The Golden Desert


Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestVillain Stash
Desert CrownBatter Up Hat
Tuff Luck
Bone Chompy (Undead)Grave Clobber (Earth)
Blaster-Tron Quest: Help Diggs DigTae Kwon Crow Quest: Gopher the Gold!
Story Scroll
Legendary Dragon Head
Winged Sapphire

X's Shifting Sands

Up the platforms to the right is the Story Scroll Story Scroll and up platforms to the left is Diggs with a Quest for Blaster-Tron Blaster-Tron Quest: Help Diggs Dig Help Diggs Dig, nothing really involved here.

Use the Super Bounce Pad to clear the gap and start a fight with some Bone Chompies, they're pretty much just regular Chompies except if you get bitten they clamp on for a while. A tomb will appear and start spitting out more Chompies and a couple of skeletons with shields, they're entirely melee based. Up some platforms on the right side is Tessa who has a Quest for Tae Kwon Crow Tae Kwon Crow Quest: Gopher the Gold! Gopher the Gold!.

You'll want to protect the gophers from the purple birds and protect yourself from the blue and red birds. Tessa will take about one minute to find each gopher so just keep attacking as best you can.

The Dust Bowl

Super Bounce over to Cali and talk to her then get into the catapult turret. (For the Achievement/Trophy you'll want to ignore the Chompy worm and instead focus on taking out the cacti, I count eight here) Just keep firing at the Chompy Worm whenever it surfaces, it'll eventually leave which is you winning. Now that the sands are safe go over to the left side and jump off the edge, down below you'll find Legendary Dragon Head Legendary Treasure - Legendary Dragon Head. Super Bounce up and go detonate some TNT by Cali.

The Super Bounce Pad behind the TNT will take you over to a square fighting area, a Grave Clobber will run in. These tall blue guys have two attacks, one that shows a white circle on the floor that shows where you'll get hit but the other one is a wide hitting sweeping arm attack that he does twice - as soon as you see him pull his arm back you'll want to get out of there.

After him a furnace enemy and a couple of those shielded skeletons will join. The ranged attack marker from those furnaces actually has a green spot in the middle, if you stand there you'll catch the bomb and be able to throw it back at enemies hurting them. After defeating a few more shields and another furnace the Undead villain Bone Chompy (Undead) Bone Chompy will arrive.

A bit more dangerous than he sounds this little guy is fairly fast and the damage he does when he clamps onto you is quite severe (switching to a villain will throw him off though). I wouldn't bother trying to use the furnace's bombs here, you'll just end up becoming a sitting duck for the Bone Chompy while you wait. Just approach the Bone Chompy and then dodge to the side to get it to jump past you, then attack. Repeat until dead and have you 1600 bounty and Skystone.

The Temple of Topaz

We've got another catapult down here by Cali (and enough cacti to finish the Trophy/Achievement), this time it will alternate between the Chompy Worm and some masker mind possessed Bomb Shells, just keep your finger on the attack button to keep on firing, the task ends when the Chompy Worm leaves again.

Over on the left side of the sands is a Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal to smash down, behind it is an item that will level your Skylander up twice. On the far right of the sands is another Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal that this time leads to another one and then Tuff Luck Soul Gem 1/1 - Tuff Luck.

Detonate the TNT by Cali, time for a block puzzle! Although first go to the right end and pick up the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire. Push the near block to the left, the right block to where that first block was and then the left block into the dip on the right. Press the button up there then push the left block forwards and then to the left into the dip, push the button then the remaining block left and then forwards into the final dip to press a third button.

The Howling Caverns

Persephone here has upgrades for you to buy before dropping down to the right and getting into a fight. The enemies will come out of the door on the platform at the back and first consist of a Bad Juju and some skeletons. After them a Grave Clobber, a Masker Mind, some more shields and a furnace will attack. The furnace will stay up there so you will need to actually use their bomb to destroy them. The next and final wave has another Bad Juju and two more Grave Clobbers.

Once the last enemy is dead a couple of bounce pads will appear, use the one by the platform the enemies came from and go through the door up there.

Hole in the Wall

Follow the spears as they spike up to safely get across to Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/3. They then stop so the way back is entirely safe.

Use the other bounce pad to get up to a Lock Puzzle. Up, Right, Left, Down, Left, Up, Left, Up, Down, Up, Left, Up, Left, Down.

The Golden Springs

Before taking on the light puzzle you may want to go into the Earth Elemental Gate beyond.

The Earthen Alcove (Earth)

The Desert Crown Hat 1/2 - Desert Crown is in the corner. The block puzzle in here just leads to some coins. Odd.

Push the block out of the way and then pull the right lever once to get the crystal in position, pull the left lever once then wait for the energy ball to pass through the crystal before pulling it a second time and redirecting the bounce back to the second crystal.

Go up the steps, to the left is a Lock Puzzle. Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right. Behind there is a Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal with Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/3 underneath.

Take the path to the right through the spear traps and you'll be back inside again. Jump off the edge and go down the steps to the left and through a doorway outside. Here you'll Ribz who wants to play Skystones Smash with a 3000 prize. And right of him is an Air Elemental Gate.

The Windy Watch (Air)

Jump onto the first two platforms and then wait for a moving platform to get near, jump onto it and wait for it to move over to another platform. From there use the moving platform to get directly to another moving platform which takes you to a stationary one then one more moving platform before the Batter Up Hat Hat 2/2 - Batter Up Hat.

Go back inside, up the steps and off to the right. A little to the right is the Villain Stash Villain Stash, once you've got that and defeated the enemies head on out the door.

Go back towards the screen to find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/3.

The Windy Heights

Go ahead over the first metal bridge, pick up the bamboo bridge from the right and place it to the left, go over and pick up the wooden bridge. Take that back over the bamboo bridge and place it to the north. Pick up the bamboo bridge and put it back down to the right, pick up the metal bridge and take it over the bamboo one to place it over there. Now go back over the bamboo bridge and pick up the wooden bridge, go over the metal one to place it and reach a Super Bounce Pad.

The Jewelled Coliseum

Arena Battle! Take out a whole group of shielded skeletons before a Bad Juju and a bunch of Bone Chompies arrive, at the same time the eyes of the statue will start firing laser beams for you to avoid. Shortly after that a furnace enemy will appear, you'll need to pick up a bomb that it throws and throw it at one of the three pillars underneath the statue.

The second stage will add a hazard to the middle of the arena, a Chompy Worm under the sand starts off trying to suck you in. Keep around the edges to avoid that and then get to work taking out the next load of enemies. Take down a second pillar when you can.

The third stage begins with the Earth villain Grave Clobber (Earth) Grave Clobber. Again you've fought several of him before and aside from health this one's pretty much the same. Run away quickly when he raises his fist to start the punch and run away quickly when you see the white circle appear for his other attack. Otherwise keep attacking while attacking the other enemies that keep joining him. Grave Clobber gives a 1550 coin bounty and a Skystone.

After he's beaten it's not quite over just yet, still have to take down some more enemies and throw another bomb to destroy the third pillar. As soon as you do ignore Cali and run up the ruined statue to go into the open door.

The Catacombs

Nothing in here but it is the final area for all areas. Go back out and interact with Cali to end the level.

Skylanders Academy

You can place the Legendary Dragon Head by the front door of the Main Hall and Brock has his new final arena ready for you to fight in.

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