Cloudburst Keys

Windy Pass

Level MissionsLevel ChallengesBonus Missions
  • Check Mark Cross the Windy Pass
  • Check Mark Open Elemental Gate (Air)
  • Check Mark Win Skystone Battle
  • Check Mark Don't fall off ledges
  • Check Mark Complete Time Challenge
  • Check Mark Chests Unlocked - 5
  • Check Mark Gems Collected - 200
  • Check Mark Nightmare Pages Found - 3
  • Check Mark Hats Found - 3

Walk past the sleeping Mabu to meet Bobbin Rood the level's villain. After he runs away defeat a few Chompies and a Drow Witch, she has a circular energy pulse attack you want to jump over as well as a direct ranged attack to avoid. Go left over a small stone bridge to a bounce pad, bounce on over to a Spearman and along the left side a Traptanium Crystal covered Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/5. Defeat a Drow Archer and smash through the barricade behind him to get to a bounce pad that will take you back near the start.

Go to the right down and down off the right side onto a stone section, next to a bounce pad further on you'll find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/5. Bounce up and defeat a couple of Drow Archers before crossing over a rotating platform to reach a Drow Spearman.

Just behind the Spearman is Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 1/3, as you go up around the circular area watch out for the wind blowing sheep statue and defeat a couple of Archers before solving the Lock Puzzle behind them. Take the bounce pad behind the Lock Puzzle to get over to a couple of Spearmen and a Witch, if you go to the left at the back across a rotating platform, past a windy sheep and up the circular platform you can reach an Air Elemental Gate.


A fairly direct path though here, plenty of long jumps you'll need to run to get over. Watch out for the sheep wind towards the start but later on they'll be continuous so you just will have to run straight through trying to compensate for the push. As you'd expect at the very end is Hat Hat 1/3.

Go back across the moving platform and up a bounce pad, if you jump up to the right onto a stone area you'll see a yellow square with a gem icon on it, stand on that to have a few gems appear for you to collect. Another meeting with Bobbin Rood ahead, this time he'll help the minions with the fight by firing arrows at you, simply stay out of the circle to avoid them. Once you've taken out the minions he'll just run away and open up a bounce pad.

Go up the bounce pad that has appeared and go to the right, defeat another Spearman and Witch before smashing the Traptanium Crystal blocking Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/5. Go to the left onto some moving platforms and ride one of them up to the top where you should get off. Over to the left now there's another wave of enemies to defeat, they're standing next to a Monster Gate so you have to defeat them all, watch out for Bobbin Rood's arrows again.

Through the gate to play a game of Skystones to win a key (so not optional), play him again to win further Skystones (Pirate Grenadier 3, Pirate War Mage 2, Pirate Swashbuckler). With the key in your possession go down to the right and unlock the gate and jump onto a moving platform as it gets close. Wait on it to jump off to the right where Hat Hat 2/3 is. Jump back on and go up a bit to the top to get off again.

Defeat a few enemies up here before reaching a locked gate, the game will pan over to where the key is found, it may look a fair distance away but it's quite close really. Go left up to a couple of Spearmen and over the bridge they're guarding, go left past the sheep blower and then up and around to a few more Spearmen and a Witch guarding the key. Make your way back to the locked gate and go through.

Drop off the right side of this long straight section, you'll find the gem safe which is Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 4/5. Jump back up and carry on down the path, smash through a barrier and then some enemies before reaching a bounce pad at the end. After landing if you jump onto the platform to the left of the rotating one, with the archer on, you'll find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 5/5. Cross over the rotating platforms to reach an icy area with windy sheep blowing you all about the place while you avoid Bobbin Rood's arrows.

At the end use the bounce pad below where Bobbin Rood is standing to reach the Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 2/3, once you've got it jump back down and go to the right to a teleporter. Follow the line of gems through some enemies and onto some moving platforms, let it take you down and then at the high point nearest the screen jump off to the right and collect Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 3/3. Get back onto the moving platform and jump off onto the other platform along the top. Jump from there onto another moving platform and just get off at the top point, nothing special hidden.

