 250 Coins for the bounty and a Gulper Skystone. Once that's done it's the end of the level. Off we go to Skylanders Academy!

Skylanders Academy

You're now free to explore the start of the hub world, it'll expand and grow as you go further through the story so don't be too concerned if it seems a little small. On your left is a set of four circles around a larger circle, this will be useful later on but has no function right now (it's a teleporter).

Just ahead on the left is a tree stump with a flyer stuck on it, you can view Wanted Posters of all the villains to find out where you'll be able to find them. You can also access that from the pause menu at any time.

Further ahead is Flynn, he'll take you to the next level if you want to go right now but there's still more to see so hold on for a moment. Directly ahead is the Villain Vault, here you will be able to swap the villains that are stored in your traps.

To the right of Flynn is Persephone, she's back to help upgrade your Skylanders and will expand the area to the right where she will hang out from now on (although she does also appear partway through most levels so you can upgrade on the go). If you go into Persephone's treehouse you can find a small round present on the top level, shake it open to receive Elemental Diamond Trinket - Elemental Diamond. Trinkets are little decorative items that you can put on your Skylander, they have no stats so it's entirely down to your personal tastes whether you wear it or not (you can only wear one at a time).

Leaving the treehouse go up the steps next to the Villain Vault to talk to Cali, she'll open up the Kaos Doom Challenge for you to begin competing in. There's no story locking on this, you can start working through all of the 100 waves right now.

Otherwise talk to Flynn and get on moving to Know-It-All Island!

#9 WolfyBuilder 08:13:25 05/12/2020
Gulper with baby hands is so funny xD Btw, how do I type those villain smilies?
#8 PortalMasterone 19:06:08 25/09/2015
You know you can also use villains, including Kaos, to activate the towers in the Kaos Doom Challenges.
#7 SkylandrPurists 21:38:18 24/09/2015
I decided to nickname all the villains in this game...after some of my favorite animated movie villains

Here is a chapter list of them

Sheep Creep-Kazar (The Wild)
smilie-Dave (The Penguins of Madagascar)
#6 gizmochris7 20:55:43 21/02/2015
if you find spotlight`s soul gem and you don`t have her and can`t find where to get her because she is hard to find, then you may want to check there are 2 spotlight skylanders on there. and so is the hard to find blackout on there. do you want spotlight and blackout? if so go to ebay smilie
#5 drobot007 10:21:56 25/01/2015
That is funny.
#4 Captain Biggs 16:50:24 12/01/2015
After replaying this level for the 3rd time I was finally able to get all 30 enemies. I am pretty sure there is exactly 30 enemies in this level with Gulper being the final 30th enemy.
#3 Robert2007 22:29:58 02/12/2014
@skylandsfan there is knight light and spoghtlight for the light
#2 mega spyro 19:48:20 28/10/2014
Before the game was released, I thought that you would trap Chompy first. Just like the first enemy in SSA, was it Sheep creep? No, it was Chompy.
#1 skylandsfan 22:59:14 20/10/2014
What? How is it confirmed to be spotlight not knight light?

Never mind... I saw it and it was spotlight

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