Phoenix Psanctuary


Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestVillain Stash
Parrot NestDaisy CrownCeiling Fan Hat
Funny BoneSnap Shot
Shrednaught (Tech)Chill Bill (Water)Cuckoo Clocker (Life)
Buzzer Beak Quest: Family ReunionTussle Sprout Quest: Sproutin' UpCuckoo Clocker Quest: Song Bird
Story Scroll
Legendary Egg
Winged Sapphire

Outer Plumage

On your left you'll see a Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal with Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/3 behind. Now go talk to Tessa and Flynn, they'll teach you all about Boingo Nuts that you can pick up and plant in special spots in the ground to grow a bridge. Pick up the nut and plant it.

As you cross the vine you'll be introduced to some new troll enemies that wear an egg shell, the egg shell acts as a shield and you'll need to hit them twice before they take any actual damage. Kill the trolls and then jump up the platforms at the back to get to a bird cage with a Boingo Nut inside, bash it open then plant the nut in the ground over to the left.

Fledgling Rise

Over the vine pick up another Boingo Nut and plant it in the ground, the vine that it spawns actually goes in two directions, keep going directly across it to go talk to Buzz.

Paradise Highway

Buzz has Buzzer Beak's Quest Buzzer Beak Quest: Family Reunion Family Reunion. Another quest that involves doing nothing. The reward is a new look to Buzzer Beak and Parrot Nest Hat 1/3 - Parrot Nest.

Go back to the split vine and go the other way across it towards a lever, pull it and a cage will rotate so you can get to the bounce pad inside.

Rump Feather Roost

Time to fight the Shrednaught (Tech) Shrednaught villain (Tech Trap needed if you want to catch them now). The attack pattern is for them to simply move around with their chainsaw swinging in circles around them, they'll eventually collapse and give you time to attack them. Just move away while the chainsaw is circling and move on in when they're resting. Alternatively you can just about jump over the chainsaw as it goes around but you've got to time that well to be able to stay near them the whole time. The reward is 300 gold plus the usual new Skystone.

After defeating the Shrednaught a few trolls will jump on in, then some eggs will drop down and hatch into a set of those versions of the trolls, and finally a Lob Goblin and some more mace majors will fight you. Ignore the bounce pad that killing them unlocks and instead step onto the top of a cage in the bottom right corner, this will drop it down so you can drop down to the platform below and collect Legendary Egg Legendary Treasure - Legendary Egg.

Bounce back up and then use the newly unlocked bounce pad to go up again (we'll get back to that Treasure Chest later). To feed the Blocker Birds just place the nearby Boingo Nut in the circle here.

Hooked Bill Ascent

Defeat the trolls and the Chill Bill before smashing open the bird cage and then planting the nut in the ground. Before going over the new vine drop off the side of the platform on the left, you'll reach some bounce pads to get some coins but then drop down onto the water.

Down Feather Wash

Keep going further down the waterfall to the left and you'll find Arbo waiting with a Quest for Tussle Sprout Tussle Sprout Quest: Sproutin' Up Sproutin' Up. That'll evolve Tussle Sprout and build a bridge over to the Villain Stash Villain Stash.

Next to Arbo is a Water Elemental Gate.

Rain Flower Grotto (Water)

Some steps up to Daisy Crown Hat 2/3 - Daisy Crown.

Bounce back up and then up again back to where you fought Shrednaught. Get back to the vine you planted and wipe out the trolls on it, go to the right to finish off the Lob Golbin and clear the monster gate.

Aviary Gate

Drop off to the right to enter a fight.

Clockwork Nest

Defeat the trolls and the Shrednaught that attack, then attack the trolls that climb up using grappling hooks - try to take out the grappling hooks before they climb up if you can (during this fight there is an Achievement/Trophy to earn if you shoot down one of the flying ships that bring in the trolls, I'd recommend using Snap Shot as the area is a Water zone and he has some powerful ranged attacks). A Chill Bill will join in and yet more trolls and another Shrednaught will drop on in. Finally a pair of Shrednaughts and some Lob Goblins will take the stage, go for the Lob Goblins first as their homing bombs get kind of irritating. Once all are down go into the cave that opens up.

Hatching Hall

Push the single block to the left twice and then towards the back twice (you might want to talk to Persephone and get some upgrades at this point), then push the two blocks towards the back once, go up the slope and push the top block off to the left. Grab they key and head outside.

Another fight here, this time with the villain Chill Bill (Water) Chill Bill himself (Water Trap). His freezing blast is dangerous so make sure to watch him and quickly move out of the way whenever he looks to be about to fire as you take down the Lob Goblin that is helping him. 250 gold and the Skystone.