Before using the bounce pad behind the enemies up here make sure to jump off to the right and open Hat Hat 3/3 below. Bounce back up and then over to fight Bobbin Rood for real. He stands perfectly still and has two attacks, one it when he fires up into the air, move out of the target, and the other is firing a bunch of arrows along the ground at you, jump over them whenever you see him start the attack. Keep on attacking and capture him. To finish the level walk through the portal.

Villain Bootcamp - Bobbin Rood

Level MissionsTime ChallengeBonus Challenge
  • Check Mark Ignite the Enguego Chompies
  • Check Mark Complete time challenge in under 2:00
  • Check Mark Don't let any Chompy get extinguished

There are two chompies in the tutorial room, press Y when looking in the direction of the one on the floor to ignite it with your arrow and press X when looking towards the one on the pedestal to rain down fire arrows on it. Once both are lit the door will open and let you through into the real parts of the level.

To completely avoid getting the chompies extinguished by the cannons you can make sure to hit the chompies after the cannon has fired at them but that won't be very fast, to be fast you want to hit the chompies first that are going to get splashed last - you can still get the no extinguish check but it's riskier if you're not accurate as well as fast. Getting a chompy hit by water will also cost you 5 seconds so being careful is still necessary even when trying for speed. The following tips are for combined speed and safety, you may well be quick and accurate enough to hit them in an even faster order but the game only wants 2 minutes and won't reward you more for doing anything better than 1:59, it won't even record it.

In the first room the left will get hit first so do shoot the right first and then the left after the water has splashed it, that'll stop the right one from getting hit as the cannons stop firing once the gate has opened even if it's already in the air.

In the second room the front two will be targeted first so shoot the back high one and then the front two low ones as quickly as you can. Room three do the two lower middle chompies before quickly doing the two high ones on the edges. For room four hit the low one on the left and the high one on the right at the back before the opposite at the front. In five do the middle one first then the low left and high right before doing the low right and high left.

For room six do the three on the left first and then wait for the ones on the right to get splashed before shooting them (or perhaps quickly light them before that). Room seven has the water going from left to right along both rows at the same time, you'll want to start shooting on the right but skip one pair as they're about to be hit by water, you should be able to just about get them all in time. If not you may just want to do it safely and follow the water along in this room provided you've got enough time left to do that.

And the final room starts by splashing the three back high ones followed by the two right low ones and then hte two front left so you'll want to shoot the two front left, then the three back ones and then quickly the two front right ones before the cannons hit the front left two.

Hot Springs Village

Level MissionsLevel ChallengesBonus Missions
  • Check Mark Reach the Monastery of Waking
  • Check Mark Open Elemental Gate (Life)
  • Check Mark Win Skystone Battle
  • Check Mark Don't get hit by the Log Cannons
  • Check Mark Complete Time Challenge
  • Check Mark Chests Unlocked - 4
  • Check Mark Gems Collected - 200
  • Check Mark Nightmare Pages Found - 3
  • Check Mark Hats Found - 3

To start the level we first talk to the sleeping Mabu and then meet the villain Runys Pointyboots. After that continue on to a few enemies and then jump on top of the large snowball by pressing R when you get next to it. To move on the snowball you need to tilt the 3DS around, sensibly the game automatically switches the 3D off when you're on a snowball as you'd never be able to keep it lined up right to see properly.

Roll it towards a blue circle just over the bridge to free the Mabu trapped inside (standing in it will also heal you a little). Defeat a few Spearmen and a few Chompies and the Mabu will point you towards the next one on the roof. Go left and jump onto a platform moving in the water, jump off towards the screen to the left at the point where the platform is nearest the screen to get to a platform with the gem safe Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/4 on. Ride the platform properly now over to a bounce pad.

