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Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink


Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestVillain Stash
Rubber Glove HatTrash LidShower Cap
EchoHigh Five
Rage Mage (Magic)Fisticuffs (Dark)
Chomp Chest Quest: Hot Diggity Dash!Pain-Yatta Quest: I'm With the Band
Story Scroll
Legendary Eel Plunger
Winged Sapphire

Goober's Trail

Smash through the fence ahead and then grab a bomb from over on the right, jump over the green goo stream in the path as you take the bomb and throw it at a wall further along.

Outer Sewer Segue

Past the Chompies keep to the left and go around the corner to where there's a Story Scroll Story Scroll on the other side of some goo. Get back over and return for a bomb, take it through the blown up gate and to the right jumping off the edge as you reach the large opening, quickly go inside down here and run to the right to throw the bomb at a wall. Behind that wall is Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/3.

Bounce back up after avoiding the goo and go into the large opening up top.

Flam Bam's Retreat

In here you'll find an orange wingless dragon called Flam Bam who has a Quest for Chomp Chest Chomp Chest Quest: Hot Diggity Dash! Hot Diggity Dash!.

This is a mad dash along a line of hotdogs, just keep following the line through smashable walls and past enemies with the odd jump to grab some. You'll do a few circles in places but for the most part it should be easy to follow where the next hotdog is.

The only reward is the evolution. To the right of Flam Bam is a Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal to smash, use the bounce pad to get up and out to Echo Soul Gem 1/2 - Echo. Drop down and go to the right.

After a few Chompies drop off to the right and down onto a large circular wheel with two arrows on it, follow the arrows around in a circle to wind the wheel up and cut off the goo flow. Bounce up and then jump over the gap to reach the Lock Puzzle door.

A solution to this first fiery puzzle is Right, Left, Down, Left, Down. The second puzzle is a little more involved with Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down,Left, Down, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, (left to finish) Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left. And a third screen for the puzzle is as follows: Up, Left, Up, Right, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Up, Left.

Grit Chamber

Walk along to the left keeping on this side of the goo canal.

Runoff Falls

Jump up and then down off a little ledge. Nothing much here so turn around and go back again.

Cross over the first goo canal by using the solid block in the middle of it, defeat a few Chompies on the other side and then defeat a couple of Shield Shredders and Verl will start up some moving platforms. Jump onto the floating platforms but stay on there, don't jump all the way across. Wait for it to take you to the left side of the bridge.

Backflow Alley

Jump forwards and go up the ramp by the bridge, you'll see a skeleton Bag 'O Bones with a Quest for Pain-Yatta Pain-Yatta Quest: I'm With the Band I'm With the Band.

Follow the Geckos with their gramophone and each time they stop start wildly attacking to hit any incoming enemies.

After beating the quest you get an evolved Pain-Yatta and a Rubber Glove Hat Hat 1/3 - Rubber Glove Hat. Jump off to the right to get to another fight with Chompies and then some of those cannon Evilikins.

Use the new moving platforms to get across the last bit of goo canal. Ignore the light puzzle for the moment and instead go smash through a fence in the back right corner.

The Storm Drain

As you go along wait to avoid the gushes of green goo and at the end you'll find the Villain Stash Villain Stash. Go back to solve that puzzle now. Yeah, the solution is to pull each lever once.

Flow Drain Dropoff

Go through the opened door and avoid those green dots on the floor as they'll spew out sewage. Jump down the hole.

Spoiled Sanctum

There's going to be a few Chompies followed by some cannon Evilikin and then a Fisticuffs that'll try to hit you from afar. After that a few more Chompies and then a Scrap Shooter, this guy fires barrels at you so either jump over the single row or move out of the way of the barrage he fires directly at you. He's the last one so jump over the moving platforms once you can.

Over the other side use the steam vent to get up to Persephone. Back down you'll be introduced briefly to the Rage Mage, no fight just yet though. Carry on forwards past a couple of spewing pipes and you'll reach a bridge section.

Cross over the bamboo bridge before picking it up and placing it on the opposite side, pick it up again and then place it on the next opposite side. Before crossing it pick up the metal bridge and go across the bamboo one, place the metal bridge down and go get the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire.

Cross back over and grab the metal bridge to put it back where you found it. No more bridges needed, use the bounce pad to the right.

Drainage Vista

The puzzle up here has the usual solution of pulling each lever once. Before you use the Super Bounce Pad go to the bottom left corner of the area.

Catwalk Cubby

At the end you'll find Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/3.

Drainage Central

Now use the Super Bounce Pad to get into a fight with the Magic villain Rage Mage (Magic) Rage Mage. The real danger here is just the Evilikin enemies, Rage Mage doesn't really do much and doesn't really help the Evilikin at all. Take down the cannon ones by smacking the base they're standing on and then take out the Scrap Shooter before focusing on the Rage Mage who will be running around aimlessly. 1000 coins are the reward with the Skystone.