Another two Lob Goblins will attack afterwards, get rid of them and then finally plant the Boingo Nut onto the little platform to lure out the Blocker Bird. Use the bounce pad inside the cage to get back up to the Aviary Gate and pick up another nut, plant it in front of the locked gate and it'll lure out a pair of Blocker Birds. Use the bounce pad in their cage to reach Story Scroll Story Scroll.

Jump back down and grab another nut, take it to the left of the locked door where there's a spot to plant it. Go along the vine and bounce up to Funny Bone Soul Gem 1/2 - Funny Bone. Still not going through that locked door, instead fall off the side of the platform to the left of it, you'll drop down to a doorway below.

Rare Species Walk

A small fight is ahead consisting of a couple of egg trolls, a Shrednaught and a Lob Goblin, take out the Lob Goblin at the back and then wipe out the others. The gate will open up after that and let you pick up Snap Shot Soul Gem 2/2 - Snap Shot. Beyond that is an exit, go through and stand on the top of a bird cage to make it drop down, you can now get the Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/3 that you might have spotted earlier.

We're back at the Shrednaught villain area so just bounce up and make your way back to the locked door to finally open it up.

Feather Bed Hatchery

Take the short path to the right.

Songbird Perch

It leads to Da Pinchy who has a Quest for Cuckoo Clocker Cuckoo Clocker Quest: Song Bird Song Bird. Yep that's another short quest done.

To the left of Tessa and Flynn is an Air Elemental Gate.

Fan Wing Thermals (Air)

Head down the pipe and then ride the first giant fan up to the second layer, use the left fan to get up to a cage with a lever to pull then drop down and use the other fan to get up to a larger fan to get onto the walkway. The right has a few coins but nothing else, go left into the cage you just rotated open and use the bounce pad to get up to a path that leads to Ceiling Fan Hat Hat 3/3 - Ceiling Fan Hat. Drop off here and you'll be back at the pipe to get back out again.

Go past Flynn and Tessa towards the ramp and then drop down the hole that the eggs are being sucked into.

Little Chicken Landing

Smash the Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal to get a Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire. Go back up the pipe and then carry on up the ramp that's circling the middle of the area.

Free Range Rollers

Either avoid or attack the giant eggs as they roll down as you go up. When you reach the first trolls kill them then head to the right and drop off the end.

Wish Bone Balcony

There's a couple of Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystals to smash below here, behind them is Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/3. Bounce back up and watch out for giant eggs as you continue on up the structure.

Aviary Heights

Nothing else of interest until the top where a pipe will take you up to the roof for an arena fight.

The second stage of the fight adds a Broccoli Guy to heal the enemies and starts an obstacle where baby birds pop out of the nest and peck at you. Stay away from those circles on the ground.

The third stage brings in the Life villain Cuckoo Clocker (Life) Cuckoo Clocker. Take out any remaining smaller enemies and then get started on the big guy, he just winds up a large smash directly in front of him so you can just attack until he lifts up his arms and then just jump off to the side to avoid the smash. Keep on hitting him 'till he's down. 300 gold to you along with the Skystone to finish the level.

Skylanders Academy

New to the Academy this time is an arena area, you'll find Brock just inside the Main Hall and can now take part in Arena Challenges, these are locked by story progression so you only have access to the first set "Phoenix Nest", the others unlock later on.

Also new is the Skaletones Challenge, Crossbones is found near to Auric. Your first opponent is Arbo and your task is to press buttons as they pass by. The difficulty setting determines how many you have to press and how quick together they'll be. About halfway through one of these you'll get to a freestyle section, the trick to completing that and earning the badge is to realise that the list of buttons is not fully comprehensive and you can in fact use all of the buttons on your controller. What is the reward for earning the badge? Isn't that reward enough? No? Well it'll have to be.

Auric has a few new items in stock.

Blobber's Medal of CourageBlobber's Medal of Courage100
Medal of GallantryMedal of Gallantry100
Snuckles' SunflowerSnuckles' Sunflower100
Goo Factory GearGoo Factory Gear100

And lastly you'll find the spot for the Legendary Treasure from Phoenix Psanctuary in front of the fireplace next to Auric. Talk to Flynn to get moving to Chef Zeppelin.

#5 WolfyBuilder 22:06:40 07/12/2020
I love Chill Bill. Useful powers, cool voice
#4 SkylandrPurists 21:42:09 24/09/2015
Shrednaught-Hexxus (FernGully; The Last Rainforest)
Chill Bill-Toad (Flushed Away)
Cuckoo Clocker-Jenner (Secret of NIMH)
#3 Glumshanks 00:35:52 08/02/2015
Hi. Skylander have you seen any crazy nuts hanging around here ???? Hey i'm sitting right here you know !!!!! (*_*)
#2 Robert2007 21:36:25 19/11/2014
Oooooh nice
#1 TheShadowDragon 23:13:29 21/10/2014
I am so glad that Tessa returns in Trap Team. She is still my most favorite NPC in Skylanders.

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