Get on the snowball on the roof and roll it to the right past some sheep statues that are firing logs (these are the Log Cannons mentioned in the challenges), wait for them to fire their log before rolling past if you want to be extra careful, and a similar sort of caution when going back across to the left and down to where you melted the first snowball.

The door will now open so go inside, defeat a few enemies and at the back by the steps is Hat Hat 1/3, once you've got it go up the slope to get outside again. Bounce over to a Mabu who would like you to go save another two Mabu, to start go right over a moving platform and you'll meet a Mabu sleeping on some Skystones, this isn't one of the two but an entirely optional battle (prizes are: Elf Healer, Raven Bruiser, and Raven Ranger) so keep on going up to the right and then onto a moving platform on the water.

Avoid the logs that are being fired as you move to the right and then forwards past a second sheep, go right up some steps to find a few enemies who are guarding Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 1/3. Go back down the steps and wait for a platform on the left to move down so you can jump onto it and ride it up to a bounce pad. That'll take you up to a hot spring and a brief chat with Runys. Go right over the ice and then up the icy stepped platforms, at the top take a right when you get near the next section of ice and you'll find the Life Elemental Gate.


First we go left and up a series of platforms around a giant tree, the cracked ones will crumble so don't hang around on them too long. At the top there's an ambush by several waves of Chompies, just keep killing them until the exit opens up. The next giant tree to go up has platforms that move back into the tree so try to jump on them just after they pop back out (except obviously the birdhouse ones that you need to not get pushed off by). The ambush at the top of this tree is a few Spearmen and then some Archers. One more tree to ascend now, it's a load of crumbly platforms combined with the moving ones so really just keep on running as you jump up to the top where you find Hat Hat 2/3.

Now you can go left onto the ice, past a couple more log cannons and find the mabu snowball you're looking for. Roll it back past the cannons and down the icy steps all the way to the hot spring. The mabu you free will bang the gong and open the door on the left.

Inside this slippery room you'll be ambushed by several waves of Archers and then finally by a Goliath Drow, he's a lot like the larger crows you've seen before as he has a smash attack that sends out a pulse and has a punch attack that hits the ground. Same strategy as before, avoid the punches and attack. The icy floor might make it a little trickier to get out of the way if you're doing melee damage.

Exit once it's defeated and grab the key on the way out, that'll let you enter the training grounds to the left. Either run or jump past all the logs to get out the other end, outside you'll find Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 2/3. Step onto a moving platform to the left and ride it to the other end, jump off the left side to find a Traptanium Crystal with Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/4 underneath. Cross over to the right and go into the enemy gathering to defeat the Goliath and earn the Hat Hat 3/3 behind him (or you can just run in and grab it). Bounce on over to another hot spring.

A few waves of Spearmen, Archers and Witches later the monster gate will open up and let you through, go up to some moving platforms and jump off to the right to grab Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/4, back onto them and go left. Bounce up to a couple of Chompies and a Spearman before jumping onto the snowball behind them. Roll it forwards past all the log cannons, round the corner and then down to the hot spring to melt it. Instead of going inside go all the way back around to where you just fell off (except on foot) and solve the Lock Puzzle.

Behind there is a moving platform which you can use to jump over to the left, on the lower section you'll find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 4/4 and up top you'll find Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 3/3.

Make your way back down to the hot spring and go into the door on the right. Time to fight Runys Pointyboots! First get rid of the two Archers and you'll be able to concentrate on the villain who acts a lot like those Witches you've been fighting already. Only jump once she's fired the purple bolt(s) as otherwise she'll just fire it up at you in the air, or if you're in close just jump over her whenever it looks like she's about to fire at you. Spin her into the trap and head out the door.

Before jumping down go to the left and smash a Traptanium Crystal to find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 5/4, it's an extra one I guess. With all the mabus rescued they'll start the ritual and ask you to hit the large gong at the back, doing so will activate the bridge which you can cross to finish the level.