After beating him four more Shield Shredders will attack, take them out to open up the monster gate and then walk around a wheel to turn it up and drain out all the goo. Drop down directly in front so you can get into the Fire Elemental Zone.

Inner Headworks (Fire)

Straight ahead of you is a door with two locks. First go to the left and pick up a bomb, throw it at the wall next to it and then pick up a second bomb. At the far left end there's a bounce pad that will take you up to a second wall to bomb. Behind the wall there's a block to push with a bounce pad on top, drop down and grab another bomb and then use that bounce pad to get up to the top wall and bomb it for the first key behind it.

Next we go to the right of the locked door, watch out for the fire blasting from the receptacle above as you make your way to a block at the end, push it into the hole and use the bounce pad on top of it. Jump right past a bombable wall (all these extra bombable walls just have coins behind them if you want to get them) and then up a bounce pad before going left over one gap and you reach the second key. Drop down to the left and unlock the door to find Trash Lid Hat 2/3 - Trash Lid.

Drop down to the bottom layer and in the back left corner there's a Lock Puzzle. Solution: Left, Down, Right, Left, Up, Left, Up, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Right, Left, Up, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right. Behind there is Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/3. Go into the giant pipe just to the right.

Digestion Deck

Make your way to the right over the green dots that spew sewage and you'll meet up with Flam Bam again for a game of Skystones Smash with a 1500 coin prize. Go back behind some more green dots to find the Legendary Eel Plunger Legendary Treasure - Legendary Eel Plunger. I'd now recommend going out the same way you came in, the other way is a bit more dangerous.

Jump down the massive hole in the middle.

Going Down

Plenty of coins to pick up along the way down.

Splash Station

(It's at this point that you'll get the Trophy/Achievement for not hitting any goo) Go down to the left and first push out the right block and then push in the left one twice to complete the pipe and push out an item. Jump up to the right and walk along the blocks to pick up High Five Soul Gem 2/2 - High Five.

Go right and push another block to the right and then backwards into the water stream, walk through and then push the tower of blocks towards the screen then to the left and then finally into line next to the first block. Get up onto the blocks and push the top block off to the right to complete the circuit.

Barge Basin

Wander down and across the platforms directly to a Water Elemental Gate.

Aqua Deck (Water)

Similar to the puzzles you just did, push the block so that it falls onto the jet of sewage to dislodge a present, jump up the block and kill the Chompies before opening Shower Cap Hat 3/3 - Shower Cap.

Get back out onto the barges and cross over to the large doorway where the level reaches its final stage.

Plenty of enemies to fight during this Arena Battle, the first round has Chompies and Shield Shredders along with cannon Evilikin but it soon advances to Stage 2 and adds a slime monster that slides across the arena leaving a trail of dangerous goo behind. Avoid that as you take down all the Shield Shredders, cannons and a Scrap Shooter. Stage three adds even more enemies and longer lasting slime trails. Keep on fighting until a villain arrives.

The Dark "Unknown Element" villain is known as Fisticuffs (Dark) Fisticuffs and has long ranged punches. Move anti-clockwise to him so that you avoid his righthanded punch and can keep close to attack at the same time. 900 coins and his Skystone are your reward.

Skylanders Academy

Brock has a new arena unlocked for you to fight in, the Drain of Sorrows. Crossbones has a new challenger, Mags, for the Skaletones game. You can find the Legendary Eel Plunger's location just outside of Hatterson's store, from now on you'll occasionally see that eye pop out of the water all over the Academy.

And you can finally place the Legendary Golden Frog just outside the front of the Library. What amazing change does it make? Well there's a tiny little version of it sitting by the trees next to the door (seems to change position).

#10 Vacmaster 19:16:27 03/04/2021
The interior portion of the level is basically quarantining during Covid-19 in a nutshell. (Great Germ Outbreak, Characters paranoid about outsiders being infected)
#9 SkylandrPurists 21:49:34 24/09/2015
Rage Mage-Zigzag (The Thief and the Cobbler)
Fisticuffs-El Macho (Despicable Me 2)
#8 Glumshanks 08:11:24 10/06/2015
This level has a foul odour, but fun to play .. (*_*)
#7 Fly Spyro Fly 15:24:08 28/12/2014
Ok thank you, I had to end up buying another magic trap, redoing painyattas quest and getting the hat... such a hassle lol
#6 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 18:41:15 28/11/2014
A present should appear next to you after finishing the quest.
#5 Fly Spyro Fly 18:23:56 28/11/2014
i finished painyattas quest but did not get the hat, not sure if it is a glitch, or maybe i have to do something else?
#4 xXBeavcoonXx 12:16:35 01/11/2014
You misspelled skystone in the segment after defeating Rage Mage
#3 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 13:31:47 25/10/2014
Whoops, thanks.
#2 Natfire 10:14:45 25/10/2014
Just to point out, Rage Mage is called a fire villain (not on his tag, but in the same sentence just a few words before).
#1 TheShadowDragon 03:32:23 25/10/2014
Isn't it kinda strange how some Villain Vaults count as Treasure Chests in some levels?

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