Chef Zeppelin


Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestVillain Stash
Scooter HatJuicer HatColander Hat
Bomb Shell (Magic)Chef Pepperjack (Fire)
Broccoli Guy Quest: Broccoli Guy En FuegoChompy Mage Quest: Free the Chompies!
Story Scroll
Legendary Pepper Chest
Winged Sapphire

We immediately begin in a ship firing at trolls, (those looking for the Trophy/Achievement will want to make sure to kill all eight of the large Troll Transports here at the very start, if you miss one it's easy to reload the level and try again), there are eight large ships that you'll need to concentrate fire on for a short while, after that it's a few flying trolls and then we move on to shooting at targets on the zeppelin itself.

For the next part if you want to get as high a score as you can then it's important to realise that the turrets don't do any damage to you unless there's a troll manning the lever next to them, that means if you take out the trolls before they get there you can ignore the turret until all of the other enemies have stopped appearing. The first two of the four bonus gems are found on the second turret, one towards the back of the zeppelin and the other just to the right where the trolls are running from. Number three is on the fourth turret on the left side of the screen, and the fourth is on the seventh turret to the left of the lever.

Landing Pan

Step off the pan towards a turret.

Main Counter Top

Attack the trolls and once they're dead fire the turret (not the lever) at the fence to smash it. Then pull the lever once, fire the turret again at another fence, pull the lever again and fire the turret one more time to destroy a third fence. Go through the first broken fence (to the right) and pull the lever next to the turret there once before firing the turret. Drop into the rotating kebabs.

Side Spinner

Nothing in here but coins so bounce back up and now drop off the opposite side following a stream of coins down to a platform below.

Bottom Shelf

You'll land right next to an Air Elemental Gate.

Tail Winds (Air)

Bounce on the bounce pad onto a moving platform when it gets near to you and then wait for it to take you over to the Villain Stash Villain Stash. Step off onto another moving platform that'll take you to Scooter Hat Hat 1/3 - Scooter Hat.

Don't go up the Super Bounce Pad just yet, instead continue on past it along the side of the zeppelin and you'll find Story Scroll Story Scroll next to an

Peculiarity of Light

First step onto the slightly raised platform in the middle of the blocks and jump up to the left over a gap so you can push a block off. Jump back down and go over to push the block on the floor to the right forwards twice, then jump up diagonally on top of it. Push the block to the left off then the one to the left of that to where the first block you pushed originally was. You can now either directly jump to the bounce pad or push the last block twice more so it falls into place and let you jump up to the bounce pad easily. Either way you get over to Juicer Hat Hat 2/3 - Juicer Hat.

Now you can turn around and use that Super Bounce Pad to get back up.

Straight ahead you might just notice that there's no barrier along the edge, jump off the edge to find Legendary Pepper Chest Legendary Treasure - Legendary Pepper Chest below. Teleport back up and go left through another of the broken fences to a rotating kebab.

Main Kebobs

Follow the kebabs around but don't go off at the exit, instead jump off the edge between the entrance and exit down to where you'll find Chopper Soul Gem 1/1 - Chopper. Teleport back up and go around the kebabs again and this time take the exit as expected. However don't go up the ramp instead jump off the edge to the left following some coins down.

Chopping Block

A Lock Puzzle to solve here. Solution is Left, Up, Right, Down, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down.

Kitchen of Shame

At the back you'll find a young mabu named Bernie who has a Quest for Broccoli Guy Broccoli Guy Quest: Broccoli Guy En Fuego Broccoli Guy En Fuego. This is just to evolve Broccoli Guy, nothing to do. Go out and bounce back up.

Go up the slope to meet the Magic villain Bomb Shell. Go up the left path (not the right one).

Topside Burners

Up here you'll find Persephone and a bomb (also a hidden treasure location). You can use the bombs to throw at the trolls below.


Once you've defeated the first trolls here a few Grinnades will run in as well as a few more trolls. With those gone Bomb Shell will run away and you'll be joined by a Chill Bill and a Bruiser Cruiser, after that one more Chill Bill to finish things off and open the monster gate. There's a mabu named Cookie at the back with a Quest for Chompy Mage called Chompy Mage Quest: Free the Chompies! Free the Chompies!. And still nothing to do, simply evolves your Chompy Mage. It does however open up a new path, go through the opened gate and drop off the edge.

Top Shelf

There's a Lock Puzzle down here filled with cracked blocks. Here's a way to do it: Down, Up, Down, Right, Up, Down, Up, Right, Left, Right, Down, Left, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Down. Behind the fence is Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/3. Back towards the start of this area you can jump down to the left and use a Super Bounce Pad to get back up out of here.

Now go down the slope past where the monster gate was.

Cheese Graters

Carry on around down towards another monster gate where Tessa will have a quick chat. Go to the left of the monster gate and then down some steps (not the slope) off the side of the zeppelin.

Port Gangway

Pick up the bomb and step into the Super Bounce Pad. Throw the bomb at the fence to the right of the monster gate and go inside.

Auxiliary Kitchen

Smash the Grinnades, the Chill Bill and the trolls before going up the slope behind them to reach a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/3.

Go outside again and now head down the slope to the left of the monster gate. Time for an ambush, several enemies will join the lone troll, just after a Bruiser Cruiser you'll actually get to fight with Bomb Shell (Magic) Bomb Shell. Avoid the large red marker to avoid getting hit by his bombs (and then avoid the purple flames after they explode), and just keep on hitting him and moving out of the way. 450 coins and another Skystone.

