Mirror of Mystery


Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestVillain Stash
Carnival HatCornucopia HatGondolier Hat
Chompy (Life)Mab Lobs (Tech)
Mab Lobs Quest: Fishness Protection ProgramChompy Quest: Worker's Chompensation
Story Scroll
Legendary Windmill
Winged Sapphire

When you put the Mirror of Mystery on the portal for the first time it will play a cutscene and ask if you want to travel to the level, say no and instead go to the level via the marker that appears next to the purple portal in the Skylanders Academy, you'll get a little bit of extra dialogue that explains why Glumshanks is with you. You do not need to keep the Mirror of Mystery on the portal to play the level.

TubTub Hub

Kaos has a Quest for Mab Lobs Mab Lobs Quest: Fishness Protection Program Fishness Protection Program that you'll have to wait until a second go through to complete as he's a lot further on through the level. All it does though is evolve him.

Go down the slope into the troll village.

Troll Village

After chatting with Moonbeam you're given a task of collecting three parts of a mech. The first part is in the building at the back on the right.

Uncle Ziggy's Garage

Now be careful in here, there is a block puzzle that you can actually get wrong (if you haven't yet got the other two parts you can back out and reset the blocks but if you do then backing out will lock you out), push the first left block to the right, push the block to your north up once, then the block now to the right twice, do not push any more blocks (especially not the two at the north end!). You should be able to pick up the mech piece and walk out the back door.

Chomp Dudes Rest

The Life villain Chompy (Life) Chompy is out here and he's fairly ferocious as he has practically no recovery time between one attack and his next. You'll just have to keep turning around trying to avoid getting hit by him as you slowly whittle his health down. 500 coins and a Skystone are yours.

Go back through the garage and out the front. To the left is another door to go into.

Pawn Shop

In here is a troll, Strawberry, who wants to play some Skystones Smash (if you haven't unlocked it in the main story go play that through chapter 5). Beating him will earn you 2000 coins and open the gate, behind which is Carnival Hat Hat 1/3 - Carnival Hat.

To the right of the door are some grassy steps up towards another building, don't go in just yet though instead go to the right of the door and jump over the gap onto a ledge that runs above the garage entrance, at the right end you'll get the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire.

Sage's Stewhouse

Go back to the doorway and head inside. At the back is a mabu named Sage who has a piece of the mech on the fire, to get it you just need to pay him 20 gold. If you don't have enough just smash the furniture and you're sure to find some.

Follow the path back down towards where you met Moonbeam and you'll see a troll named Butterfly who has a Quest for Chompy Chompy Quest: Worker's Chompensation Worker's Chompensation. This is another quick no involvement quest which just evolves your Chompy.

Rainbow Harmony Farms

You can see the third mech piece up on the ledge by the building, don't get it just yet. Instead go to the left of the farm and jump off the edge.

Rainbow Rockside

You'll find Legendary Windmill Legendary Treasure - Legendary Windmill down here.

Bounce up and go grab that third and final mech piece, climb aboard and help the trolls start their attack on the mabu.

Totally Trail

After meeting Flynn go to the right to a Life Elemental Gate.

Lazy Lookout (Life)

There are a few Chompies in here but otherwise it's just straight up to Cornucopia Hat Hat 2/3 - Cornucopia Hat.

Follow the path towards the fighting.

Flower Power Fields

Ignore the fighting and go left off the path where there's a few more mabu standing around.

Paisley Patch

Smash through a fence to the left to get the Story Scroll Story Scroll.

Rejoin the main path but keep on going to the right where there's a Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal with Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/3 underneath. Get back to the path again and this time keep following it until you reach a tank, defeat the regular mabu and then get a troll to get into the mech sitting here. Defeat the tank before reaching where the Tech villain Mab Lobs (Tech) Mab Lobs is waiting on a tree stump. He hasn't got great range so stand back and take him out for 500 coins and the Skystone.

A couple more tanks and several mabu more until you get the trolls up to the closed door, they'll start bashing it down, you need to protect them from the mabu while they're doing that.

Tree of Doom

Approach the base of the treehouse and defeat the mabus, three waves total before Stardust gives you a bomb to use. Before doing that though jump off the edge to the right.

Secret Stashaway

Down here open Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/3. Bounce back up then take a bomb to Persephone's tree and blow it up to clear the path.

DoomHelm Pass

Stand on the green button behind Moonbeam to lower the first set of lasers. To the left after going through you'll see a Water Elemental Gate.

Contemplation Cascades (Water)

Jump down the first waterfall and then make your way around the two sets of rotating water jets before jumping down a second waterfall. Jump off this area to the north-west direction to land on a platform below with Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/3 on it (you can also just jump from the main platform), jump to the main platform and defeat some Chompies to open Gondolier Hat Hat 3/3 - Gondolier Hat.

Right after a line of them has exploded go through the bombs to stand on another green button. Go through another line of bombs but ignore the next green button, go further to the right off the edge.

Lonely Locale

Down here is just for the all areas tick. Bounce back up and press that green button. Work your way through some more bombs to some mabu by yet another green button.

Before you press the final green button ahead jump off the ledge to the left where the Villain Stash Villain Stash is. Bounce back up and press that last button to go through the final laser gate.

Peaceful Peak

Approach the stone circle to start the final battle, which is a turret mini-game. Take out as many mabu as you can see, the turrets themselves can't hurt you if there's no mabu pulling the lever so you might want to focus on the ones running to rotate that first. After shooting down Flynn you win, Adventure Pack over.

Skylanders Academy

The place to put the Legendary Windmill is to the left by the teleporters. It adds a windmill to one of the towers.

#14 SkylandrPurists 23:55:28 23/05/2017
Anyone else find it tempting to go through this level with the Villains....because they are essentially good guys here?
#13 rkturty 22:45:42 30/09/2016
Are there 4 different magic items for the other 4 chapters or do each of them contain two levels within them?
#12 SkylandrPurists 21:59:23 24/09/2015
Chompy-Carface (All Dogs go to Heaven)
Mab Lobs-Captain Chantel DuBois (Madagascar; Europe's Most Wanted)
#11 Glumshanks 00:27:26 12/05/2015
Mirror, Mirror. On the wall who is the evilist of them all ?????
#10 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 10:18:02 22/04/2015
No, there are no trophies or achievements specific to the adventure packs.
#9 IvyLeaf 03:05:02 22/04/2015
Are there trophies and achievements to earn in the adventure packs?
#8 3Stan 02:54:25 25/03/2015
The easiest treasure chest to miss is in the water element gate. There is both a hat and chest in this area...
#7 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 13:21:17 11/01/2015
The fourth is the villain stash.
#6 belgareth2 08:26:16 11/01/2015
Since we added the light and dark adventure packs our system (PS4) is telling us that there are 4 treasure chests in the Mirror of Mystery level.

Is anyone else having this issue ... and are there 3 or 4 treasure chest (we have found the 3 listed on this site already).
#5 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 14:00:59 29/12/2014
I believe the necessary section of the Academy appears after Chapter 11: Wilikin Workshop.
#4 Joemckinsey456 04:48:04 29/12/2014
I have 3 stars on this one and it will not let me place the windmill in the academy????? is there something i have to do?? i am only on lv 6 i think.
#3 CraftyBoyzMania 18:34:51 25/11/2014
Always wanted it but cheapest i found it was £20.
#2 spyrothe111 03:42:53 02/11/2014
I found one today at Target. smilie
#1 truegamer64 15:28:09 30/10/2014
Can't find this adventure pack D:

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