Rainfish Riviera


Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestVillain Stash
Metal Fin HatSteampunk HatImperial Hat
Lob-StarDeja Vu
Brawlrus (Tech)Masker Mind (Undead)Brawl and Chain (Water)
Eye Five Quest: Chongo!Brawlrus Quest: Submarine Bros 4 LifeChef Pepperjack Quest: Head of the Cheese
Story Scroll
Legendary Bubble Fish
Winged Sapphire

Monsoon Point

Pass by Mags ahead and smash through a fence.

Blowhole Beach

Get up to Mags and then drop off the edge to attack those pirate Chompies and then the Tech villain Brawlrus (Tech) Brawlrus will arrive. He's joined by a couple of wavy haired pirates so take them down and the three that follow afterwards before focusing on Brawlrus himself. He stands perfectly still and fires four starfish one after another in your direction, jump over them or move quickly to the side to avoid them and then attack him during the break. Having a starfish attach itself to you not only initially hurts you but it also slows you down, so if you get hit make sure to jump over any further shots as you probably won't be quick enough to out walk it. Reward for the capture is 450 coins plus the Skystone.

(hidden treasure on the beach to the right (if it stopped after the fight then take it off and put it back on the portal a few times until it becomes active again)) Go down onto the beach to the right and then up to a pile of wood, pick it up and go back to the partial bridge where you just fought Brawlrus. Place the wood down where the marker indicates to form the bridge.

Waste Water Cove

If you jump off the left side of the bridge onto the sand below you can find Lob-Star Soul Gem 1/2 - Lob-Star. Bounce back up and cross over the bridge, pick up the bridge when you're on the other side and place it in a spot just past where Mags is. Cross that bridge to get a key. Cross back over and smash through a fence to reach a double locked door, still got one key to find then.

Steel Fin Balcony

Go down to the left and head inside the little shack.

Fish Bone's Card Shack

At the back of the room is a pirate called Bucko who would like to play some Skystones Smash. After beating him he'll open up the gate and which will let you get the key behind it. There's also a Story Scroll Story Scroll in the corner behind here.

Upon exiting the shack there's suddenly a few pirate Chompies attacking along with a Bomb Shell. After defeating the Bomb Shell you'll be introduced to the Undead villain Masker Mind (Undead) Masker Mind. This purple mage will reanimate defeated enemies and use them to attack you. Defeating the Bomb Shell for a second time will exorcise Masker Mind and then cause it to run about the place doing nothing of value. Just keep attacking it until it is dead. The usual 500 coins and a Skystone.

Brackwater Falls

Drop off the left side of the area following some coins. Down here you'll find a pirate named Doublooney who has a Quest for Eye Five named Eye Five Quest: Chongo! Chongo!. You'll find that villain in the next level.

This isn't very complicated but may take a while as you have to collect 5000 presents by defeating enemies. They're all kinda weak so I don't think difficulty affects the challenge in here. Just keep defeating the enemies that appear and picking up any special weapons that appear for you.

To the left is an Undead Elemental Gate.

Fish Bone's Retreat (Undead)

The tiles in here will set off dart traps when you stand on them, or they'll raise a platform. Step on the first tile then quickly go to the right one then forward one and then right onto a skull tile (which is safe). Go forwards two and then jump as far to the right on the tile to your right as you can and quickly keep going to a Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 1/3.

Watch out as you jump left again back to the safe spot in the middle. If there's a block blocking the path north then you need to step on the tile to the right of the skull tile to lower it. Make your way to the tile two tiles above the skull tile and then diagonally jump to the spot by the path (the tile below it raises the platform and blocks your way). You should now be able to go around the back to the left and pick up Metal Fin Hat Hat 1/3 - Metal Fin Hat. Jump off the side of the ship and quickly make your way back out of the zone.

Use the bounce pad on the other side of the bridge to get back up and go and unlock the gate.

Fish Eyed Walk

Keep going until you reach Mags and then go inside the door.

Fish Eyed Control

Defeat a couple of anemone type enemies and a Bomb Shell up on the back, that'll bring in another wave or two of the same before the monster gate drops. Step on the button behind there to open the gate outside.

Up top there's a machine to use, it's a crane mini-game, simply direct the crane so the X is over one of the Brawl and Chains and then grab him, move the crane so it's over water and let go. Once all four are gone grab Mags with the crane and drop her on the other side.