Go back up the slope and pick up the key, take it down the steps and open up the locked gate along the zeppelin to the left.

Command Kitchen

Time for a chat with Batterson to finally learn how to play Skystones Smash. The main aim of the game is to get your opponents health to zero while keeping yours above zero. The sword icon on a Skystone shows how much damage it does and the hearts shows how much health it has. So what you want to do is wipe out their Skystone and preferably have your one still standing so it can do damage to the player on the next turn. The better Skystones can be collected by defeating more villains through the game.

For this first game it should be fairly simple, Sheep Creep only has one health and do one damage so pretty much anything other than a Sheep Creep Skystone will be able to wipe it out and survive.

Once you've beaten Batterson (I don't think it's possible to lose even) go to the right to fight a proper Skystones Smash battle. This time you can change stones if you'd like (although the game generally does a good job of selecting your best ones automatically), what you want is high damage or health so you can either wipe the opponent stone in one go or survive long enough to wipe them out on a second, no good using Sheep Creep. Having a high attack but low health means you will surely destroy the opposing stone but will certainly be destroyed at the same time. Make sure to select the Begin button if you've switched stones yourself, pressing Back will cancel all your changes.

In the bottom right corner of a Skystone you may also see another icon, in the Chompy Mage's case it's a pair of hearts. This means that when you place him on the board you gain two health as a player - two more health for the opponent to have to knock off you to win, however it is important to note that if both players have health at the end of the game with no Skystones active, you don't get a draw or work out who has the most health left for a winner, you just lose. Which means that it is important on the last turn of the game to make sure that you have a Skystone active and not just to cancel out the opponent.

The matches are a little random as the three stones you start with are randomly selected from the six you're playing with so even if your opponent just beat you you might be able to sneak a win in with the same array of stones on a rematch.

Up on the stoves behind the chefs is a Fire Elemental Gate.

Oven (Fire)

Bit of a block puzzle in here. Go to the right and push the first block so that it covers the blazing fire, then when it's formed a platform push it further along (the fire has gone out) to the end. Turn around and do the same with the right block - watching out for a fire blaze coming out of the wall next to it.

On the left side push the right tin all the way back to the fires and then the left block off the edge to the left. Jump over the platform it forms and then go to the left, wait to go past a flame and a second and you'll find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/3. Now go back and then up the ramp to the right, push the one more tin off the edge into the fire and cross over all the way over past one final tin to Colander Hat Hat 2/3 - Colander Hat.

To the right of the chefs jump over the edge and down a chute.

Garbage Disposal

Down here are some coins and a Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire. Bounce back up and exit the kitchen area behind the chefs.

Time to fight Chef Pepper Jack (Fire) Chef Pepper Jack. First he'll throw out three peppers in front of him, they'll quickly turn to lava. He'll then charge towards you rotating his whisks, dodge out of the way and he'll hit the side of the arena dazed. That's your time to hit him, move out of the way once he gets up and throws down some more peppers. What you want to do is try to make it so he keeps hitting the walls when he charges at you.

After a bit he'll jump away and start with the laser beams. Keep on jumping over them (remember to switch to a villain to save on health loss). Once you've survived that Pepper Jack will begin a similar sequence to his first except that now there's even more peppers and lava to avoid. Keep whittling his health down until he jumps off again.

To try to reduce the complexity of your jumps try to move forwards and backwards along with the horizontal beams so you're only really needing to jump over the diagonal ones as they get close.

The next wave of lava peppers is getting even crazier, you're going to have to plan well to avoid getting trapped by the lava. Try to go to each corner in turn and you should be able to just about make it.

Another set of laser beams to jump but this time you'll need to stand on the large steaks that Pepper Jack drops into the arena. Don't stand on them too long after the lines of lasers have passed by though as he'll throw a pepper at you and make it lava underneath (and the steak will vanish).

After another set of him charging and throwing peppers you'll get back to the lasers and steak, this time with loads of steak. Keep jumping from steak to steak as soon as the one you're on starts flashing, try to make it so that you've always got a steak nearby to jump to so don't end up on a lone steak with several on the opposite side. Try to attack Pepper Jack while this is going on as the final part is going to be a pain. Once the steaks finally run out you'll have to jump over the lases manually as well as avoid the lava peppers and attack Pepper Jack all at the same time. Painful. 1500 coins and a Pepper Jack Skystone are your reward.

Skylanders Academy

If you go into the Main Hall and approach the area with Auric you'll see a new door has opened up down to the right. The Kitchen. If you got the Legendary Treasure in Chef Zeppelin you'll find the activation icon in here (if you hit it you can get a bit of gold). Also in here is a large cauldron with several elemental dice floating around the top, if you hit the cauldron with an attack of each of those elements you'll get a bit of bonus gold. Make sure to activate the teleport by using it and then go talk to Cali to head to the Rainfish Riviera.

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Love the theming of this level, and Chef Pepper Jack is quite a tough boss, but that just makes getting to play as him even sweeter!
#4 SkylandrPurists 21:43:28 24/09/2015
Bomb Shell-Lotso (Toy Story 3)
smilie-Hades (Disney's Hercules)
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If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen .. (*_*)
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FIRST COMMENT! I'm so Smappy about finally getting first comment!

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