Villain Bootcamp - Runys Pointyboots

Level MissionsTime ChallengeBonus Challenge
  • Check Mark Destroy or heal the Dummies
  • Check Mark Complete challenge in under 2:30
  • Check Mark Don't destroy or heal the wrong Dummy

This level is about target shooting, you'll want to shoot the Mabu targets and heal the Elf ones. Shoot the Mabu blocking the doorway and then heal the Elves that appear afterwards to get into the first proper room. Here you'll encounter several targets poppping up in front of you, as before shoot the Mabu but heal the Elves, you'll notice that your heal spell has a specific area marked by a circle outline, this is important to note so that you can get multiple elves in one hit (for speed purposes) and to not accidentally heal a Mabu target (they start appearing at the same time towards the end of this first room, when they do just shoot the Mabu before casting your heal).

The second room introduces moving targets as well as Mabu behind elves so you have to heal the elves carefully before you can safely shoot the Mabu, to do that just step back a bit from the edge to make it so you only just about get the close elves but not the distant Mabu. In the third and final room you're going to have to be even more careful with your heals, try to heal from as far away as you think you can to miss the Mabu, if you don't heal anything at all it's not as much of a challenge breaker as healing a Mabu (it'll only cost you the time to cast another one).

Monastery of Waking

Level MissionsLevel ChallengesBonus Missions
  • Check Mark Ring the second Bell of Waking
  • Check Mark Open Elemental Gate (Fire)
  • Check Mark Win Skystone Battle
  • Check Mark Destroy 5 Airships with Cannons
  • Check Mark Complete Time Challenge
  • Check Mark Chests Unlocked - 4
  • Check Mark Gems Collected - 180
  • Check Mark Nightmare Pages Found - 3
  • Check Mark Hats Found - 3

To the left of where you start is a square, yellow button on the floor with a picture of a foot on it, stand on that button to raise a cannon out of the ground. Get into the cannon to start a quick shooting minigame, this will occur several times through the level. To aim the cannon you can either tilt your 3DS or just use the circle pad, fire with L or R. You've got two spikey blockages to shoot here, one ahead and one to the left, there are also two airships to hit in the sky for the challenge. Once you're done hit the Exit button on the touchscreen.

Go left through where the left barrier was and in the far corner you'll find Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 1/3 all about the villain you haven't actually met yet. Once you've got it go back to the cannon and cross the bridge where the other blockage was. You'll meet Olaf Crushersson for the first time and once you finish crossing the bridge you'll be ambushed by a load of Drow enemies, they'll end with a single Goliath to defeat. Keep going right and defeat a couple of Spearmen by a door, don't go in just yet, instead wander onto the ice and go around the corner where Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/4 is sitting just over a watery gap.

After being shown the key inside go to your right and play an optional game of Skystones with the sleeping Mabu (Pirate Grenadier, Raven Bruiser 2, Pirate Swashbuckler 2). Once you finish attack the few enemies around here and go towards the locked gate, if you keep walking towards the screen you can drop down some wooden steps to Hat Hat 1/3 below. Over near the Skystones guy is a bounce pad that'll let you reach the key, watch out for the fireballs falling from the sky. Unlock the gate and go out.

Up ahead is a large bomb, this is similar to the snowballs from the previous level, just jump on and tilt your way into the elves and the gate ahead to blow it up. Cross the bridge and then as the camera turns talk towards the screen and off onto an icy platform, at the end of the slippery steps you'll find Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 2/3. You'll also find on a ship to the left of the page's pedestal a Traptanium Crystal with Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/4 underneath. Go back up the steps and forwards to a cannon base but no button, defeat the enemies and go up the icy steps at the back to find a large bomb. Get on the bomb and roll it back down the steps and into the gate to the left to blow it up. There's the button!

In this second cannon sequence you have two barriers to shoot in front of you and four airships flying around in the sky that you can hit for that challenge. The barrier to the left simply hides Hat Hat 2/3 with the other path leading to a short glimpse of Olaf followed by an ambush of elves. Once they're all defeated head inside.