Clam Tower

Use the machine to extend the bridge and then drop off the side to the left of Mags, rather then going straight into the door, bounce up and pick up a bomb, then drop back down and go in the door still carrying it.

Submarine Pen

Quickly run down the slope to the left and throw the bomb at the fence to reveal Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 2/3. A little further in you'll find Bucko again for another game of Skystones Smash (which rewards nothing but 1000 coins). You can keep on playing him over and over if you really want but the reward will turn into just 100 coins a win after the first one.

Smash through some debris to get to some more enemies before reaching where Persephone is in the level as well as another pirate, Argle Bargle, who has a Quest for Brawlrus Brawlrus Quest: Submarine Bros 4 Life Submarine Bros 4 Life. So if you caught him earlier in the level it's as good a time as any to evolve him.

Starfish's Sub

If you completed the quest jump on into the submarine where you'll find Steampunk Hat Hat 2/3 - Steampunk Hat at the front.

Bounce back up and grab another bomb, take it across the bridge you extended (or extend it now if you haven't) to throw at the bombable fence at the end of it.

Dredgers Yacht

Use the crane on the right to grab a few more Brawl and Chains to throw into the water (for a Trophy/Achievement pick up the piles of pipes here before clearing out all the Brawl and Chains, you can even drop them on the pirates' heads to do both at the same time).

After defeating the three Bomb Shells wandering around down there you'll meet the Water villain Brawl and Chain (Water) Brawl and Chain. He won't join the fight immediately so try to knock the grappling hooks off the side of the ship to prevent other enemies from joining you. Once he does jump in you're going to want to stay away from him, get too close and he'll perform a spin attack that's difficult to get away from. So ranged attacks are going to be the best bet here. You'll want to watch out for other enemies during the fight but if you keep taking down the grappling hooks it should be only a few that make it. 500 coins for catching him.

Before you leave the ship go to the left end and push a block to reveal a bounce pad, use that to reach the Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal on the platform and then jump down the hole it reveals.

Below Deck

There's a few Chompies, a couple of Bomb Shells and then a few Brawlruses to take care of down here before you can open up the Villain Stash Villain Stash and then exit.

Leave the ship via the bridge at the left end of it and smash down a fence.

Dire Sands

Go down to the right where you'll see an Earth Elemental Gate.

Barnacle Shoal (Earth)

Block puzzle time! Push the first block to the left, the block behind it backwards and then the tower of two to the left three times. Step off next to the bounce pad and push the left snail into the gap to the left, push the snail to the left of that to the left and then push the tower of four snails backwards twice. Return to the bounce pad and push the tower of two snails backwards twice to form a bridge. Now push the far snail to the left of the edge, push the remaining tower of snails left to form one last bridge to Imperial Hat Hat 3/3 - Imperial Hat.

To the right of the Earth Gate are some snails (didn't we just do this already?). Push the single snail off to the right and do the same with the stack, then push the top of the stack backwards by standing on the first snail, and then finally the last snail to the right to let you across. On the opposite side of the small platform is another snail, push it off to reach Deja Vu Soul Gem 2/2 - Deja Vu.

Now to the left of the Earth Gate, cross the first bridge and then pick it up to use on the next one.

Bluster Squall Island

There's a Brawlrus and a couple of Bomb Shells to defeat on the other side, once you've cleared them out go into the building on your right.

Cheddar House

Over in the corner you'll find the Winged Sapphire Winged Sapphire and standing next to the closed gate is a mabu named Galley who has a Quest for Chef Pepper Jack Chef Pepperjack Quest: Head of the Cheese Head of the Cheese. An actual quest for once!

Go a short distance down the slope before turning off to the right through a gap, go past some anemones and you'll find your first bit of cheese next to a Bomb Shell, grab it and go past the Bomb Shell to where you'll need to wipe out a few enemies before a monster gate opens, once it does grab the cheese as well as a second piece outside it and then use the Super Bounce Pad to get right back to Galley.

Go on down the slope fully and you'll find a couple of pieces at the bottom, go left and sort of double back towards the start along the side of the ramp, you should find a sixth piece near a bounce pad that'll take you up onto the ramp near to Galley so you can finish. Watch out for the stone head as you go but if you attack it it'll be stalled for a moment, not that it taking a few five seconds off your ten minute time limit is really that big a deal.

Once completed the gate will lower and let you pick up Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 3/3.

