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Welcome to my Walkthrough to the Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders: Trap Team.

The walkthrough itself tries not assume you have any specific Skylanders and will mention when you need a certain element or ability to complete a task. To play the game you will need at least two Skylanders to load in with the infra-red portal otherwise it will not let you continue beyond the very start.

To fully complete the game you need at least one Skylander of each of the ten elements and one Trap Master Skylander (the two can of course overlap so you can complete it with just ten specifically chosen Skylanders). A Giant Skylander is not necessary to complete any part of Trap Team but they can be used instead of bombs in specific areas.


MoveCircle Pad
Primary AttackY
Secondary AttackX
Swap/Trap PowerL
Use Magic ItemD-pad Up
Switch SkylanderTouch Screen
Villain AttackTouch Screen


When you kill an enemy you gain a small amount of experience in the form of small glowing dots. You also get bonus experience at the end of a level based on how many gems you've collected.


Upgrades are automatically given to your Skylander when it levels up. You'll get a notification during play if you've gained a new upgrade on a level up, if you press A when it appears you can go straight to the description.


In each platforming level you can find three hat boxes, these are random and you can pick up the same hat box every time you enter a level and get a different hat out of it. The hats in this game affect your stats such as Health, Experience Gained, Damage Dealt, Dodge Chance, and Critical Hit. Go to the Collection Room in the Eternal Archives to switch your hat.

Elemental Gates

In each platforming level you will find a single elemental gate, these are entirely optional and by skipping them you do not hinder progress through the story. To open an elemental gate simply stand near to it with a Skylander of the corresponding element, once inside any Skylander of any element can be used. Unlike the console versions of Trap Team you do not have to use a Trap Master to open the gates, any Skylander of that element will do.


Each level has several goals, most of which are possible to do on your first time through but you will need to at least go through one more time for the Time Challenge which unlocks after completing the level once. Villain Bootcamps have a smaller number of challenges and are possible to fully complete on your first visit.

The tasks vary slightly from level to level and include collecting gems, opening chests, completing Elemental areas and playing games of Skystones. You get a different set of tasks in the Villain Bootcamp levels such as not being hit by a hazard and being very sneaky.

There are three stars to earn in each level, the first you will gain from the story mission when you complete the level. The second is for the general challenges and the third is for collecting all the items.

Trap Masters

The new larger Skylander figure for Trap Team the Trap Masters wield a special Traptanium weapon that gives them a damage boost against the villains. It also allows them to smash the clusters of Traptanium Crystal that you occasionally find. Trap Masters have a special attack that you first must collect trap shards to power up, unleash it by pressing the L button and all the enemies around will be damaged. Note that unlike in the console versions they are not needed to open Elemental Gates.


In each platforming level you will encounter a villain who you get the chance to battle and capture at the end of the level. You do not need any traps to capture a villain in the 3DS game you just need to swirl the vortex on the touchscreen.

Villains can be used to perform a single attack once every 30 seconds, this attack is generally quite powerful so make sure to use it as often as you like. Each villain has a specific Villain Bootcamp level where you get to play as the villain and complete a challenge, these are necessary to complete to continue the story.

To change which villain you have active go into the Traptanium Vault in the middle of the Eternal Archive and talk to the villain you wish to use. You can also reread their Nightmare Pages and play against them at Skystones.

Adventure Packs and Magic Items

Two new Adventure Packs and two Element Expansion Packs were released with Skylanders: Trap Team. The Location Piece in them unlocks a new level in the 3DS game which is different to that seen in previous games. This time instead of being like the regular platforming levels the new levels are made up of challenges with highscores.

The Location Piece when placed on the Portal of Power will a set of challenges for that level. Like the consoles this item has no further use in the 3DS game.

The Magic Items do not unlock anything but instead temporarily provide your Skylanders with something special. You can only have one Magic Item active at any point and they cost thirty gems to use. The main thing is to remember to actually use them. To load them into the game simply put them on the Portal of Power and use the Portal outside the Eternal Archives as if you were swapping out your Skylander.

Nightmare Express

Hand of Fate stuns and damages nearby enemies for a short time.

Piggy Bank triples the value of gems you pick up. This stacks with the double rune so you can get 6 gems from just a single gem.

Mirror of Mystery

Tiki Speaky will attract enemies to itself thereby distracting them from attacking you.

Rocket Ram fires a missile that blows up everything on the screen.

Old Adventure Packs

Sheep Wreck Island summons sheep to rain down on enemies.

Tower of Time summons gears which rain down on nearby enemies.

All other items work the same as they have done before.

Importing and Exporting

You will be asked to load in two Skylanders once you start playing and the game will not let you continue until you have done so. To load in more than that you need to go to the main hub world after beating the first level and go to the replica portal just outside the Eternal Archives.

Once you are in the summoning screen switch on your Portal of Power by pressing down on the surface of it (it'll start glowing blue), place a Skylander on there and point your 3DS/2DS at the Infra Red port marked by the small white arrow. The Skylander will then be loaded into the game.

To update a toy you simply repeat the process and load the same character into the game with the Portal. If you have gained experience since the last time you used that toy on the Portal it will be added to the toy. This means that if you've also gained experience on the toy through another version of the game then you don't need to worry as it will only add the gained amount onto the experience that is on there, it doesn't replace it with the 3DS's current total.

If you want to reset a Skylander's level on the 3DS game you should first load the Skylander into the 3DS game to clear the counter for added experience, reset the Skylander on a console version of the game and then load the freshly reset Skylander into the 3DS game. Your Skylander will once again be level 1 with 0 experience.

#2 chimcheda 17:55:41 14/07/2015
dose anyone know how many exact skystones there are for the 3ds game? cuz i have 60 and i battled everyone 3 times(and 60 sounds like a good even number they would end it on). and apparently there are 16 elite skystones that you can only win online(it say it in the game hints when it loads levels).

if anyone has anymore knowledge on this please let me know thanks.
#1 drobot007 00:04:22 28/01/2015
Is this game bad?

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