To the left inside is a key, pick it up and head past the enemies to the right side where the locked gate is as well as a rolling bomb to roll into the door at the back to the left. Outside again jump over the water to reach another cannon base, smash through the barrier next to it and then a few enemies on the ice. At the back you'll spot Nightmare Page Nightmare Page 3/3, and if you continue to the left you'll find some more villains guarding Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 4/4. Go back onto the ice and slide towards the screen to fall down onto the button, bounce back up and go shoot that cannon - just the one barrier to shoot this time.

Once you land after using the bounce pads go to the right of the Lock Puzzle to find a spare Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 5/4 and then to the left over some icy platforms to reach the Fire Elemental Gate.


This one is all about that bomb, you just have to make your way along the winding path but there's no rush as the timer has 100 ticks before it detonates so carefully tilt the 3DS as you go to avoid over compensating. Towards the end of the first section there's a three way split, it doesn't really matter which path you take as they all join up ahead with the bombable fence. There's a second bomb behind the fence to jump on, this next section has spikey rocks that'll bounce you away if you roll into them, so again be slow and steady with your tilting and try not to rush. There's another split ahead, the right path being very narrow so only go down it if you've got the tilting under control. If you don't the section after the fence ahead might be a bit tricky as it's entirely made up of narrow winding paths. Watch out for where the flaming creatures are going so you don't trap yourself, at the end is the usual Hat Hat 3/3.

Jump back along the icy platforms and go solve the Lock Puzzle. Inside the building you'll be ambushed by a few more elves before the game will let you go along the right path to get the key, bounce back and go through the locked door to the left to bounce up and find the rolling bomb, roll it into the fence back below. The fence beyond is just a regular bomb, there's one ahead of you to use. Now to face Olaf Crushersson himself.

Olaf's attacks consist of the same thing as the Goliaths, he'll run towards you and slam his fist on the ground. Sometimes he'll jump up and smash down causing a shockwave. Once you've caught him go up the slope and through to face the Dream Sheep for a second time.

Same as the last time you fought him, move left to avoid the initial tail slam, jump over the shockwave when he slams down and then attack his tail when he slams it down. Throw it back at him to knock the Dream Sheep off so you can attack him. After he jumps back some minions will attack, once they're gone the Sleep Dragon will slam down a couple of times so just over those shockwaves when he does. And now start the pattern over again but now with each thing being done twice. The whole thing will repeat again with three attacks before finishing off the Dream Sheep for the second time. The only real difference in this fight was the icy floor.

Villain Bootcamp - Olaf Crushersson

Level MissionsTime ChallengeBonus Challenge
  • Check Mark Destroy the Dummies
  • Check Mark Complete challenge in under 3:00
  • Check Mark Destroy 25 dummies with a single dash

That's Y to smash armoured dummies and hold X to charge unarmoured dummies. Up ahead is a row of three unarmoured dummies followed by a single armoured dummy, you need to hit an armoured dummy three times to smash it. Move on to the first room once you're done. The challenge can only be done in two specific rooms, namely rooms five and six.

Room one starts with a line of unarmored dummies, one armored one and then a curved line of unarmored ones leading to the exit. Room two has a gate partway through with each side just more unarmored dummies followed by a single armored one. By the gate in the third room there's an armored dummy off to the side, the rest is then just a line of dummies to the exit.

Room four you can smash the two armored dummies at the same time to speed it up a little. In room five make sure to smash the armoured dummy near the start before you start charging the regular ones as this is the room where you can get 25 dummies in a single dash provided you don't have to pause for the armoured one. The path gets a little tricky as you go around things towards the middle of the room but don't try to over correct yourself too much - if you do fail then you have another chance in the next level which is perhaps a little easier.

In the final room if you still need to get the 25 then make your way to the exit gate and first charge to the right, following the dummies around in a circle and keep on charging back left across the gate and follow the remaining dummies around the left circle, there should be enough to get it here too. And on the left side there's also an armored dummy to open up the exit.

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