Head outside and kill the enemies that have respawned (if you did the quest anyway). Pick up the bridge and place it on the next spot to the left. Cross the bridge and head to the left. On the corner you'll find a Traptanium Crystal Traptanium Crystal to smash with Legendary Bubble Fish Legendary Treasure - Legendary Bubble Fish inside.

Big Hook

Wind your way up to the top of the building where there's another crane to operate. Pick up one of the pieces of bait on the little island and move the crane so that it's positioned just above the water to the left of the island, drop the bait in the water and wait for the fish to come around. When it eats the bait grab it with the crane.

Jump off the edge down to the fish and enter its mouth.

Fish Mouth

Pick up the Information Squid to finish the level.

Skylanders Academy

The marker for the Legendary Treasure from Rainfish Riviera is just to the left next to the teleporter.

Talk to Crossbones and he'll unlock a second character to play the Skaletones mini-game with, Captain Dreadbeard. If you go to the Main Hall near Auric you'll see another section of the Academy appear, the Game Room.

Go up the stairs next to Auric to the Upper Hallway, on the right you'll see a Hat Store where Hatterson has a Quest for Hood Sickle Hood Sickle Quest: Hatastrophe! Hatastrophe!. Once you've completed it you'll have access to the hat store, he only sells "Legacy" hats though so you can get access to them through previous games already.

Straight ahead you'll find the first of the eight machines, smash it a few times before heading off to the right and up a small tower for the second. You can find a bonus time clock behind this small tower but 30 seconds isn't really that big of a deal with the ten minute limit. Keep going to the right and take the right path at the crossroads.

Smash a third machine on the little tower here then go back to the crossroads and take the top path to a fourth. Go right to a fifth, further right to a sixth behind some trolls, the seventh on the opposite side of the stepped area and then finally the eighth in the stepped area at the back once the monster gate is down.

That'll evolve your Hood Sickle and open up Hatterson's shop.

Cowboy Hat25
Plunger Head25
Purple Fedora25
Biter Hat25
Propeller Cap100
Coonskin Cap100
Royal Crown100
Mariachi Hat100
Archer Hat100
Toy Soldier Hat100
Pirate Hat250
Rocket Hat250
Traffic Cone Hat250
Princess Hat250
Wabbit Ears500
Unicorn Hat500
Firefighter Helmet500
Future Hat500

Go further up the steps and you'll reach the actual Game Room area. Standing by a table at the back is Captain Dreadbeard who wants to play Skystones Smash with you. Each time you beat and then replay him he'll get a bit tougher so it's good practicing for stronger opponents. After a few games he'll just become impossible to beat with your current set of Skystones so don't be too put off if you lose, just remember to come back later on when you've captured more villains.

To the right of Dreadbeard is a set of elemental steps, if you switch to the matching element while standing on a platform it will rise up and let you jump to the next one. At the top after several elements you'll find some coins. This gets higher and higher with more and more elements and a larger reward each time you go up. You will eventually reach a point where there's no platform to get you higher, I'm assuming that is supposed to be where a Light or Dark element platform would be once you've "discovered" them.

Use the teleporter and go talk to Cali to go do the Monster Marsh.

#11 SkylandrPurists 21:44:56 24/09/2015
Brawlrus-Syndrome (The Incredibles)
Masker Mind-Randall Boggs (Monsters Inc)
Brawl and Chain-Captain Gutt (Ice Age; Contential Drift)
#10 Glumshanks 22:23:21 11/02/2015
Something fishy about this level .. (*_*)
#9 MabuMommy 01:45:52 18/01/2015
No I find it funny too. Especially if you do it a few times and she says "remember I am Undead. I will haunt you!"
I did LOL
#8 Fly Spyro Fly 17:32:21 11/01/2015
ok thank you again
#7 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 15:53:52 28/12/2014
Yes that is made up of three treasure chests and a villain stash.
#6 Fly Spyro Fly 14:50:38 28/12/2014
On my copy of the game it says that there are four treasure chests?
#5 spyrothe111 20:44:57 08/11/2014
Am I the only one that likes dropping Mags in the water during the crane section? smilie
#4 spyroatwarfang 07:56:54 08/11/2014
Btw in this level giants can move the big rocks
#3 dark52 - Spyro the Admin 17:49:02 27/10/2014
Yep, cheers.
#2 Warmagus 01:13:55 23/10/2014
In barnacle shoals and the area after you say that the push blocks are turtles, they're not. They're snails. You can tell cause they've got eye stalks instead of heads.
#1 midnightmagic34 00:15:59 23/10/2014
first comment smilie

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